The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 26

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 26

Lisa’s Tales — Part 3

It was turning out to be a busy Wednesday afternoon at Paisley Park. With the approaching Memorial Day weekend, the salon’s schedule was booked solid through the end of the week. Lisa had cut her lunch break short that afternoon in order to fit Wanda Vaughn in for a color touch up. Both Sandy and Felicity, the other two stylists on duty, had full afternoon schedules as well, and to make matters a little more complicated, Cynthia Price had called, asking to get squeezed in as well. Lisa knew Cynthia well, intimately even, and her friend was of such a mind that she felt her mere requests could change the world to her needs. As it was, Sandy agreed to work her in.

When Cynthia arrived, Lisa had Elena Adamson in her chair. Elena had requested some weeks back to have her naturally flowing Nordic blonde hair dyed a raven black. Lisa didn’t think it suited her and had told her as much, but Lisa had gone ahead with dying the librarian’s hair anyway.

“I was told that I might look sexier with black hair,” Elena had told her. “How about it, Lisa? Do you think I look sexier?” she had asked after. Lisa was non-committal then. Now, just a few weeks later, Elena was back to get her roots done. However, Elena wanted yet another change.

“I was thinking about going red. I was told that I might look sexier with red hair,” Elena had told Lisa when she first settled into the chair. “What do you think?”

Lisa shook her head and with a smile replied, “I think it’s a little too late. With this raven,” she lifted a handful of Elena’s hair and displayed it over her head, reflected in the mirror above the sink, “we’re pretty much stuck with it until it grows out. What I can do is treat the roots with an amber, and in a few weeks, we’ll continue working it in. Eventually, with occasional trimming, you’ll have a nice, deep red.”

“Good afternoon, everyone!” Cynthia cheerfully greeted them as she confidently strutted across the tile floor, her heels clicking a staccato as she went, right in time with the background music playing Lisa noticed. Coming right up behind Lisa, Cynthia greeted her personally. “Hello, Lisa. How are you?” Unnoticed by everyone except Lisa, Cynthia gave her butt a light caress.

“Not quite as cheery as you are,” Lisa replied. Cynthia slipped passed and touched Elena’s forearm as she went.

“It’s too damn beautiful of a day to be in here, ladies,” Cynthia announced, even as she curled into one of the waiting area chairs. To her left was Sheryl Carlson, wife of the town’s fire chief. Next to Sheryl was Debra Halford. Both were waiting to have their hair trimmed and colored. Cynthia had snatched up a “Vogue” magazine from the side tables and had it open, but addressed the group instead. “Someone should make a law about spending such beautiful days inside. It’s just unnatural.”

Sheryl replied, “What’s unnatural is Elena’s hair color!” Sheryl was always commenting on hair color, and had a strong opinion about keeping to one’s natural shades, even as she had her “natural” gray colored out once a week. At 58 years of age, Sheryl had long ago gone gray, but managed to keep her short blonde hair at just the right shade that nobody, with the exception of her husband, knew the truth, outside of the stylist’s shop that is.

“Well, I think she looks absolutely sexy as hell with black hair, don’t you, Lisa?” Cynthia commented. Not expecting a reply, she continued on. “It’s really a matter of one’s own choice, and how it makes a girl feel about herself, am I right ladies? And when it comes to your husbands, lovers, or girl-friends,” Cynthia gave Lisa a wink, “as long as the carpet matches the drapes, who’s to know the difference. Unless you don’t have a carpet, I guess,” she added with a laugh. Sheryl didn’t join in.

For the next few minutes conversation resumed with more civilized topics, Sheryl would say, with the hair stylists chatting with their charges, and those waiting discussing the news of the day amongst themselves. Eventually, Cynthia bored and brought up a new topic of interest to a couple of her friends in the room. She leaned forward and looked past Sheryl.

“By the way, Debra. And both you and Tina will be interested to know, and you too, Felicity, that I’ve taken on another young student for our weekly study group this summer.” Cynthia looked pointedly at Lisa when she added, “Mr. Randy Hayworth, as a matter of fact.” This got Lisa’s attention.

“Randy?” Lisa asked, pausing in her work.

“What sort of group is this?” Wanda Vaughn asked. She’d been sitting quietly near the front window, listening to the women gossip around her while leafing through an Adam & Eve catalog that had been left in the magazine rack.

Cynthia turned in her chair, though still keeping an eye on Lisa, and explained. “Once a week I precide over an adult learning course out at the university continuing education center where we discuss the various points of view on intra-generational sex and relationships.”

