The Good Girl Ch. 06a

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I felt warm cum rolling down my chest as my eyes slowly started to crack open. My face felt wet and slick as I blinked against the light, consciousness returning to me slowly. My throat felt raw and my muscles ached as I looked down and watched the white fluid rolling down my tits and collecting in my navel. Some of it had overflowed and several streams ran down my sides and wet the sheets beneath me. I could taste cum on my lips and in my mouth. Slowly the last 2 days came flooding back into my foggy mind…


Exactly a month after my fantasy night at the club, another drawing was held. Shannon and I were the ones who pulled the name of the winner at the drawing.

The woman who won, Vanessa, I remembered from my own fantasy night. She’d sat next to me on the bed with a glass of champagne and teased me while I was getting fucked. Walking up to us in a long, slinky, black dress, Shannon and I couldn’t help but gawk a little. I hadn’t really noticed before, since I was busy writhing in ecstasy with a cock pounding my pussy, but she was incredibly beautiful. She looked a little older than me and Shannon, maybe late twenties, and she had an incredible grace that oozed confidence and power. She had long, dark hair and a figure that most 20 year old’s would die for. Her well-toned arms made it obvious she kept her body in tip-top shape.

What she requested for her fantasy was surprising to say the least.

“I want you two.” she said.

Shannon and I glanced at each other.

“What?” we said in unison.

“I want you two to be my husband and I’s sex slaves for a weekend. I know this is an unusual request for one of these things, but there’s no other fantasy right now that I’d rather have fulfilled.” She turned to me and looked right in my eyes. “I haven’t stopped thinking about you since that night, Heather. You looked so fucking hot covered in all that cum.” Her hand wandered down and pressed into her mound, making the dress ride up a little on her toned thighs. “Every time I think about it, my pussy gushes. I want to do all the things to you that I said I would, and more.”

Shannon and I looked at each other again, not saying anything, but exchanging a knowing look.

“OK. We’ll do it.” I smiled.

“You won’t be sorry.” she grinned. “Don’t worry, we treat our slaves very well.”

She pulled out a little slip of paper and handed it to me.

“Be at that address, tomorrow afternoon. Dress in something sexy and just bring an overnight bag.” She leaned in and gave both of us a lingering kiss. “See you then.”

She turned and walked away, leaving me and Shannon to ponder what we’d just signed up for.

Shannon and I fidgeted around nervously the next day until it was time to go. We packed up a couple little bags and dressed up like Vanessa had instructed. I put on a tiny pair of shorts that barely covered my ass and tank top that showed off my cleavage. Shannon put on a little mini-dress with a tight t-shirt.

The address Vanessa had given us was inside a gated community. As we pulled up to the house our jaws dropped. It was huge. Vanessa and her husband were obviously very well-off. The house was 2 stories, with a giant entryway flanked by columns. There was a short stairway that led up to a big pair of maple double doors. We parked the car and headed up the stairs. Shannon grabbed the door knocker and banged it twice.

The door opened and Shannon greeted us in an amazingly sexy outfit. She had on a black mesh body-stocking, with a black leather bra and skirt. She was wearing stiletto heels, a pair of black gloves and her hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She almost looksed like a dominatrix.

“Hello ladies. Follow me please.” she led us into a large foyer and off to a small side bedroom. There was a pair of matching outfits laying on the bed inside bed.

“Leave your things in here and put these on.” she said, motioning to the clothes on the bed. I could tell she was trying to act dominant, but she couldn’t hide the huge grin that was about to escape from her face. “John and I will be waiting. When you’re ready, come on out.”

She left the room and closed the door behind her. Shannon and I just stood there for a minute, looking at each other.

“I wonder how often they do this?” Shannon said.

“I’m guessing a lot.” I laughed.

I grabbed one of the outfits and looked at it. I could tell it was going to look deliciously slutty. There was a pink and black corset, a tiny black thong, a pair of pink stockings, black fuck-me heels, and a black collar that said “SLAVE” in pink letters. Shannon’s outfit matched mine, but had opposite colors. Her collar, heels, and thong were pink, and her stockings were black.

Once we were dressed we stepped outside where Vanessa was waiting.

“My my, don’t you two look delicious.” she grinned. “Well, come on then my little slaves!”

