The Family Business – Chapter 10

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The Family Business – Chapter 10
Whilst Anne was upset that her cousin, Jane, was seriously pissed off with her for leading Jane’s daughter astray that didn’t stop her enjoying herself in her new life as a porn actress along with her husband, son and the aforementioned cousins’ daughter, Nina. Actually, she hadn’t in fact led Nina astray as the little tart could find her way all by herself and had gleefully done so.

Having got a selection of body paints Nina and the other five younger actresses were going to enjoy themselves on film. The film started innocently enough with the girls wearing crop tops and brief cut off jeans painted each other’s faces with abstract patterns different but coordinating. As they did so they gave each other the odd peck on the lips. Then their bare arms were painted from the hands up to the elbows. When it was the feet’s turn, they indulged in some foot worship first. The paint went up their legs until six were covered up to the top of their thighs so they moved backed to the arms to cover them up to the shoulders. It was now they time to finish of painting their heads. But not before there was some far more serious kissing.

Their hair was in tights buns so the colour went as far as the hairline. Though by now they had covered all the available skin. At this Nina removed her crop top the other girls swooped on her breasts kissing and fondling them though Fliss was also painting her back. Jo’s top came off and whilst Barbara was sucking on her boobs Pam was painting her back. The two girls back finished their abdomen was painted then everywhere other than the breasts.

The painters lost their tops in the course of this and were starting to be painted themselves but everyone was distracted by breast kissing. Once all six girls were covered in paint other than their breasts off came the jeans. All had removed every vestige of hair from their bodies so had utterly smooth skin.

A few quick kisses on the bum cheeks before they two were painted and it had got to the stage where only their breasts and pussies were unpainted. After sucking on their nipples to get them erect each girl left breast was painted first and then the right followed by their smooth pussies including the labia. The silver paint was rubbed into their hair for them to be painted all over.

They then lay down together and made love in various combinations before finishing in a daisy chain. The six of them were incredibly randy by the end and kept carpet munching long after Chris had called cut.

“That absolutely fabulous girls an entire shoot in a single take. Also, you lot look really good like that.”

“Well I for one am not going to clean it off for a while now its dried it stays on pretty well. I reckon that this afternoon we should do another film k**napping the other women and one by one doing the same to them.”

“That’s a good idea. I like it. If we can find some conservative clothes, we will have them look nice and respectable.

You can lock them in a store room and take them out one at a time. I reckon we have the makings of a mini-series here. What do you think Lyn, can you do some more designs?” Said Jess with a look on her face that those who knew her well indicated she was planning something.

“Of course, I can but there is a condition.”

“That I am the first one of the prisoners to be painted and Jess is the second.”

“You just want to get your hands on her like that. After all she will fight you off so hard”

“What a terrible thing to suggest and from a nice young lady like you Jo.”

“How long have you known her, Mum?” asked Pam.

“Well nice can be a relative term compared with you two she is an angel.”

“Yuh who falls over and over again.”

All the painting shots were in the studio so could be done anytime. The outside shots of the k**nappings were to be outside filmed against a backdrop of the old mill buildings. It had once been like a small village and with a few props looked even more so. Also, with the advantage of Simon using CGI they could do all kinds of interesting things.
It got discussed over lunch and Jess and Chris over-ruled the original plan of the afternoon being a sequel to the morning film.

“The idea of the painted girls k**napping and converting the mature respectable women is brilliant. A nice reversal of ageing degenerates corrupting young girls. But let’s think this through. I think that if Lyn adds some more metallic paint to the appearance and does a through job on covering the hair with paint and we let it down. Also lets have the victims in quite dowdy clothes that nowadays we wouldn’t be seen dead in. I think we get some comprehensive stills so we can do a consistent job of touching up.”

One thing that had become apparent since her arrival here is that Jess had a fertile if sometimes weird imagination and she worked illegal bahis well with Chris who put her ideas in to storyboards. The germ of an idea was developing after first being mentioned.

