The Mystic Adventure Ch. 03

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(This is part three of the Mystic Adventure Series. Please consider starting from the first part to get the full story.)


I was roused from my nap by the sound of the outboard motor on a dinghy as it zipped by. By the looks of the sun and the sky, I figured I’d been out for about an hour. Kelly was still snuggled up next to me with her hand on my chest and her hair tickling my nose in the gentle breeze.

She stirred at the sound as well and we both slowly came awake. I watched her wake up and simply enjoyed studying her while she re-registered her surroundings. Maybe I just have no self-esteem but I think I was worried that the nap would have somehow erased this “relationship” that we had seemingly been building over the last few days.

I needn’t have worried.

She turned her head up to look at me and broke into the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen. She pushed herself up and rolled on top of me so she was straddling me as I lay back on the cockpit cushions. She just looked at me for what was probably only 5 or 6 seconds but it seemed like an eternity. Then, she simply bent down slowly and kissed me. I was completely caught off guard. The kiss was not a tonsil-bashing make-out kiss. It was a tender, moving, meaningful kiss and it totally disarmed me.

I don’t know that I was expecting a make-out kiss but it was what I was prepared for. I wasn’t prepared for this. This was not a foreplay kiss – something to get things warmed up for the next level. This was not a slutty, teasing kiss that was part of a role she was playing. This fucking *meant* something. This was the kind of kiss that you don’t play around with. The kind that’s like a loaded weapon – one you don’t just whip out casually or someone might get hurt.

It caught me off guard but not for long. It triggered a response in me that I could only hope was the same thing that was driving her. I just wanted to drink her in through my mouth somehow. I could feel her on top of me of course and I knew she was in a tiny bikini with her cunt just inches from my cock but I was beyond that. I was focused only on her…what?…her fucking soul or something. Fuck, I don’t know. It all sounds so artsy and feebly poetic to try and describe it but it was absolutely the most intense feeling I’ve ever had.

The kiss lasted for several minutes – I think. Like a dream that only actually runs during the last two seconds of sleep, it could have been much shorter. But also like that dream, a hell of a lot of strange and wonderful things happened in the duration. Kelly eased her mouth slowly off of mine but went back for a few more tender brushes that conveyed even more emotion and meaning. With these kisses was she saying the same thing I was saying? “I can’t get enough of you”?

She finally pulled her head back and looked in my eyes again. Her impossibly blue eyes sucked me in even further and I was back to seeing her soul again. Fuck.

As she looked at me, she made the tiniest of tiny nods with her head. I wasn’t even sure I was seeing it or if it was just from the motion of the boat but it was like she was answering me. And just as I was really beginning to think I was losing all sense of reality and reading waaay too much into everything, her mouth said “Yeah.” She didn’t actually *say* anything, and it was only the smallest of movements of her lips but I know what she said.

My head spun.

What the fuck girl? Are you really answering these questions I’m thinking at you? I’m head over heels for you, do you feel it to?


Did that really mean something for you like it did for me?


Are you falling…in love with me?




“Hey guys, what’s on the agenda for this afternoon?”

Jesus Christ! I think the space-time continuum might have suffered a rip as I was teleported back to the real world by Kim’s voice.

Kelly could have easily disguised our little “moment” and made the whole thing look like a continuation of the kind of playfulness we’d all been enjoying since day one but she didn’t. She kept her gaze on me for a few more seconds and only slowly started turning her head towards Kim while keeping her eyes still on mine for as long as possible. The message was unmistakable and Kim didn’t miss it.

When she and Kelly looked at each other, I saw Kim’s face change ever so slightly. She instantly knew that something had changed in Kelly and it was like it was something that she had been waiting to see in Kelly for a long time. Kim visibly brightened and I looked up to see that Kelly was smiling right back at her. I could almost see the comm link between the two of them – or whatever the fuck it is that lets women do all that intuition magic that they do.

The transmission lasted a few more seconds and then Kelly turned back to me. “I don’t know. Brad? What’s the plan?”

Plan? You want a Plan? After my whole fucking world had been turned upside down, shaken, stirred, and basically totally bağcılar escort reshuffled? You want to know what the fucking plan is?

