The Island Ch. 3

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After dinner, we all cleared the plates. I can’t remember who it was, but someone suggested we go get some ice cream. Jen & I jumped at the offer and in 10 minutes, we were all off the ice cream shop. Since it was a beautiful, warm night, we decided to sit outside & eat our cones. I was taking a bite when I looked up and saw Jen staring at me. I watched as she winked & began to lick the cone in a way that set my dick twitching. Ice cream had even dripped onto her hand & she began licking it up. She licked the cone just like she licked me. My cock was getting harder by the minute, but wearing loose shorts, I knew I had to turn away otherwise, I’d be showing everyone my hard-on. My Dad called Jen to show her something & while their heads were turned, I looked at Mom, who proceeded to lick her cone from bottom to top, giving her tongue a flick when she hit the top. “Damn!…I can’t get away from this. My dick will never shrink down with them doing that” I thought.

When we got home, we had decided to play a game. We all changed into our sleeping clothes & met back in the living room. Since I just wear boxers & a t-shirt, I was the first one out. I almost popped wood when Jen came out wearing a loose fitting tank top & a tight pair of stretchy-cotton boxers. As I was whispering to her that she’s going to get me hard in front of everybody, Mom came out. For any newcomers, my Mom is a real hottie. My sister is the spitting image of her, only younger. I was not uncommon for them to be mistaken as sisters, rather than mother-daughter. Anyway, Mom came out wearing the same thing as Jen, only where Jen’s was white, Mom’s was black. She sat next to me, while Jen was across from me. The two of them teased me all night, especially Jen, who, every time she bent over to roll the dice & move her piece, I got a quick flash of her braless tits. This kept me on edge for the length of the game.

When we were done, Dad said that he was going to go to sleep & much to her displeasure, grabbed Mom’s hand & brought her in with him. Jen & I were watching some TV when Jen got bored bostancı escort & flipped over to the satellite. She started flipping through when she came across the porno channels. Her eyes lit up & she re-positioned herself next to me. She turned out the lights & turned down the volume. We could hear it, but didn’t feel the need to have Dad hear it. She propped herself next to me & leaned on my shoulder. She was beginning to get fidgety & grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch. She spread it over both of us & rested her hand on my thigh. We watched this young blonde giving head to an equally young guy. “Hey…that kind of looks like us” she said, as her hand crept up my lap to my cock. My cock was already hard from the porno so she was treated to a nice surprise. She grabbed it and started stroking it. “The only difference is that she doesn’t suck cock like this” and in one fluid motion, sank her mouth down to the base of my cock, deep throating the entire length. I fought off every urge to scream out. It felt soooo good when she did that. She picked her head up & smiled at me. I leaned in & kissed her passionately. She pulled away & resumed her expert cock-sucking.

With all that was going on, we didn’t hear Mom come in the room. She stood off to the side & watched her handsome, young son getting an expert blowjob from his beautiful younger sister. I rolled my head around & saw her standing there, her top pulled up over her big tits & her hand moving inside her now wet shorts. I smiled, put my finger to my lips to shush her & motioned for her to come over. She walked over, stripping along the way & got behind Jen.

As Jen’s head was facing my belly, she had no idea Mom was here. Mom bent down & quickly pulled Jen’s head off my cock & before Jen could react, kissed her like I’ve never seen two people kiss before. Jen’s eyes opened wide due to the quickness of the action but quickly closed as she realized it was ok. Mom pulled away & asked “Mind if I have some”. “Sur…be my guest” answered Jen. Mom pulled her hair to the side ümraniye escort bayan & just like Jen, swallowed my cock down to the hilt. At one point, Mom held my cock & pointed it towards Jen, who, leaned in & sucked it into her mouth. I was in Heaven, watching my Mom & Sister taking turns sucking my cock.

“So tell me, little girl….are you any good at eating pussy?” Mom asked.

“Hmmm…well…let me show you” was Jen’s reply.

What a sight we were….me sitting on the couch, Mom between my legs sucking my cock & Jen laying on her back with Mom sitting on her face. Judging by the moans coming from Mom’s stuffed mouth, Jen was true to her word. She ate Mom’s pussy like she had been doing it for years! Her tongue must have been better than I thought because in no time, Mom was cumming. She was moaning on my cock & I could feel her body stiffening as she came. When she was coming around, she swallowed my cock & held it down her throat. I was the next to go as I yelled “I’m cumming” and started shooting my load. Mom did her best to swallow it, but she couldn’t. She gave a loud groan as she gagged on my cum & almost threw it back up. I finished shooting my load all over her face. I ended up shooting it in her hair & over her nose and lips. As I had promised her, Jen moved from under her & began to lick my cum off of Mom. They began kissing & as I sat there, I watched Mom & Jen sharing my cum.

We lay there, panting & sweating. We sat & told Mom about how we both got started with each other & Mom started getting turned on all over again.

“Well…I think there’s someone here who didn’t get a chance to cum” said Mom. With that, she pulled Jen down & spread her legs & began to eat her daughter’s bald cunt. Apparently, Mom was as good a pussy-licker as she is a cock-sucker. As I watched Mom’s tongue darting in & out of Jen’s cunt, I saw Jen’s face begin to contort & scrunch up as her first orgasm began to hit.

“Oh God, Mom….you’re making me cum!” she moaned. My Mom stopped long enough to say “Do it…cum in your Mom’s kartal escort mouth!” With a grunt & a twitch of her hips, Jen exploded into Mom’s mouth. I had never seen it before, but I was amazed as I saw a stream of cum shoot out of Jen’s cunt & hit Mom right in the face. Mom held Jen’s legs & kept eating her until she almost passed out. With a glazed look in her eyes, Jen worked up enough strength to say “DO it…Fuck Mom!”

I moved behind Mom & ran my cock up & down her cunt lips before slowly sliding it in. Mom moaned loudly as my cock sliced into her. I started off slow & picked up my pace until I was fucking Mom hard! She was grabbing onto Jen for support as I fucked her hard & fast.

“Mom….do you think I can have some of that?” asked Jen in her best little girl voice.

“Sure, sweetie…come & get it!” Mom said.

Mom slid off my cock & Jen crawled over & took her place. Mom was amazed at how easily my cock slid in to her . I fucked Jen as hard as I did Mom & soon, she was cumming all over my cock. Mom crawled around & pulled my cock out of her, sucked it clean & put it back in. She did this a number of times before letting me just fuck her.

“Shit…I’m close to cumming!” I said…

“Mark..cum in me…cum in me!” screamed Jen. I looked over at Mom & she said “Well…you have your orders…cum inside your sister!”

In about 4 more strokes & I shot a load of cum that I think came from my toes. My cock expanded inside Jen & I felt squirt after squirt fill her up. Jen could feel my cock twitching inside her and gave in to the sensations, cumming again all over my cock. After what seemed like hours, I finally pulled out & watched as Mom got on her knees & sucked my shrinking cock. She was moaning & told us how good both of her children’s cum tasted. She then moved over & let Jen lick some off.

Before we knew it, the sun was coming up & we each moved to our respective rooms for a quick 2 hour nap. Dad got up & bellowed that he didn’t want to get stuck in weekend traffic so to hurry up & pack so we could leave. As before, Mom went with Dad & Jen rode with me. Of course, Mom & Jen slept the whole way home. As tired as I was, I felt charged as I remembered my fantastic two weeks, licking, sucking & fucking Mom & Jen. I knew life at home would never be the same!

Boy was I right!

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