The Optocynic 5000 Ch. 03

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This is very loosely connected to optocynic’s series Persuading Shy Mom to Pose where a young man gets a new camera and inexplicably gets his mom to pose for and have sex with him. There’s no inference in the original that there’s anything special or magical about the camera, but I’ve chosen to use that as a plot device.

As with all my stuff, this will feature large breasted women having sex with big dicked men with plenty of anal and ass to mouth. Consider this your warning about the content so don’t bother complaining about yet another story on Literotica featuring huge tits and dicks — if that isn’t your thing, then stop reading now and leave the others to enjoy themselves.

As always, everyone is 18 or over.

† † † † †

Just like it had with our mom, mine and Lois’s relationship returned to normal over the following days. Just like with mom, despite Lois and I having had sex — and some hot, nasty sex at that — within a day or so it was like it had never happened.

Okay, not “never” — there was a definite air between us — Lois would occasionally give me long, sideways glances and lick her lips when mom wasn’t looking, just like mom would when Lois wasn’t around. Despite that, if I tried to initiate something with either of them, I was politely but firmly knocked back.

To say I was confused was an understatement. I soon came to the realisation that without the camera pointed at them, I was unlikely to ever get it on with them again.

The Saturday after Lois and I had hooked up, I walked down the stairs, camera slung around my neck on its strap, and found mom and Lois about to leave the house.

“There’s my girls,” I said, raising my camera and taking a couple of shots of them as they turned to look at me.

“And there’s my Mr Photographer,” mom said, putting a hand on her hip and striking a pose, her big tits thrusting out.

“And mine,” Lois said, doing the same, putting her hand behind her head and pouting at me.

The pair of them looked at each other and — I suddenly realised — came to the conclusion that they had both posed for me — which meant they probably both realised I’d had sex with both of them.

“That’s right,” I said quickly, still taking snaps of them. “My two favourite models. Where are you going?” I asked, trying to distract them from thinking about it too much.

“We were just going into the city,” mom said, looking from me to Lois and back. I could see she was a little shocked — whether that was because she’d realised Lois and I had had sex or because she now realised Lois now realised she’d had sex with me, I couldn’t tell. “Just to do some shopping.”

“Yeah,” Lois said in the same distracted way. “Just to get some new outfits or something.”

“Sounds good,” I said, still taking shots of them as they stood near the door. “Why don’t you — ummmm — get something nice? Maybe some — errrrr — some lingerie? You could model it for me when you get back.”

“Ummmm okay,” mom said. She turned to Lois. “Does that sound okay with you, sweetie?”

“Sure, mom,” Lois said. “I — I really enjoyed modelling for Bobby before.”

“Mmmmm, me too,” mom said, the pair of them staring at each other.

“Okay then,” I said, taking a last couple of snaps. “Get yourselves some lingerie and I’ll — errrrr — photograph you when you get back.”

“Okay,” mom said, taking Lois by the hand and leading her out. I watched them walk down the drive and get into mom’s car and drive off.

I looked at the camera, the Optocynic 5000, and wondered again what the hell was it doing? Was I mind controlling them through the camera? Was that even possible? Surely that was the stuff of science fiction? Maybe the camera was just releasing their inner desires, stripping their inhibitions away, letting them do things they’d always wanted to?

I didn’t have a fucking clue. I did, though, have the hottest mom and sister in the world who were willing to get down and dirty with me if I pointed a camera at them.

An hour or so later, mom and Lois returned, each carrying a bag with the logo of Jay’s Sweet Things on it, a high end lingerie store in the city. Whether the camera had any role in it or not, they’d obviously decided to take me up on my suggestion.

“Did you have a good shopping trip?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” mom said. “We did as you suggested and picked up some nice new things.”

“Do you — still want us to pose for you?” Lois asked, almost sounding worried, as if I might have changed my mind.

“Hell yeah!” I said.

“Oh good,” mom said. “Let’s go get changed, Lois.”

“Wait,” I said, an idea striking me. “Let me take some shots of you getting changed. Rather than you just being in your new outfits, let me have you changing into them.”

“So a storyline?” mom asked. “Like when I posed for you — bringing home groceries, taking a drink, that sort of thing?” she said, referring to the series of photos I’d taken of her.

“Exactly,” I said.

“But we’re just in normal clothes,” Lois said.

“And you’re still the hottest women I know,” I said honestly.

