The Moore Family: Momma’s Boy

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This story loosely ties into the Smithfield Academy story, but not enough that I wanted to make it part of that series.


Rachel Moore slammed her door shut in anger after the latest exchange with her mother. The eighteen-year-old screamed aloud as she grabbed a picture frame off her desk and threw it across the room. The relationship between her and her family had always been tumultuous but had reached new heights with her recent birthday bringing her to legal adulthood.

The angry blonde sat on her bed seething that despite being eighteen her mother had told her she had to stay home for the weekend or she would take the young woman’s car. “I’m a fucking adult she shouldn’t try to control me!” She lashed out yelling in her empty room.

The teenage rant session ended prematurely as a knock on the door stopped her from continuing her tirade. “Hey, can I come in?”


James, Rachel’s sixteen-year-old brother, peeked his head into his sister’s room. “Are you okay?”

“What the fuck do you care? I bet you’re the reason I can’t go out for the weekend.” Rachel angrily fired back at her little brother. “Such a damn little momma’s boy, she won’t let you be home by yourself.”

The comment of his sister stung the young man, but he did his best not to show it. James and his sister had never had a close relationship despite only a two-year age difference. Rachel was the epitome of the popular party girl and James the straight-laced perfect GPA student-athlete. The young man knew his sister would do anything to get under his skin and push his buttons. Rachel knew momma’s boy was the comment that often hurt her brother the most.

“Mom for some reason is just worried about all your partying, and God only knows why. She should just let you self-destruct.” James calmly stated back to his sister, as he no longer cared if she was okay.

“I’m done with you and her and this fucking house.” Rachel said with a smile as she jumped off her bed and started gathering her clothes into a bag. “Tell your mother I left and I won’t fucking be back.” The angry older sister said as she jammed her index finger into her brother’s chest.

The next two years passed with hardly a word from the young woman, Rachel took her car and headed off into the sunset to do God only know what. The Moore family of mother Cyndi, father Rick and now only child James went on to enjoy a relatively quiet couple of years. The general mood of the home-improved overall as the primary source of strife had removed herself from the equation.

James now a senior in at the prestigious Smith Academy was continuing to make his parents proud with not only his academic accomplishments but also his athletic ones too. He and his mother grew closer due to his father’s continued traveling for work; this, of course, did not help his reputation of being a momma’s boy. The relationship was a topic that Cyndi was often torn about, she liked that her son, unlike her daughter, actually needed her in his life, but she often believed he needed her too much. The steady stream of phone calls about stuff going on at school or about what other kids said to him was becoming routine and the mother was often screaming in her head that James was eighteen and needed to man up.

Cyndi though never was so direct she often coddled her son and humored his almost whiny phone calls. She hoped that he would eventually change. The loving mother often prodded her husband Rick to do what he could to help the process along whenever he was in town, but that was not as often as it needed to be to help change young James. She instead just continued on her way with her son, yeah he was a momma’s boy but he also was a straight “A” student and an all-American athlete, so she figured she must have been doing something right with him despite her concerns.

The world of the Moore family changed again drastically a few months prior to the end of James’s senior year. The mother and son were following their usual Saturday routine of eating cereal together when a knock on the door prematurely ended their discussion.

“Who could that be?”

“I don’t know mom; I’ll go check.” James said as he wiped his mouth and excused himself from the table. The eighteen-year-old briskly walked to the door as the person on the other side started aggressively knocking again. “Hey hold on I am coming.” He yelled at the closed door as he twisted the lock and then the knob to open it.

“Is that what you tell momma when she knocks on your bathroom door?”

The comment one of pure sarcasm and one James was not prepared for, as the look on his face was one of absolute shock. The early morning visitor was not a random stranger but his older sister. “What are you doing here?”

“I live here.” Rachel responded as she shoved her backpack into her brother’s chest. “Here bro take this.” The now twenty-year-old young woman pushed her way past her younger brother and into the family home. “Mom I’m home!” She yelled as she walked across the kitchen to the dining area.

“Oh, my goodness Rachel?” A very puzzled and confused kartal escort Cyndi questioned at the sound of her daughter’s voice.

