The Funeral

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This is a fictional story of lust between a father and his college aged daughter. If this offends you, do not read any further!

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Hi, my name is Charlie, short for Charlene. I am 19 years old, with long brown hair, big brown eyes, and a decent body. I don’t have giant melons, or the playboy pinup type of body, but it serves me well. My dad, on the other hand, is a total hunk. He is 37 years old, and owns a construction business, which keeps his body in prime shape. All of my girlfriends drool over him, and act like nincompoops in his presence. Sometimes it is irritating, but then again, I do the same thing when around him!

My folks had separated six months earlier, having only stayed together until I went off to college. I don’t know how they thought that would make life easier on me, for their arguing and bickering at each other had made most of my teenage years’ miserable. I’d much rather they had split than listen to the arguing all the time!

Anyhow, my grandmother passed away, and mom, who was busy starting her new single life, elected not to go to the funeral, saying that it would only be hypocritical of her, for they’d never gotten along- why go to her funeral?

So Daddy and I went. We chose to stay in a hotel, rather than crowd in with all of his siblings and their families, not to mention one less thing for grandpa to stress about. I liked that idea. However, there was some convention going on, and they only had one room available. We took it gratefully, lugging our bags to the elevator and down the long hall to the very end room.

The first thing I did after dumping my bag, was notice that there was only one king size bed. Great! Just lovely, there wasn’t a sofa- only two smallish swivel chairs that were not big enough to push together. “It looks like we’re shacking up, Dad.”

Dad’s face flushed, but he gave a little grin and said, “We’ll just have to make the best of it, Pumpkin.”

He set his back on the fold out rack, and then placed mine on the far end of the long counter to the sink. He called out that we were due for dinner at some restaurant in an hour- did I want to shower first?

“No Dad, you go ahead. I’m going to unpack and get my stuff straight. We’re going to be here two weeks, might as well get organized.

He came up to me, and put his arms around me. “How did I get blessed with such a sensible daughter?”

He kissed my forehead, and hugged me. I hugged him back tight, our bodies molding together tightly. His hands roamed my back gently, and for some reason, I groaned. His hands stilled, and mine rubbed along his back, feeling the strong muscles that only years of hard physical labor can achieve. Slowly, his hands began caressing my back again, but this time they went lower- almost cupping my ass.

I was slightly confused. What exactly were we doing? I realized at that moment, that my pussy was beginning to dampen, and if I was not mistaken, my fathers cock was hardening! I pulled back slightly, looking up at my dad.

“Dad?” I whispered. Our midsections fused together even tighter, and it became very clear that my dads cock was indeed rock hard!

“Sorry baby. That hug just felt good.” He pulled away, and I could see a huge bulge in his slacks. Then I was alone. I stood there for a moment, until I noticed that the bathroom door was ajar. I moved closer, and I could see my dad stripping his clothes off. The water was warming up, and the small room beginning to steam. With the door ajar, the steam was able to escape, and I had a clear view of Dad in the mirror. Off came the shirt, and what a gorgeous chest he has! I’d seen it millions of times, but now I was looking at his chest as a woman does a man. It was hairy, but not too hairy, with a fuzzy line leading down to his belly button. I watched, mesmerized while his strong hands undid the button, then the zipper of his slacks.

His cock flopped out, and I about swooned. It was perfect! I’d say it was a respectable 7 inches- perhaps 7 ½. It was the girth that had me creaming in my panties. His cock was enormously thick! My boyfriend had a thick cock, but nothing compared to my daddy! I ached to have it inside me, and I knew then and cebeci escort there, that sometime in the next two weeks, I would!

Daddy set out his shaving gear, and began to shave his face. I watched as the razor scraped across his cheek, and over his chin. He made quick work of it, and when he was done, he squirted a handful of cream in his palm. I was curious now. I’d never seen anyone get more cream when done with their shaving. I didn’t have to be curious long.

Dads hand traveled down to his cock, and began smearing the cream all over his raging hard on. At first I thought he was going to shave his nether regions, but it soon became evident, that he was using the shaving cream as lube to stroke his cock!

I felt a bubble of girlie juice escape my pussy lips at the sight of my dad jacking off. My hand began caressing my sensitive lips through the thin shorts I was wearing. Slowly teasing in circles, I watched my dads’ fist pump his cock in long, slow strokes. He worked it from the base to head, giving a twist, then back down.

Gradually he picked up speed, and in response, I plunged my hand into my shorts and began to seriously finger my sloppy, wet pussy. My nub was so hard it was throbbing! I plunged my fingers in and out of my pussy, working it furiously. I moaned, and daddy stopped stroking for a moment. Soon though, his hand began moving again, having assured himself that he heard nothing.

As daddy’s hand flew up and down his cock, I imagined how it would feel in my tight little pussy. The shaving cream on dads cock was all but gone, and I could see his cock in all of its glory again. It was swollen and the head was purplish in color. The veins on the sides were bulging and popped out. I just knew that those veins would give added pleasure inside of me.