Lois ataşehir escort wore skin tight jeans that looked like they’d been sprayed on, accentuating her trim legs and her gorgeous round ass, with a long-sleeved, off the shoulder crop top that left her taut belly exposed. She was obviously wearing a black bra, the straps appearing from beneath the low neckline of her top, the swells of her huge tits just becoming visible. Mom had a pair of skin tight leggings on that clung to her bigger — but no less firm — ass and which rode lower than I’d realised earlier, the thin waistband of a G-string peeking out the top on one side. A short sleeve top with a six or seven buttons did nothing to hide the massive mounds within, the buttons at the front straining a little — if she took a deep breath, I expect one or two of those would pop off. Her long dark red hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail, her dark rimmed glasses slipping down her nose every now and then.

I lifted the camera which was still around my neck and took some shots of them.

“Okay, Mr Photographer,” mom said, “should we get changed here?”

“Ummmm, no let’s — let’s keep it sort of natural. You’ve just come home and want to try on your new things, so — ” I left it hanging.

“So we should go to my bedroom?” mom said, taking Lois by the hand and leading her out of the living room and up the stairs. I stopped them as they went up.

“Wait a second, let me get some shots of you here,” I said, taking pictures of their perfect asses. “Can you each put a hand on your hips and look back at me?” I asked, the camera working as they followed my instructions. “Okay, that’s perfect — now can you — ummm — can you each grab your butts, tight as you can like you’re really getting a handful? That’s perfect,” I said as they did so.

“You like our butts, don’t you, Bobby?” Lois asked with a giggle.

“I sure do,” I said. “Would you — ummmm — would you mind doing the same thing but with — ummmm — with each other?” I knew what I wanted to happen ultimately and wanted to see how comfortable they were with touching each other.

Mom and Lois smiled at each other and moved their hands, each reaching over and placing their hands on the other’s butt cheek.

“Okay, good, good,” I said. “Now like before, grab a handful.”

There was only the slightest pause before they did as I asked, their fingers digging in to each other’s ass cheeks.

“Oooooh, someone’s been working out,” mom said as she squeezed her daughter’s ass.

“Mmmmm, I’m not the only one,” Lois said, doing the same to mom. “No wonder Bobby likes your butt.”

“Yeah,” mom said, looking back at me. “But he’s not just an ass man, are you, Bobby?”

Lois laughed. “Yeah, he’s definitely a T and A man.”

“Okay, ladies,” I said, “Let’s get upstairs, shall we?” They continued up and headed into mom’s bedroom where I became a sort of director. “Let’s start with you either side of the bed, looking at each other, your bags on the bed, okay?”

Mom and Lois did as I said as I moved around the room, taking shots of each of them on their own, but also getting wider shots of both of them.

“Now what, Mr Photographer?” Lois asked.

“Why don’t you take out what you’ve got in your bag first, Lois, and show it to mom. Then mom, you do the same, yeah?”

Lois did as I asked, reaching slowly into the bag and bringing out a dark green basque, a matching G-string and a pair of stockings. I barely suppressed a moan as she held the basque up to her fantastic body, trying to flatten it against the curves of her huge tits as I took photos.

“Okay, mom,” I said, turning to her. “Let’s see what you’ve got.”

Knowing what I like, mom deliberately leaned over the bag, the buttons on her top almost giving way under the added weight of her massive mounds, before she straightened up with her purchases. Stockings, a G-string and another dark green basque, identical to Lois’s. Mom held it up to her body, trying to pull it round her enormous tits.

“Oh my God, you’ve both got the same outfit,” I said.

“Is that okay?” mom asked. “I mean, I’ve lost count the amount of times you or one of your friends have said your sister and I could be twins so we thought — “

“We thought it might be nice to look like twins for you,” Lois finished. “Are you okay with that?”

“That’s just fucking perfect,” I said with a big grin.

“Such bad language in front of your mother,” Lois said with mock surprise.

“For shame, Bobby,” mom said with mock outrage. “You wouldn’t hear me use such language.”

I couldn’t help think back to the session we’d had in the kitchen and how she’d very vocally demanded I fuck her.

“Sure I wouldn’t,” I said. I raised the camera again and started taking more shots. “Okay, time to try on the new lingerie,” I said. “Can you — ummm — can you take your tops off — one at a time — ummmmm — nice and slow so I can get some shots?”

“You go first, sweetie,” mom said to Lois.

I watched — and took photos — as my sister took hold kadıköy escort bayan of the bottom of her crop top and began lifting it up, slowly revealing the black bra she wore. Even though it was fairly plain, the fact that it held two of the best and biggest tits I’d ever seen — let alone got my hands on — made it incredibly hot. She pulled the top over her head and peeled it off her arms.

