The Golden Tempest Ch. 01

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(Note: All characters are 18 years or older. Philp (the narrator) is 19 years old.Sarah is twenty-one.)

She danced like an Angel from my darkest dream. Her tanned white skin was flawless like a brown marble surface. The sun reflected off her golden blonde hair as she waltzed under the hot Colorado sun.

God, how I wished I can claim my sister’s heart.

I stared at my sister, Sarah, as she shakes her hips to some unknown rapper. Even from the safety of my basement window, I am too scared to have my sister spot me, and get the wrong idea.

Fuck, I wished I had enough balls to get over her.

I turned away from the basement window and lit one of my joints. I cough a thick cloud of smoke as I relished the T.H.C entering into my system.

As I felt my head becoming lightened, images of my sister soon filled my thoughts. I imagined her tight tanned body naked before me. I felt my cock hardening as pictures of my sister’s c-cup breasts bounce with perkiness. What soon broke my self-control was her perfect white smile that made my heart skipped several beats.

I looked around the basement to make sure I am truly alone. Then I unzipped my pants and pull out my harden penis from my underwear.

As I stroked my cock to my sister’s perfect body, I heard a gasped coming from the basement entrance.

“Philip Jay Smith!” Sarah said as she marched down into the basement. “I cannot believe what you are doing!”

I felt my whole face turned bright red as I tried to zip up my pants. To my horror, the zipper got caught on my dick.

As I struggled to not make a fool of myself, I heard Sarah giggle to my predicament.

“Serves you right, Philip.” Sarah said as she reached for the bag of roaches. “Hogging all the pot for yourself. You should be ashamed for being so selfish.”

I finally got my tool out of the zipper trap and put it back into my pants.

As I tried not to look too embarrassed, I noticed a lewd smile on my sister face as she lit the roach. Sarah took a slow drag as she stared at my pelvis with bawdy eyes.

If I was red before, I was burning up now.

“How is that behemoth of yours doing?” My sister asked as she handed me the roach.

I winced to my sister words.

“I am sorry?” I asked.

“You’re penis, you dummy. Is it okay? Is it bleeding to death?”

“It’s fine.” I said as I inhale the joint. “It is still attached after all.”

Sarah laughed at my unintended joke.

“You’re funny, broski.” Sarah said as she pulled up a seat. For a brief second, I saw her white lanced thong underneath her tight skirt. “I am surprised a guy like you doesn’t have a girlfriend yet.”

“Women are a little difficult to understand.” I said handing her the joint.

“Then change your attitude.” Sarah said. “Girls love a badass. It is what makes us go crazy. Acting all timid won’t get you shit.”

I ataşehir escort decided to change the subject. I don’t feel comfortable talking about relationships with my sister. To be honest, I don’t want her to think I am a loser with women.

“How is your boyfriend doing?” I asked.

“I dumped his cheating ass.” Sarah said. “The asshole cheated on me with a Florida skank.”

I felt my heart beat with joy. As much as I hate seeing my sister being hurt, I am glad that Mexican dipshit was dump enough to cheat on Sarah.

“No fucking way.” I gasped.

“Yes, fucking way. I caught him fucking that bitch in his own car.

“You think a goddess like me would get some loyalty from a four inch cocksucker.”

“I am sorry to hear that.” I said as I walked up to my sister and put my hand on her shoulder. “You deserve better than a cheating asshole.”

“The correct term is taco-fag.” Sarah said as she gives me a sweet smile. “And your right. I do deserve someone better.”

That smile on her face destroyed any sense of rationality in my whole body. Her perfect white teeth made my beating heart dead still. Her devilish green eyes made me a slave in mind, body, and soul. Finally, her voice, that not even the Angels could mimic, made the decision for me.

“Philip?” Sarah asked. “Are you—“

Without warning, or even realizing my own actions, I kissed my sister right on the lips.

For a few seconds, Sarah’s smooth lips, and the T.H.C., sent lighting blots of joy into my brain. I relish her hot humid tongue as I French kissed her with all my might.

When I stop kissing her, I saw a shocked look on my sister face.

Then, like water on an open desert, the pleasure evaporated and replaced with horror.

“Sarah.” I said, trying to recuperate my thoughts. “I didn’t—”

Sarah grasped my collar of my shirt and kissed me right on the lips.

Again, the powerful jolt of pleasure hit my brain harder than a tsunami. Everything in my mind was buzzing with joy as I felt Sarah’s tongue wrestled with mine. Every movement of her tongue in my mouth destroyed any barriers, and intimidation, that was buried within my own body. For a brief moment, her tongue had more power over me than God himself.

As Sarah, and I, continued to kiss, I felt her danity hands reaching for my zipper. In one quick motion, my sister pulled down my pants, along with my underwear, and started to stroke my cock.

Sarah licked her lips as she began to cresses my tool with her silky smooth hands. She would spit on it and used her saliva as lube. With just a few strokes, I felt my whole prick expanded within my sister’s delicate little hands.

“You like this, baby brother?” My sister asked as she licked her lips. “You love it when I play with your tool?”

I could not talk as Sarah’s silky smooth hands paralyzed my whole body. With each stroke send kadıköy escort powerful blows of bliss all over my body.

“Come on,” Sarah asked as she lowers her head towards my penis. “do you love it when I play with your giant fuck stick?”