Of course I didn’t say any of that. I stumbled and ummmed and tried to think back to what I had been planning this morning at breakfast.

“What do you say we head over to the Baths?”

Kelly did a double take, “The Baths? What, the shower wasn’t good enough earlier?” She smiled at me and leaned down and licked my lips.

God. I could revel in being surprised by the actions of this girl for the rest of my life.

“Umm, no. I mean, yeah, it was fine. Great! I mean, no, the Baths are a rock formation on Virgin Gorda. There are these huge boulders right on the beach that form little grottos that you can poke around it. It’s pretty cool.”

“Ooh, that sounds fun. How long will it take us to get there?” Kim had picked up the chart book and was trying to find out where we would be going.

I got up and flipped to the page with Virgin Gorda and showed her where the Baths were.

“It’s probably about an hour or so sail over and it should be an easy reach – no tacking back and forth to go upwind. I figured we could sail over and mess around there for a while and then head up to Gorda Sound here at the top of Gorda. We can have dinner at the Bitter End Yacht Club.”

Kelly looked at me like I was making a joke, “The Bitter End Yacht Club? Are you serious?”

“Yeah. It’s actually a pretty swanky place. I know you have those little cocktail dresses and it would be a shame to have them and not use them right?”

Kim and Kelly looked at each other and smiled.

Yup. There he is. Yeah, he gave me some time to get all emo and fall in love with this girl but you know he wasn’t going to just wait patiently down there for some kind of written invitation right? Nope. He’s back on the job, envisioning clingy party dresses, with perky nipples standing up and thong underwear splitting assess that are begging to be caressed. Oh man.

“Sounds cool,” Kelly said as she gave me another peck on the cheek.

“Ok then. Let’s make sure things are stowed below and then you girls can come up and I’ll show you how to raise the anchor.”

I fiddled around in the cockpit, taking the covers off the instruments and generally making sure we were ready for our sail over to Gorda. The girls went below and put away a few things that were left out from lunch. A few minutes later, they came back up top, ready for the sail.

I led them up to the foredeck and opened the anchor hatch on the bow. Inside the hatch was a small remote control for the anchor windlass with two buttons – one for up and one for down. You used to have to manually haul up all that anchor chain – or hand crank it up on a winch – but again, modern technology takes over and makes things much easier. Old salts would call it cheating but I’m not an old salt – yet.

Technically, I could handle all this myself. I had dropped the anchor when we had come in yesterday. If there’s not much wind, and not many boats around, it’s not a big deal to leave the wheel, go up on deck and drop the hook. I wanted to get them involved in the operation of the boat though so I showed them the process.

I went back to the cockpit and fired up the engine and then gave them the signal to start raising the anchor. The electric winch kicked in and started pulling the chain up and dumping it into the open hatch. The act of pulling up the chain pulled the boat ahead until it got right over the anchor. As soon as the anchor pulled free of the bottom, the boat started to drift but since there weren’t any boats that were very close, it was easy enough to get the hook all the way up and nestled in its chock before putting the boat in gear and heading out of the cove.

We repeated the process of raising the mainsail and unfurling the jib – the girls remembering everything like they had been doing it all their lives. I could tell they were proud of themselves for not needing to be told what to do. I was alternately impressed by how fast they had picked up what to do and transfixed by seeing them move around and bend over in their skimpy suits and gauzy shirts.

Both girls were amazingly light on their feet. Getting your “sea legs” usually takes at least a few days and most people stumble around at first but these girls had no problem at all.

They got the sails up and trimmed and I cut the engine – that moment of Zen that I love so much. Kelly looked back at me, beaming. Is it really possible that she feels all these things the same way as I do? Weird.

The girls grabbed some cushions and moved up to the high side to relax. It was basically a straight shot over to Gorda so they didn’t need to do any further sail trimming. They both lay down next to each other and engaged in a conversation that I couldn’t hear. Every once in a while, they would laugh and hug like old friends reconnecting.

I guess bahçelievler escort it started with a quick little kiss. It was a casual enough kiss – one between two friends who were enjoying a fabulous day in the tropics. Yeah, that’s how it started.