She grabbed both of our hands and led us, our heels clacking on the marble floor, into a master bedroom where her husband was waiting. The room was huge and extravagently decorated, bahçelievler escort with a giant 4-post king bed in the center. Vanessa’s husband was the typical tall, dark, and handsome, wearing a black polo-shirt and slacks. Vanessa closed the door and went to stand next to him, giving him a deep kiss. Me and Shannon stood and watched. Finally she broke the kiss and faced us.

“This is my husband, John.” she said, turning toward him. “Say hello to our slaves for the weekend, hun!”

“Hi ladies.” he said quietly.

“Aww..” Vanessa cooed, turning away and walking to us. “John’s a little shy, but don’t worry, he’ll warm up soon.”

She circled me, running her fingertips lightly along the curve of my smooth, exposed ass, then over the top of the corset, and along my neck, studying me. My pussy tingled as her fingers glided softly over my skin. She stood behind me and wrapped an arm around my waist, leaning over my shoulder and whispering in my ear.

“Be a good little slave and go suck his cock.”

Without a word I knelt in front of John, grabbing the huge bulge pressing against the front of his pants. I grabbed his belt and yanked the pants down, watching as his cock bounced free.

“Mmmm…” I moaned, wrapping my fingers around the base and started massaging it. He had a perfect cock. Not too long, but smooth and wide with a fat mushroom head. And he was uncut. I love uncut cocks. There’s more to play with!

I pulled the skin back and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, making it shiny and wet. Then I slid the skin back over his head and pushed my tongue underneath, rolling it all around and watching as the outline of the pointed tip of my tongue slid along his head. I pulled my tongue out and lifted his cock up, taking his big balls into my mouth and swirling my tongue around, getting them nice and wet. I took my hand off as Shannon knelt next to me and engulfed his cock in her mouth. Her lips glided up and down, making him glisten as my tongue played with his balls. He groaned, leaning his head back and putting a hand on the back of Shannon’s head, forcing her down on him. I watched her throat bulge as he pushed her all the way down. He held her there until she started struggling, then let go. She pulled back and his cock flopped out as she gasped for air, little stings of saliva stretching between her lips and the glistening head.

He grabbed us both by the hair and dragged us over to the bed, tossing us down on it. Vanessa climbed up behind me and started undoing my corset. I reached down to unstrap my heels and she smacked my hand.

“We didn’t make you wear those fuck-me heels just for you to take them off when you get fucked.”

She finished undoing the corset and yanked it off, followed by my thong, grabbing me behind my stocking covered knees and spreading me open.

“Come and fuck our little slave, baby.” she said to John.

My pussy was soaked as he climbed on top of me and positioned his cock at the entrance. I gasped as the big head split my shiny labia and he thrust forward, the entire length of his cock sinking into my cunt.

“Jesus your pussy is tight.” he moaned, covering my body with his.

“I’m glad you like it, Sir.” I sighed, smiling to myself.

He growled when he heard me say Sir, and started pounding my pussy like crazy, his balls slapping against my ass. Vanessa pulled my knees back even further, my heels bouncing around as his hips crashed into me. I wrapped my arms around his back and dug my nails into his ass, pulling him into me harder.

“Get on her face, slave!” Vanessa ordered Shannon. Her voice was breathy with lust as she watched her husband pound me into submission.

Shannon stripped off her little thong and climbed over me as Vanessa grabbed my ankles and spread me wider so my feet were sticking straight out. Shannon grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face into her pussy as I snaked my tongue between her slippery lips. Her sweet juices flowed freely from her pussy. I could tell watching me get fucked had turned her on like crazy.

Vanessa let go of my legs and I watched as she grabbed Shannon’s face in her hands and they mashed their lips together. I caught fleeting glimpses of their tongues intertwined as Vanessa devoured her mouth. John started slam-fucking me harder, the force of his thrusts making my tits bounce and my mouth slide back and forth over the full length of Shannon’s delicious slit as I moved back and forth on the soft bed.

I heard her moan as my tongue swirled around her clit and I wrapped my arms around her thighs, pulling her down harder, and smushing her puffy pussy lips over my face. I saw her hands working between Vanessa’s legs, two fingers buried in her cunt while the other hand worked her clit. My body was quickly covered in a thin sheen of sweat as the heat from our writhing bodies washed over me.

Suddenly Vanessa pulled Shannon off my face and grabbed my shoulders. I felt her husbands cock slip out of me as she flipped me over and spun me bakırköy escort around so my ass was pointing up in the air. I couldn’t believe how strong she was for her size!

