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Big Tits


It all started one warm California night when I was 18 years old. After an evening at the club an older guy offered me a ride back to my quarters. Didn’t know that there was a double meaning to the ride thing. When you get right down to it could have walked the two blocks faster. He found a place to park between two cars where we were out of sight in front of my building. Didn’t even think this was strange at the time. He turned off the engine, and just left the radio playing. He had the radio tuned to some FM station playing music to fuck by. I asked him about his car, a stretch euro sedan. The car had cost him a bundle, but what he especially liked was the big backseat area. He told me that in the back you could seat five, three on the bench and two on the jump seat. Didn’t know that ‘jump’ had two meanings, but was about to find out.

The conversation such as it was lulled after a couple of minutes. He pushed his seat back all the way unbuckled his belt and pushed his trousers down around his ankles, not saying a word. My cock jumped and there was a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach, I didn’t know why. He pushed his shorts down and freed his cock, which I could see in the dim light from the radio, was semi hard. My cock hardened. Up to this time had made a point of never staring at other men or boys genitals. This time though I knew was something new and special, he got it out just for me to look at and excite me. For what seemed like a long period of time, it was very quiet in the front seat of the car, radio playing softly in the background, warm and humid. He moved so there was room away from the steering wheel with his cock held invitingly straight up in the air. Believe I saw it wink at me and say ‘Come on down.’ Reaching over I touched him, his cock was soft and warm, I held it up leaned over, opened my mouth, engulfed his cock and began to suck him. Recall thinking this was what I was supposed to do, a nice gesture to repay him for the ride he had given me, and the one I was about to give him. It took me a moment or two to get the rhythm going, but soon I was bobbing up and down on his shaft sucking him off. It was a very warm feeling that came over me as I sucked him, as if this was what I was meant to do. He rubbed my neck as I made love to him. It felt good having his hand rest on my neck encouraging me to suck. Was expecting him to cum at any second but this didn’t happen. The silky feel of the cock in my mouth as it pulsed and hardened exciting me further.

When I got him hard with my mouth, he pushed me into the back seat took down my trousers and sunk his cock in me. My chest was on the back seat, knees on the floor and he was kneeling behind me sinking his cock in deeper and deeper. To gain leverage he had me by the hips with both hands as he fucked me. The cock moving into me caused me to get the hardest erection of my life. He got after me for fifteen or twenty minutes. I know that seems like a long time, but that is to the best of my memory, he rode me high and tight. Guess going for a ride with him meant something more like ass or gas no one rides free. Somewhere during the fucking I had dropped a load of cum on his backseat.

There was an awkward minute or two after he came. With his balls emptied in me he was happy. I got dressed and left. Guess I should have thanked him for discovering me. He must have fucked lots of young men, assume this since he handled me so easily. When he had taken me in the back seat, he had my ass peeled like a banana, in position and entered in nothing flat. Takes lots of experience to do that.

Looking at the car as I went inside, all the windows were fogged over with the moisture we had generated during our lovemaking. Any cop going by that had looked at the car as he passed would have know someone was getting fucked in that auto. Now I can see why they are called jump seats, as that was where I first got jumped.

Well now gentle reader had no idea that I would suck a man’s cock or let that same man fuck me. I had no real sexual experience up to this point. In my mind had never envisioned that my first real sex would be me blowing a man, then letting him fuck me. Strange how these things work out, first sex, and I am the girl.

Shortly after this discovery of my newfound sexual activities, was transferred back east. It took a while to catch on but soon learned about curb cruisers. At that point in time the only reason to be hitchhiking late at night was to meet someone, and the only reason to be driving around was the same.

My first night looked like a bust. Walking up and down the pike, no one seemed interested. Was just about to call it an evening when a compact Buick went by, slowed and circled the block. The car came up behind me slow, cops were still a problem at that time and place, but this was not even close to a cop car. The driver slowed, leaned over and opened the passenger side window: “Need a lift?” He asked.

“Yeh.” And I hopped in.

“Where you headed?” He asked.

“Just around, you know.” Was my carefully thought out reply.
“How far will you go?”