It’s a straight shot over to Gorda like I said but anyone who was tracking my course would have thought I couldn’t follow a straight line if my life depended on it. It’s much more difficult to sail a large yacht when you are mesmerized by two women who are ever so slowly starting to caress and touch each other.

The two girls were lying perpendicular to the length of the boat. Their feet were pointing out to the side, heads towards the centerline. Kelly was closest to me and had turned on her side to face Kim so all I could see was her back and butt in her little bikini bottom. She had propped herself up on her right arm and was gently caressing Kim’s belly, breasts, and face. Every once in awhile, she would bend down and give her a long kiss.

Kim’s hands were caressing Kelly as well. I think she liked Kell’s ass as much as I did because she would constantly reach around and rub her buns and slide her fingers underneath the fabric.

Yeah, man. Just steer 95 degrees. You can do it.

Kelly rolled over on top of Kim to get a better angle of attack on her mouth and Kim yanked the string on the back of Kell’s top to let her tits hang free.

At this point, I could probably hold a steadier course by letting my dick stop the spokes of the wheel from turning since my hands were clearly not up to the task.

Kim reached down to Kelly’s suit bottoms and untied the ties on each side. She then grabbed Kelly’s hips and pulled her up, along her stomach, past her tits, and up to her mouth. Kelly’s suit bottom had come off at the beginning of the trip so she left a trail of cunt slime all the way up. Jesus Fuck, it was all I could do to hang on to the wheel and not go over there and lick that up.

Kelly leaned forward and grabbed hold of a rail on the cabin top and slipped her cunt over Kim’s nose and mouth. She looked straight back at me as she did it and I flashed back to this morning when I had my dick in Kim but I was actually *fucking* Kelly. She basically just did a “Right back at you Dude” move and I was loving every second of it.

I was torn between looking into her eyes as she locked them on to me, and glancing down at her cunt as she ground it into Kim’s face. Kim was totally slicked up with Kell’s juices and I’m not really sure how she even managed to breathe.

Kim would alternately push Kell down a little so that she could lick up her slit and all around her clit. Then she would pull her up and slide herself down so that her nose would rub Kell’s clit and then slide into her cunt. This meant, of course, that Kim’s tongue was able to flick around Kelly’s asshole. Each time this happened, Kelly would shudder and gasp but she never took her eyes off of me.

I had to tear my attention away from this scene when I realized that the sails were luffing. I had slowly been heading more and more off course and into the wind. I quickly turned back to re-fill the sails and keep us moving, and looked for any boats that might be getting close. Man, that’s bad. It’s not like I could run aground out here or hit a rock but it’s not good to lose track of navigating for so long like that. I’ve got to keep focused.

I glanced back at Kell. Yeah, right. Like focus on sailing is gonna happen. I was sucked right back into the porno happening on the deck in front of me.

Kelly was just about at the brink when she stopped and slid back down Kim’s chest? again leaving a trail of spunk that glistened in the sunshine. Kelly smashed her face into Kim’s and licked all around, adding spit to the slippery slime. Jesus.

Kelly moved off of Kim and rearranged the cushions so that she could lay lengthwise on the boat, with her head back towards me. Kim got the message and wriggled out of her bikini bottoms and swung her leg over Kell, dropping her cunt onto her mouth. So Kim’s ass was facing me and I could see Kelly going to town on her cunt and asshole just like she had been getting from Kim. Kim also went back to work on Kelly but was having trouble concentrating what with the action happening between her own legs.

I don’t know, in my vast experience with girl-on-girl sex – which up until now, had consisted of watching it in pornos – it’s one thing when the receiver just lays there while the giver does the licking. It’s quite another when, as what was happening now, the receiver, as it were, is actively grinding her own cunt on the “givers” face. Now *that* is fucking hot.

I think that might be why so many guys find girl-girl sex so arousing. There’s no guy with a dick in the scene “forcing” the performance so to speak. It’s just girls being lustful for lustfulness’s sake and yeah, that’s hot.

I forced myself to check bahçeşehir escort the course again and found that I hadn’t drifted too far off this time.

I could hear Kim’s breath getting shorter and little moans and groans coming out. In a few short seconds I saw her tense up and pull up slightly from Kelly’s mouth to be able to cope with the orgasm. Every couple of seconds, she would drop her cunt back down to within range of Kelly’s reaching tongue, get a quick lick, and raise back up.

