The Novelist Pt. 06

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Author’s note: This story contains themes of incest, BDSM and Dominant-submissive relationships. If these themes offend you, please stop reading now!

Please read this story from Part 1 to understand the story progression. This can’t be read as a stand-alone story.

All characters are fictional. Any similarities to actual people are purely coincidental.

I encourage all readers to comment and vote. There is no better way to hone your writing skills than feedback—good or bad.


The Novelist: Part 6

Jane leaned back in a lounge chair out near the pool. She tilted her head back lifting her face toward the sun with her eyes closed lightly feeling the rays on her bare skin. It was a liberating feeling for her. She had no need to be shy or covered. She had no need to worry if someone might show up and see her this way. She still felt embarrassed being naked in front of others, but only because she wasn’t used to it.

Marie set a small bowl of mixed fruit on the table in between their chairs. Jane reached down, plucked a bright green grape and popped it in her mouth. Marie stared at her sister and the dark letters on her breasts. Tom’s will had been done. John had been an only child. Jane was Tom’s only aunt. He had no cousins or siblings. Soon he would have no father either, she thought. Of course he’d always have a father, but John would be relegated to some estranged status. How else could it go? She wasn’t sure what she wanted to say to her husband, if she wanted to say anything at all.

“John is coming out tomorrow.” Marie finally spoke.

Jane kept her head back and her eyes closed. “Tom told me as much on Friday.” Jane replied. “He didn’t say it would be tomorrow, but he said he’d be coming.” She turned her head looking at her sister out of squinted eyes. “Are you worried?”

“No.” Marie said solemnly. “I’m surprisingly relaxed. Since I came here Sir has done so much for me. He seems to have everything thought out. I trust that he knows what will happen. I guess it’s just an odd feeling.”

“What is?” She asked.

“The separation from John… the divorce… Since I was a teenager this is the longest we’ve spent apart. I can’t forgive what he did, or how he reacted when I found out. But… we spent the better part of our lives together. It’s confusing to think that’s over.”

Jane looked around at the pool and the patio and the lush landscaping.

“I think you came out on top in this situation.” She noted. “This is not a bad life. Not bad at all.”

She popped another grape in her mouth.

“Maybe.” Marie said. “Maybe I did. I love him, you know? As a son and so much more.”

“I get it, I think” Jane stated quietly. “It’s like I never really knew him before now.”

The girls came in the through the back gate all carrying shopping bags. They laughed and giggled as they came down the path toward the house. Alexis noticed Jane and Marie next to the pool and veered off in their direction. Abby followed her.

Jane watched her approaching as she shed her clothing. “How does she make everything seem so natural?”

“I don’t know.” Marie replied lightheartedly. “I’m envious of her.”

“Who wouldn’t be? I mean look at her! She’s like a model.”

Alexis settled herself on the end of Jane’s lounge chair as Abby knelt down next to her. She smiled at Jane.

“And how are you doing?” She asked.

“Oh! Me? Um… fine… good…” She paused. “Why is she down there?” She nodded toward the little brown haired girl.

“She’s submissive, Jane. She serves Sir just like I do, but he gave her to me as a gift.” She looked down and stroked Abby’s hair. “Abby, this is Jane, Sir’s aunt. Say hello.”

Abby nearly jumped up in excitement. “Hi! It’s so nice to meet you! Oh gosh, it’s been so exciting here lately. You’re really pretty… I hope that Sir lets me lick your pussy. I bet you taste good like Marie.” Abby took a breath looking at her breasts. “Don’t be embarrassed about that.” She said pointing at the words. “We’re all sluts here.”

“Well… thank you… I think.” Jane said befuddled by the vivacious young girl.

“Abby take Marie inside and have her try on her outfit. I need a moment alone with Jane.”

“Yes, Mistress.” She said grabbing Marie’s hand and pulling her along as she babbled about their excursion earlier.

After a few moments, Alexis finally asked a familiar question. “Why are you here?”

Jane looked at her a bit unnerved. She wasn’t afraid of her today. Something seemed different now. Jane looked at the perfect blonde with some new understanding of the role she played. She studied Alexis’ features while she mulled over her answer. She didn’t know why she had made the trip. She didn’t understand why she had stayed last night, or why she allowed him to dominate her this morning. It seemed as if there was only one simple truth.