“Like, all the way.”

“I need to take a leak, too much beer, lemme stop for just a moment.” He made a left turn onto the residential street he had just circled and parked his car under a tree. By this time it was close to midnight and all the houses were dark. We just sat there in the dark for a couple of minutes, and then I felt his hand on my thigh. I reached down and moved it to my cock and he began to massage me.

This continued for a minute or so, I got up the courage and reached over and started to massage him. Pretty soon we were both fumbling with out zippers, and had our trousers down for better access to each other. We continued to grope each other for a couple more minutes. I was getting into feeling him up. He turned sideways on the bench seat giving better access to his cock and balls. I lay down on the seat and took him in my mouth and begin to suck him. He reached around my back and jerked me off as I ate him. He must have been horny, I was just getting into what I was doing when he laid a hand atop my head and began to hump his cock into my mouth. I grabbed his hips pulling him into me and he came. The sucking continued until he went limp in my mouth.

He made no effort to suck me, guess having just tossed his cookies in my mouth took the edge off his desire. Did this bother me, no not in the least, had done what had driven me out that night.

That’s the way things went for the next couple of years, I would go out and get picked up most nights. I’d suck the driver, or he would suck me. Most of the sex was confined to this slam, bam, type of stuff since the police were still a problem back then. Personally never had a run with the cops, but the arrest reports in the paper listed lots of activities.


We go forward a couple of years and I was living on the north side of the county. One free evening went out to try my luck. It was spring and it was a very pleasant evening. Within a very short period of time got picked up by a young guy in a brand new car. At the time I was twenty-three and he turned out to be nineteen. Giving my thigh a squeeze he asked if I would be willing to go to his home. Agreed and off we went.

Turned out to be not all that far from my apartment, but a world of difference. His home was a large raised ranch with a full basement. The driveway was large enough for full court basketball. He had his own apartment in the basement away from his parents prying eyes.

Not wanting to be interrupted by kayseri escort bayan an irate parent I asked him about access to his apartment. He told me it was sealed off from the upstairs and the only entrance was the one I used.

The apartment was one large room, sort of a studio apartment. Centered in the room was a queen size bed (no pun intended) and off to the back was a small living room like setup with couch, coffee table and TV. Off to the rear was a full bath.

I was about to learn about the delights of fucking and sucking in a secure location. We started necking, kissing and fondling one another and pretty soon with all the fumbling we were both totally naked. We lay down on the bed continuing to kiss as we played with each other’s balls and cocks. It didn’t take long for us both to harden. He got up and reversed himself and introduced me to 69. He swallowed my cock and I swallowed his. We licked each other’s balls, kissed and tongued the cocks. Then got down to serious business. We embraced each other’s hips and he began to thrust. He had merely closed the screen door and hadn’t shut the main door. So there was a gently breeze full of warm spring air that wafted across us as we made love to each other’s cocks. It’s was one of those moments you wish could last.

Then he came, moaning softly as he filled my mouth. Tasting him my own cock reacted and filled his mouth. We continued to suck each other for a couple more minutes, guess that is what you call decompressing.

It is really fun to feel your cock in your lover’s mouth and feel his throat move as he swallows. Almost as good as the feeling when he cums in you, and you feel it slide down your throat as he drives it in. You swallow quickly so you can continue sucking.

The evening was still young. He used the bathroom first then I went in washed myself and came back out to the bed. He was sitting on the edge of the mattress, legs spread, and semi hard. Leaning over we kissed, then he gently pushed me down, I kneeled and began to suck him. Took my time enjoying myself. Licking his balls, licking his cock, then I ate him to full erection. At this point fully hard he got up and pushed me around until I was lying flat on the bed. He had a bottle of lotion by the bed, covered himself with it, next he lubricated his finger and began to probe me touching my prostate, getting me ready. Then he entered me. He fucked me slowly for eight or nine minutes until I couldn’t stand it any longer and started thrusting back. There was a furious thrusting from him and my thrusting back, he came in me, and I shot all over his bed. We both collapsed, he continued to kiss my back as we lay there.

