The Sailors

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You had been exchanging e-mails back and forth and talking on the phone for two months. You had sent him intimate pics and he had sent photographs of his own. He was over six feet tall with graying black hair – cut in a crew cut. The egotistical shit had sent photos of his magnificent cock with two rulers in the picture. His cock was just over nine inches long and two inches in diameter. You had become wet and stroked your pussy just looking at the pony-sized instrument of pleasure.

He was a retired Navy Seal and now worked as Chief of Security for a large corporation headquartered in the city. Although his own office was on the coast, he had just called and said he was in town for a meeting and asked if you could meet him downtown. It was with trembling anticipation; you showered and dressed in your sexy short leather skirt and jacket. Getting into your red Corvette you started it, revved the powerful engine and headed downtown to meet your, until now, fantasy lover of the past two months.

He was standing outside the building holding a small duffel. Though dressed in tight jeans, he exuded an air of confidence that was almost palatable. The outline of his cock in the tight jeans left no doubt his pictures had been authentic. “Hi!” He said, “You look good enough to eat in that outfit.” His look of approval evident on his face.

“You don’t look half bad yourself.” you hoarsely replied.

Tossing his duffle into the back seat he climbed into the seat beside you. “Would you like to get some lunch before we go home?” You asked.

Slipping one long arm around you, he reached inside your jacket with his right hand, pinched your already hard nipple and whispered in your ear. “Let’s just go home, I’m holding my appetizer in my hand and my lunch is just below.” Your pussy pulsed and became wet in the anticipation of what was being promised.

Arriving home, you had no more than entered the living room; when he turned you to face him and took your face in his hands. His kiss was slow and languid, his tongue slipped between your beautiful parted lips and caressed your mouth and tongue. You sucked his tongue deep into your mouth and held it there. His long lean body molded itself to yours. You could almost feel the heat of his throbbing cock on your lower belly. Still locked in the sinuous kiss, he began to unzip your jacket and peel it from your shoulders – you wore nothing beneath. His hands began to quickly explore the charms of your ample breasts and nipples. You, just as quickly, began to lightly massage his growing cock and unfasten his jeans. Stepping back from each other, both of you began, with almost frantic urgency, to remove your remaining clothes.

You stood naked before each other for a moment before moving together; he lowered his head to your soft breast and took a nipple in his hot mouth while teasing the other with his strong fingers. Lifting his mouth from the turgid peak he said “Appetizer.” Pushing him from you and dropping to your knees, you took his thick cock as deeply into your mouth and throat as you could. You pulled a tight vacuum and held him for a moment letting your tongue tantalize the most sensitive areas around the purple crown of his hard cock. Reluctantly, you slowly let your tongue glide over his cock as you lifted your head from his crotch.

You gave him a mischievous grin and said, “I’m not too much for appetizers – I’m more of a main course girl.”

You stood and took his hand, leading him to the king-sized bed in your bedroom. There you lay upon the bed on your back. Spreading your beautiful tanned and shapely legs. With your fingers on each side spread the pink lips of your tight pulsating pussy. “Fuck my brains out daddy.” You said in a voice, raspy with lust.

He quickly moved his mouth to cover your steaming pussy for a moment before saying, “please wait until I have had my lunch.

He paused only long enough to place two pillows below your tantalizing ass, before his long thick tongue probed the depths of your cunt and teased your throbbing clit. His long supple fingers probed deeply inside your pussy. Your climax began rapidly building. Your face and body began to “flush” a deep pink. Your pussy began to throb levent escort and pulsate. Your sweet juices flowed copiously from your distended clit. Your body began to tremble violently.

Sensing the power of your approaching climax, he lifted his mouth from your pussy and placed the crown of his glorious cock inside the lips of your cunt and, as you began the first upward thrust of organism, plunged his hard cock into your depths. Your scream was one of exquisite pain combined with a pleasure you had not previously known. Leaving his cock deep inside you, he kissed you deeply as your pussy throbbed around the embedded member. As the after shocks of your climax began to subside and your pussy became more accustomed to its welcome intruder, he began to withdraw from your tight pussy. At an exquisitely slow pace, he withdrew the monster cock from your pussy, now overflowing with your sweet nectar, until the large dark crown rested just inside the lips at the mouth of your still throbbing cunt. Letting the crown of his cock massage the swollen lips and engorged clit, he paused momentarily before again plunging deep into the depths of your tunnel of unparallel lust. He continued in this manner for several minutes before you again convulsed into yet another organism.

Withdrawing from your, now somewhat tender cunt, (the son-of-a-bitch still had not shot his load) he grinned and said, with some arrogance, “if you don’t mind, I’ll finish my lunch.