“Because I’m drawn to him.” Jane said simply. “I’m drawn to this life. I don’t have a better answer than that.”

Alexis smiled her graceful smile.

“There aren’t good and bad answers. escort kartal Only honest ones.” She paused. “So what do you want now?”

Jane knew what she wanted. She’d been thinking about it all morning. She saw the other girls all wearing their collars, and now she wanted to join them. She wanted one of her own. She wanted to be one of them. “I… I want a collar.”

Alexis sighed. “That doesn’t seem reasonable.”

“Why not?” Jane pouted unhappy with the answer.

“Do you know what it means?” Alexis responded.

“That… he owns me.” Jane said knowingly. “That I can never go back.”

“But you have to go back, Jane. You don’t live here. You have a home and a career. What would you do here?”

Jane’s eyes watered. “Look at me!” She pouted holding her arms outstretched and gesturing to her body with a simple flick of her wrists. “Do you think I can go back to that? After I endured this? I can’t even think of that life right now. It’s seems so… so pointless.”

Alexis took in the sight of her body. Her breasts were bruised and defaced with the thick black words. The bruises on the backs of her thighs and ass could be seen creeping out from beneath her seated form. Alexis had thought he was thorough with Marie, but this had taken a first punishment to a new level. Sir had wanted to make a point with her.

“Tell me,” Alexis asked, “how did it go this morning? I’ll be honest that this is harsher than he is with most women on their first punishment.”

Jane leaned forward and looked at the blonde with the calm intensity that she had felt in Tom’s bondage. “The first few hurt like hell. After that I felt very calm. When he made his way down to the bottom of my ass with that strap… I came.”

Alexis didn’t say a word at first, nor did she show any expression. She knew the implication of Jane’s admission. She had gotten off on it. Alexis enjoyed when Sir punished her, but she wasn’t a pain slut. For her the pain acted as a reminder; for her she liked to endure it to show her strength. It was rare to find someone that took pleasure in the act. Even Jen, who enjoyed being whipped more than most, didn’t climax from the experience.

“I’ll take you to the store. You can pick out a collar. But, Jane, that doesn’t mean that he’ll accept it. Okay? It’s Sir’s decision. It’s always Sir’s decision.”

Jane just smiled back at the blonde pleased with the response. “I know.” She responded. “I’m starting to realize that now.”


Tom drove over to the corner of Hollywood and Selma. He parked his car at meter and fed his credit card into the greedy machine. He wasn’t far from Stephen’s shop. He thought that he probably should have just walked over instead of moving the car. He strolled up around the corner heading north on Selma toward the weathered blue and red spiraled barber pole that hung above an otherwise unremarkable doorway.

He pushed the glass door inward listening to the squeaky hinges announce his arrival. The shop was dated. There was a simple counter and register just inside the door. The room was narrow and long. Five barber chairs sat lined in a row down its length. Along the left hand wall was a wooden bench that served as a waiting area. He could smell the distinct odor of barbicide that was used as a disinfectant.

Sam sat in one of the barber chairs running his scissors and straight razors across a sharpening strop. He often complained that you couldn’t get quality tools for the trade anymore. He preferred his old razors and he kept them in good condition. He turned slowly at the sound of the door. His movements were unrushed. Sam certainly moved at his own pace. His face was weathered and old with a thick, stubby silver mustache that matched his full head of hair.

“Well I’ll be damned.” He drawled setting aside his tools and carefully getting to his feet. He took in the sight of the young man sporting a few days’ worth of stubble. “What’s with the whiskers, Tom? You posing for religious paintings or something?”

“Just been a little preoccupied lately. It’s good to see you.” Tom said extending his hand for a shake. Sam reached out with a firm grip. “Jesus, you’ve got a grip on you, old man.” He continued smiling.

“Marine Corps will teach you that, son. You youngsters are all too coddled. What’ll it be today? The regular?”

“Nah,” Tom said. “I’ll take the shave too. How’s business been?”

“Slow.” He said. “It’s about high time I packed it in. Can’t much afford the rent anymore.”

Sam tilted back the chair and placed a hot, damp towel around Tom’s neck and face in preparation for the straight razor. He picked up his ceramic lather bowl and began whipping some shaving cream with the coarse hairs of his brush.

“I guess an old codger like me has gotta admit when he’s had a good run.” Sam continued. “How about you? How you been?”