Both exhausted he drove me back to where he had picked me up and we parted. Due to the sensitivity of my job at that time, made it a point not to give my real name or any contact information. But I would have like to have had another go around with this individual. Had several more encounters like this before I gave up the curb cruising, substituting certain establishments full of individuals with interests similar to mine.


Late in the winter I was in a management-training program. After finishing up what looked like a successful day decided to treat my self to a brew or two. Parked my car and went into a bar just off K St. It was Happy Hour and the place was packed, everyone in their three-piece suits, most with topcoats, as it was still chilly. I ordered a draft and looked the place over. It was a clean establishment, had a kitchen and a long bar at which I was standing. As I was starting into my second beer and young guy took the seat next to me. In a matter of minutes we were chattering away like old friends. He was a year or two older than I and was some sort of outside salesman. After about an hour he allowed as how he had to get to his apartment: “My car is in the shop, and it’s a ten block walk, need to get going.”

“I’d be happy to give you a ride.” I replied.

“Gee, that would be great, just between us do you mess around?” He asked.

“Yeah, I do, I can give you two rides if you like.”

That pretty much sealed the deal; off we went, the ten blocks turned out to be a little further than that. He had an apartment in an old converted row house that had once been a one family. Now it was divided into three apartments. His was on the second floor.

Brief case in hand he led the way fumbling for his keys. He got the door open and pointed out the coat rack to me where I could hang my topcoat and suit jacket. He didn’t bother turning on any lights, probably figuring he would feel his way. There was a streetlight just out side the window that cast a dim glow over the room.

“Want a beer?” He asked.

“Yes, one more couldn’t hurt.” He went into the kitchen the refrigerator light came on and lit up the living room. The furniture was old-fashioned Victorian type couch and chairs. Very expensive, very uncomfortable.

Coming back in he handed me an imported beer, which sort of matched the furniture. “Want a glass?”

“No, this will be fine.” We sat down next to one another on the couch, and started to kiss and neck. He had his hand on my cock and I had mine on his while we explored each other’s mouths. Then the ties and shirts came off, next the trousers and shorts, and we could touch and feel the items that we liked. He started kissing my nipples and biting them which got me heated up. I leaned over and took him in my mouth and started to suck him. After a couple of minutes he whispered: “Get on your knees, let me fuck you.”

By this time we were both on the floor I was kneeling with my body straight as he came up behind me with his hard cock ready for me. He put one arm around me to hold me steady as he worked his cock up into me. Then he introduced me to something new; he reached around and begin to massage my cock. The pressure of his cock inside me, and his hand loving me was exquisite. It made me respond by moving my ass backward in time to his stroking me. That was probably the best fucking I had ever had up to that point, and was disappointed when he shot his load into me.

We leaned back against the couch to catch our breath; I could feel his cum leaking out. He got up to get rid of some beer; I heard the water running in the bath after he relieved himself. When he returned I got up and padded into the bathroom, still leaking down my leg, and cleaned up a bit myself.

After getting him off and out of me, returned to the living room. He was seated on the floor still naked with two fresh beers. I sat down next to him reached over and gave his cock a pat. “Did you enjoy your ride?”

“Yes, that was just the kind of ride home I needed.” He replied, I could tell he was grinning at me.

“Well you can’t ride on one leg now can you.” I said. Leaning over I licked his cock then proceeded to blow him. Pretty soon was on my knees between his legs in the classic blowjob position. He was an aggressive little fellow, which I knew from the way he fucked me. He grabbed my head and pushed his cock in as far as it would go, fucking my mouth, until he came. I licked him off, kissing the head and riming him until he got truly soft.

Of course after that I got dressed and left, what one would call a successful day.


Most encounters are just sort of hit or miss occasionally thought you have one and you say to yourself, I like this because this is what sex is all about. Was traveling up state and staying in a small city in the foothills of the Allegany Mountains. The town fascinated me because driving in at night you came down a long kayseri bayan escort two mile run into the valley and there was the town laid out before you. Unfortunately it was daylight when I arrived. Checked into the motel, had supper and decided to be cool that evening. Being cool didn’t mean unoccupied so went over a mall near the motel to visit the books store, see if there were any new detective novels.

