The Pornstar Family Ch. 01

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Author’s note: Well hey, I am just posting my first story and I have plenty of good stuff coming and not all of it is going to be light and fluffy. But in the meantime I want to kick off the year with something fun and frivolous, so with no further hiccups, welcome to “The Pornstar Family! Enjoy,



“I can’t believe you’re leaving,” Megan, my aunt said in tears at the airport moments before I was about to board a plane to Mom and Dad’s house in LA.

I gave her a sweet smile along with a warm squeeze to her arm.

“Hey, I won’t be gone forever.” I tried to assure her.

She nodded as a tear escaped the corner of her eye.

“I wanna receive a steady flow of messages from you. Do you get me, Luke?”

“Sure thing, Megan, I’ll be harassing you so much that you’ll be begging for me to stop. Maybe even flag my message as spam or something.”

We shared a brief laugh that was tinged with sadness.

“And please do something about this,” she groused while ruffling my hair in disgust.

I gave her a Long hug, a bit too long a hug.

“You’re gonna miss your flight.” She said patting my back.

“I’m going to miss you so much.” Finally breaking the hug.


Once inside the terminal, I found out that my flight is late. In the waiting area, lots of people were sitting around me and most of them were using their phones or reading some books or magazines. So I put on my earphones and started watching an interview, it was on my watchlist for a long time. The camera spun around and the host came in view.

From 30th walker plaza here in California City it’s the Tonight show starring TJ Cummings.

(claps claps)

TJ: Our first guest this evening is one of the biggest Pornstar on this planet and as you can see I’m excited to welcome the one and only Rachel knight.

(Rachel entered and sat on the couch)

Rachel: Thank you, thank you TJ.

TJ: Let’s dive right in, Rachel I want to ask you straight away, you recently celebrated your 46th birthday and you are in tremendous shape. As I know all too well, age doesn’t treat a body well.

Rachel: Thank you. I think most of it has to do with genetics and happy life and also I try to live a low-stress life and that probably plays a part in it too.

TJ: You got married to Daniel at 19, you had your first son at 20, you entered into the porn industry at 21, you had a girl at 23 and five years later at 28 you had your second son, Most people leave the industry to have a family but on the other hand you manage both.

Rachel: Well if you have a supportive family then you can manage anything, even if you work in the adult industry.

TJ: Yeah that’s true, but let’s first talk about your work in adult films and how did you first get into it?

Rachel: Actually, I got in by accident. My plan wasn’t to get into porn and to be a porn star. The opportunity kind of fell into my lap. Daniel and I were neighbors and we grew up in Scotland and we like to go to fetish clubs in London and I was really involved in the fetish scene and Torture Garden and all that sort of stuff, and I was also doing risqué shoots. I had modeled for Burning Angel before just doing a photoshoot and they asked me if I wanted to come to Paris and shoot some scenes. The money was good but all I wanted was to go to Paris, so I went and I did it. When I was there it wasn’t how you’d think a porn set would be it, it was just a bunch of friends hanging out, having sex, and getting paid. I just kind of thought that was really cool. Honestly, I thought it was just so much fun so I shot all my first scenes — like my first girl-girl scene, my first boy-girl scene, my first anal scene — all in that one week because I didn’t ever think I would do it again. Fast forward two years, Daniel and I got married and we were living in LA but very very broke, really not doing anything and the opportunity again just fell into my lap. So I asked Daniel could you accept your wife fucking another man, he agreed but with one condition.

TJ: Of course there had to be some conditions, okay so what was the condition.

Rachel: He wanted to be there on the set and I said why not, and I went for it. Just as the director said the last cut, Daniel came to me and he was so hot that he couldn’t control himself, So we made love right there and the whole crew watched us making love and they recorded it. The team loved it so much that they offered both of us a contract and we took it and 25 years later here we are.

TJ: I have watched that video and I think it was really hot and you know it is one of my all-time favorite scenes!

Rachel: Thanks a lot, I appreciate that! (laughs)

TJ: How long have you been in the industry now?

Rachel: July 7 will mark my 25-year pornoversary.

TJ: That’s quite a long time for an industry that has a lot of women coming in and going after six months to a year. What’s impressive is that in 25 years, you haven’t really taken a break. You have a pretty steady output of scenes.

