The Resort Pt. 03

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Megan lay back on the bed, exhausted but satisfied. It hadn’t been her first time with a woman, but Danielle was by far the best she’d ever had. Sure, she had broken the “hook-up” rule she and Matt had, but it had been a spur-of-the-moment decision, and Megan didn’t regret it one bit. She got up, realizing she should probably clean herself up. She decided to take a soak in the large stone tub. It was nice having a shower and a tub in the same bathroom and having enough hot water to use both simultaneously. She started the water and the tub soon filled. She slid her naked, still quivering body in and lay back. A few minutes later she heard the door to the suite open.

“Hey, babe, I’m back,” Matt called.

“I’m in the tub,” Megan called back.

Matt entered the bathroom and took in the sight of his wife’s gorgeous naked body in the steaming water.

“How was your trip?” Megan asked.

“Really interesting,” Matt replied. “We got to see several colonial sites, plus some places where US soldiers landed during the Grenada Operation.”

“You are such a nerd. You would find that interesting,” Megan said. “Care to join me?”

“Of course.”

Matt removed his sweat-soaked shirt and shorts and slid into the tub. The water felt good, despite the temperature outside.

“Have a good time getting your tan?” Matt asked.

“I did,” Megan said. “I tanned, went for a swim in the main pool, and had a few drinks.”

“Sounds fun. Get to know Danielle a bit?”

“Yep. We hung out at the pool and had drinks. She’s really nice and really sweet.”

Megan hoped Matt didn’t pick up on the double entendre. He had no idea what had taken place in his bed a mere hour before, and Megan wanted to keep it that way, at least for now.

“Nice,” Matt said. “So, where do you want to go for dinner? So many options to choose from.”

“I was thinking the hibachi restaurant or the steakhouse,” Megan said.

“Both sound really good,” Matt said. “The steakhouse is fancier, so we have to dress up. It’s elegant attire.”

“I’m good with that. I brought that dress you always love seeing me in,” Megan teased.

“The steakhouse it is, then.”

They finished their bath and decided to wash off in the shower. Matt got the water running and washed himself first, then it was Megan’s turn. As she let the water run down her body, Matt wrapped his arms around her and began to kiss her neck. His hands wandered to her breasts.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing, mister?” Megan said.

“I want to fuck you,” Matt said.

“You keep your hands to yourself, and we’ll have some fun later tonight, ok?”

Matt removed his hands from his wife’s body. They finished showering and started getting ready. Matt picked out a red dress shirt with a black tie, black pants, and a black suit coat. Megan was getting ready in the bathroom. After putting on her makeup she slid into her dress. It was floor length, black, and had a thigh-high slit on the right side. Adding to its seductiveness was the very low-cut neckline that enhanced Megan’s bust via a built-in push up bra and a halter strap that tied behind the neck. To complete the sexy attire Megan wore black lace crotchless panties, a black garter belt, and black thigh-high stockings. Matt wouldn’t see the underthings until later, but she knew it would drive him wild. She stepped out of the bathroom.

“What do you think?” she asked.

Matt’s jaw nearly hit the floor.

“Damn,” he said. “You look sexy as hell.”

Megan could see the bulge forming in his pants. She had him right where she wanted him.

“You better calm down before we go to dinner,” she teased.

Matt calmed down, and they headed downstairs to the steakhouse. Upon arriving they were immediately seated at an intimate table for two near the back. All the tables, it seemed, were made for couples. Matt wondered how single people were seated. Did they have to sit with a total stranger? Their waiter appeared to take their drink orders.

“Sangria for me,” Megan said.

“Just water for me,” avrupa yakası escort Matt said.

“We’re at an all-inclusive resort, and you’re getting water?” Megan asked.

“I may have a drink with the meal,” Matt said.

The waiter returned moments later with the Sangria. Then he took their orders. Matt ordered a smoked duck salad appetizer and and herb-crusted rack of lamb for his main course; Megan ordered the spicy melon and pan seared tuna appetizer and Wagyu steak. The waiter took their menus and walked away.

“All the food looked s good,” Matt said. “Hard to choose.”

“Right,” Megan said. “We might have to stay longer just to try everything!”

“Don’t I wish,” Matt said. “Too bad we both have to go back to work.”

“Hey, don’t talk about work; we’re on vacation,” Megan said with a slight laugh.

The waiter reappeared with their appetizers. The dishes looked amazing. Matt and Megan shared their appetizers. Matt’s duck was cooked perfectly, and Megan’s tuna was spicy, but delicious. Seeing that they had finished, the water cleared their plates. A few minutes later their main courses arrived. Matt dug right into the lamb. It was tender and the crust added a nice spicy kick. Megan’s steak was juicy and so tender, she could cut it with her fork. After their meal, the two were stuffed.

“Are we ready for dessert?” the waiter asked.

“Not tonight,” Matt said. “But the appetizers and main courses were amazing. My compliments to the chef.”

“Thank you, sir,” the waiter smiled. “Thank you for coming and have a great evening.

Matt and Megan got up and left the restaurant. Matt was trying to figure out where to go next when Megan tugged at his arm.