The Internet is fine, digital books are fine, but being old fashioned I like bookstores. I enjoy the feel of a book in my hands, paperback or hard cover. The books store in the mall was a local affair, cluttered, and disorganized, in other words a real bookstore. Wandering the isles looking for the mystery novels, stopped for a moment in the health section. There on the upper shelf was a book that caught my eye. The title escapes me now, haven’t seen a similar book since, gist was positions for boys to make love to boys. In a surreptitious manner took the book off the shelf and began to scan the pages. There were no photographs, the book was line art, with text, but the message was very clear. The first picture showed a pair of boys locked in a sixty-nine position. The next showed two boys, one standing, the other kneeling making lover to the standing boys cock. Hands of the kneeling boy were embracing the standing boys ass. While the other boy was holding his lover’s head. The third picture showed a boy on all fours being taken from behind in a classic doggy style fucking. It reminded me of what I like to do.

By this time I had a raging hard-on, and was hoping no one would notice me with my trousers tented out. So much for the interest in a mystery novel. Left the mall and proceeded to a local bar I had found on previous visits, that catered to individuals of similar persuasions. By this time it was nine o’clock and the place had a good crowd for a weekday evening. Taking into account that in the upstate area bars close at 1AM, things have to get going early or you are out of luck.

It didn’t take long, about two beers, and I was hooked up with a local guy. The place was getting more and more crowded as the evening progressed. We danced along with several other single sex couples. There were no women in the place; all the couples on the dance floor were males. I told him about my visit to the Mall Bookstore and how all of the line art it had gotten me all steamy. The whole evening began to take on an unreal dream like quality.

On about the fourth beer I said: “One of the most intriguing things about this town is coming in on the hill and seeing it all laid out like a picture taken from an airplane.”

“You think that is good from the interstate, I know a place that is even better, want to go for a little ride.” He said.

“More than you can imagine.” We left the bar and climbed into his truck in the parking lot. It was an old Ford pick-up truck. When I say old, it still had the gearshift on the steering column. The cabin of the truck was quite large with a bench seat. He drove north out of town, across the interstate and up a two-lane blacktop. It was a winding road, with hairpins and switchbacks but finally we got to the top. There was a small parking area at the top. He pulled into to the edge of the hill. Apparently this was a popular area to come and watch the city’s submarine races. Laid out before me was a view of the little city, yellow lights flickering in the haze as if one was in an airplane coming in for a landing.

“Some view isn’t it?” He said.

“Yes, it is great.” We turned to one another and kissed. There in the little park atop the hill we necked like a couple of teenagers on a date. I opened my shirt and he sucked my nipples. The he took his shirt off and I sucked his tits. Our trousers went down around our knees, we continued to kiss and play with each others cock and balls. After this long session it was very easy for us to lie down on the seat and suck each other. For the next twenty or so minutes I made love to his cock and balls, and he made love to mine. Licking and sucking we were both hard Then it got critical, I embraced his ass and sucked him deep into my mouth so he could fuck my throat. He did the same to me;
we lay there thrusting at each other. Don’t know who came first, but we both stayed after it long after the cum had slid down our throats.

It was quiet in the cab of the truck as we recovered. After a couple of minutes the cool night air began to chill me so I sat up and got dressed. Before we could leave he had to clear the inside of the windows, they had fogged over from the heat we generated. He drove slowly back to the bar. The parking lot was deserted except for my car, it being long past closing time. He pulled in beside my car and shut off the engine. Leaning over we kissed again, I felt my cock jump, he was ready to get with it again. Whispering in his ear I asked him: ?Let me eat you again.”

He moved side ways and pushed his trousers down. I caressed his cock then slid my hand underneath him and inserted a finger and massaged his prostate. He let out a soft moan, leaning over I took him in my mouth and blew him until I felt his rectum contract and his prostate spasm as he came.