Fuck. Me.

Kim finally turned around and lay down next to Kelly. They talked and caressed each other for quite a long time before sitting up. Kelly looked back at me and smiled her beautiful smile.

Fuck. Is there anything better than a woman who is at once someone you’d want to meet your parents and be the mother of your children, and at the same time, perfectly willing to break every sexual boundary you could imagine? Yeah, no. I don’t think so either.

Kim got up first and headed back to the cockpit.

She wasn’t wearing any pants.

She smiled at me, “I’m gonna grab a beer. Want one?”

“Um, yeah. I think I could use one.” I stammered.

Kelly made her way back to the cockpit too and she didn’t bother to put her pants on either. She *was* wearing her white, gauzy shirt but it was doing a very bad job of covering her tits since her top had been untied early on in the preceding show. She came back to the wheel where I was standing and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

She hadn’t bothered to wipe her face so I got the full effect of Kim’s cunt, some saliva, and whatever the fuck that smell of hers is that drives me crazy.

She pulled away from me, “Can I try sailing the boat again. That was really fun yesterday.”

OK, now you are purposefully teasing me girl. That’s cruel.

“Yeah, sure.” I started to get up from my seat behind the wheel to let her sit down.

“No, stay there. I think I need to sit in your lap so I can see over the cabin.”

Oh man. Here we go…

She came around behind the wheel and made a show of sliding her ass down my chest and into my lap.

“Oh. What’s this? Brad, where you watching us up there? Weren’t you supposed to be concentrating on getting us to the Baths safely?

“It seems like your pants are kind of tight. Do you want me to help you out of those before I take the wheel?”

“Uh, yeah. That’ll work.”

Kelly stood up, bent forward, and reached between her legs to grab my shorts. This, of course, thrust her ass in my face and I couldn’t help but to give it a quick lick.

“Now, now. Concentrate on sailing Brad.”

When my shorts came down, my dick went up and brushed against her arm as she pushed them to the cockpit floor. She grabbed my cock with her left hand and just sat right down on that fucker like she was dropping into a chair.

She was still slicked up from Kim’s ministering that it was like sliding into satin. Christ.

She grabbed the wheel, “What course are we steering?”

“Uhh, 95.” Very cute Kell. You know you are killing me right?

My cock was buried to the hilt in her cunt and I was dying to start thrusting. The thought of sliding in and out of her was blowing my mind. She didn’t move though. Actually, she didn’t move on the outside. I slowly became aware of her ever so softly squeezing me with her cunt muscles. At first, she waited a long time between each squeeze so I didn’t even really realize she was doing it on purpose. Each time though, it would get a little stronger and a little closer to the last one until I figured out what was happening.

Now I’ve had girls squeeze my cock in their cunts before but this was different. She wasn’t just squeezing me all together. It was more like a ripple effect where the added pressure would start at the base and travel up to the tip of my dick and then repeat. It was like she was sliding up and down without actually moving. I was simultaneously amazed at her technique and going crazy at the feeling.

I had let go of the wheel and grabbed a handful of tits and was caressing them when Kim popped up out of the cabin with three beers.

“Looks like you don’t have a spare hand for this beer do you Brad?”

Before I could think of a witty comeback, Kelly piped up, “Hey Kim, you didn’t get a chance to sail the other day. You should try this.” She slid up off of me and reached out to take a beer.

While Kim had obviously seen that I was fondling Kelly’s tits, she evidently didn’t realize that Kelly was sitting on my cock which was now standing straight up. She gave a startled look to Kelly and then back to my cock and then back to Kelly. I think she was a little surprised that Kelly was “sharing” after what had clearly taken place earlier today. Frankly I was a little surprised as well.

Kelly answered her questioning look by wrapping her arms around Kim and kissing her deeply. I guess that means The Pact is still on.

“Here. Come over and sit in this nice little seat and let Brad show you how it’s done.”

Kelly led Kim over to me, turned her around and then bent down to grab my cock. She positioned it straight up and guided Kim down onto it in one easy motion. She raised up and kissed Kim again and then leaned back to me to stick her tongue in my mouth like she had developed a habit of doing.

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