“Yes!” I said without thinking. “I love it!”

“Good.”Sarah said. “At least someone appreciates me.”

Before I can question her, Sarah swallowed my whole tool into her mouth.

She bobbed her head up, and down, trying to engulf me as best as she could. At first, Sarah gagged on my prick as if she was a virgin. But that all changed once her throat adjusted to my girth.

I tilted my head back as the pressure of pleasure build within me. I felt no teeth as Sarah swallowed my whole cock with one gulp. Her saliva, and the feeling of her hot tongue around my tool, destroyed any sense of common sense.

Fucking hell, I am in heaven.

Before I could shoot my load, my sister took her mouth away from my penis.

“You have a nice cock.” Sarah said as she walked toward our father’s work bench. Before I can question her, she sat on the bench and spread her legs. “But it’s your mouth that I am most curious about.”

My eyes were glued to Sarah’s white lace thong. Drenched with her pussy juices, my sister thong was transparent that exposed her hairless cunt.

Goddamn, her tight twat looked so diclinous.

“Well?” My sister asked as she pulled her shirt over her head. “What are you waiting for, baby brother?”

Her perfect c-cups breasts stood firm against gravity onslaught. Her pink nipples are erect and harder than any diamond. The sizes of her breasts are neither too big nor too small. They were the perfect size that demanded to be ravaged.

Once I saw Sarah prefect breasts, I rushed towards her moisten snatch.

When I got to my sister cunt, I used my teeth to rip off her white laced thong. The sweet tasting juices that soaked her thong drove me insane. Her fluids were so potent, that it made me into a godless animal within seconds.

God, I know I am going to Hell but I don’t care.

I saw my sister’s erect clit right before my eyes. Without even thinking, or even knowing, I placed my mouth on Sarah clitoris. Then, I sucked on it with all my might.

“Oh fuck!” My sister screamed and shuddered.

I felt hot liquid spilled all over my face. Yet, not even a torrent of pussy juices stopped me from sucking on her delicious cunt.

“Oh baby brother!” Sarah wailed. “Oh baby brother! You’re the fucking best!”

As I assaulted her pussy lips with my tongue, I felt my sister’s small hands pulling on my hair. She shrieked even louder as I stuck my tongue into her moisten snatch. Touching her g-spot, my sister shoots another gush of her love juices all over my face.

“Please.” Sarah said breathlessly. “Stop. I need your fuck-stick in me!”

I may be going to hell, bostancı escort bayan but hearing my sister dirty mouth was a blessing from the Heavens.

As my sister pulled on her nipples, I rubbed my cock against my sister’s moisten snatch. An evil smile appeared Sarah’s face as she stared at my gorgeous behemoth.

“Do it.” My sister whispered. “Fuck me hard like the stud you are.”

Without even thinking, I slammed my penis into my sister’s cunt.

The tightness of Sarah’s pussy, and her hot fluids, sent lightning bolts of pleasure across my body. With each stroke of my cock, I felt my sister’s twat getting smaller and tighter. The tightness made me fuck her even harder.

As I kept on fucking her, Sarah wrapped her legs around my waist. She pulled me in closer as she screamed in tongues. The only word I could undestand was my very name.

“Philip!” Sarah screamed. “Philip! Philip! PHILIP!”

The tightness, her hot pussy juices, and Sarah screaming my name was all too much for me. With one loud grunt, I shot my load into Sarah’s tight twat.

The whole world stopped in that very moment. Nothing existed except for my heavy breathing and my sister’s grass green eyes. Everything was perfect as I felt my dick fell out of Sarah’s cunt.

God, I am in Heaven.

Before I can kiss her lips, Sarah pushed me off and jumped off the work bench.

“Wow.” Sarah said with a coarse grin. “I didn’t think my little brother knew how to fuck a woman.”

I blushed to my sister’s comment.

“Now put your pants back on.” My sister said as she put on her shirt. “Our parents will be home soon and I want them to be ignorant of my new boyfriend.”

I winced when I heard my sister said “boyfriend”. As if reading my mind, my sister an annoyed glares.

“It’s you, stupid.” Sarah said. “God, you need to stop being so clueless with women. They are not that hard to read you know.”

“I guess not.” I said with a smirk.

Before my sister could put on her white lanced thong, a devilish look appeared on her face. Taking her pointer, and middle, finger, she sucked on them as if they were a small cock. Once they were lubed with her spit, Sarah inserted her moisten fingers into her cum filled cunt.

“Remember.” Sarah said as she finger fucked her twat. “You are mine till the day we die. Nothing will break us apart except for death.”

“Yes, Sarah.” I said, transfixed on my sister snatch.

“I mean it!” My sister said as she took her fingers out of her pussy. “Break this vow and I will make your life a living Hell.

“But keep you’re promise…”

Sarah put her fingers in front of my face. The sweet smell of her pussy juices was enough to overpower my mind. Without being told, I sucked on her fingers as if it was a Popsicle on a hot day.

God, she tasted so good.

“…I can make your life very rewarding.”

After I sucked her fingers clean, I watched my sister pulled her tong up and walked up the basement stairs. Before she left me, she gave me an innocent wink as if nothing had happened.

Yet, within that moment, I would be her slave until the day my bones turned to dust.

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