As I said the whole evening had an unreal dream like quality to it, more romantic than anything else. I would wanted him to fuck me, but the truck’s cab wouldn’t allow that and I didn’t want to try to sneak him into my motel room. In the aftermath did stop by the bar whenever I was staying in that city, but never saw him again.

As an aside, whenever I pass a car in a parking lot, or rest area and see the windows fogged over wonder who is doing what and with which and to whom.


During my travels was staying in my old hometown. I was in one of my moods where I was trying to reform, stay out of the bars, and give up the one-night stands. It was probably a bad idea but I went downtown to the old retail section of the city. It had fallen on hard times, there were vacant lots where stores once were located, many of the national chains had moved to the suburban malls and just about deserted. Found a parking spot on one of the side streets and went to an old movie theatre. With the cinema complexes around the town, these old fashioned theatres had taken to showing XXX films. You are probably saying to yourself this is a dumb idea if you are trying to reform, and you would be right.

Of course one of the reasons I have never gotten into trouble on these little forays, is I am careful. Don’t grope people in theatres, don’t solicit people or offer money. So have maintained a clean record. I sat through the first of the double features, making sure I was far from any of the few other clients. Nature called and I had to relieve myself so proceeded to the men’s room. First thing that struck home was the place was like an Army latrine, no partitions. Then as I looked around the room a tableau much better than the film was being acted out. A gentleman was seated on a commode and was sucking off another gentleman standing in front of him. They must have heard me because as I stood there they both turned and looked at me. The guy standing came at this instant covering the seated gentleman with a copious amount of cum.

Backing out of the room so they could have their private moment, decided maybe reforming could wait for another day. Walking back to my car spied a small bar right next to where I was parked. What the heck, lets go have a beer. There was a pretty good crowd inside, but I found a seat at the bar, and ordered up a draft. Didn’t think my prospects were good in this place. I thought to have one beer then head to another part of town where there was better chance of finding a partner for the evening. Part of the bar’s decorations was college memorabilia and the other part was stuff heads of animals that had been bagged by the owner.

Was about half way through my beer, when a voice asked: “Is this seat taken.”

Turning I saw a large well dressed African American: “No, no, its completely empty, I’m here by myself.”

“Good.” He said, sliding on to the seat. Perhaps accidental his leg brushed my thigh as he sat down. “You from around here?”

“Originally, I live down south now.” I replied.

“Just wondered you look familiar.” He grinned.

“Bet you say that to all the girls don’t you.” Such witty repartee.

We introduced ourselves. He turned out to be a graduate assistant at the college.

“What are you working on? I asked.

“English lit.” He relied.

“Scholarship, or fellowship I guess is the proper term graduate assistants.”

“No had the GI bill for my undergraduate degree and now its catch as catch can. I want to teach, but to get a job need that PhD.”

“Heck if I would have guessed would have thought you were a football player, what are you 6’2” and 240?”

“Nah, no natural athletic ability, just big.” His hand rested on my thigh.

“Are you big all over?” I asked.

“No complaints so far.” His hand rode up a little higher.

Looking up at the long deceased animals on the wall I said: “Wonder who stuffed and mounted all of them.”

“Don’t have the foggiest notion, but speaking of ‘stuffing and mounting’ would you like to come back to my place for a beer?”

Being mounted and stuffed was high on my list of things I wanted to do that evening so quickly agreed. We finished our beers and walked outside. “My place is only two blocks from here, short blocks at that, if you don’t mind walking, there is no place to park over there.”

Have spent a lifetime walking distances that were inaccurate estimations, this turned out not to be the case. It really was two blocks. He had the bottom half of a two family; it consisted of a small kitchen, living room, bath, and a bedroom. Inside it was what you would expect a graduate assistant in English Lit. To look like. Books everywhere, and where there were no books there were stacks of papers. The only clear space was on the floor.

“Sorry about the mess. Mid-terms coming, papers to grade all of that.”

“Doesn’t bother me I like messes.”

“Let me get us a beer, you can put you coat on the rack, but going to have to sit on the floor. Sort of Indian style.”

Have to admit I curious. Am sure he had plenty of white lovers, but I had never had a black one before and wondered what it would be like. He came back in with two beers and hand me one and slipped the cap off his.