“Yep, it’s me.” Rachel announced as she stepped into the dining room.

Cyndi while happy to see her only daughter also was upset because she knew the turmoil that typically came with her daughter was now back in her life. “Well, what are you doing here?”

“Yeah what are you doing here?” Grumbled James as he tossed his sister’s backpack onto the floor.

“I live here.” Rachel coldly stated as she stared at her mom then at her brother.

“No, you don’t you basically said to hell with us two years ago.”

“Now James she is family calm down.”

“Yeah, momma’s boy listen up.”

James loudly huffed as he gritted his teeth. He wanted to fire back he wanted to yell and scream at his sister, but he opted to take the high road and just walked back into the kitchen. “Fucking bitch.” He grumbled lowly to himself once out of earshot.

Rachel and Cyndi sat at the table and conversed about her situation and real reasons why she was back in their lives with literally no warning. The mother discovered her daughter had been working doing some modeling off and on while basically living on the road for the last two years, but due to some, new found financial issues coupled with some legal ones was now desperate for a place to crash land and start over with her life.

“Okay I get it, sweetie, you need a place. Your room is actually just like you left it. I got no issues with you staying here. I do however have a few rules.”

Rachel’s eyes rolled to the top of her head as the word rules left her mother’s mouth. “I knew this was a mistake.”

“Now calm down, I don’t want your behavior to affect James in any way. He is doing amazing at the Academy, and I do not want anything here to cause issues. Moreover, if you live here, you will have a job. I am not setting curfews or anything else, I want you to do your best to leave your brother alone, and I want you to work. I don’t think I am asking too much.”

Rachel knew her mother’s request was actually pretty reasonable overall; she did though worry about leaving James alone. He was just too easy a target for her, but she nodded in agreement to her mother’s terms. “Yeah okay deal. I just need one more thing.”


“I kind of will need help finding a job.”

“I’ll see what I can do, just take your things to your room and get settled in.”

The remainder of the day went smooth as the daughter gave her family a wide berth and James and Cyndi did their normal Saturday activities together. If the first day was any indication, it appeared that maybe the new living arrangements were not going to be an issue after all. Rachel took her time putting her stuff away in her old room, which just as her mom said untouched over the last two years. The daughter took notice as the hours rolled by that her brother and mom seemed to spend an unusual amount of time together, the relationship seemed to border on the creepy.

The next morning James and Cyndi were up early and off to church before Rachel even contemplated rolling out of bed. It was the early part of Sunday afternoon when the mom and son stepped back into the house after church just in time to see the twenty-year-old blonde grabbing her purse as she was walking towards the door. “I called some old friend’s I am going out tonight.”

James eyed his sister up and down, the little brother did not want to look but with her clothing leaving little to the imagination and her being a beautiful woman looking was something he could not prevent. Rachel was in a black shirt that concealed only her large D cup breasts, and it was not even doing a good job of that. The skirt was much the same way just covering her bottom barely. The black stockings and heels were what really set it all off though and what seemed to get the most attention from the young man.

“Rachel I pulled some strings and got you an interview tomorrow morning so please don’t be out all night.”

“Why mom? Why do you assume I am going to be out all night partying huh?” The young woman answered back defensively questioning her mother.

“Calm down I am just asking for you to be home and ready for an interview that’s it.” Cyndi said in a low tone trying to soothe the ire she invoked in her daughter. The mother had assumed judging by her twenty-year-old daughter’s attire she was going partying.

“I’m sorry mom I just had a flashback to my teen years at home.” Rachel said with a half-hearted smile as she tried to play off her outburst.

James shook his head as he did not buy the weak excuse and believed nothing had changed in his sister, that she was still the bitch she was before she left. The night played out quietly as Cyndi facetimed with her husband Rick who was currently out of the country as she explained the return of their daughter. James worked out in the basement before retiring to bed early so he could get up well rested for school in the morning.

