The Neighborhood Ch. 07

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Chapter 7: A neighbor watches the fun

Copyright 2012 by A. Van Peebles, All Rights Reserved


I think I’ve mentioned I’ve got a consulting business where I help other businesses develop their business and marketing plans. I was the CEO of successful startup software company, and that carries a lot of cachet, not to mention cash. My consulting business is a nice little concern. I make enough money to pay most of the mortgage, kids’ tuition, and other bills (income from investments made with all the money from selling the company pays the rest and leaves some to spare), and I don’t have to work too hard. Not that it’s really “work.” I like doing it. It’s the problem-solving, challenging part of running a business without the responsibilities, worries, and grunt work of actually running the business.

One of my clients is Amanda Taylor, who lives down the street. She’s not really a “client,” since she doesn’t pay me. She’s a friend and has a nice little idea for a business that I’m giving her get off the ground.

Amanda is younger, twenty-seven to be exact, and married to Josh, who is the sweetest guy. Before my awakening with the Giamattis, I never would have dreamed about sex with Amanda and Josh, but of course, now everything was on the table—at least from my perspective; I had no idea how Amanda and Josh would react to the suggestion. So for the moment, I did nothing. There was enough new in my sex life right now; Amanda and Josh could wait.

But I could dream. Josh was a good-looking guy, not as handsome as James next door or my own boy Chris, but he was slim and fit. And once when he was mowing his lawn while wearing a pair of gym shorts, I noticed that he had a large-sized package down there. (A girl can look, can’t she?) Amanda was also very attractive, tall and slim, with long black hair and fair skin. Her breasts were small, but they look nice on her slim frame. I’d never considered her looks before, but now I was looking at women as well as men, and both Amanda and Josh were making appearances in my fantasies.

Well, one Wednesday afternoon a few weeks after we’d started up our family activities with the Giamattis, Amanda was sitting in my kitchen, where we had been reviewing her latest business plan. But we’d finished with that and were just drinking coffee and gossiping, when Lisa walked out of her house and started swimming in her pool.

“Is that the new neighbor?” asked Amanda.

“Yes, that’s Lisa Giamatti. Haven’t you met her yet?”

“No. Josh and I were up in Tahoe for the last couple weeks.”

“Come on, I’ll introduce you.”

I got up and motioned Amanda to follow me. I really didn’t have any ulterior motives on my mind. I just wanted to introduce Amanda to the new neighbor.

“Hey, Lisa. I’ve got someone for you to meet.

“Hey, Jennifer.”

“This is Amanda Taylor, she and her husband Josh live two doors down.”

“It’s good to meet you, Amanda. We haven’t met too many of the neighbors yet. We really should have an open house party to meet everyone.”

We chatted a few minutes, then Lisa suggested we head over to the hot tub, where it would be more comfortable than standing by the side of the pool.

“But I don’t have a swim suit,” said Amanda.

“Don’t worry about that,” said Lisa. It’s just us girls. My James is at work, and the kids are out. No one will see us.” And with that she slipped out of her bikini and walked over to the hot tub, which was shielded from the eyes of other neighbors by a privacy wall.


Lisa has the body of a porn star. Nice big, round boobs. And she clearly was not shy about being naked in front of strangers. I had never met anyone quite like her. Frankly, she scared me a little, and I probably would have made an excuse and left, never coming back, if Jennifer hadn’t been with me. But if Jennifer thought she was all right, then she probably was.


I think Amanda was a little shocked. I knew she wasn’t a prude or anything like that, but really, most people don’t just strip naked in front of you in the middle of the afternoon. I took Amanda by the hand and led escort kartal her to the hot tub, where I quickly stripped and slipped into the water. Amanda hesitated for a moment, then followed suit. I was right; she had very nice, pert breasts, with perky, pink nipples. She was also waxed down there. She had a nice triangle of fur over her mons, but she’d had the hair around her lips cleared away. That was another clue. You don’t do that unless you invest some time and effort into your sex life.

We started talking, and after a few minutes Lisa ran inside to grab a bottle of wine. So we started drinking as we talked. I really don’t think Lisa was planning anything. She was just being friendly with the neighbor, but the wine and heat from the hot tub evidently went to Amanda’s head a bit, because Amanda dropped her inhibitions and, once the conversation turned to husbands, she started dishing some interesting dirt.

“This is going to sound really bad,” said Amanda. “Like I shouldn’t be complaining, but Josh is just too big.”

“What do you mean?” said Lisa, who I suspect knew exactly what Amanda meant, but was trying to get her to say it.

Amanda held up her hands about fourteen inches apart. “And I can’t even get my hand around it, it’s so thick.”

“You’re right, you shouldn’t complain,” said Lisa. “James is far from inadequate in that department, but I’d kill for a husband built like that.”

