The Party – Alexis

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Alexis moved slowly across the floor, acutely aware that every eye in the room was trained on her. She had worked here for almost nine months and still could not believe she had taken the job when Raymond had told her what her duties would be. Raymond’s Catering and Entertaining has paved new roads for the catering industry, being the first to offer nude waitstaff, or rather, waitstaff in various states of undress, who all ended up nude by the end of the evening.

When Alexis had gone to her interview, she had assumed the wage printed on the ad was a misprint. She had been in catering for ten years and never made even half that salary previously. Then, halfway through the interview, Raymond asked her how she felt about taking her clothes off. She immediately stood to leave, thinking this was like one of those screw for a job type places. She hadn’t made it halfway to the door before he stopped her with a chuckle and an explanation. She had, of course, needed time to make up her mind, but eventually, she decided that she couldn’t turn the money down and signed on. Within a month, her salary had almost doubled again as she was moved swiftly into a leadership position. And now, she was leading the show at the largest and most prestigious party Raymond’s had ever catered. All of the attendants wore black tie attire, the women decked out in their finest jewels and dresses.

Alexis, on the other hand, wore 5 inch black heels, a black miniskirt that barely came low enough to hide her lace panties, and a white button up shirt, tied, instead of buttoned, to expose her toned torso and a generous amount of cleavage, and a black ascot, as she exited the room designated for the catering staff. She led the line of waitstaff out into the party and silence quickly fell. Alexis carried a large platter full of appetizers balanced in one arm as her other rested on her hip, accentuating the sway she put into her walk all the more. As soon as she reached the table, the rest of the staff began entering the room. Each one allowing their predecessors to reach the table before entering themselves, as was customary in their business, allowing the party goers to fully appreciate each server as they entered.

Alexis smiled down at Samuel as he stepped beside her at the far end of the table. Sam was normally taller than she was, but with her heels, she was a good three inches taller. Dirty blonde Sam wore only a black bow tie with a white button down vest and a black speedo, as all the men did tonight. Alexis couldn’t help but notice the large bulge in his speedo as he smiled back to her with a wink.

“You look amazing tonight,” he whispered from the corner of his mouth, while giving her a once over, his eyes lingering at her cleavage.

“You aren’t doing too badly yourself,” she replied, pointedly looking at his crotch. He smiled a big smile to her.

The two stood in silence then, while the rest of the waitstaff came out. The teams were always equally built of men and women, unless requested to be different by the customer. Tonight, Alexis had five men and four other women, a very large team. She typically led teams of four or six, not ten. She was glad the other half was Sam’s team. They often flip flopped crew members when needed, therefore, everyone knew what to expect from both leaders.

Alexis looked to see only two more members needed to make their entrances and breathed a sigh, one of her favorite parts would come next. As the final waiter took his place at the table, Alexis stepped forward and walked to the center of the open area before them.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” she began, “my name is Alexis and on behalf of Raymond’s Catering and Entertainment, I’d like to wish you all a good evening. If there is anything at all that you need from any of my staff, they will be more than happy to oblige you.” Looking over her shoulder with an exaggerated wink, she looked back and, with a laugh, concluded, “Within reason of course.”

She stepped back and with all eyes still upon her, reached up and removed the the shirt she was wearing, revealing her black, lace, near see-through, bra. A rustle of clothing sounded behind her and she knew the rest of her staff had doffed their tops as well, revealing four more black lace bras and five very toned, tanned chests. She peered around at the crowd, noticing the appreciative smiles spread throughout the crowd.

“Now, without further ado, dinner is served.”

“I think we’d rather eat you all.” Someone piped in from the crowd. Something along the same lines was shouted almost every time she announced that their show, for the moment at least, was over. Therefor, she only smiled and bowed, turned on her heels and lead the waitstaff back to the server’s room to retrieve drink trays to carry throughout the evening.

“Good job with the opening everyone,” Alexis shouted over the din of the makeshift kitchen, “now remember, things will likely get heated a bit later tonight. This is a sex party after all. pendik escort As such, it’s our duty to get things heated up until they take matters into their own hands.”

