The Seminar Ch. 1

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Jane hated seminars, regrettably for her it was part of the territory, a necessary evil of her well paid job. “Positive Mindsets For Today’s Professional” was typically one of those residential, run of the mill, affairs where you eat, live and sleep the “theme”, tediously routine and personally inconvenient but, as it transpired, anything but in its extra curricula activity. The group comprised mainly of men, mostly under thirty, a handful of women and Jane, being the oldest in her forties, and “long-time” married, felt thoroughly out of place.

Unsurprisingly over the week the “detainees” became more comfortable with each other, breaking the group into smaller teams assisted the familiarisation process still further. For her part she was the only woman in a team of three and the two men, (Alan and Dave), weren’t the handsomest of those on the course, but they were at least funny and she warmed to them over the time they were together. These guys were both about fifteen years younger than her and obviously the fit, sporty types. However the course still dragged and she longed for it to end so she could sleep in her own bed with her steady, reliable husband. Finally the last night arrived and given the intensity of the seminar it was a time for some real R and R. – or “Networking” as the organisers preferred to call it.

A buffet dinner and a disco was scant reward for the interns of each of the six courses, there must have been about 80 to 90 people all trying to forget the rigors of the week. Naturally as the three team members got on so well they bought rounds of drinks together. The night went on – she started to get a bit tipsy and to her surprise, and no little delight, she rolled back the years and started to think about sex. In her wilder days her friends had dubbed her a PT, and she smiled to herself thinking what would her friends of that era think of her now – respectable in deed and word, not the flirty, flighty piece of yesteryear, not so much plain Jane as “Game” Jane. Ha, they might have thought of her as a PT, but she didn’t just tease some of the guys – she took them all the way, hook, line and glorious orgasmic sinker.

As the drinks disappeared, so did her inhibitions and her age, she found herself revelling in the attention the two young men were giving her. She amazed herself at being able to recall all of her “teasing” skills and the truth be known she had actually set out that evening in an attempt to partially recapture those far off days. Why, hadn’t she dressed rather provocatively, backless little red number – the hemline only covering her black sheer stockings by a few inches, barely enough to hide the tops when she sat down. The “knobbly” bits of the garter belt clasps were quite obvious through the soft fabric of the dress, as were her prominent nipples hardened by the fact that she was bra-less and thrilling to the touch of the fabric against them. For her age, Jane still had an admirable figure and she loved dressing sexily, even for her staid husband, it never failed to give her a very confident edge when she went out – regrettably an all too rare occurrence in recent years. What the hell, she thought, she’d see if the old pulling power was still lurking within. She told herself it was just a game, nothing could threaten her rock solid marriage, and yet a tiny twinge of guilt surfaced as she took off the wedding ring that had never left her finger in twenty-two years.

As the night went on the chat got more and more ambiguous, the flirting became just that teeny bit more serious and the dances became slower and more passionate. In rare pregnant pauses she found herself fantasising about which man she would like to get off with if she was still a single woman, hmmm, Dave she thought, he had a nice smile and an endearing shyness. She danced with each one in turn and again amazed herself at the physical reaction to this innocent foreplay. She was actually beginning to feel the heat lower down and certainly the tingle in her “zones” was real enough. She wanted to kiss, her conscience would allow her that even if it was a passionate french kiss. Alan proved to be the lucky guy, he was not pendik escort slow to pick up on the positive vibes she gave out and their mouths and tongues entwined for what seemed like ages until the music stopped.

The evening was drawing to a close – the disco finished and it was last orders at the bar, she didn’t want it to end – she’d had a good time and it had been many a year since young men paid her so much attention. Ah but all good things must come to an end until Alan suggested raiding his mini-bar. A mini dilemma more like – had he read too much into their passionate embrace, would she compromise herself by accepting?. She had no time to think as Dave’s encouraging “Great idea” saw the three wend their way to Alan’s room.

He had a CD Walkman with some plug-in speakers on the dresser and on furnishing drinks put on some music. A slow song came on, at Dave’s behest she stood up and let him pull her close to him. She sensed he wanted “his turn” for a kiss as he nuzzled her neck to encourage her. Caution Janey, she thought to herself, before questioning whether she had really gone too far with her flirting. Oh but the nuzzling on just that spot on her neck massaged and inflamed the itch in her loins, and she felt quite hot and damp down there.