“Intra-what kartal escort sex?” Sally asked as she worked shampoo into Heather McCoy’s long blonde curls. Heather was quietly listening, with her eyes closed. She had an opinion of her own about Cynthia Price, and it wasn’t flattering.

“Intra-generational,” Cynthia replied. “That is sexual relations between people of different generations. Usually between individuals who are around twenty years apart in age or even more.”

“So, you’re talking about sex between older men and young women, girls who could be their own daughters,” Sheryl chimed in. “Absolutely disgusting.”

“You’re telling me you don’t have a crush on Sean Connery any more, Sheryl?” Felicity asked.

“That’s an entirely different thing,” Sheryl defended. “I don’t have a prayer of getting anywhere near that hot Scotsman. It’s just a fantasy, is all that is.” Laughter ran around the beauty salon. “She’s talking about real relations between old men and girls, and I don’t think it’s right or proper.”

Cynthia continued. “It doesn’t matter if the man is older or the woman is, Sheryl,” she explained. “There are just as many older women who fantasize about younger men as there are men who fantasize about younger women. That’s what we discuss. The points of view of everyone involved.” She paused, listening to the ladies talk between themselves for a moment, and then added, “You might actually be surprised to know that here in Regal Bay, we’ve got a substantial number of young men who find us older gals attractive.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Sheryl rejected.

“I can believe it,” Heather chimed in. “My son has a girlfriend who’s six or seven years older than him. Andy’s only 21.” She made a point of giving Cynthia a sharp look, knowing that Andy was enrolled in her sociology course. Heather had her suspitions.

“I know Luke flirts with older women out at the casino all the time, too,” Wanda joined in. “He’s a bartender, so it’s how he makes better tips, or so he told me the other night.” Lisa thought she wanted to add something, but cut herself off.

“Well, I think it’s just typical,” Sheryl continued. “Boys only think about one thing, all day and all night.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Cynthia replied. “I’ve found that they think about cars, or sports, or video games just as much as they do about sex. And then, only a small fraction of young men look outside their own generation, say more than ten years older than themselves. Those are the ones I find interesting, the twenty-something’s who don’t see age as a barrier to good old fashion sexual enjoyment.”

“Well, I don’t see what’s so old fashioned about boys fantasizing about women twice their age!” Sheryl interjected with a snap of the magazine she held.

“Is your son like that?” Wanda asked Cynthia a moment later.

“Yes, he is,” Cynthia proudly replied. “In fact, David sits in with my group. And as of tomorrow night, so will Lisa’s son, Randy.”

Elena looked up at Lisa and asked, “Did you know your son had an eye towards older women?”

Lisa shook her head. “I think he has an eye towards all women, but mostly girls his age.” She added, “I know he’s been seeing a girl who’s still in high school…”

“Isn’t it awkward, having your son in class with you?” Wanda asked Cynthia. “I mean, what does he say? What do you say?”

Cynthia grinned, and with a wink towards the older woman said, “David and I are very open with each other about our sexuality. There are no secrets between us at home. We talk opening about our relationships. There isn’t anything said in class that we don’t already know about each other, and we’re both quite willing to share those thoughts and experiences with everyone in the group.”

“So you spend all night talking about sex. I thought so,” Sheryl again huffed. “It’s not right, I tell you. Boys should not talk about sex with their mothers at all.”

“In this day and age, a lot of young men don’t have a father in their lives to talk sex with,” Heather said. “Andy and I talk about it, once in a while.”

“Luke and I as well,” Wanda said. “We’ve gotten closer since we started talking openly about sex.” Cynthia gave her a glancing look, which made Wanda avert her eyes shamefully. Cynthia knew that look, and vowed to pursuit it with Wanda later.

“And what does Frank have to say about that, Wanda?” Heather asked. Heather worked for Wanda’s husband at Bayside Real Estate, and often had to fend off his flirtations. She didn’t think Frank and Wanda had a real good sexual relationship any more, either. Frank was notorious for enjoying young and beautiful woman, and had surrounded himself with just that type in his business. At 45, Heather was by far the oldest of his agents, though she was also the top agent at Bayside when it came to commissions.

“Oh, Frank and I don’t talk about what Luke and I do together,” Wanda replied, and then had a look of dread flash across her features. Wanda looked about quickly, maltepe escort bayan correcting her previous comment with, “I mean, about what Luke and I talk about.”