Rachel: ataşehir escort bayan Yes, I’ve been pretty solid. I took a 6-month break back when my mom died in December of 2010. I helped my dad so I took some time off. Brazzers called and said, ‘Hey, the business misses you! What do we have to do to get you back?’ So we talked and I shot a gangbang video. It was a huge hit and I never looked back.

TJ: The first thing people notice about you is your all-natural ginormous breasts, what size are they?

Rachel: (laughs) 36E.”I’m on the bigger side of porn. Also Because I’m tall, 5’9″,

TJ: Do you have back problems or anything?

Rachel: No, because I have wide shoulders. I’m still pretty active physically so it’s never been a problem.

TJ: When did they start growing? Did you get a lot of attention in school because of them?

Rachel: No, because I was very late. I was flat-chested until about 15 or 16 years old. I had a modest A cup growing up. A/B but nothing to write home about. But then I went on birth control and, over the course of 4 years, I went up a cup size every year. I was a C, a year later I was a D, after another year I was a Double D, then E, and thank God they stopped growing at that. It’s insane, right? But I was a late bloomer.

TJ: What are the best compliments you have received about your amazing rack?

Rachel: All the compliments are nice. (laughs) It’s nice when other people say nice things about your body. One time, when I was in London, some guy came up to me and said I had amazing lungs and I thought that was hilarious.

TJ: How often do people stare at you in public?

Rachel: A lot and that’s the thing, I don’t know if they’re staring at me because they recognize me and they’ve seen my porn or if they’re just staring at me because of my big boobs. It happens a lot. Even when I dress conservatively like when I go to the gym. I don’t always have my rack out like this. (showing the very low cut top.) You just can’t hide them even under big sweaters. You just see them!

TJ: You also have a delicious ass. Have you ever measured it?

Rachel: I think it’s 36 inches, in comparison to my 26-inch waist.

TJ: Many women envy you that you can squirt, when did you learn to squirt?

Rachel: It was in my personal life. A long, long time ago, Daniel and I were having a threesome with this girl and she squirted and I asked what that was. She explained it to me and I also googled it. Then she told us what we should do and we both practiced and that’s how I learned how to squirt! (laughs)

TJ: When you squirt, is it a more intense orgasm?

Rachel: Oh hell yeah. I don’t see anything, everything just turns black. And then everything clears. It’s like going blind and then being able to see. It’s like a miracle! (laughs) It’s amazing!”

TJ: What do you like sexually? What gets Rachel wet?

Rachel: I’ve always had a soft spot in my pussy for a well-dressed man. And what else gets me wet is the high energy, lots of passion, eye contact, lots of kissing…and I mean lots and lots of kissing, it overwhelms me!

TJ: What kind of sex do you like?

Rachel: Oh God! It’s so dependent! It’s so dependent on my mood. Lately, I just want rough, choking, biting, spitting sex so I like to get fucked from behind a lot these days. Doggie, at the moment, is probably my favorite. Normally I like to be on top. Lately, I’ve just been needing to get smacked around a little bit, if you get the meaning. I’ve been working so much that whenever I get off work, I just need an emotional release so I’ve been gravitating towards more power-play focused sex. It’s been really therapeutic! Dealing in dominance and submission when you’re really on that psychological level; when you’re truly in subspace is such a stress release. It’s therapeutic! What gets me going? It probably brings out the best of me are my group scenes, gang bangs.

TJ: So you just slipped one past the goalie there, you and your husband used to host monthly gangbangs??

Rachel: (laughs) Yes, we did and we still do. They always varied in size. Usually, we would let the wives watch because they were my parties. (laughs) So the wives and girlfriends would watch and I would have anywhere from three to eight guys. There was a birthday party where a good friend and I shared 21 guys.

YJ: You had a 21-guy gangbang. How was that? Was that cock overload?

Rachel: There is no such thing as cock overload! There is never too much cock for me. Never! Ever! Although It’s fun to be surrounded by guys, but at the end of the day, you can only play with three and maybe one more with the hand at the same time. So at some point, you’re going to have a bunch of dudes standing around jerking off. (laughs) So the ideal is probably less than 10 unless you just want some guys not to be involved. But I found that six was my magic number because I could have three or four guys around me, and they could tag team me and rest that amount was good because the rotation was escort kadıöy always consistent, and that way I’m always kept busy. But my mind is always ‘the more the better’ but then reality is ‘ooooh, I wish I had more hands!'(laughs)

TJ: You had a 15-guy blowbang, sucking dick is one of your favorite things. Was your jaw sore after that?