Monday morning came quickly as Cyndi looked maltepe escort bayan in on her son a habit she developed in his youth and never been able to break. This morning, however, the forty-year-old mom of two was startled as her usual innocent peek in on her sleeping son was a little less than innocent. The eighteen-year-old apparently had gotten hot and kicked off all his blankets and was sleeping fully nude. Cyndi’s pale blue eyes shot open wide at the sight of her son’s semi-erect cock. The shocked mother could feel her face getting warm as she quietly pulled her son’s door shut and left for work.

James none the wiser about the peep show he had given his mother woke up at six on the dot, as usual, to prepare for his day at school. He takes care as he dresses in his neatly pressed slacks and button-up shirt. The young teen a model student who prided himself on his accomplishments as he checks himself in the mirror one last time to ensure his dark brown hair is styled correctly, before going to the kitchen for his breakfast.

James followed his everyday routine to the letter as after working out and showering he always freshly ironed his clothes and now he was taking his usual spot at the kitchen table with his bowl of honey nut cheerios. This had been his habit since he reached the Academy. The young man had just taken his seat and started to spoon up his breakfast as he could hear the sounds of someone staggering down the staircase.

Rachel, Jame’s twenty-year-old sister, is staggering into the kitchen. The older sister’s long blonde hair is tousled, and her body barely covered her makeup from last night still adorning her face, all the telltale signs of late night partying. The young lady only awake because her mom whom after her shocking morning forgot to check on her before leaving for work, and had to call to remind her she needed to go to a job interview. The taste of alcohol still resonating in her mouth as she enters the kitchen, and sees her brother dressed it her old high school’s uniform. The urge to attack her brother for his outfit is strong, but the young woman remembers what her mother said about leaving James alone.

“I can’t believe you’re dressed like that.” James says as he shakes his head disapprovingly after eyeing his sister up and down.

Rachel clad only in a tiny white half shirt and a pair of yellow panties smiles at her younger brother as she walks to the refrigerator. “Good morning to you too, little brother.” Replied the older sister as she digs around in the refrigerator looking for some juice. The thought of leaving him alone quickly fading from her mind as she seethes over his comment.

“If you want the juice it’s on the table.”

Rachel turns her attention to the carton sitting in the middle of the table as she looks at her brother’s clothing. “It’s funny you choose to criticize me for what I wear when you’re basically wearing the old Smithfield Academy uniform that is no longer required.” Rachel says as she stands next to the table drinking the orange juice directly from the carton.

“It’s called dressing for the job you want. I think you should try it sometime.” James said as he looks up at his sister standing beside him in her barely-there clothing. “Oh and by the way that is disgusting.” He remarks as he points at the carton still in his sister’s grasp.

“Well, you look like a dork. What is the job you want? Right wing conservative jackass?” Rachel huffs as she closes the juice carton, and places it back on the kitchen table.

“You’re just lucky mom had to take an earlier shift today, so she isn’t here to see you dressed like that.”

“Aww, what’s wrong James? Are you going to tell mom on me? Are you going to be a little momma’s boy bitch?” Rachel peppered her brother with questions as she poked him with her index finger antagonizing her younger brother. “I had hoped the last two years would have chilled you out. I can see going to that school hasn’t affected you like it did some others.”

James looked at his sister confusedly as she commented on his school the same one she had previously attended before her departure. He wants to ask for clarification but instead figures it will be easier just to let her throw out her comments as he glares at his sister. “Why you got to be such a bitch Rachel? I was just stating the fact that mom would disapprove of your clothes.” James responds as he stands up and tosses his still nearly full bowl of cereal into the kitchen sink.

“Come on don’t be a whiny bitch.” Rachel says as she takes her brother’s seat at the table grabbing the orange juice from the table again as she returns to drinking it. “Mmm look I am gross again.” She says with a laugh as she sits the carton back on the table.

“There is no telling where your mouth has been.” James says with disgust as he grabs his backpack off the floor and storms out of the kitchen.

The angry young teen can feel his blood boiling the momma’s boy comment always one that ate away at him, and that is something his sister knew all too well. James stops just before reaching escort pendik the front door and pulls his phone from his backpack. He quickly dials the number for his mother Cyndi; as holds the phone to his ear he pleads with his mother to hurry up and answer the phone.

“Hello, sweetie is something wrong?”

“Oh hey, mom I am sorry for bothering you at work.” The angry son says in response to his mother.