“How do you feel about having this paint job on some time particularly Nina. I know the others like this stuff.”
“It’s fun what do you mean.”

“Well filming what I have in mind is going to take at least a week. Of course, you can clean if off every night after filming but last time we did this all of stayed painted until it was done. Being the kinky b**st, we are it was a turn on.”

“OK if its kinky I’m in. When your captured can I be one of the ones painting you.” Jess sighed

“What is it about you and Lyn lusting after my body. Whilst I have got to like playing with girls, I have never encouraged it.”
“I can only answer that for myself said Lyn. “Its that your so complex and change from one moment to the next. Respectable mother of adult twins and then suddenly sex siren. Hey we should try a siren movie. Anyway, you switch between normal and so sexy. I remember last summer you were dressed in jeans and a boring top not trying to be attractive then we decide to sunbathe and in your bikini you were scrumptious.

“That it when you rescued us of course you were covered in waterproofs and you got to have a very special kink to like that. Then the next morning when you came down stairs there you were in not a great deal with those lovely great boobs looking like a goddess.” Jess though that applied to quite a few around here but hey if that is what they were attracted too it certainly helped her ego.

The plans for the film series were laid. At some stage later, they would film a scene where the girls would be seen being made to do chores and generally oppressed by heavy handed mothers. They would be prevented from going out with boys etc. Then the painted lady would come, naked and free. This would be Nina who was practically type cast for the role. The girls would steal away and become painted ladies themselves with Nina’s help. Cue lezzie orgy.

Now free of their mothers heavy handed influence they would plan their revenge the mother would be changed as well. In tun using the new powers they would k**nap the mothers one by one and turn them into painted ladies. They would include in their revenge the awful old battle axe who would be played by Ruth. So, for these purpose Gwen would be Jo’s mother and Angela Barbara’s with Anne having Sue as a step daughter. Siobhan would be a journalist doing an investigative piece into the disappearances and the last victim.

CGI would be used to make the painted ladies appear and disappear with their victims. Being a series, a bit larger budget than usual was justified and a cleft in the rock was converted into a sort of cave to be the painted ladies lair with a dungeon area behind. A few test shots showed that when finished it was convincing.

The whole filming was out of sequence as the girls were already painted. Fliss Pam and Nina had their paint job redone by Lyn. Then they were seen being dragged into the dungeon not having recognised their daughters transformed into these strange creatures. The dungeon was in the studio and used bits and bobs of previous sets. This allowed more time for the building of the cave.

Jess and Lyn were surrounded by the six painted girls and had their respectable and dowdy clothes literally ripped from their bodies leaving them naked and scared with these creatures that they didn’t recognised had included their daughters.

They did another couple of takes of k**nappings. Angela was taken from her kitchen (actually the mill house kitchen) whilst preparing food. They did another shot of Keith apparently returning home to find his wife gone and a half-cooked meal.

The next was Gwen wandering down the village street accompanied by her maid played by Justine. They just had time before it got dark to film Siobhan as the nosy journalist finding out what ha d happened too late.
That evening was hilarious because the girls all painted and going to stay that way were in a playful mood. They cajoled everyone out of what clothes they were wearing which as normal wasn’t that much and set about teasing them but not getting too involved.

Nina was the ring leader and Vic got tired of being played with and grabbed her and put the painted harpy over his knee and started playing with her anus. Jo thought this was fun so flopped over Simon’s knee for similar treatment. All six girls did the same. The only men not involved Clinton who Jess and Llyn cuddled up to him whilst hey watched the floor show and Chris who had Angela for company. Gwen and Siobhan ignored the goings on as they were using a double dildo. Anne was at first left out but went over to her husband who had Fliss as his partner and kissed tipobet güvenilir mi her. Keith was still having to be very careful so it was mainly the two women.

“I am looking forward to getting painted myself tomorrow and screwing with you and Miss Chief there.” Said Lynn as she looked at Nina who now was getting buggered. Then her eyes widened as she realised that her daughters were as well. To the best if her knowledge this was their first anal experience.