Dads’ strokes became short and quick. He was close. My fingers began circling my clit faster, wanting to cum with him. Cum Daddy, I thought. Cum for me, daddy! As if he heard me, my dad turned towards the door, stroking his cock and pushing his hips towards me in humping motions.

I gripped the edge of the counter with one hand to steady myself, and as I began to cum, I bit my lip to not cry out. Dad on the other hand, unaware that I was watching, began calling my name!

“Charlie, I’m cumming baby. Swallow daddy’s cum baby!” he said through gritted teeth. “Here it comes!”

Thick white ropes of cum spurted forth from his fat cock, arching high and sailing far. Wishing I were the door, so that I might taste his cum, I let loose my own orgasm. I felt my pussy gush its slick liquid all over my fingers. I opened my eyes quickly, seeing my dad squeeze the last couple of ropes of cum from his still hard cock.

Dad pulled the shower curtain open and stepped into the shower. On wobbly legs, I made my way over to the bed and sat down hard. Going over the past few minutes in my head, made me horny all over again, and I lay back on the bed, my fingers buried in my pussy again.

As I fingered my still tender pussy again, I replayed that scene over and over, going in slow motion as I watched daddy’s cock spurt its glorious load. I imagined him standing over me, stroking that beautiful, thick cock in my face-his cum landing on my tits, face and hair.

I pulled my shorts off, spreading my legs wide as I frigged my pussy. I ran my finger around my clit in circles, teasing the clit into full erection. Then with two fingers, I jacked it up and down. My huge clit began to throb, and I wished Daddy were here to suck on it.

Soon, I thought, as my fingers did the work I wanted dad to do. I dipped my fingers into my wet hole, pumping fast and hard, then back to my clit. My eyes closed in ecstasy; I imagined that thick cock pumping my pussy fast and hard. I could feel my second orgasm building quickly. I pumped my hips into my fingers, calling out for my daddy to fuck me harder- faster! As I fell off the edge into my orgasm, I sat almost upright as it hit me. My eyes flew open- only to see my dad standing there rubbing his cock.

“Please, daddy, come fuck me.” I said; my legs splayed wide open. He could see my clit, which was still throbbing. “I want that thick cock deep inside cebeci escort bayan me, daddy. I need it!”

I don’t know if it was loneliness, or if he understood the desperation in my voice, but within seconds, my dad was between my legs, burying his massively thick cock in my sweet pussy.

I couldn’t believe how much his cock stretched me! I felt the head penetrate my vaginal opening, and from then on, it was an inch by inch ordeal; until he was buried inside of me. I wrapped my legs around him, and pulled him close. “Oh yes, Daddy!”

He began pumping into me, his cock hitting bottom with each thrust. Mercilessly, he pounded my pussy, shifting and grinding his pelvis into me. I bucked up against him, matching his thrusts with perfect timing.

“Oh, God Daddy, you feel so amazing inside of me.” I murmured, my lips kissing, licking and sucking on all available flesh.

His mouth found my neck, and began doing the same, until his mouth found mine. Our first adult kiss was wild and explosive, as his cock brought me to my third orgasm in thirty minutes. His hands explored my breasts, squeezing and caressing them gently. I begged for him to do it harder. His fingers pinched my hardened nipples, tweaking them almost to the point of pain, but not quite so hard that I couldn’t tolerate it.

“Oh, yes! That’s it daddy,” I panted as he pulled my ass to the edge of the bed and raised my feet to his shoulders. His cock slid deeper into my canal, and it made me a little bit uncomfortable, as he hit bottom. “Oh my God, fuck me, fuck me daddy!”

“Charlie, I’m going to cum baby. Where do you want it?” Sweat dripped off his brow, slid down his nose, and hit me between my breasts. His breath was labored, and I could feel all of his muscles bunching in preparation of his orgasm.

“Inside me, Dad, I want you to fill my pussy with your cum!” I panted, my own orgasm rushing upon me. I felt my abdomen tighten, and my vaginal muscles clamp down on his cock. “I’m going to cum with you dad, Ohhh- oh, now!!!”

He plunged into me faster and faster until my mind went blank, and I was incapable of uttering another word. With a long wail, I released my floodgates and drenched my dads cock with my juices. The spasms of my pussy milking his cock did the trick, and with one last thrust inside me, dad growled my name, squeezed my tits hard, and shot his hot load deep within my womb.

With the explosion between my legs, dads own legs gave out on him, and he slumped on top of me. He kissed my lips, my cheeks and made his way down my chest, sucking my nipples into his mouth. As his knees hit the floor, his body followed, and he kissed my messy pussy. His tongue found my slit, and licked it.

I moaned, unbelieving that my own father would lick my pussy while it was filled with his spunk. But there he was, lapping away. My clit was ultra sensitive after our orgasms, and I almost couldn’t take it. He softened his tongue, gently lapping at my labia until my clit could stand the contact again.