You quickly forgot his arrogance as he expertly sucked your clit into his hot mouth and probed the depths of your pussy with his long stiff tongue. His finger teased the tight ring of your anus and as it began to relax, quickly dipped down to probe it with his tongue. Departing that dark tunnel, he returned his attention to your searing pussy. Sucking your distended clit into his mouth, he eased three fingers into your pussy. Resting his chin in his palm, he massaged the wall of your pussy just behind your pelvic bone. The sensation was exhilarating and you again started building toward yet another organism.

Leaving his long fingers buried in your cunt, he began to lick your lower belly and move upward toward your erect nipples, all the while raking his nails over your body. Capturing a nipple in his mouth, he rotated the other between thumb and forefinger squeezing to a point just short of pain. Removing his hand from your pussy, he spread your legs wide and lifted your gorgeous ass. As he slipped a pillow under your ass, he plunged his tongue again into your leaking pussy for only a second. Leaving that paragon of pleasure, he moved to your face driving his tongue into your sweet mouth. As he removed his tongue, he whispered, “Time to fuck baby.”

You guided the blood-engorged head of his massive cock into the pulsing lips of your hot, wet pussy waiting for the breathtaking plunge into your depths. It did not come. Instead, he proceeded to drive big dick, with tantalizing slowness into the deepest depths of your cunt. With his balls resting hard upon your ass, he began to withdraw at the same agonizingly slow pace. Repeating this movement several times he withdrew his cock altogether and took your clit into his mouth while massaging inside your flowing pussy with his long fingers. You moaned loudly and pulled his mouth tight into your pussy as your clit released yet another flood if its delicious nectar.

This process was repeated several times. You recognized the pressure that was building inside him and wanted to take control. Urging him roll onto his back, you managed to remain impaled on his meat as he rolled onto his back. Once on the “top rider” position, you decided it was time to play his game. You lifted your ass until only the tip of his cock touched the swollen lips of your pussy. Remaining so, you leaned over him and took a nipple into your turgid mouth while raking fingernails over his other. Letting your body slowly lower itself until about four inches of his cock had been absorbed into your flowing cunt, you stopped all movement except for the strong contractions of your pussy – squeezing and massaging his massive organ. He began to breathe heavily and you could feel the maltepe escort tremor of his body as the exquisite pleasure of you talented cunt rolled over him. At this moment you again lifted your ass until his crown rested at the lips of your pussy. With all the force you could summons, your drove your beautiful rounded ass down on him, driving his cock deeply into your flaming pussy. He erupted violently into the depths of your cunt as you held him without moving as his cock throbbed and pumped his cum into you. Your throbbing pussy convulsed in organism.

Collapsing onto his chest you kissed him softly, smiled your mischievous smile and said, “some stud – two strokes from a real woman and you blow your load.”

Relaxing in the afterglow of your passionate exertions, the two of you chatted, stroked each other’s bodies and gently kissed. Jim said, “I have an old Navy, buddy – Rod, who lives in town, I promised him I would get in touch the next time I was in town. I guess I should give him a call.” You told him to give his buddy a call and invite him over for a drink.

Thirty minutes later, your doorbell rang. Slipping on your short thin robe, you ran to answer the door. Standing on your doorstep was a tall, (at least six foot four inches), handsome stranger. His face and thin, wiry body exuded the same; almost arrogant, confidence Jim had shown when you had first met him. His close-cropped red hair was sprinkled with gray. His electric blue eyes were direct and piercing. With his direct look, you felt he had stripped your robe away and that, in his eyes, you stood naked before him. Quickly regaining your composure, you pulled the skimpy robe close to your pointed breasts and invited him into your living room.

Relaxing with fresh drinks in your comfortable living room, you listened to the two of them rehash old war stories from their days as Navy Seals. They had been partners during the last ten years of their careers. “I’ll bet the two of you cut quite a swath through the ladies when on liberty.” You said.

Jim looked at you and with his mischievous grin said, “Yeah, Rod and I have even double-teamed a few in our day.”

“God” you said with a gasp, “Now that sounds like fun.”


Both men stood at the same time. You noticed a bulge in Rod’s pants, it extended nearly to his knee. That can’t be his cock, you thought, if it was, it had to be at least twelve inches long. “Hell”, you thought, “I’ll just spit on it and try it anyway.” Your pussy was beginning to throb in anticipation of absorbing his long cock.

They approached you and each put his arm around your shoulders and took a nipple in their free hand, rotating them in an identical manner. Then at the same time, bending their heads, they each took one of the still tender buds into their mouth and began to suck, rotating their tongues around your nipples they began to suck more of the now peaked aureoles into their mouths. The sensation was exhilarating. Your pussy began to overflow with your sweet juices.