“Where are we going?” Matt asked.

“Come with me,” Megan answered. “You’ll see.”

She led her husband to one of the resorts most unique features: a lounge area in the middle of a pool. Stone steps led down to several padded couches in small enclosure in the middle of one of the resort’s many pools. The walls around the enclosure were high enough to not let water in, but yet not so high as to block the view. Four tiki torches were lit, one in each corner. Matt noticed a familiar face. Danielle was sitting and having a drink. She was wearing an a knee-length emerald green dress with a single shoulder strap. The color of the dress really brought out her eyes.

“Hello again,” Matt said. “Danielle, right?”

“Yes,” Danielle said.

“Just came from dinner,” Megan said. “We went to the steakhouse.”

“I went to the hibachi place. It was amazing!”

“We thought about going there,” Megan said. “We could’ve sat together!”

A butler appeared.

“May I get you something?” she asked.

“What are you having?” Megan asked Danielle.

“Mojito,” Danielle replied.

“I’ll take a whiskey sour,” Megan said.

“Mojito for me,” Matt said.

The butler walked away towards the bar.

“You look amazing!” Megan told Danielle. “That dress really brings out your eyes.”

“Thank you,” Danielle blushed. “You look stunning! Is it ok to say your wife looks hot, Matt?”

“Of course. And she does. You look lovely,” Matt said.

“Thank you. How was your day?” Danielle asked.

“Good. Relaxed in the room for a bit then took a nice long bath,” Megan said. “How about yours?”

“Really good,” Danielle said. “After we had lunch together I went snorkeling with some people, then went and played some sand volleyball.”

“Sounds fun,” Megan said.

“How was your tour, Matt?”

“Really good and really cool,” Matt said. “Saw a lot of historical sights from the colonial period and from the Grenada invasion.”

Danielle smiled. Megan rolled her eyes and said, “He’s a history nerd. Go figure.”

Megan and Danielle laughed together. The waiter reappeared with their drinks.

“So, Danielle, Megan tells me you work in the same building she does. The World Food Program?”

“Yep,” Danielle said. “I’m a logistics coordinator. I help bakırköy escort figure out how to get the food where it needs to go.”

“Sounds interesting,” Matt said. “And you two never ran into each other?”

“It’s a big building,” Megan said. “We don’t work in the same department.”

The couple continued sipping their drinks and talking.

“So, Matt, Megan tells me you’re in an open marriage?” Danielle said.

Matt seemed a little taken aback by the question, but it was no big deal. He wasn’t ashamed of it.

“We are,” Matt said.

“Must take a lot of trust,” Danielle said. “I don’t know if I could handle it.”

“It does take trust, but it is a lot of fun,” Matt said.

Megan scooted closer to Danielle. Danielle’s heart began to beat faster.

“So, um, if let’s say, just as an example, I wanted to play with your wife,” Danielle said, reaching over and touching Megan’s leg. “How would I go about getting permission?”

A smile broke across Matt’s face.

“I see what’s going on here,” Matt said. “Well, Danielle, all you have to do is ask.”

“Well then,” Danielle said slyly. “May I play with Megan?”

“Of course,” Matt answered. “Provided I get to watch.”

“Of course,” Megan smiled.

The three got up and headed back to their room. On the way back Megan and Danielle held hands, occasionally grabbing the other’s ass as a tease for Matt. When they got back into the room, Megan pulled Danielle to her. She kissed Danielle hard on the mouth, just as she had done earlier that day. Matt moved in. Megan put her hand on his chest.

“Have a seat,” she teased. “Get naked, sit back, and enjoy the show.”

Matt removed his tie and unbuttoned his pants. Megan again pressed her lips to Danielle’s. Danielle moaned as Megan’s soft lips caressed her own. Matt’s pants were on the floor, and he began removing his shirt. Megan slid her tongue into Danielle’s mouth. Matt was now completely naked and completely aroused. Megan looked over at her husband.

“Good,” she said. “Now just watch us play. No touching yourself.”

Matt sat back in the chair and continued watching his wife with Danielle. Danielle moved her lips to Megan’s neck. Megan gasped as Danielle hit her sensitive spot on the side near her jugular. Danielle kissed harder. Megan’s hand reached behind Danielle and found the zipper of her dress. She slowly lowered the zipper. Danielle gasped. Megan slid the single strap off Danielle’s shoulder. Danielle looked into Megan’s eyes. Megan began to kiss Danielle’s bare shoulder, looking at Matt as she did so. Precum glistened on his erect manhood. Megan moved her lips up Danielle’s shoulder to her soft neck. Danielle gasped and held Megan’s head to her. She reached around and began to untie Megan’s dress. The strap soon came undone. Danielle began to slide Megan’s dress off her body. The dress landed on the floor; Megan could see the look of surprise on Matt’s face.

“You like?” she smirked.

“Very much,” Matt said.

Megan slid Danielle’s dress off. It joined Megan’s dress on the floor.

“You are so sexy, Megan,” Danielle said.

“So are you,” Megan whispered.