She put her hands on my ass cheeks and spread me open, massaging them in her hands. Shannon crawled over to John and grabbed his cock, dripping wet from my pussy, and pulled it into her mouth. I felt Vanessa’s hot breath between my cheeks, and then her tongue flicked out, lashing across the puckered hole. I moaned as the tip of her tongue pressed against it, struggling to push through the tight ring. I relaxed and felt it slip inside, the soft surface slithering around and lubing my asshole up.

She wasn’t just licking my ass. She was making love to it with her tongue. I felt myself relax and loosen as her tongue wove deeper inside me. She kissed and caressed me with her lips and tongue, my puckered hole opening up like a flower for her. She put a firm hand on my back and pushed me down until my face was pressed into the bed. She moaned as her mouth devoured my ass, lips closing around the hole as she tried to push her tongue as deep as she could, her hands caressing my taut cheeks and the backs of my thighs. She thrust her tongue wetly in and out, making soft squelching sounds as I moaned against the mattress.

Her tongue gradually began to slide lower and lower until her mouth clamped over my pussy. Her tongue pushed into the sopping hole, swirling around and gathering the juices that were pouring out of me from the amazing fucking I’d just been getting. Her mouth slid lower and I felt her lips wrap around my swollen clit as her nose pushed into my cunt. She ground her face all over my sopping pussy as her tongue lashed across the sensitive bud.

“Fuck that feels amazing!” I cried.

My hips involuntarily started pushing back against her and she yanked my legs out from under me, my stomach and chest flopping down flat against the bed. Her tongue never left my clit as she kept slurping at my wet folds, her hair tickling the backs of my thighs and making my body shudder with pleasure. I felt her nails scratch up my back and down over my ass as sheate my pussy.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum!”

I cried out as I felt a finger pushing its way into my asshole, sending me over the edge as I came all over her face. She slid the finger in my ass back and forth as I clenched down on it, my holes spasming and twitching as my body bucked on the bed.

Finally she removed her mouth from my pussy and grabbed me by the neck, pulling me up so I was kneeling with her tits pressed into my back. Her other arm wrapped around my body, pulling me tight against her as her hand slid between my legs and cupped my throbbing pussy.

“You are such a fucking gorgeous little slut.” she hissed in my ear. “Look what you did to my face. Clean this cum up, slave.”

I turned my head to the side, darting my tongue out and lapping my sweet juices off her face like a kitten lapping milk. She was literally dripping wet, little droplets of my cum clinging to her chin and starting to roll down her neck. Her sparkling blue eyes followed every move of my tongue as I ran it along her cheek and toward her mouth. I closed my lips around her soft bottom lip and suckled my wetness from it as she stared at me. I twisted in her arms, facing her and bending down. Her eyes closed and her mouth parted slightly, letting out a little gasp as I moved her dark hair aside and my tongue ran from her collar bone, all the way up her neck.

“Such a good little girl.” she sighed. Her hands slid down to my ass and she dug her nails in, her eyes blazing. “Are you ready to have that cute little ass fucked?”

“Yes, please.” I moaned.

“Yes please Mistress.” she corrected.

“Yes, please Mistress!”

She put a hand on my back and pushed me down, making my ass stick up in the air. John positioned himself behind me and I felt the blunt tip of his cock pressing against my asshole. Vanessa and Shannon stroked my back lightly as he pushed forward, the head of his cock popping past my tight ring before the thick shaft sank in all the way.

“Ohhh god…” I moaned, my body shivering as his fat cock stretched my asshole open.

Vanessa crawled in front of me on the bed and grabbed my hair, bringing my face down to her pussy as her husband’s cock started pistoning into my ass. I sucked her clit between my lips and lashed it with my tongue as hard as I could, making her hips shoot up off the bed.

“Oh fuck, that’s it, suck my clit!” she cried, pushing my mouth down harder into the soft folds of her pussy.

I tried to reach up and slide a finger into her, but John grabbed my wrists and pulled them back, holding my body off of the bed and slamming into my ass. My arms burned and my tits bounced wildly as he ravaged my tight asshole, his thighs clapping loudly against my soft cheeks. Shannon’s mouth engulfed my cunt, her tongue pushing deep into the my sopping core as I cried out, my screams muffled against Vanessa’s pussy. That pushed her over the başakşehir escort edge and I felt her pussy clench down on my swirling tongue, spasming and twitching around it as I thrashed my head back and forth between her legs.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!! I’m cumming!! Don’t stop!” she cried.