“Wow, sis,” I said. “Can you — ummmm — rub your boobs like you’re — ummmm — glad you’ve got the top off?”

“Like this, Mr Photographer?” she asked, cupping her huge tits and pushing them together, running her hands over them as I took shot after shot.

“Exactly like that,” I said. Finally, I turned to mom. “Can you — uhhhh — do the same, mom?” I asked.

She smiled as she slowly began undoing the buttons on her top, the sides springing apart as her enormous jugs pushed them away. As the camera clicked, she peeled back her top and slid it off her arms, her white bra a little fancier than Lois’s, the cups a little smaller so more of her expanse of tit flesh was visible.

“Want me to rub mine, too, Mr Photographer?” mom asked. She didn’t wait for my answer, cupping her huge mounds and stroking them, pushing them together forming an even deeper cleavage than normal.

“Fuck, mom, they’re perfect,” I said.

“Language,” she said with a smile, leaning forward a little and letting me get several shots of her tits squashed against each other.

“Okay mom, can you — ummmm — can you take your leggings off?”

Mom hooked her thumbs into the waist band of her leggings and slowly pushed them down, looking from me and the camera to Lois who stood watching her, Lois’s hands still stroking her own big tits. I moved around mom who kept her legs straight and bent at the waist as she pushed her leggings off, giving me ample time to get shots from the front of her huge tits straining against her bra as well as her firm, round ass from the back. She wore a G-string as tiny as the new one she’d bought, the thin cotton disappearing between her ass cheeks and just hiding the plump lips of her pussy. Kicking her leggings off, she straightened up, hands on hips, wearing just her bra and panties.

I turned to my sister. “Lois? Your turn,” I said.

Lois undid the button on her jeans and slowly undid the zipper before pushing at the waist of her skin tight jeans. She had to wiggle up and down to get the denim over her hips and butt before peeling them down her thighs. Taking her cue from mom, Lois kept her legs straight and bent over, letting me get photos of her tits almost falling out of her bra as well as the tiny G-string she wore revealing her pert little ass. She too stood up straight and posed with her hands on her hips, feet spread wide, thrusting her tits out at me.

I swallowed, more aware than ever before of just how hard my dick was right now.

“Ummmmm — can I — ” I paused, thinking frantically. I was confident with everything that had happened that I knew where this was going, but I was still nervous. “Can I get some shots of you — ummmm — standing together?” I asked.

Lois and mom smiled at each other and moved around the bed, standing next to each other, hands on hips, arms linked.

“Like this?” Lois asked.

“That’s great,” I said, snapping away. “Could you — ummmm — maybe turn to face each other?” They did as I asked. “Okay, a little closer,” I said, watching on the camera screen as four huge breasts squashed up against each other, the flesh bulging up over the tops of their bras.

“How’s this?” mom asked, putting her arms around Lois’s waist and pulling her even closer, Lois doing the same.

“Oh yeah — yeah, that’s great,” I said. I knelt behind mom. “Lois, do what you did on the stairs but with both hands.”

“You mean this?” Lois asked, grabbing mom’s butt with both hands, squeezing her taut buns, digging her fingers in.

“Yeah, that’s it,” I said, snapping away. “Now — ummm — move your hands apart?” I said nervously, grinning as Lois did as I said, pulling mom’s butt cheeks apart, exposing her G-string. I laughed as I heard mom moan slightly. “Okay, mom,” I said, moving around behind Lois. “Do the same — oh!” I stopped as mom was already doing the same thing to my sister, her fingers clutching at her ass cheeks and pulling them wide apart.

“Does that look good, Bobby?” mom asked. As I watched, she hooked a finger in the thong and pulled it out and aside, letting me catch a glimpse of Lois’s tight little asshole. It was my sister’s turn to moan.

“That looks perfect,” I said, the camera clicking like crazy. I stood up, my hard-on making the front of my shorts bulge, and found mom and Lois staring at each other, their faces close, lips parted slightly. I grinned. “Okay, you can move apart now,” I said.

“What?” mom said in surprise, both of them looking at me.

“There’s new lingerie to try on, remember?” I said. “Lois, turn around so you’re facing away from mom. Mom — take off Lois’s bra for her.” I said. Lois turned around and I took shots of mom unclasping escort maltepe her bra. “Mom? Slide the straps down her arms, then move your hands round and — ummmm — and cup her boobs, okay?”