Danielle pushed her lips to Megan’s. The women grabbed the back of each other’s heads as their kissing became more passionate and intense. They moved back towards the bed. Megan pushed Danielle down. She lay over Danielle.

“Do anything you want to me,” Danielle moaned. “I’m all yours.”

Megan’s lips moved directly to Danielle’s erect pink nipples. She took them in her mouth, sucking hard. Danielle gasped, then let out a loud moan.

“I’m so sensitive,” Danielle said. “You’re going to make me cum just doing that!”

“Want me to make her cum, Matt?” Megan asked, looking back at her husband.

“Yes,” he gasped.

Megan continued sucking Danielle’s nipples. Danielle continued moaning and gasping goading Megan on. Megan reached down between Danielle’s legs. Her fingers found Danielle’s clitoris.

“Oh, fuck!” Danielle gasped.

Megan beşiktaş escort slowly massaged Danielle’s clitoris as she continued to suck Danielle’s erect nipples. Danielle gasped and moaned with pleasure as Megan’s fingers and tongue pleasured her. It didn’t take long. Danielle’s back arched moments later, and she nearly screamed as she came. Megan held her mouth on Danielle, tasting her juices.

“Matt, your wife’s mouth is amazing. She’s very gifted with her tongue,” Danielle panted.

“Don’t I know it?” Matt said.

Megan pulled her mouth off Danielle’s breasts. Danielle seized on the opportunity. She pushed herself up and grabbed Megan around the waist, pushing her down on the bed. She moved between Megan’s legs. Her mouth glided up Megan’s stocking-covered leg. Megan gasped as Danielle’s warm breath moved up her leg towards her swollen mound. Danielle kissed Megan’s inner thighs. Megan moaned.

“Oh, Danielle,” she whispered.

“Is this what you like?” Danielle asked as she kissed Megan’s labia.

Megan’s moan was all the answer she needed. Danielle’s tongue moved slowly around Megan’s dripping wet pussy. Megan grabbed Danielle’s head and pushed it against her. Danielle began to move her tongue up and down along Megan’s slit. Megan looked again at Matt.

“Is this what you imagined?” she moaned as Danielle’s tongue found her clitoris.

“Yes,” Matt moaned. “And more.”


Danielle flicked Megan’s clit with her tongue. Megan began to grind on Danielle’s face. Danielle held her tongue in place as Megan’s mound moved up and down. Megan moaned louder and louder. She was so close to orgasm now. Danielle could tell how close Megan was; she sucked Megan’s clitoris. Megan lost it.

“Oh, Danielle, I’m cumming!” Megan screamed.

Her juices flowed as her pussy began to spasm. Danielle opened her mouth and was soon rewarded with Megan’s sweet nectar. She moaned as she licked it up. Megan’s grip on her head loosened as her orgasm subsided. After laying here for a few moments, Megan looked at Danielle with a naughty smile.

“Now that we’ve taken care of each other,” she said. “What do you say we take care of Matt?”

Danielle smiled. “Sounds good.”

Megan and Danielle got up and walked to Matt.

“Stand up,” Megan said with a naughty grin.

Matt stood. Megan got on her knees; Danielle followed suit. Megan began to lick Matt’s erect shaft. Matt moaned as his wife’s tongue slid up and down his precum-covered cock.

“Suck the head,” Megan told Danielle.

Danielle’s mouth moved onto the head of Matt’s cock. He groaned as she gently sucked.

“I think he likes that,” Danielle giggled.

“Take him all the way in your mouth,” Megan whispered.

Megan watched as her husband’s cock disappeared into Danielle’s tight mouth. Matt groaned louder. Megan was wet again.

“Yes, suck my husband’s cock, Danielle,” she said.

Danielle sucked Matt harder, her head bobbing faster and faster. Matt groaned even louder. Megan could tell he was getting close now. Megan pushed Danielle’s head all the way down. She gagged.

“Fuck her throat, Matt,” Megan gasped.

Matt held Danielle’s head as he thrust into Danielle’s throat. Danielle took him deep. She moaned on his cock, getting louder and louder. Megan moved behind her. She pulled Danielle’s hair aside and began to kiss her neck. Danielle’s was totally turned on now.

“Do you swallow?” Megan whispered into Danielle’s ear.

“Mhm,” Danielle moaned.

“Good girl,” she said. “He’s getting close now.”

Matt fucked Danielle’s mouth harder and faster. His head went back. He was about to explode. Danielle nearly screamed on his cock. Matt lost it. He exploded in Danielle’s mouth. Megan could see his cock throbbing in Danielle’s mouth. Danielle felt Matt’s hot warm cum shoot down her throat. She moaned. When his cock finished spasming he pulled out. Danielle opened her mouth and smiled, showing she’d swallowed all Matt’s cum.

“How was that?” Danielle asked.

“Fucking amazing,” Matt gasped, sitting back down.

Megan and Danielle picked up their dresses. Megan got a hanger for Danielle’s dress. She pulled off her stockings and panties. She led Danielle to the endless pool that was their balcony, and their naked bodies slid into the water.

“Coming?” Megan said, a wicked grin on her face.

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