“Troubled, Sam.” He replied. “My mom flew out here this week. My parents are getting a divorce. My father is being unreasonable. It’s gotten contentious. I guess I’m disappointed with him.”

Sam removed maltepe escort the towel and began to paint the lathered cream over Tom’s stubble. “Family is always a tough one. I’ve had a few spats in my day. Went seventeen years without talking to my son because of such and such. One day I woke up and realized I couldn’t remember what we were even arguin’ about.”

“You think it’s stupid to disown someone?” Tom asked.

“Not stupid. Foolish maybe. You get to be my age and you think back on your choices. Sometimes you watch other people make the same ones you did. We’re men. We make decisions on principle. Principles are important. They define a man.” Sam stated as he dragged the sharp end of the razor over Tom’s skin with precision.

“If you had it to do over again with your son would you make the same choice?”

“Suppose I would.” Sam replied. “Knowing the consequences doesn’t change the type of man I am.”

It was thought provoking to hear the old man talk. Tom had principles. In fact, it was his principles that changed him a few years back. It was his principles that set him aside from other Dominants in the lifestyle. It was his principles that allowed him to be successful.

“Should I consider that advice?” Tom asked.

“It’s just conversation, son. Nothing more, nothing less.” Sam stated. “You do what needs to be done. And then you live with your choices. That’s my advice if you’re lookin’ for some.”

Tom marinated on that thought. He wasn’t interested in talking too much. So he leaned back quietly and watched the old man’s arthritic fingers as they combed through his hair clipping and trimming it into something more manageable.


Alexis was pleased with the progress she had made today. She’d heard from almost all the girls regarding the new contracts. Arrangements were already in the works for Tom’s birthday. They had gone out and gotten their lingerie for tomorrow evening. She even reached out to Erik back in upstate New York. Most importantly to her, the gift she had made for Tom was ready to be picked up.

The other women had left for the day. Alexis was feeling tired as the day wore on. Marie had offered to get her a glass of wine. She politely declined. She was pleased that no one seemed to notice that she hadn’t been drinking. She didn’t have anything at the bar in Saratoga Springs, nor had she enjoyed a mimosa this morning. She simply poured herself a champagne flute filled with orange juice. The only alcohol she’d had since her pregnancy began was the small sip from Jane’s glass when she arrived. She sat back on the sofa and watched as Marie instructed her sister on the proper positions.

The two women occasionally glanced at Alexis for approval. Marie had made huge strides in such a short amount of time, but she was still new to it and appreciated Alexis’ guiding force. Jane whimpered and winced as Marie bumped against her bruised body. The jolts of pain shocked her, but they also aroused her in that new way.


Angie wheeled out her suitcase into her living room. It had taken her about an hour to pack. She considered that to be rather expeditious considering it was her first major trip — although most people wouldn’t consider it that major.

It took a little consideration on her part. She wasn’t all that fashionable, and she worried that she’d look like a tourist among the fashionistas of Los Angeles. She had the essentials. She unzipped her bag one last time in the living room to double check. Bathing suit, check. Sundresses, check. Heels, check. Evening dress, check. Sandals, check. And on and on she went back over each item.

Finally she took a small tote bag, and filled it as a carryon for the flight. The last item she dropped inside was Tom’s book. She didn’t want to admit how excited she was to visit California. Her real excitement was rooted in the thought of seeing him, and watching him work with the submissive women he had mentioned. It gave her butterflies in her stomach just to imagine it, although, there was also a small pang of guilt knowing that she was deceiving John. She waited patiently until the doorbell finally rang.

She opened the door to see John’s smiling face.

“Hello, beautiful.” He said. “Are you ready for a week of relaxation on the west coast?”

He moved in to wrap his arms around her.

Angie still felt awkward having him grab at her. She was beginning to think that this was a bad idea altogether. If it weren’t for the prospect of seeing Tom then she wouldn’t have agreed to this trip.

“Wait, John.” She said pushing him back slightly trying not to be too dismissive of his advances. “I want you to know that I’m still upset about yesterday. I appreciated your apology and all, but it… it doesn’t make it all better. Okay? I still need you to be respectful of my career and my life.”

“I know. I know. That’s why I wanted you to come with me. Let me show you how much you mean to me, Angie.” He replied as smoothly as he could. “Let’s not start it like this. Don’t start the trip by pushing me away. pendik escort bayan I promise this will be great. We’re going to have such a good time together.”