That night as the three of them lay in bed together Lyn asked Jess what anal was like.

“I wasn’t sure about it but I wanted to try particularly as it was clear Jo was going to do it or already had. I was really unsure but, in the end, I really enjoyed it. It hurt but the pleasure was fantastic.”

Clinton could see that they were both getting randy discussing this. So, he suggested that he and Jess demonstrate for Lyn. Jess readily agreed even though this was only her third experience.

“Lyn lube me around the hole whilst I get Clinton nice and hard.” She looked at his erect cock. “OK harder.”

Lyn did as she was told and then did the same for Clinton’s penis. It was making her very turned on so she happily agreed to Jess suggesting a sixty-nine with Lyn in the bottom to watch what was going on as well as munching Jess’s clit. The girls got in position and started chewing away though Lyn was more interested in watching as Clinton moved up to put his cock against her friends back passage. Slowly it was pushed in and Jess got more and more excited. Jess had came three times to Lyn’s one. Clinton had not ejaculated at all.

“Now do it to me take me up the bum you gorgeous man.” Lubed and ready Lyn took him deep inside her backside she felt so totally stuffed but now understood what the fuss was about. Lyn already excited came fairly quickly and then came again more violently as Clinton filled her arse with his cum.

“Thank you, Clinton darling that was fantastic.” Finally, Lyn had moved on from the traumatic circumstances that led to her being pregnant with the twins.

The next morning, they filmed the scene where Lyn and Jess had their clothes ripped off by the character who were supposedly their daughters. This was of course fairly kinky already but to make it more interesting the two ‘Mothers’ once naked were tied up together with their large boobs pressed into each other, then completely immobilised the painting began. There bodies were slowly covered and as this happened, they struggled to escape. Of course, this meant that Lyn and Jess were rubbing against each other. As Jess said later I don’t what the characters were meant to fell but I was on the point of cumming the whole time. Lyn’s reply was she wasn’t because she came too many times to count.

With the whole of their back covered and their hair removed from its sedate bun to flow down their backs and then was silvered. The two women were released from their bond already half painted they were no longer resisting the paint job was finished and the newly changed women joined in the suck fest that followed. Predictably both Nina and Lyn got a good piece of Jess body but by now she loved it. This was the end of the first film in the series.

The fully painted Jess and Lyn sat back to watch. Next it was Angela’s turn to be tied to a chair whilst she was painted then released and fucked. After lunch they moved on to Gwen and Justine’s turn and finally Siobhan.

“Oh, dear we haven’t time for the series finale where we all have a grand orgy, we will have to stay painted like this all night.” Said Nina with satisfaction.

That night Clinton had two painted ladies in bed with him and fucked and buggered his exotic beauties. As they fell asleep Jess remembered thinking that they would have to do a kinky boot flic as Nina would love it.

The next morning, they filmed both Ruth and Anne’s conversion. The final scene was part of the episode with the journalist finds out too late what is going on and is herself changed before joining in with the grand orgy. Anyone counting would have noticed an extra body amongst the women. Hanai had not fitted with the script but felt left out as so was painted up for the final scene. Every woman on the island was involved and by now painted from head to toe. The men of course were only peripherally involved as extras but once filming was over though they piled in and joined the fuck fest even Keith felt up to it and gave first his wife and then Siobhan a good buggering. When they had finished, they all went to the beach for a swim.

Having filmed four films in just over two days with only a few secondary scenes to complete Jess felt they had all earned a rest. All the girls seemed very reluctant to lose their paint jobs. So that evening all the women were still painted as they sat round perabet the lounge playing with each other or toys or both as was their habit.

Fliss came over to Jess probably looking serious but you couldn’t tell under the paint.

“Mum am I right that Clinton has taken both you and Lyn up the arse.” Not a question a girl would ask her mother in most family’s but of course they were anything other than normal Jess confirmed this with a dreamy smile on her face.