“And if they try and take us into their hands?” Jennifer, a newer girl asked from the back. “Do we join in or stick to serving only? Sorry, never been to a sex party before.”

Alexis smiled at her, “Neither have I. However, the owner did tell me before you all arrived that that was to each of your own prerogatives and that if anyone was uncomfortable they could leave and he would still pay the entire bill owed to Raymond’s. Also, there is absolutely nothing in our policy that says we can’t join in if we wish, I called and asked Raymond myself, so, if you wish to have some fun once things devolve from the point where drinks need served, then be my guest.”

“And what about you? Are you planning to ‘have fun’?” It was Sam and surprisingly, Alexis felt herself blush.

“I don’t know. It depends on how the mood takes me, and what offers I receive.” She replied with a sly smile. “I’ve never gotten paid to ‘have fun’ before. Might be a nice change of pace. For now though, let’s focus on our jobs, get those drink trays moving. Tonight ladies, the first time you serve a second round, you remove your top for that customer. Let them keep them if they wish. In one hour, bottoms off for everyone. Got it? Good. Now, get moving.”

Alexis took a second to breathe and noticed Sam still looking at her. “What?”

“Nothing much. Just thinking of how much I’d like to see you enjoy yourself later. Or maybe help you accomplish that.”

“Yeah right Sam,” she said, once again feeling heat rise to her cheeks. “We’ve worked together for nine months, you’ve never made more than a passing comment to me, why would tonight be any different?”

He took a half step closer to her. “Because tonight I might have a shot if everyone is already worked up.” He almost whispered.

“Like I’m that hard to get, you have had a shot since the day we met. Maybe the second day, but early on for sure. Now, enough of the nonsense. Let’s get to work.”

As soon as Alexis entered the main party space, she glanced around for her people and saw one of the girls was already topless and another was removing her bra as she watched. Damn, she thought, I need to get moving. She moved quickly, making a full round of the bar in under ten minutes. She surveyed the bar quickly and saw that Jennifer was removing her bra at this point, Alexis paused to watch, she had always admired Jennifer’s large breasts. The dark haired girl had DD cups with large, dark pink areolas.

Just then, she saw a customer hailing her over. Upon approaching, she realized that he was, indeed, a repeat customer. “Well, looks like you are my lucky customer,” she told the man as she drew up.

“How so?” asked the attractive, mid-thirties man.

She only smiled and reached behind her, undoing her bra, then she sensually pulled the straps down from her shoulders until her breasts came free of their cups, exposing her light areolas and larger C cup breasts. She then made to hand him the garment, which he gladly took and passed to his partner, or wife maybe.

“What can I get you to drink?” she asked as she appreciated the hungry look on his face.

“A round of Vegas bombs for the table, please.” He stated.

“Coming right up.” She smiled and turned, throwing just a bit more sway in her hips as she made her way to get the drinks and feeling the eyes of the table upon her. She looked around and saw Sam a few tables away, looking in her direction, his bulge noticeably growing. She smiled and blew him a kiss, shaking her bare chest slightly for his benefit.

The next twenty minutes or so passed in much the same fashion, take an order, fill it, flirt and tease. Alexis checked the time and saw that the first hour was nearly up. She signaled her team by stepping to the side of the room and dropping her miniskirt and panties in a corner, then, she resumed filling orders as she rounded the room, ensuring each of her staff saw her. Jennifer was first to join her, as if she had been anxiously waiting for this opportunity, she was naked within a minute of Alexis. Then a few of the male staff took notice of either of the two women, dropping their straining speedos to the floor and releasing impressive manhoods to the open air.

Alexis searched the room for the rest of her staff and found Sam already eyeing her as he slowly removed his speedo for a table filled with women. One of the women must have asked permission to touch as she saw Sam nod his permission and the woman wrapped her hand around his thick, eight inch shaft and began lightly stroking him as her friends admired the newly acquired toy. Alexis smiled at him and reluctantly turned her attention elsewhere.