“Maybe you would like to join my group, Wanda?” Cynthia asked. “Luke wouldn’t be able to, since he’s not enrolled, but you could stop in for a visitation. You could still sign up for summer seminars even.”

Lisa asked, “Since Randy’s in your class during the week already, is this some sort of extra credit deal?”

Cynthia nodded. “Yes, all students receive extra credit for this group. Adults who attend, and currently all are women by the way, also receive credits towards any further education they might be seeking. However, most of the ladies just come out to enjoy a free and open discussion about sex. No strings attached.”

“I don’t know,” Elena chimed in. “I think talking about sex with a bunch of horny young men in attendance is asking for trouble.”

“In the three years I’ve been running these sessions, I haven’t had a single issue come up.” Cynthia gave the women who already attended her sessions a glance. All of them, Debra, Felicity, and Tina Rivera, who Felicity was finishing with in her chair, attended regularly. Cynthia knew their secrets, just as they knew hers. But they didn’t know Lisa’s secrets. Not yet. Not like Cynthia already knew.

“How about it, Lisa,” Cynthia asked as she stood and approached. “Want to visit as well? Find out what your son has to say on the subject?” Lisa had finished with Elena as well and as the librarian vacated the chair for the talkative Professor of Human Sexuality she found herself the center of attention. “Maybe chime in with your own, special, point of view?”

“I don’t know,” Lisa finally answered. “I’ll have to think about it, I guess.”

“Tomorrow night. Seven-thirty. Randy has the building and room number. Come along with him, if you want.” Cynthia settled back in the chair, and for the most part, the subject was dropped for the next hour.

Lisa finished out her day distracted by the idea that her son would be in a group session, and might let it out that she and he had been getting closer than a mother and son should. She was also fearful that he will end up bragging about having sex with his younger sister as well. Both were subjects that Lisa didn’t want discussed outside of her home. Before her day was completed, Lisa realized that the time had finally come that she’d been dreading, and that it was time to have a serious discussion on the entire matter with Randy, and maybe even Alyssa.


It was getting dark by the time Lisa arrived at home. It had been a long day and her feet ached, her back ached, and she was hungry. Above all else, she was still having difficulty coming to grips with how she wanted to bring up the things her son was doing in her own home. Having sex with both his mother and sister was not something a young man his age would keep to himself, and it wouldn’t be long before Lisa and her family would be the scandal of the town, she dreaded.

Once inside, Lisa dropped off her things in the living room. The television was on, but nobody was watching. “Randy? Alyssa?” she called, but didn’t get a reply. She went through to the kitchen and found it empty as well. A brief look out the back window showed that her children weren’t out back, either. The next thing that came to mind sent Lisa down the hallway towards the bedrooms.

“Alyssa?” she called as she reached for the door knob to her daughter’s room. “Are you in here?” She pushed open the door and found her daughter lying in her bed, the sheet pulled up to her chest, and a guilty look on her face. The stereo was on, tuned to the local pop music station, and one of Bruno Mars’s latest hits was playing. Alyssa’s straw-blonde hair was pulled into twin pony-tails to either side of her head, and she wore a yellow t-shirt. Lisa noticed that her daughter’s face looked a bit flushed, as well.

“Everything alright?” she asked her daughter. She took a few steps into her daughter’s pink-walled bedroom.

“Yes, Mom. I’m fine,” Alyssa insisted. “I’m just tired, is all. It was a long day at school. Too many tests. I just want to lie down and listen to some music, is all. Don’t you ever knock anymore?” Alyssa’s rambling made it clear to Lisa that there was more to her daughter’s early bed-time.

Lisa looked around the room briefly, noticing a couple of things. She gave her daughter a sly look and asked, “Are you playing with yourself?”

“Mom! That’s way too personal!” Alyssa replied. Lisa noticed her eyes dart to the closet and back. “I don’t play with myself! Can I just get some privacy? Please? Just a little?”

“Okay, dear,” Lisa nodded. “I’ll go start dinner. Or maybe I’ll just call in a pizza.”

“What-ever!” Alyssa barked as Lisa left her.

In the hallway, Lisa moved to her son’s bedroom door, but a quick look inside found it empty, just as she had expected. She started for her own bedroom when she heard her daughter’s door escort pendik open behind her. Lisa turned and saw Randy step into the hallway, carrying the tennis shoes she’d seen on the floor of Alyssa’s room. Randy saw her and Lisa recognized the look of guilt on his face.

“And where do you think you’re going?” she asked her son.