Before she knew it she was kissing Dave, not just a little frenchie but a real open-mouthed tongue thrashing, god she must resist she thought before this got out of control, but his hands came from behind her to allow him access to her breasts. Jane briefly thought of her husband and what he would say if he saw her like this, but then two thumbs lightly flicked across her rampantly erect and ultra responsive nipples and her sigh of pleasure succinctly dismissed hubby and more importantly the straight and narrow. She gave herself over to the demands her body made of her, it wanted much more intimate attention and was not slow to let Dave know. She stroked the back of his head, his arse and ever so gently nibbled his neck. His response was immediate, cupping her face and pulling her mouth back on to his to renew their oral battle. Involuntarily her groin thrust towards his and his kisses became more urgent and more passionate.

She vaguely noticed the lights going out with the exception of a small bedside wall lamp. Dave had moved from her mouth to kiss and nibble her neck, as his hands and fingernails lightly danced up and down her back. She was as horny as hell now and he knew it, she fully expected him to peel off her dress to pay attention to her aching nipples, what she didn’t expect was kisses and nibbles to the other side of her neck from Alan. Her immediate sigh was all the encouragement they needed and slowly and sensuously she was disrobed leaving her to abandon herself to their ministrations as she stood only in her black panties, garter belt and stockings.

Dave sat in front of her and planted hot kisses to her tummy as his hands stroked her arse working her panties down her legs and off. Alan now stood behind her fondling her breasts and stroking her nipples – it was such heaven that her hands went to his to urge him to pinch them. She gave up any pretence of stopping the inevitable, indeed and in truth she never offered any, as she parted her legs and nearly fainted as fingers came down the crack of her bum to caress her very wet pussy. She now needed some more specific attention to her burning, itching cunt. Ever the girl who knew what she wanted (in bed anyway), she pulled away from Alan to push Dave back onto the bed. She realised he was still dressed, but didn’t care because she wanted to fuck his face with her sex, they had unleashed the sex monster within her and she would demand satisfaction.

She crawled up his body and kissed him passionately, then whispering to him to “Tongue me good” finally straddled his face and lowered her sexy pungent heat onto his mouth and nose. If he objected he didn’t show it and held her onto him as he licked the full length of her furrow before concentrating on her swollen clit. Her stomach convulsed in pleasure and she then became aware of Alan clambering onto the bed, naked with üsküdar escort an average sized but nicely proportioned erection heading her way.

As he knelt directly in front of her she pulled him to her by his hot, hard cock and kissed him while he roughly played with her breasts and nips. This was fantastic she thought as she wanked him erratically not being able to concentrate on any sort of rhythm because of the attention she was getting lower down. He obviously wanted more than this and sat back far enough to pull her head down onto his cock. He must have read her mind, and pulling the skin back as far as it would go she plunged the purple head into her mouth as a sort of comforter while she ground her wetness onto Dave’s eel like tongue. The build up to her first orgasm was steady but persistent and when it hit she had to loosen her oral grip on the joystick before her to gasp enough air to feed her orgasm. To say she was delirious would be an understatement, but these two studs were not going to let her off lightly.

Although still dizzy from that initial release Alan wanted attention and guided his jerking cock back into her eager mouth. She fondled his balls as her tongue swirled around the bell-end paying particular attention to the sensitive underside. Dave had manoeuvred himself out from under her and moments later returned – naked, and knelt behind her to stroke her arse, anus and pussy with his throbbing manhood. She was in the prime position for doggy style sex, her favourite, and Dave did not make her wait, skilfully positioning his arrowhead at the entrance to her love tunnel and gradually sliding into her, pushing her onto Alan’s cock and forcing more into her mouth. Dave grabbed the top of her thighs, winding his fingers around the straps of her garter belt and delving into the top of her stockings to stroke the inside of her thighs.

He savoured the all encompassing liquid velvet of her pussy before starting to pump his thick length into her, each push forcing her onto the prick in her mouth. Jane pursed her lips to tighten on this hot love muscle so that as she was being fucked she could in turn orally fuck Alan, using her backwards and forwards movement to give him pleasure. Dave must have been extremely turned on because within minutes of their union he quickened pace, gasped and pulled her hard back onto his now exploding member, the liquid heat of his sticky semen drilled into her. She felt the burning sensation of it in her guts as it flowed through nature’s welcoming channel. She squeezed her legs together as much as she could trying, not just to drain him but to take what last bit of pleasure she could from feeling his cock in her with his balls rubbing against her lips and clit. In truth, and somewhat selfishly she wanted to cum again and he had left her rather high and “wet”.