Sensing your rising passion, Rod abandoned his prize and dropped to his knees. Lifting one of you legs over his shoulder, he wasted no time in driving his long tongue into you hot pussy to capture the flowing nectar. You hunched you hot cunt into his face and said, “Boys we have to lie down to finish this.”

Moving into your bedroom, you discarded the flimsy robe and lay on your back on the bed to watch as they disrobed. You were now quite familiar with Jim’s gorgeous body, but were most curious about what lay beneath Rod’s loose fitting trousers. As they removed their clothes, it became apparent that Rod’s slender build belied the power in his long frame. His muscles were corded and sinewy. As he removed his trousers, his now erect cock jumped from its confinement and stood straight out from his body. Not nearly so thick as Jim’s, but at least twelve inches long. You shuttered at the thought of having Rod’s long rod buried in your pussy, your ass, and your throat. Then you thought of the pleasure Jim had wrought and realized they both would soon be attending to those orifices simultaneously.

In a voice husky with lust for the magnificent mecidiyeköy escort man tools standing erect before you, you asked, “Where do we go from here?”

Jim smiled, as he moved to the bed beside you, and said, “Let’s try you on top, but first I’d like another taste of your pussy.” Facing him you lowered your steaming pussy to his talented mouth. Bending over him you began to grind your hot hole into his face and giving Rod a view of you beautiful rounded ass. Rod lost no time in taking advantage of your upturned ass. He attentively ran his tongue around the rim and pressed gently at its entrance. Your ass clinched tight as you slammed your pussy into Jim’s mouth. Under Rod’s expert tongue treatment, your ass began to relax and his tongue began a gentle probing that, combined with Jim’s moving tongue in your pussy, brought you to the brink of climax.

Jim applied a slight pressure gently lifting your thighs and said, “Time to move on.” You slithered down his body until his erect cock stood at the mouth of your steaming pussy. You reached down and placed the purple crown just inside the lips of that paragon of sexual pleasure. At the same time, Rod placed the head of his long thin cock hard against the entrance to your tight butt-hole. You slowly lowered your pelvis onto Jim’s massive organ as Rod began the slow penetration of your up thrust tight ass. You felt as if you were being split apart the exquisite pain imparted by the two cock was almost unbearable. Your whole body trembled as the two hard members slowly invaded your deepest depths. As Rod began a slow withdrawal of his impossibly long cock, (you could not believe you had taken so much cock at one time); you started to lift from Jim’s thick member. Suddenly, without warning, when his cock was about half way out of your ass, Rod drove it back into your depths with almost savage force. You thrust your pussy with similar violence onto Jim’s iron hard cock and exploded in climax. Your body trembled uncontrollably; you wept tears of pain and pleasure. You had never been so (quite literally) fulfilled.

Before the contractions of your climax had even begun to subside, Rod began fucking in earnest. Driving his long member into your ass without pause, he pounded away. With each stroke he forced your inflamed pussy hard onto Jim’s monster cock. Waves of painful pleasure started to roll over you. Your stomach muscles tightened. Sweat ran from every pore. Your body trembled uncontrollably. You felt the waves of organism begin to roll over you. Suddenly, both Rod and Jim wrapped their arms around your body and rolled completely over. You now lay on your back atop Rod, sandwiched between them – their cocks still buried deep in the recesses of your ass and pussy.

With Jim now in the dominant position he began to fuck your pussy with the same fervor Rod had applied to your ass only a few moments before. He drove his meat as fast and as far into your body as your pelvis would allow. Fucking fast and hard while driving your ass onto Rod’s long cock. Your organism was multiple and continuous. You wept. You moaned and every fiber of your being trembled. You begged for surcease, but to no avail. Just before your body gave up all control, you collapsed and were unable to move, you felt the double explosion as both of them erupted within seconds of each other, Rod’s cum spilled deep in your ass and Jim’s deep in your pussy.

You were still in somewhat of a dazed state when the two men helped you into your large walk-in shower. There they gently bathed you with tongues and a soft sponge. They gently probed pussy and ass with tongues and softly kissed and licked the tender nipples of your breasts. Jim removed a small jar from his ditty bag and poured a thick oil into his hand and an equal amount into Rod’s. They began to massage your tender lips, nipples and breasts. Jim gently massaged the lips of your pussy and clit, while Rod tenderly fingered you sore, burning anus. The relief you felt was immediate. The pain was replaced with a warm tingling sensation that in itself was almost erotic. In a matter of minutes you were almost totally refreshed and pain free. “What the hell is that stuff?” you asked.

“Just a mixture a friend in China has made by some Tibetan Monks – it’s a pretty well kept secret. It takes about twenty years to make and they only make a small batch each year. This jar is about half of what they release every year.”

Authors note: This is a work in progress. I hope to add more soon. Let me know if you like it.

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