“Oh, Josh is great. I wouldn’t trade him for the world, but there are some things we just can’t do together.”

“Like what?” I asked.

“This is embarrassing.”

“No, go on,” said Lisa. “It’s just us girls. No one else is going to know.”

“Before I met Josh, when I was dating other guys, I was really into anal sex.”

“Oh,” I said. That was one aspect of sex I hadn’t even considered. I still had a lot to learn.

“He’s just too big for that. I can’t take him. Plus, I used to like ordinary sex, well, rather rough. I loved to be thrown down and really fucked, you know what I mean?”

Lisa nodded.

“Well, with Josh I have to go slow. It’s great, and he’s a very good lover, but there’s this whole aspect of sex that I used to enjoy that’s now off the table. And I miss it. Worse, I think it’s starting to affect our marriage.”

“How so?” I asked. This was the first hint I’d have that there was any marital discord between them. And they had only been married a couple of years.

“I just want more. I want the things that I can’t do with Josh.”

“Have you talked it over with Josh?”

“Yes. We’re pretty open about sex. That’s not a problem. The weird thing is that he suggested I might want to sleep with another guy once in a while.”

“Does he want to sleep with other women?” I asked.

“No. He says he’s satisfied, but he wants me to be satisfied too.”

“My God, girl,” said Lisa. “You’ve hit the jackpot.”


I still can’t believe I was talking about this. Jennifer was a friend, but I’d never discussed my sex life with her. And Lisa was a total stranger. The wine had really done a number on my head.


“What kind of husband wants his wife to cheat on him?” said Amanda.

“It’s not cheating if he gives his approval,” replied Lisa. “I’ll be completely honest, Amanda. Right now it’s probably not so bad. You’ve been married a couple of years, and you’ve got an itch, but it’s not too bad. You can ignore it. But that itch is only going to get worse. You’re going to get more and more frustrated sexually, and that’s going to bleed over into other aspects of your life.”

“That’s right,” I piped in. My marriage started going downhill when I didn’t realize that my Jason wasn’t happy sexually. If I’d recognized it earlier, maybe we could have done something about it, but by the time I did, it was too late. If we’d opened up our marriage, I think we’d be happily married right now.”

“Trust me,” continued Lisa. “James and I went through a bad patch a few years back for the same kind of thing. Both of us wanted more than the other could give. But we recognized it, and we found partners outside of our marriage to fill the gaps.”

“And maltepe escort that really works?” asked Amanda.

“Well, it’s not for everyone. And it might not work for you and Josh, but it worked for us.”

“And you don’t get jealous?”

“Well, maybe a twinge now and then, but it’s not a problem. The important thing is to make sure each one of you know that the most important thing is each other. That you’re devoted to one another, and the others are just guest stars in your bed.”

“I don’t know… Jennifer, what do you think of all this?”

“I just wish I’d found out about swinging two years ago,” I replied. “I don’t know if it would have saved my marriage, but maybe it would have. I do know that Lisa and James have a very strong marriage. It works for them. I’ve seen it.”

“You mean…”

“Yes, I’ve been one of the guest stars.”

“The important thing is for you and Josh to talk about it,” said Lisa. “Maybe it’s right for you, or maybe not. Only the two of you can decide that. But it’s a decision the two of you need to make together.”

“If we did, I wouldn’t know where to start.”

“There are lots of swinging groups. They’re very social. You can meet people and decide if you want to hook up. It’s a very low pressure scene, and no one is offended if you don’t want to jump into bed with them. Or you can just go out and pick up people. Or you could start with James and me.”

“You mean you’d…”

“Oh, I know James would like to fuck the shit out of you,” continued Lisa. “He’s very good at the rough stuff, if that’s what you like. And he loves anal. It could be just you, or we could include Josh if he wanted to join in. But we wouldn’t dream of doing anything with you unless both you and Josh fully approved.”

“Who’s approving of what?” asked James, who walked out onto the patio as if on cue.

Amanda suddenly remembered that she was naked and slipped deeper into the water. James was artfully averting his eyes, looking just over our heads, as Lisa made a quick introduction, telling James that we had been discussing swinging.

“Amanda,” said Lisa. “Would you like James to join us in the hot tub? He won’t be offended if you’d rather not. We realize that this is all a bit overwhelming. And don’t worry, like I said, nothing is going to happen between us until Josh is fully on board.”

“I guess it’s okay if he joins us,” said Amanda.

In an instant James was naked and slipping into the tub between Lisa and me. Once he was settled, I reached over and gave his cock a quick squeeze and smiled. I just couldn’t resist. James smiled back.

“You really don’t get jealous?” Amanda asked again.

“Not really,” said James. “Sometimes we get a little jealous, but we get over it, and it’s not a problem. We both have veto power, so if either of us isn’t comfortable with one of our partners, then they’re out. But we rarely use the veto. There was one guy about a year ago who was getting kind of clingy with Lisa, and I was about to put a stop to it, but then Lisa ended it first.”