I felt John grab my hips and thrust once more, as deep as he could, his body shuddering as my ass clenched down on him and his cum poured into my bowels. My own pussy exploded in Shannon’s mouth, nearly drowning her in cum.

I tongued Vanessa’s pussy and rubbed my nose against her clit until her ass finally fell back to the bed, then collapsed on top of Shannon, my head resting on her thigh as I felt John’s cock slide out of my tender ass. We laid there for a moment, a tangle of sweaty, quivering limbs, until Vanessa got up and went to the bedside table. She pulled out a large butt plug and went around behind me, wedging it into my ass and keeping John’s cum from spilling out. I winced slightly as it slid in, my ass burning from the incredible pounding it had just been given.

Vanessa walked over to the closet and rummaged through some clothes. I couldn’t help but stare at her amazing body. She was perfectly toned everywhere, and her skin glistened in the light. She finally grabbed some clothes and tossed them next to me and Shannon on the bed.

“Get dressed, little slaves.” she grinned. I could tell she was getting a big kick out of calling us slaves. “It’s time to go shopping for some toys.”

Shannon and I dressed up in the little black skirts and white blouses she’d pulled out as she disappeared into the bathroom. The skirts barely covered our asses, and she hadn’t given us any panties. They were really just glorified belts. The blouses came down about halfway, showing off our flat stomachs.

“I wonder where she’s taking us?” Shannon said.

“I don’t know, but I hope we don’t see anyone we know. If I bend over at all there isn’t going to be much left to the imagination.” I said, pulling my skirt down as far as I could without exposing my pussy.

Vanessa came back from the bathroom dressed in jeans and a tight t-shirt, and walked over to me. She reached up and unsnapped the slave collar from my neck, which I’d forgotten was even there.

“Wouldn’t want you girls being too obvious, would we?” she said, taking Shannon’s off as well.

Then she pulled out a pair of big bracelets that said SLAVE on them, putting one on each of our wrists.

“OK my pets, let’s get going!” she giggled.

We left John asleep on the bed and headed out to her car. It was a couple hours since we’d gotten to the house so it was getting dark by now. I winced as I piled into her Lexus, the plug pushing a little deeper into my ass.

It turned out to be a short drive. Vanessa pulled into the parking lot, which was about half full, of a big grocery store and parked. Shannon and I looked at each other with a blank stare.

“What are we doing here?” Shannon asked.

“You two are going to go inside there and buy the biggest pair of cucumbers in the store, and a nice big bottle of lube.”

Shannon audibly gasped.

“Are you serious?”

Vanessa’s eyes blazed as she looked at Shannon.

“Part of being a slave is following your mistresses orders hun.” she snapped. “Now get going.”

We sat there for a second collecting ourselves and then climbed out of the car.

“And trust me, I’ll be watching.” she said.

My ass felt so strange as we walked. It felt warm and wet from all the cum still inside it being held back by the plug. As we got closer to the doors of the store everyone was staring at us. I could feel my face warm from the embarrasment and my legs started shaking. We got inside and headed as fast as we could toward the produce department. We drew even more attention to ourselves as our heels clacked loudly on the stores tile floor.

I leaned over to pick through the cucumbers, trying to find one that Vanessa would approve of, and heard a gasp behind me. I turned my head and saw a woman standing there, stopped dead in her tracks and staring right at my ass. I quickly realized that my “skirt” had risen up and the plug sticking lewdly out of my ass was completely visible. I blushed like crazy and quickly pulled the skirt down. The woman behind me scoffed and walked away. Shannon and I kept looking through the vegetables until we picked out the 2 biggest cucumbers we could find, both about a foot long, and then went to the health section and grabbed the biggest bottle of KY they sold.

Luckily, it was getting late and the store was pretty empty, so we didn’t run into many people. We went back to the front of the store to checkout, where there was only 1 register open. The cashier was a little blonde girl who looked like she was still in high school. She stood there looking off and absentmindedly chewing on a fingernail as we came up and set the stuff down on the counter.

“Hi! How are…”

She started to talk and then stopped short and gasped as she looked down and saw what we were buying. She stared for a second and then looked up at us, blushing furiously and then dropping her head back down and staring at her register. I couldn’t help but grin as her shaking hand reached out and grabbed one of the cucumbers and weighed it, punching the code into the register. She quickly placed it in a bag and then did the other, followed by the big bottle of KY.

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