Neither of them said anything as they followed my directions, Lois closing her eyes as her bra fell away and mom took hold of her huge tits, her fingers and thumbs expertly finding the stiff, hard nipples and pinching them slightly, making Lois moan. Mom squeezed her tits, gripping them like she had her ass cheeks, her fingers digging into the soft but firm mounds.

“Mmmmmm, fuck,” Lois whispered. Mom looked at me over Lois’s shoulder as I took photographs and she gently nibbled at Lois’s ear.

“Okay,” I said. “Swap round — Lois?” I asked, making her open her eyes. “Your turn to take mom’s bra off.”

Mom let go of Lois’s tits and they turned round, my sister undoing mom’s bra and pushing it off, eagerly filling her hands with her massive tits. She pinched mom’s nipples and pawed at her mounds, grabbing them tightly just as mom had with hers, making mom sigh.

“Fuck, they’re so big,” Lois moaned as she looked over mom’s shoulder and down at the amount of tit flesh she was playing with. Lois was blessed with a big pair of tits herself, but even she had to admit mom’s were something else.

I took plenty of shots of Lois playing with our mom’s big tits before interrupting them once more.

“Mom, stay where you are — Lois, slide down and push mom’s panties off.”

Lois gave mom’s tits one last playful squeeze before following my directions, mom’s G-string peeling away from her moist, waxed pussy. Lois put her hands on mom’s bare ass, looked at me and licked her lips. I smiled and shook my head.

“Stand up and turn around,” I said. “Mom, take Lois’s panties off, please.”

While she pouted in disappointment, Lois did as I asked, allowing me to take shots of mom peeling off my sister’s soaking wet G-string. Lois spread her legs a little and I watched mom lean in, eyes closed, breathing in her scent.

“Okay,” I said quickly, breaking mom out of the moment. “Let’s get your new lingerie on. Mom? You first — Lois, help her into it, would you?”

Mom stood up and passed Lois her new green basque, turning around so that Lois could pass it in front of her and begin doing the clasps up at the back. I took plenty of shots of mom shimmying around, trying to cram her huge tits into the basque as Lois did it up — it looked to be at least a size too small from the amount of boob that was sticking up over the top and how it made her tiny waist even smaller but I wasn’t complaining. Lois knelt down and helped mom on with her stockings, pulling them up to mid-thigh, her hands lingering near the top as mom fixed the straps from the basque to the stockings. Finally Lois let mom step into her new G-string, pulling it up to cover her pussy. I made sure mom turned around so I could get a few shots of Lois ensuring the tiny string was securely wedged between her butt cheeks.

“Damn, mom,” I said. “You look fantastic.” I turned to Lois. “Your turn, sis. Mom? Would you return the favour?”

“Gladly,” mom said, looking at Lois hungrily.

Mom helped Lois into the basque which, just like hers, seemed too small to contain my sister’s huge tits — Lois would pull the cups of the basque out as much as possible with one hand while trying to stuff her tits in with the other. By the time mom had finished doing up the clasps at the back, Lois’s huge boobs bulged obscenely out the top — just the way I liked them! Mom helped her into her stockings, drawing them slowly and lovingly up her long legs, holding them in place while Lois affixed the straps. The G-string was last, mom pulling Lois’s ass cheeks aside to make sure the string disappeared between them.

Finally they stood together in their new lingerie, looking for all the world like a pair of twins, mom’s glasses the only obvious difference.

“Fuck, you two look amazing,” I said, taking shot after shot of them.

“Thank you, Bobby,” mom said. “So, Mr Photographer,” she said. “Is that our photo shoot finished — or did you want to make the pictures more — interesting?” she asked. That was the phrase she’d used that had really tipped our previous photo session from one that at most could have been called inappropriate to one that was downright pornographic.

“I think we can make them more interesting,” I said with a smile. “Why don’t you face each other again? That’s it, nice and close just like before.” Mom and Lois stood close to each other, arms around each other, hands dropping to each other’s ass and taking hold again. Their tits — already pushed up by the too small basques — squashed against each other, pushing them up even further.

“You feel really nice, mom,” Lois said, her hands squeezing mom’s ass.

“Mmmm, you do, too, sweetie,” mom said.

“You both look so fucking hot,” I said. I moved closer myself, focusing on their heads. “Why don’t you both move in a little?” I said. “Just your heads — yeah, like that,” I said, watching as their noses bumped slightly. Both of them tilted their heads and kept moving, their mouths parted, their eyes closing as their lips connected and they kissed. I snapped away as they made out, gently at first before their mouths opened and they Frenched each other, each one moaning into the mouth of the others.

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