Now at this point we both knew what we wanted and what was going to happen so there was no use in prolonging the suspense. I got up on my knees in front of him, unbuckled his trousers and slid them down he wasn’t wearing shorts. That’s a sure sign he was out for fun tonight. I kissed the head of his dick and began to lick and suck the head.

“Oh my, you are good aren’t you.” He said.

Talking my mouth off his cock I said: “You’re the one that promised to stuff and mount me.” Then I went back to sucking him. Cupping his ass with my hands I pulled him into me and sucked him until he started to thrust back as he was about to cum. I teased him a bit pulling back just licking the end with my tongue until his leg started to shake. I gripped his balls and pulled him in and sucked until he gave me his load.

“Wow, that was something. I think I better sit down too.” He sat down on the floor next to me. Took a couple of swigs of beer and exhale long and loud. I proceeded to completely undress. His breathing had returned to normal.

Leaning over I whispered: “You don’t mind do you?” Then I kissed him, he could probably taste himself in my mouth. His hand stole into my crotch and began to fondle my cock. I did the same to him; we necked like that for a while. Then he proceeded to get completely undressed. We kissed again long and deep then he started down my body, licking, sucking my nipples until he found my cock. He licked and sucked me for a couple of minutes, then moved down and sucked my balls. I was beginning to moan from the tension. He lifted my legs so I was spread wide and preceded to eat me out. I was feeling all open and soft from his tongue in me.

He pushed my legs back around my waist and proceeded to enter me with his cock. I wiggled and thrust up getting him in as deep as possible. When was in as deep as possible I wrapped my legs around his waist he leaned forward and we locked lips. That mounting and stuffing went very well. We got a rhythm going and the harder he thrust in the harder I thrust back. I had deliberately sucked him off first so he would last longer, and he did. I was bowlegged for a week after he was done with me.

After he shot off, he leaned back and stoked my cock, he only had to touch it once and I came. He withdrew I rolled over stuck my ass in the air as an invitation and he mounted me from behind and we were off again. Being young means quick recovery.

After that we were pretty much spent. I had drained everything he had, and he had done and excellent job of mounting and stuffing me. In retrospect, he was one of the better lovers I have had, and probably more considerate than most. What if boils down to is cocks are cocks regardless of their color. If you like to suck them and be fucked it doesn’t matter they all do the job.


You know the old joke: What color was the ground when the Indian’s were dispatching Gen. Custer and his men at the little big horn? Answer later.

Seems to be a lot of concern over the size of penis these days. At least ten emails a day advising me to take this or that to increase size without effort. It is of course not real. But the discussion of size continues, so will give you my view. Doesn’t Matter. Well why do you say that. Because anything over a mouthful is useless and wasted. On top of which lots of individuals with large units feel all they have to do is show up, and not make any effort. You are supposed to be overcome by their size.

Now if this seems a bit redundant, remember there are only so many ways to skin a cat. It was spring in the Mid Atlantic area and a very nice evening. I got picked-up by an older man, say in his mid thirties, to my twenties at the time. He took me to his place in an expensive neighborhood. He was married but his wife was out of town, as I recall he told me she was in Europe visiting relatives. He was European also. After some conversation we got to the point of the evening. His cock was average size, average being 5.5”, I know this because I was sucking it and it fit very nicely in my mouth. His balls on the other hand were gigantic, the size of large hen’s eggs or small lemons. The vas felt like hoses as I sucked his groin. We were in a sixty-nine so I had a good chance to observe all these items close up and personal. Of course this was after the act when I analyzed the evening. At the time all that interested me was the sex, my sucking him, and him sucking me.

Of course the answer to the little joke at the beginning of this section is ‘white.’ Because those Indians kept cuming and cuming and cuming. Well when my European friend started cuming, he filled my mouth two or three times, his balls really produced a lot. Perhaps this was some characteristic of his country, average prick but large balls. After our initial encounter, he recovered sufficiently to fuck me. I rode home in a puddle of his cum when leaked out.

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