It didn’t take long at all for things to begin to escalate silivri escort once the waitstaff was nude. Within a half hour, drink orders depleted to almost nonexistent and nearly all of the party goers were involved in some activity or another. Everywhere she turned, she saw clothing either on the floor, or rapidly heading there. The entire room buzzed with a sexual fervor she had never felt before, it was intoxicating. There was always tension in the room at their events, but at this one, everyone was getting naked and exploring one another. She found that it created an entirely different energy, as if the vibe itself were alive, ebbing and flowing throughout everyone in the room. It was intoxicating as she took in all the various states of undress and the explicit acts that were just beginning to unfold. Her gaze landed on a group a few tables away and realized it was the same table at which she had removed her bra. The attractive man who had ordered had just removed the top of one of the women at the table and was beginning to suckle her breasts. Alexis felt a stirring deep inside her at the site.

“Hey, um, Alexis?” Jennifer’s sultry voice startled her out of her voyeur’s state, proving she had been watching much to intently.

“What is it Jennifer?” She asked, slightly embarrassed.

“Well… I was just wondering… some of the others already are… and I had a couple offers… um… can we participate now?”

Alexis looked at her and smiled. While the girl did take her clothes off for a living, she had never sensed a particularly voracious sexual appetite from her. “If you wish. Just be careful and don’t leave with anyone. Okay?”

“Okay!” Jennifer beamed at her, nerves apparently melting away like butter as she headed over to the other side of the room. Alexis watched as she walked, half envious of her plump backside, until the girl reached her destination. A table where all the occupants were already nude and considerably further along than most of the rest of the party. There were 8 people there now, and, counting Jennifer, only three women. One of the women, a redhead, was lying atop the table with a mans face buried betwixt her thighs and two more men’s, shafts in her face. The other lady was on her knees in front of the other two men. As she noticed Jennifer’s arrival, she smiled and beckoned her to join. Looks like a good time! Alexis thought as she began searching the room again.

This time her eyes again found Sam, and her jaw nearly hit the floor. He was surrounded by the five women he had removed his bottoms for, the one who had been stroking him was now on her knees, massaging his balls with her lips and tongue while another lady expertly throated his large cock. Another woman, blonde, nude, and well built, crouched behind him with her face buried between his asscheeks. The other two were topless and taking turns kissing him and sucking each other’s breasts. Alexis was shocked at the slight pang of jealousy she felt that she wasn’t among those women with him.

Shaking off that ludicrous thought, she scanned the room further, another shock setting in, two of her best waitresses were putting on a show for a larger group, the two lay atop a table, in sixty-nine position while the onlookers enjoyed, many of them men, but Alexis noted a few women as well. She was surprised to see that many of the onlookers were nude and that most of the male participants were either stroking themselves or being fondled by one of the women also watching, most of which had a member in each hand, glad to help their friends out. Alexis could hear the two girls moaning from where she stood and, not finding anything else to warrant her attention than she already had, decided to go and enjoy the show herself for a few, hoping it would keep her mind off of Sam and his ménage a seis, or whatever you called that.

With a mumbled excuse me or two, Alexis had a front row seat to her staff’s lesbian display. She never would have guessed that these two would be into this sort of thing. She had never thought for an instant that they may be bi or gay, but, here they were, very audibly and visually, devouring one another to the best of their ability. The sight had something deep inside Alexis stirring. She glanced to either side of her and saw that she was nearly the only woman on this side of the table, and that the closest one to her was at least three people away on either side. She couldn’t help but glance down at the men around her, idly stroking themselves, enjoying the show. The man to her left had a decent sized prick, being on the larger side of average in both girth and length, though the man in his left was considerably smaller. When she looked right though, she saw a cock to rival Sam’s and felt that stirring get more intense.

After a few moments more of watching the show and perusing the crowd around her. She stepped back and began walking away from the table, hoping to find something better şirinevler escort to pique her interest. With a glance toward where she had last seen Jennifer, she saw the younger girl on all fours, a man inside her at either end. This excited her greatly and she decided that she definitely had to get laid tonight. She looked over to see Sam lying down with one woman riding him and another straddled across his face. She succinctly found the rest of her waitstaff to ensure they were well, each and every one was tied up with at least one other person.