I propped my feet up on the edge of the bed, legs splayed wide apart for better access. As dads mouth worked my clit and lips, his fingers were inside of me, gently stroking my g-spot. As my hips began to show response, his stroking pressure increased, and soon I was clawing at the sheets, begging for release.

Our juices began leaking from my gaping hole, and dad was there to lick them up. He let some drip between my butt cheeks, and with his other hand, began to tease my back door. I wasn’t quite sure what to think of that, and I stiffened up as his finger penetrated my ass.

“Relax baby, daddy won’t hurt you.” I did as I was told, and to my surprise, after the initial pain of entry, it began to feel pretty damned good! He inserted another finger, and I could feel four fingers inside of me, two in each hole, while he mouth attacked my clitoris. All of these sensations at once had me scrambling for sanity, but it eluded me. My body exploded and I think I actually saw stars!

Before I could guess what was next, I was returning my fathers’ kisses and I could feel his hard cock exploring down below. He gripped his cock in his large hand and began to stroke the head from escort cebeci clit to ass. I moaned in pleasure, and daddy took that as his cue to slide the head of his monster into my tight little bud of an asshole. His mouth covered mine in time to muffle my scream, and soon his kiss had me forgetting that his cock was in my ass.

Deeper and deeper, he fed his cock into my tight chute. His hands and mouth were all over my upper half; kissing me, sucking my nipples and biting lightly on my neck. I couldn’t control the moaning. I know at one point I begged him to fuck me harder.

Dad leaned back from me to watch his cock sliding in and out of my ass. I could look up and see us in the mirrored ceiling! I hadn’t noticed those before I was so caught up in our passion.

“Damn Charlie, you’re so beautiful. I can’t believe I’m fucking your sweet little ass.” He panted as his cock bottomed out in my butt. His fingers found my clit again, and he slid his middle finger and ring finger deep inside my pussy. His thumb began to slide over my clit, back and forth. “I want you to cum for daddy, Charlie, cum all over my fingers.”

His fingers curled inside of me, magically hitting my G-spot again, and within seconds, I was doing exactly what he’d ordered. I came like a freight train, wailing in my pleasure. I flooded his fingers, my juices dripping down to my ass and coating his cock. His thickness began sliding in and out easier, and faster. My spasms milked his cock for one final load, and as he came, he pulled out and shot his load on my belly.

His cum shot from his cock like a canon blasting, and the first rope hit me square between the eyes. The next shot between my medium sized breasts. The third, fourth and fifth shots coated my belly, and his final shots squeezed out on my clit to be rubbed in with the head of his cock. I rubbed his cum from my face and tasted it. I couldn’t believe how delicious it was- nothing like my boyfriends, which was sour and salty!

“Dad,” I panted, ‘that was amazing!”

As he fought for breath, he smiled. “Yes, it was. God I’ve wanted that for the longest time!’

“You have? But-?” Puzzled, I looked at him, waiting for clarification that didn’t come.

Dad sighed. “Charlie, we’re late for dinner, but I promise, I’ll explain later tonight, okay?”

I nodded, and got up to take a shower. I hoped that this wasn’t a one time thing, and with the promise of those few words, somehow, I knew that what happened tonight wouldn’t be the last time.

Dad had done as promised, and explained to me, that part of the problem between him and mom had been me. She sensed his attraction to me, and harped on it, even though daddy had done nothing out of line. Just the fact that she caught him jacking off to pictures of me found on the computer was enough to erode her trust in him, and to make her avoid a sexual relationship with him. This had gone on for well over a year, in which he had moved into my room, while I was away from college.

Ensconced in my room, with my things, my scent, he had become even more infatuated with me. He would jack off into my panties, while smelling my scent on a pair of dirty ones. My desktop computer, which I’d left at home when going to college with the new laptop he’d bought me, supplied him with thousands of naked pictures of me. I groaned as I recalled my times with my high school boyfriend, which we’d captured with the camera and the webcam. The solo shows I’d made for my boyfriend, my father had watched over and over on a daily basis.

The ultimate deception, he had created an account that portrayed him as a young man, and contacted me on messenger. Joey-zee, who I have had dozens of intense cam sessions with, was none other than my adoring father! When mom left, he’d moved my computer into their room, and I never recognized the room, for she’d taken all of the furniture. The more manly stuff suited him better anyways, I thought.

“So you see,” he finished with, “I have wanted you for such a long time. I hope you are not disgusted with me honey?”

“Oh Daddy, it makes me love you so much more, that you want me like I want you! All those nights of wishing I had that cock in me, and now I do! What could be better?” I asked, throwing my arms around his sexy neck and kissing him.

“We have two more nights before we have to go to grandpa’s to help clear out grandma’s stuff. How do you propose we spend that time?” I asked innocently. His growl as his hands slid up my naked ribcage was answer enough.

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