Of course she still had Alan’s persistent penis in front of her and wasted no time when Dave had flopped out of her in spearing herself onto Alan. She cared not that he was getting sloppy seconds – it just added to the lubrication, and he manfully tried to keep up with her riding, mauling her breasts as she shamelessly fingered her own love bud, such was her desperate need to climax again. Again though, and no doubt through her own fault of skilful oral attention, his cock suddenly expanded and erupted – oh more glorious hot jism in her yet so fucking frustrating. She now milked him as much as she could before it slipped out of her allowing quite a stream of recycled sperm to seep from her throbbing pussy. She was bursting for the toilet now after all this activity and through the quantity of drink consumed. It also gave her a chance to wash all the dribbling “cream” away and bathe her slightly sore private places, ever hopeful that one of them would again tongue her to sexual release. While she washed she vaguely felt ashamed at her marital betrayal, and yet she was so “high”, more through sex than the alcohol that she wanted complete satisfaction. She returned to find Alan pouring some more drinks and Dave lying on his side propped up on one elbow masturbating his semi hard cock to anadolu yakası escort bring it back to life.

She knelt on the bed and giggling like some naughty schoolgirl asked if she could help. Moving her fingers onto his cock he said that he was sure she could do a better job than him and as they kissed passionately his man-meat twitched and started to inflate. How she loved the feeling of a growing erection in her hands or mouth, it was always so flattering to think she had been the cause of such excitement and in next to no time his prick was back to full working order. She did not expect the tenderness of his kiss and cuddle before laying her back and slowly entering her. Oh how glorious to be filled again and she hooked her legs around the small of his back and “spurred” him on stroking his arse with her stocking clad feet. Whereas he had franticly fucked her before this was tender love making. His hands held her head and occasional hot wet french kisses accompanied the long slow thrusting of his rod into her syrupy cunt. He whispered to her telling her how beautiful she was and gorgeous she felt clamped around his life giving penis, as her climax built she clawed at his back trying to get all of him inside her. She begged him to fuck her faster and harder, whimpering and almost crying with the ultimate joy of his piston like action. That tell-tale gnawing started deep within her, sweeping through her nerve endings and causing her fingers and toes to clench such was the intensity of it as it crashed through her willing body. She bit his shoulder to stop from screaming with the pleasing pain of being exorcised of her sexual frustration. Thankfully he didn’t quit and she came a second and third time before he slowed and with one final long hard stab of his sword he flooded her again with his cock cream. She held him tightly in her arms and whispered to him to fill her up as each jet of his elixir gushed into her womb.

She was well and truly shattered when he finally pulled out his wilting weapon, oh but now she had the other erstwhile suitor fully erect and demanding attention. Being a smaller proposition she had to close her legs together a bit when he entered her, after all she had been stretched somewhat by Dave’s thickness. Alan wasn’t so accomplished as his friend and she really didn’t want his amateur attempt to bring her off wishing to savour the fabulous fuck she’d just experienced. She didn’t want to hurt his feelings either and whispered that she wanted to give him a blow job. He was delighted with that and he certainly enjoyed her wanking and sucking him off. She closely watched his face contort with the pleasure that she imparted bringing him to the boil to let him spend over her breasts and hand, before taking his last few squirts into her mouth.

How she needed sleep after that, she kissed them both goodnight and dressed before letting Dave walk her back to her room. She did not want to sleep alone though, and invited Dave to share her bed, but swore him to secrecy as she had a reputation to keep – huh some reputation. She slept enfolded in his arms and the next morning they showered together before a beautiful session of 69 and a wonderful coupling to follow with her on top. Again with his youthful yet skilful exuberance she must have cum at least three times, and she rewarded him with probably the most tantalising blow-job she had ever given anyone. She loved and swallowed every last salty drop of his ejaculate, wanting him to feel special with his older woman.

They promised never to make contact after that, they all knew that it was one of those incidents to confine to memory so as not to spoil the magic of the whole event. However, she thought, she may not be so reluctant to go on seminars in future.

The drive home found her full of guilt and yet elated by how good she felt about herself. Guilt because of her unfaithfulness to her soul mate and life partner, elation because in what she thought may be her Autumn of sexual activity she returned to Spring to attract two lambs to the slaughter. She decided that this “cloud” on her marriage could see a silver lining – she would turn the clock back in the bedroom and encourage hubby to help her revive their sexual monotony.

He was genuinely pleased to see her arrive home, he stood to kiss her as she entered the room then holding her hands to say hello he said

“Where’s your wedding ring?”

Just then the phone rang…

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