She decided then that she was going to go back to the lesbian show and steal some of the attention, with at least the larger man she had stood beside. She did not make it there. Just before she reached the crowd, she felt a hand at her elbow. She spun around to see the dark haired, mid-thirties man from earlier. Instinctively, her eyes flew down to his crotch. She was not disappointed. Almost eight inches and bigger around than Sam.

“My eyes are up here darling,” he joked. “I didn’t quite catch your name earlier, I’m Caleb.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… Alexis, I’m Alexis. It’s nice to meet you Caleb.” She blushed.

“Well Alexis, you don’t seem to be having a very good time. I’ve been watching you for a while now. You have had no significant interaction, though the desire to definitely shows.” He flicked his eyes to her hardened nipples and gestured lower to the dampness on the inside of her thighs that she hadn’t quite realized was there. “Does no one meet your liking, or are you shy?”

“I think my job shows that I am not shy. I just haven’t had any propositions.”

“Oh, that is because we have a rule here of respecting women. You really need to make the first move. Or a woman will proposition you if you seem like you may be interested in that. Are you?”

“I don’t know, to be honest, I have never been with a woman before.” Alexis admitted.

“Oh? You should definitely try it. It happens to be my absolute favorite.” He grinned to her.

“Really? Maybe I’ll go find one then.” She smiled and pretended to turn to leave.

“If that is your prerogative… I rather enjoy watching you walk away, though I enjoy seeing the front of you very, very much. So either way is fine with me.” He smiled.

“Well thank you. So, let’s say that I wanted to make the first move with someone here, how would I go about that?” She asked.

“Well, most of the men here are absolutely not bashful or picky. I’d say you could just state your intentions, or if you are getting a vibe from a particular person. Just initiate something, walk into a group of men and drop to your knees or bend over, they will get the hint. As I said, not picky.”

She thought for a moment, then, smiling, took a step closer, so her pert breasts were touching his chest, and using one hand, grasped his manhood. “Like this?” She asked.

“That… that will work nicely with almost anyone in the room.”

Before he could say another word. She kissed him deeply. Within seconds, his hands found her firm ass, nearly lifting her by it as he pulled her closer to him. She gasped as his cock pressed firmly against her stomach. Her hands began roaming over him, feeling his toned chest and abdomen before moving around to his muscular back and buttocks. His head lowered as he began kissing her jawline and neck, slowly working his way toward her breasts. She inhaled sharply as his mouth found her nipple. Surprisingly, even with the job she held, it had been months since she had had sex, or even been touched in a sexual way.

Caleb spent a long while on her breasts, sucking and nibbling and massaging, so long that she thought she would explode if he didn’t stop teasing them and touch her elsewhere. As if reading her mind, he stopped.

“I have been waiting to get ahold of you since you took your top off at my table.” He mumbled into her ear as he came back up to kiss her again, his hands falling away from her breasts and beginning to descend lower and lower down her body, his mouth following closely behind. Finally, his hands made their way back around to her ass as he buried his face between her thighs. She nearly collapsed as he pulled her clit into his mouth, applying gentle suction while moving his tongue in small, counterclockwise circles over the sensitive nub. He gradually increased his speed and the pressure he applied, until she was certain his goal was to cause her to orgasm as quickly as he could. She was also certain that he was going to succeed, and soon.

Even as she thought this, she felt one of his hands move around to her front and fingers begin circling the entrance to her pussy. She felt her legs begin to quake as he pressed his fingers into her and was forced to throw one leg over his shoulder, allowing him far greater access to her. He began thrusting his fingers upward into her over and over as he renewed his efforts on her throbbing clit. Alexis bit her lip as she tried to contain the scream that was fighting to tear from her, a battle she soon lost as her ecstasy reached its summit and she felt herself releasing and grinding her well-licked pussy into his face. Like a good gentleman, he did not stop his ministrations until she nearly collapsed as her orgasm finally subsided.

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