“It’s okay baby, what do you need?” Cyndi responds to her son as she shuffles the papers on her desk, the forty-year-old mother of two concerned about her son as she listens to him intently.

“It’s just that its Rachel mom she’s trying to bully me already and trying to get under my skin. She is walking around the house almost nude, and she reeks of alcohol this morning. I think she is doing drugs mom; she is just acting so crazy.”

“Well, James I am at work. I cannot just come home because you and your sister cannot get along. Is she okay?”

“I guess she is, but she is just acting weird. I wish she had never moved back home.”

“Now sweetie she is your sister, and she is family you can’t be hateful just because you and she don’t get along. Rachel’s just figuring out life, and you’re a big boy you shouldn’t need momma to settle things for you and her.” Cyndi loved that her son depended on her still, especially since her daughter’s wild ways meant she did not rely on her until she was desperate for help. However, the phone calls reporting the “weird” behavior of Rachel had become an all too common thing before she moved out and the mother worried they were about to start again.

“But… Mom.”

“Stop it, James, with your Dad traveling so much for work and me working extra hours. I really need you to step it up and be the man of the house baby. I want you and Rachel to be close and get along; we have her back in our lives we need to make an effort to accept her and spend time with her.”

“Mom, spend time with her? I can’t even be comfortable around her.” James said as he fidgeted.

“That is crazy sweetie she is your sister, how can she make you uncomfortable. I know she’s been gone for some time but you two are family, and you need to bond.”

“Maybe you’re right; maybe I am just in edge having her back home.”

“Well, sweetie I have to get back to work now, I love you, and I want you to be okay.”

“I love you to mom, and yeah and I will try with sis. I guess I need to get to school, so I gotta go too.”

“Okay sweetie I will see you later tonight.”

“I love you, mom.” James says again

“Ok baby well I’m heading to a meeting.”

“I love you, mom…” James says again as he yearns for his mother to reply. The young man heavily sighs as realizes his mom has hung up. He places his phone back into his backpack and turns to pick up his shoes. A slight feeling of dejection courses through his body due to his mother not giving him the words he craved. The feeling quickly shifted however as he is surprised to see his sister has been standing behind him. “What are you doing?”

“I make you feel uncomfortable?” The blonde-haired barely clothed twenty-year-old asks as she slowly walks closer to her younger brother.

“Can you please go put some clothes on?” James asks as he struggles to keep his eyes from roaming all over his sister’s body.

“Does anyone else think it’s weird how much you say I love you to mom?” Rachel questions with a slightly raised eyebrow. “Do you like got a crush on mom?”

“What that’s asinine, just stop will…”

The young man’s words cut short as his sister holds her hand to ear like a phone and pretends to talk to their mom. “I love you; I love you mom, I love you… Is there something we should talk about?”

“I don’t know like what?”

“Your and mom’s relationship is a bit weird, I mean it was before I left and it seems it’s just as bad now. You’re eighteen, and you spend your whole day on Saturday and Sunday with your momma, you are a bit too much of a momma’s boy.”

“Stop saying that!” James barked at his sister through clenched teeth.

“Momma’s boy, momma’s boy, momma’s boy. What are you going to do little brother call and tell on me to mom again?”

The urge to slap his sister coursed through his veins as James opened and closed his fists. The young man, however, knew striking her would be wrong as he decided just removing himself from the situation is the best course of action. “I don’t have to take your crap; I got to go to school.”

Rachel returned to her bedroom, without James to torment she did not see a point of staying up any longer. The young blonde beauty did not intend to make it to the job interview her mother wanted her to attend. She walked back to her old bedroom and laid on the soft cotton sheets as she closed her eyes.

As James scanned his student ID to enter the private school parking lot for Smithfield Academy students. The young man parked his car in his regular space as he could finally begin to feel his body temperature decreasing as the interaction with his sister, had the young man’s nerves frazzled. He grabbed up his things and glanced at his watch. “Shit!” He exclaimed as he jogged to the door, he did not realize that the interaction with his sister had cost him so much of his time. The young man barely made it into his seat as the bell rang to start the day.

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