“I, um, I’ve got homework to do,” he stammered. “I’ll be in my room.” He started to push past her, but Lisa took hold of his arm and turned him to face her.

“I think it’s about time we had a talk, young man,” she told him. “About what’s been going on under this roof.” She turned him to face Alyssa’s door and gently guided him back through. “Come on, we’ve got things to discuss, as a family.”

Pushing Randy ahead of her, Lisa joined him back in her daughter’s bedroom. “Hey, what’s going on?” Alyssa gasped, pulling the sheet back up to her chest as her mother and brother entered uninvited.

“We’ve got some things to talk about, as a family,” Lisa announced.

“I think we’re caught,” Randy told Alyssa in a half whisper. He dropped onto the edge of his sister’s bed and looked at his mother.

Lisa suddenly discovered that she had no idea how to start. She glared at her children, one after the other. She wanted to scold them, but also wanted to hug them both. She was so confused, and it showed on her face. Finally, she shook her head, waved her arms in frustration, and dropped onto the old toy box bench that her father had built for Alyssa, many years ago. Two large stuffed animals sat to either side of her, a big white bunny and a golden-maned, baby-faced lion. Lisa took a deep breath.

“I know that you two have been doing things you shouldn’t be doing,” she finally said. Alyssa started to deny it, but Lisa held a hand up. “I saw you two having sex, so don’t bother denying it.”

“No!” Alyssa gasped.

“When?” Randy asked.

Lisa shook her head. “It doesn’t matter. Not anymore.” She looked at her son, seeing in his eyes that he wanted to say something. She wanted to beat him to it. She looked at Alyssa and admitted, “Randy and I have been having sex, also.”

“What?” Alyssa gasped. “You and mom?” she asked, shoving Randy. “You’ve been doing mom? I thought you were doing Nina and Tina.”

Randy looked at his sister, and with a grin he shrugged. “I’m doing Nina, Tina, and mom. Plus you.”

“You pig!” Alyssa gasped. She then looked to her mother and said, “How could you be doing that to your own son? It’s disgusting!”

“I really don’t know how to explain it, Alyssa,” Lisa admitted. “It just happened. And now we need to talk about what we, as a family, are going to do about it.”

“Well, I think Randy shouldn’t get a say either way,” Alyssa said. “He’s dicking everyone it seems. Why should his thoughts matter?”

“His thoughts matter because he is your brother, and my son, and part of this family,” Lisa explained.

“And I’m having sex with both of you!” he grinned.

Lisa asked, “Is that what was going on in here when I got home?”

Alyssa looked to her brother, and then replied, “We were about to. You interrupted us before we did anything, though. We were just making out, kissing, you know. Maybe feeling each other up a little.”

Lisa took a deep breath before she continued. She had been thinking it over, and knew that this would be the only chance she’d ever get to make this step in the right direction. “If you two want to continue making out, I won’t stop you.” She stood up. “I’ll leave you two alone, and I’ll go see to dinner.”

“No, mom! Don’t go!” Alyssa pleaded. Lisa looked at her daughter and saw a different look in her eyes. “I want you to stay.”

Lisa gave Randy a glance, and he grinned and nodded. “You want me to stay and watch?” she asked. “I don’t know if I could do that.”

“Just sit down,” Randy insisted. “If you get uncomfortable, then leave. If you want to join in, well, I won’t mind,” he added with a sly grin. He then turned to Alyssa, who was also grinning, and planted his mouth to hers. Alyssa kissed her brother back, anxiety of having their mother watching rushing out of her as her brother’s tongue slipped between her lips. Randy pushed the sheet down his sister’s body and revealed to Lisa that Alyssa had been completely naked from the waist down. She was surprised that her daughter had a completely shaved pussy. Her vaginal slit was long and pink, and the bud of her clit was very prominent, even from the distance Lisa sat watching from. Her daughter’s pussy was a duplicate of her own, she realized, with the exception of the triangle of dark blonde fur Lisa maintained for her son’s pleasure.

Randy reached between Alyssa’s thighs and began to stroke her slit. Alyssa spread herself wider for him as they kissed deeper. As her children’s passions heated up before her, Lisa tugged her skirt up her thighs and parted her knees. She reached into her panties and began to rub her own pussy, her fingers moving in time with her son’s as she watched her children. She pushed her hips forward to the edge of the bench and leaned back against the wall. Her free hand pulled the neckline of her top down below her left breast, and then lifted her breast out. She massaged her breast, watching as her daughter began to tug at Randy’s jeans.

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