The Road to Norwich Ch. 2

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Chapter 2: Curiosity

Laying Edgar gently onto the bed they shared, her thoughts drifted as she thought back upon the young man from several moments ago. How he vexed her mind! How bold he was to have walked up to her the way he had! There was no way he could have missed the babe in her arms. Fie! But all men truly must think of all women as wenches. There could be no other answer.

Wearily, she removed the tattered rag from atop her head and poured some water from the bowl into her hands for her tired face. The lukewarm water felt delicious and inviting, enlivening her to the point where she felt all of her senses re-awakening.

With her newly aroused hearing she was able to make out the low sounds of voices from the bedroom across the hall from her own. The memory of the lustful way the handsome weapons maker had gazed upon her surfaced her curiosity to a new peak. She hadn’t missed which room he’d been led to.

Therefore, it wasn’t as if she hadn’t heard these types of noises many a night, but never before had they affected her interest so much. Because she had already doffed most of her garments, she quickly donned a stout woolen cloak over her underclothes, that she could better fulfill her inquisitive nature.

Quietly she stepped out into the hallway and tiptoed to the other side, from where the noises beckoned her inner senses. Abruptly, she realized she had no idea just what it was she intended, but a pulsating in her veins and some other feeling she couldn’t quite recognize got the better of her, and she remained to eavesdrop further.

Standing right outside the door she could now make out the words coming from the voices within the room. One she felt sure was Kara, the wench who had occupied that room since before she could remember. The other was unfamiliar, although she knew who it had to be. She hadn’t missed the bronze skinned man’s choice for a wench.

Apparently, Kara was stripping him of his clothing because she was telling him what she was going to do right before she did it.

“It would be right to remove this here tunic sir,” she said in her syrupy vixen voice. “Yea, it will be well for me to feel what is beneath it, that I may heighten your pleasure. ” With that she could hear him release halkalı escort a slight moan of rapture.

The more Kara said, the more curious Asha became, until she began to feel a stirring within her. Cautious for quietness, she allowed her body to sink down until she was in a sitting position, with one foot underneath her bottom.

A slight gasp escaped her lips as she did this for the slight bulge beneath her touched upon a place that had not been attended to, ever, until this very moment. Silently she thanked the heavens that hers and Kara’s were the only rooms in this hallway that were currently occupied.

Her thoughts were interrupted at a sudden increase in the noise level of Kara’s room. She was stunned when she noticed a small crack in the wooden door. With little effort, one could see what was on the other side!

Feeling only slightly guilty, she hesitantly brought her face closer and peered inside of the small crevice. She had an excellent view of the greater portion of Kara’s chamber. She was able to make out the bed quite well. Her heart quickened at the sight of Kara lying with the handsome, sand-haired man. She blinked with a start as remembrance filled her thoughts; it was hard to miss the taut muscles bulging out from the tight flesh of his thick arms. She hadn’t noticed much more than his face, at first sight. Now, she could see how much more attractive this man truly was.

Berating herself for gaping, she felt singed with a hint of an emotion similar to both guilt and confusion. Just what exactly was it she was hoping to see anyway? And what was it that was tugging at her so; what were these sensations deep within her body and what were they asking of her?

Then it dawned on her that the excitement of bearing witness to something new and exciting was why she had to stay. She couldn’t possibly leave knowing that what was about to take place was something the wenches did…something that caused such vocal eruptions night after night from countless individuals. Thinking this way increased the feelings and sensations within her now swollen depths. Unsure of what she was doing, she slowly began rocking her pelvis against the heel that was between her thighs. She did this ikitelli escort while watching Kara glide her scantily clad body along that of the well-sculpted man beneath her. She could hear his earnest breath, but see confusion in his eyes despite his desires.

Kara, being rather experienced at what she was doing, did her best to calm his concerns. “Ye just leave this to me and this will be a night ye will never forget!” she said in a silky voice. She grabbed his mighty hands, using them to push her garments upward, sliding slowly along her firm, soft flesh, and placed them under her kirtle and upon her supple breasts.

Asha’s face reddened as she somehow could feel those strong hands roughly squeezing her own ample bosom. Though she flushed, she continued to rock. Perhaps it was the feel of the buxom blonde’s breasts between his fingertips that heightened his arousal. Whatever the cause, his manhood quickly began to swell to a mightily aroused peak. The rock hard throbbing member against Kara’s naked thighs intensely held Asha’s attention.

Moving further down his body Kara took him into her mouth, deeply. The masculine moans of pleasure caused the straw-haired wench to begin partaking in her own bodily pleasure. Asha nearly gasped again in awe as she saw the woman’s hand traveling beneath her flimsy undergarment and up in between her adept thighs.

Subconsciously Asha followed her lead and felt a sense of promise as her hand searched anxiously beneath her cloak, soon finding the luscious outskirts of her own velvety depths which dripped with wetness.

The moans inside the room allowed her to use her fingers for further exploration, without having to think too much about what she was doing. Soon, the moans began changing to slight cries of pleasure and heavier, faster breathing. Asha’s own breath quickened as she peered back into the hole and saw that no longer was Kara’s face buried near the man’s strong pelvis, but instead, their hips were pressed together, as one! As Kara’s hips lurched backward in preparation for the next active thrust, Asha nearly gasped in horror. It appeared as if that enormous appendage thrusting forth from the young man’s pelvis, was somehow, inside of Kara’s istanbul escort body, entering between her legs!

Flustered and aroused at the same time, Asha experimentally began to thrust her small fingers inside of herself. Noting the pleasurable sensations deep within, she continued, slowly at first. She soon discovered that her sensations were greatest when she quickened the pace. Closing her eyes she focused internally, and continued massaging herself on the inside. Before long, she was able to detect greater pleasure whenever she tilted her hips closer to her fingers. Moving that way allowed her to explore greater and more sensuous depths. After a few minutes she began to yearn for more and so continued, but harder and deeper and faster.

Desperately, she tried to keep pace with the couple in the room. Feeling her breath quicken in response to the pleasures shooting throughout her body, she continued as if possessed by some internal sense of purpose. Soon, with knowledge borne of pure instinct, her fingers were able to guide themselves in an almost masterful way inside of her moist, silken tulip buds. The actions created a not so quiet suckling sound to emerge from under the woolen cloak, but despite her incredible chagrin, she could not stop her motions. Breathing lightly and hastily she continued thrusting her fingers into her throbbing interior. Her hand began to hurt but she could not stop, not as long as there were sounds beckoning her from within that room!

For reasons she couldn’t begin to fathom, she forced aside any remaining shame, giving stronger, more strenuous thrusts, and plunging into the very depths of her being. Soon she became concerned that satisfaction could not be achieved when suddenly, she nearly cried out with passion, as oceans, it felt, spilled out from her parted nether lips. The spasming muscles clamped tightly around her sticky, wet fingers, and she quickly removed them, abashed.

Suddenly, she noted the silent lack of sound from the room. Cursing under quick breaths she rose awkwardly, despite her tired and recently satiated state, and without a backward glance, stumbled across the hall to her door. Back in the safety of her own musty room, Asha took her place beside young Edgar, who was just beginning to stir for his nighttime feeding. As he took her plump breast into his tiny mouth, she closed her eyes and began to doze off, guiltily dreaming of the naughty deed she had executed but moments before. As slumber finally found the lovely young woman, an enchanting smile parted her soft supple lips.

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