She felt trapped. She knew he was right on some level. It just wasn’t possible to expect to dodge him for an entire week. At some point, she was going to have to succumb to his advances and give a little something in return.

“Okay, John.” She said putting on her best manufactured smile. “I admit that you’re trying… and I appreciate it. Let’s see if I can say thank you.”

She dropped down to her knees and reached up unbuckling his belt. She unbuttoned his khakis and then reached her hand up to his waist and pulled his pants and underwear down right there in the center of the room.

“Well…” She said trying to be cheery about the awfully small size of him. “It looks like someone is a little excited. Let’s take care of this.”

Angie reached up wrapping her fingers around his shaft and giving him a couple pumps. Then she leaned forward and swallowed his entire length. John watched with an approving smile while the young girl tended to his erection. Angie worked his cock with everything she had. She just wanted to get this over with and get to the airport.

John groaned out loud. “Oh shit. That’s it suck my cock. Oh yeah. That’s good. That’s so good.”

Angie sucked harder and reached her hands up to massage his balls. She didn’t breathe. She didn’t stop her momentum. She just attacked it with her mouth pushing him toward completion. It seemed as if it was taking forever. He didn’t usually have this kind of stamina. She couldn’t have known that he had masturbated a few times already today.

Finally he was getting there. She felt his balls begin to tighten.

“Oh shit. I’m so close. Don’t stop. Oh fuck.” And then he let out another long groan as he began to cum.

The first drop hit her tongue, and Angie’s face scowled at the sour, pungent taste. She quickly removed her mouth and kept pumping the last drops out. She was surprised by the small amount. It occurred to her then that this was not the first time he came today.

She looked back up at him reapplying her manufactured smile. “How was that? All better now?”

“It was perfect.” He said. “I needed that. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Why don’t you take my bag to the car. I’m going to wash my hands, and then I’ll be right out.”

“Sure thing.” He said with a much more chipper voice.

John toted her suitcase out the front door and down the steps. The smile on his face was a combination of satisfaction and happiness with a hint of an evil grin. This was a brilliant idea, he thought to himself. It had already started to work in his favor. In John’s mind the key to a younger woman was offering her something that she couldn’t provide herself. They were all whores in one way or another. Maybe it wasn’t cash they wanted, but you could buy their devotion with a trip or clothes or fancy dinners.

Angie washed the rest of his cum off her hand. She was struck with wonder at what she saw in him. Had someone asked her a few days ago if she was happy, she probably would have said yes. But after the last few days she wasn’t sure that was the case at all. She stepped out of the kitchen back into the living room. She looked at the massage table and thought about Tom defiling her on it. He hadn’t been whiney or pleading. He had just directed her confidently and then taken what he wanted. She needed to see him. He was consuming her thoughts.

She grabbed her tote bag, and then glanced back at the room scanning to see if there was anything she missed. She didn’t think so. She had gone through everything more than a few times. She walked onto the front porch and then made sure she locked the door and the deadbolt. She hopped down the steps and into John’s Ford Explorer. And they were on their way.

Each of them sat quietly for the first few minutes of the trip. They smiled at each other silently, but they were each consumed with thoughts of their deception. Each one thinking the other was there out of some sort of devotion.


Tom stepped back out onto the street feeling quite a bit better. He appreciated the feeling of a fresh shave and a haircut. He felt clean and put together. There was something about it that made his movements seem a bit more pointed and purposeful. Maybe it was silly to think such a simple act could affect his demeanor, but it did.

He enjoyed talking to the old man. It made him a bit sad to think that Sam might shutter the doors to his business. He’d been open for almost fifty years, and in that time he rarely missed a day of work. Sam always told him that work gave him purpose. He always impressed on Tom the idea that once someone – particularly someone in the winter of their life – gave up on working, they were giving up on living just the same.

Tom wondered if that’s why he enjoyed Sam, Frank, Jim and Stephen so much. They all worked. They all needed to feel purposeful. Tom thought about his father for a moment. He had whined on the phone that he worked his entire life toward retirement. Tom pitied him. He wondered what satisfaction retirement would offer. It sounded like a banal existence filled with repetitious boredom. His friends, even Erik, all worked because they enjoyed it. They needed it.

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