“And you and Jennifer…?” asked Amanda, still trying to come to terms with all this.

“Well, we’ve only been together a few times, but yes, we’re fuck buddies,” I said, putting my arm around James’s shoulders and snuggling up to him a bit. “Lisa and me, too,” I added.

Amanda’s eyes went wide with that.

“Amanda,” said Lisa. “Would you like to see James and Jennifer fuck? See a little swinging in action? I think the two of them would be willing to give a little demonstration, and I’d sure like to watch.”

Amanda nodded.

James turned to me and we started kissing. I will never get tired of kissing James. His hands found their way to my breasts, and my hand found his crotch and started stroking his cock, which was already semi-erect.

Not wanting to try deep sea diving, I asked James to sit up on the edge of the tub so I could suck him off, and he complied.

“Isn’t it gorgeous,” I said as I showed his cock to Amanda. “It’s big, but not so huge that he can’t really pound you.” Then I engulfed that beautiful cock with my mouth. The chlorine from the tub gave it a funny taste, pendik escort bayan but that wore off quickly. I really loved his cock, and I was getting good at finding the spots that really turned him on. James really loved it when I flicked my tongue between the glans, over his pee hole. And I had discovered he really liked to be nipped with my teeth. My husband had hated that, but it drove James wild.

“Your turn, dear,” said James as he was approaching orgasm.

I climbed out of the tub and lay down on the deck next to it. James settled between my legs and began to tongue me. He licked around my lips, and kissed my clit, which was still underneath the hood. I hadn’t gotten very worked up yet, but that was soon to change under his expert ministrations. He kept licking, parting my lips, and soon started sucking on my clit. As I started to get wet, I felt first one finger, then two, enter me and start working my G-spot. It was just wonderful.

When I felt my orgasm coming, I didn’t hold back like James had. It was a good one. The idea of Amanda watching us was really erotic. I clamped my legs around James’s head and squeezed, but champ that he is, he just kept going. That set off a series of convulsions. I bit my lip to keep from screaming—the other neighbors couldn’t see us, but they might be able to hear us.

When I settled back down, I checked James’s cock. It was still rock hard, but I gave it a few sucks to make sure, then I spread a towel—the redwood of the deck was starting to hurt—and got on my hands and knees, facing Lisa and Amanda. James didn’t need to be told; he entered me from behind and started pumping away.


This was fucking unbelievable. I was actually watching Jennifer fuck Lisa’s husband. What had I gotten myself into? But it was really hot. Jennifer was beautiful, and James was very studly. I’d never watched two live people fuck before, and it was really sexy. Before I knew it, I found that my hand was between my legs and I was masturbating under the water. Lisa must have noticed that, but she didn’t say anything about it. She just kept supplying a running commentary on what Jennifer and James were doing, whispering in my ear. That was sexy too.

After what Jennifer had said about lesbian sex with Lisa, I half expected Lisa to make a pass at me. I don’t know what I’d have done if she had. I’d never seriously thought about sex with another woman, but I was really worked up. But she never did. She promised that nothing would happen unless Josh and I decided as a couple that it was okay, and she wasn’t lying. Never once did any of them pressure me to do anything. They just made it abundantly clear that it would be really hot if I did.


I stared into Amanda’s eyes, which were wide as saucers. God, was this hot. James was fucking me, while his wife and another neighbor watched. I half expected Lisa and Amanda to be making out, but Lisa was as good as her word. She said nothing would happen with Amanda until Josh was on board. But Amanda was sure getting an eyeful.

James’s fucking was nice, but it wasn’t getting me there all by itself. So I reached down and started rubbing my clit. That did the trick, and I could feel my second orgasm start to rise. I heard James grunting as the orgasmic waves washed over me for a second time. He was cumming too.

We collapsed, kissing one another.

“Did you enjoy watching?” I asked Amanda.

“Oh God, yes.”

“Now Amanda,” said Lisa. “You are to go home and fuck Josh. Get your rocks off. Then, tomorrow morning sit down with him—and it’s important that you do this when you’re not in bed together and all hot and horny—and start having a conversation about swinging. It should be the first of several. You don’t have to decide anything tomorrow, and it’s probably better if you don’t. This shouldn’t be rushed. But start talking about whether you’d like to do this as a couple and what the ground rules will be if you do. Now, go. Fuck your husband.”


And that’s exactly what I did. I got dressed and went home. I had an agonizing hour before Josh came home from work. I was so damn worked up. When he came through the door, I tackled him, and we fucked right there on the hallway floor. And we fucked again that night. Josh didn’t know what got into me.

Then the next morning, I told him to go in late to work, and we sat down and had a long talk, just like Lisa suggested.

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