“Then I think that means I am the only anal virgin on the island I am sure all of the others doing it now even Anne.”
“Why single me out I have been being buggered since before you were born young lady.” Said an offended Anne who then wiggled her bum at her husband.”

“Well since you all seem to like it, I should try it. A porn star who is any variety of virgin lacks street cred.” They all laughed at this but agreed with her. The next question was who to do the dirty deed but Fliss had decided that what was good for her mother was good for her. Thus, it was that for the second time in two days Clinton was going anally deflower a virgin.

As they all watched the painted girl was prepared, brought to a peek of lust before lowering her bum on to a glistening slippery cock. This time she was going down on top of him unlike her mothers first time. Pete and Simon helped support her as she ever so gently dropped down onto the impressive member. Just pushing in a little the first time, then a bit more. The third time Fliss screamed but refused the offer to stop. Deeper he went and soon the screams were for a different better reason.

Jess looked around the room and saw that Ruth was being bugged by Chris and Anne by Keith. The she felt someone behind her and something rubbed against her looking over her should it was Nina with a strap on. Jess was very turned on so did not object when the second person to fuck her up the arse was a girl.

In the course of the evening every girl there was buggered. A little later and feeling slightly sore as Nina was very enthusiastic Jess decided that it was her turn and got hold of the strap on and used it on both Nina and Lyn’s arse. Ruth also had a strap on and was screwing Siobhan anus.

The Gwen was being double fucked by Pete and Kendall with one in each hole. Anne seeing this grabbed Vic who took the front as Keith had the back already occupied. Jess slid up to Lyn and smiled.
“Something else to try another day.”

“Yes, and if Clinton has the pussy, I am taking the arse, your rough you evil bitch. I really love you and this place.”
The next morning Nina skyped her sister to see how she was reacting to the news that she was going to stay on the island permanently.

“Hello Gigi, how’s tricks?” Nina sister was actually called Jean but when Nina had been a toddler, she had insisted in calling her sister Gigi and the name had stuck

“Jealous, you lucky swine. How did you manage to wangle staying on a tropical island?”

“By opening my legs of course.”


“I have never denied it but now it’s a little more official. You know they have a film studio, well the films are rather naughty and all of us are taking part in them.”

“Do they need another horny slut because I will volunteer as soon as I have had my birthday.” Gigi was eighteen in a couple of weeks time.”

“I could ask, but if Mum’s mad now that will send her through the roof particularly if she finds out.”

“Finds out what.” Jane had come in to her daughters’ room and overheard some of it.”

“That I am not just making dresses for some of the films but have the odd part as well.”

“Nina, I have done some checking and I know exactly what kind of films you are involved in. I always knew my cousin was a whore but I am disappointed that I have produced one as well.”

“Oh, come on Mum, Anne has told me some of the things you did when you were young. Its only now that you are boring and staid.”

“Anne exaggerates. I hope that you have not related any of her tales to your father.”

“Of course not. When does he pay any attention to me in any case? Or you and Gigi for that matter. Anyway, he’s either off playing golf or fucking his secretary.” The last was pure mischief as whilst true she also thought her mother was oblivious to her husbands misdemeanours. Nina had spotted them going into Beth, the secretary’s flat one night. After that she had and spied a bit, confirming her suspicions. It was quite often when her father was supposedly working late. What made it worse was that Beth was secretary to both Jane and Tom.

“You are a trouble making little bitch.” said her mother turning puce and sweeping from the room.

“Why did you say that. It was really cruel. Mums a bit boring but she didn’t deserve that , she right you are a bitch, big sister. It’s not true is it?”

“Eh yes, it is and I have a horrible feeling Mum suspected after all and so believes me.”

“Oh, shit you stupid cow. I am going to try and calm her down.” Gigi broke the call. Nina was kicking herself for letting her temper get the better of her and went off to tell Anne what a cock up she had made.

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