Rachel: When you’re in the moment, you don’t feel pain. When you’re so turned on and so into something, even after it ended, I didn’t have any jaw pain so I think It was amazing! I had this big devilish grin the whole time.

TJ: And then you swallowed 15 loads from a wine glass! And it was in one gulp!

Rachel: It was fine! It tasted like nothing! I compare it to an oyster. I thought it was going to be kind of disgusting, but I was reveling in the idea that this was a showcase where I really got to be my darkest and my filthiest. I was ready to do something really gross, and it was fine. I was astonished, to be honest. They must have been really healthy men!

TJ: You took it down like nothing like it was a shot of peppermint schnapps or something!

Rachel: (laughs) One gulp! I like watching that movie because I’m proud of myself!”

TJ: Is a gangbang off-camera is more natural, more spontaneous, whereas in porn, it’s more regimented but you get guys that fuck for a living, which is better?

Rachel: In gangbangs, I prefer to have the feeling of being outnumbered and overwhelmed, lots of energy, lots of movement and you tend to have that in a professional gangbang rather than a personal one. Both are great because they are different.

TJ: Fans want to know about an update on a possible upcoming gangbang?

Rachel: They’re never off the table. I like to do it for my own site. I think fans are really enjoying it because it’s a little more private. The hardest part is wrangling people and making all the schedules work.

TJ: You said before you enjoy an airtight or a DP over anal, do you prefer anal or vaginal?

Rachel: Just by itself, I would say vaginal. You can fuck me in the pussy anywhere, anytime….you can’t say no to good pussy.

TJ: You also said that you are really shy off-camera. That’s strange, you’re in porn, you’re a swinger, yet you’re shy.

Rachel: I am timid. (laughs) I am shy in large groups, so you will never, ever, ever, ever see me publicly speaking. Small groups, I’m fine.

TJ: But you enjoy being the world’s favorite MILF?

Rachel: I love shooting MILF films, it’s fun. We do a nicer scene than the stuff some of the younger girls are still having to do. Your scene is more aggressive when you’re younger, and it just doesn’t make any sense for an 18-year-old boy to be super-aggressive with a 46-year-old woman. I get to be the aggressor. It’s still a comforting thing for me because I’m in control of the scene. I like where it goes and I like the intimidation factor a little bit. I think it’s cute.

TJ: You have acted like a naughty daughter, dirty wife, sexy mom, So what is your preference? Are the guys from your age range or do you like the young studs?

Rachel: There’s so much to offer from the younger guys to the older guys, I guess, it depends. I’ve fucked a lot of different types of guys. But, really, I just want a guy to be clean, confident, and respectful. I like to be dominated in the bedroom but I don’t like to be harassed or degraded outside of it.

TJ: Is that the same for women too?

Rachel: I love women! (laughs) That’s a good question because I have really big boobs, I like big titty girls, man. It’s my weakness. Every time I see a big titty girl, I get wet as well. But I feel that they’re all great! I enjoy the young, middle, and older.

TJ: When with a woman, do you prefer toys or just to be the two of you?

Rachel: Actually, I just prefer my fingers and my mouth.

TJ: Are you submissive or dominant?

Rachel: I would say, in my personal life, with men, I’m more submissive. But with women, I’m more dominant. I like to take control, I like to be over her and kiss her and worshipping her body. So with men, I’m more submissive and normally I’m the more dominant one with women but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to be dominated by women, it just rarely happens.

TJ: Are you a size queen? Do you like huge cocks?

Rachel: If it was for fetish porn, I would fuck a guy with a small dick. But, on a personal level, I’m a little bit of a size queen. I like to get stretched. I like to be owned. I even have a collar and a chain and handcuffs and all types of shit.

TJ: Do you prefer facials or creampies?

Rachel: In real life, creampies because I think it feels the best and it’s very intimate. But it’s kind of annoying to navigate the logistics of a creampie on camera. If it’s on camera, I prefer a facial and I think most people prefer a facial as well, pornwise.

TJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Rachel: I was a Christmas gift for somebody’s husband. I was all wrapped.

TJ: Someone bought you as a maltepe escort Christmas gift?

Rachel: She didn’t buy me as a Christmas gift, I just had sex with her husband. I had a bow and everything.

TJ: Did she just watch or did she join in?

Rachel: She didn’t join in, she just watched.

TJ: You’re not fucking shy!

Rachel: I AM really shy!!!! I guess I have a split personality!

TJ: How did she know to bring you to her husband?

Rachel: I didn’t take money to do it. She was my friend.

TJ: Okay so in your production, Daniel is more of a directing guy and less performing, but when Daniel performs, do you hold the camera?

Rachel: We have camera people because I tend to want to move the camera around. I’ve done it a few times and I cock it too much. People that are watching have their heads sideways. It’s not good. (laughs) They kind of get that dog look when they watch them, it’s not good.

TJ: Daniel’s still performing, correct?

Rachel: Yes, we won’t let him retire. He’s my number 1 stud. So we are not letting Daniel retire because he’s so good at it and he’s cheap labor.

TJ: If you could create your ideal porn scene, what would it look like?

Rachel: I love group sex. I’d put together all of my favorite performers in a masquerade-ball-type scene in a huge penthouse apartment and have the sex happening everywhere all at once — in all of the rooms, on the balcony, in the bathrooms, and shoot it in real-time. It would be the longest scene ever.

TJ: Let’s talk about you, some people might have a hard time with the whole porn-star-becomes-mom thing.

Rachel: Yeah, they kind of don’t mesh well. I remember when I started getting these questions like, “You have kids? How do you do that?” But being around it, I got used to it.

TJ: One thing I was going to ask was how do you feel about your daughter doing porn?

Rachel: Now this will be probably one of the most serious questions I actually answer for you. I never wanted my daughter to join the industry, but also I am very proud of all of her accomplishments and everything she’s done.

TJ: Did you give her any advice before she joined the industry?

Rachel: She actually joined the industry on her own, I was not around as I was on one of my extended vacations when she did so.

TJ: Ok, but if you have got a chance, So how would you have explained everything to her?

Rachel: I would have said, “OK, so I did this, and I was actually fine with it, and it went really well for me — but please don’t.” That would be hard to explain. she will see it as a quick ticket, because it is, and it would be very hard to explain.

TJ: What are your passions outside of porn?

Rachel: My passion is pornography. My two favorite things in the world! Fucking and acting! For me porn is perfect! And when I’m not working in the industry, I’m actually studying it or advocating for the rights of sex industry workers. I am currently writing a chapter for an upcoming academic text on media and pornography.

TJ: Has working in adult entertainment made you more aware of your sexual health?

Rachel: Yes, seeing yourself on camera makes you look at yourself a little closer. When it comes to working with other models in the industry being safe is one of the most important aspects of making content. I looked to porn for knowledge about sex, and I know others are still doing so. Showing that sex is both steamy and safe is what we as porn actors need to be doing.

TJ: Talking to you is always fun but let’s amp up the fun with our next guests, a duo of brother and sister who will be joining their mother.

(claps claps)



I got so involved in watching that I couldn’t listen to the announcement. Again the announcement came that the gate for my flight would be closing in 5 minutes and I was in a panic as I had lost track of time. Now I had to rush to board the plane.

Luckily I reached in time and boarded the plane. I had the window seat and an old woman was sitting on the aisle side. She was reading her magazine, as the flight took off. we settled into the flight.

I resume watching the interview. Again the camera spun around as the brother-sister duo entered the set joining their mother.

TJ: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our next guests Max and Alison Knight.

Max: Thank you TJ.

TJ: I have to say this, I have never interviewed two pornstars who might be slightly related let alone three, I have to say this is my lucky day.

Alison: Yeah we might be the first porn family.

TJ: Yeah, you guys are definitely the first-ever porn family, and speaking to you Alison, you’re 25, you have such a babyface!.

Alison: Everyone says that! (laughs)

TJ: I saw you at AVN and you were absolutely gorgeous, even more, stunning in person.

Alison: Awe…. Thank you.

TJ: You had 34DD’s as a 16-year-old, when did you discover the power of the pussy or the power of the tits, in your case?

Alison: Probably the day they grew out and I found out what they did to guys. (laughs) I had a lot of fun with them.

TJ: When did they start growing?

Alison: I didn’t have boobs until 9th-grade summer and then in 10th grade, they just blossomed.

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