The Devil’s Pact Ghost of Paris Chapter 10: The Bride

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The Devil’s Pact, The Ghost of Paris
by mypenname3000
edited by Master Ken
Copyright 2014

Chapter Ten: The Bride

Thursday, September 19th, 2013 – Paris, Texas

“You dirty slut,” Happy giggled. The reverend’s adulterous wife was sprawled on Franny Reynold’s bed, her best friend and one of her many lovers.

I used to think Happy was a shrewish prude, but after I molested her in the middle of her husband’s church service, I discovered she was an adventuresome whore. Her husband didn’t perform his marital duties that often, and Happy had long ago discovered a few men, and one woman, who were more than willing to fill in behind the good reverend’s back.

At thirty-one, Happy still had the body of a woman in her twenties, her tits were still firm and round, her body still soft and curvy. Franny Reynolds, another bored housewife, had her face buried in Happy’s brown bush, going to town on her snatch. Franny was an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous woman. Her tits were massive pillows, and her hips and ass were curvy.

“Oh, fuck, eat me out!” Happy moaned, a big smile on her lips as the redhead licked her cooch as eager as a cat laps cream in a saucer.

I fingered Franny’s red-furred muff, sunlight streaming through her open window lighting up those pubic hairs like flames. My pecker was achingly hard. I still wasn’t used to the increased stamina I got from Astarte two days ago. I’ve had to shove my cock in a woman’s hole on an hourly basis. Last night, I had visited the Paris Revival for Christ—the church that Happy’s husband was the reverend at—and I molested Happy, Franny, and three other women. The church members all thought that I was the Holy Ghost, visiting these women with God’s presence. When service was over, Happy invited me to her weekly afternoon ‘tea’ at Franny’s.

Of course, I said yes. I had enough time to fuck both these women before cheerleading practice started—no way in hell would I miss my lionesses prancing about while one of those sweet, young things danced on my pole.

I buried my pecker deep in Franny’s cooch. She gave an appreciative moan into Happy’s cunt, thrusting her little hips back against me. Her snatch was tighter than Happy’s; Franny wasn’t a mother yet. Happy had two kids. “Neither of my kids are his,” Happy had confided to me after I fucked her the first time. “He’s none too good at doin’ the math.” Happy and I were working on her third bastard.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Franny moaned. “Oh, Lord, if only my husband knew how to fuck like this!”

“You gals should ditch them losers and find yourselves some real men!” I panted.

“I couldn’t leave my Austin,” Franny protested. “We’re soul mates.”

Soul mates? Really? So I asked her, “Then why you fuckin’ around on him?”

“Our love transcends sex,” she moaned. “It’s purer than sex. Don’t mean I don’t need a nice, hard fuckin’.”

“Keep eatin’ me!” gasped Happy. “Put that purtee little mouth of yours to work on my pussy!”

“Sorry,” Franny giggled, and buried her face back into Happy’s cunt.

“And I could never leave my husband,” Happy answered. “It’s so much fun cuckoldin’ him! How could I ever give that up.”

“You are one wicked slut!” I accused. “I love it!”

Her laugh was a rich, throaty exultation. “So do I! Umm, yes Franny! Eat my beaver, you carpet munchin’ dyke!”

Watching Happy’s tits jiggle as she writhed on Franny’s eager mouth sent my balls boiling over, spitting out a few huge blasts of cum right into Franny’s cunt. My pecker was still hard, still in need of satisfaction, so I just pulled out of her cunt and started buggering her. She gasped, lifting her face up to protest, only to have Happy yank her hair, pulling her mouth back to Happy’s cunt.

“You fuckin’ her ass?” moaned Happy.

“Abso-damn-fuckin’-lutely I am!”

“That’s so nasty!” purred the reverend’s wife. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cream your face! Drink my cum! Drink every last drop you filthy dyke!”

Happy held Franny’s face to her cunt as she bucked on the bed, grinding görükle escort her juicy cooch into Franny hungry lips. Franny’s ass spasmed about my cock, massaging my pecker with tight waves as she screamed and gasped into Happy’s juicy cooch.

“Fuck, she’s cummin’ on my pecker cornholin’ her!” I groaned. “You one nasty slut, Franny!”

“The nastiest!” she panted. “I’m gonna make Happy lick my ass clean!”

“Really?” Happy asked, raising her eyebrow.

“You will. And if I gotta shove your face between her cheeks and make you lick her clean, sure as shit I will,” I told her.

She licked her lips. “Then I reckon I best eat her ass out!”

“Just let me pump it full of my cum,” I told her. “Won’t be long now the way this slut’s milkin’ my pecker!”

“Cream my backdoor!” Franny moaned. “Oh, fuck, gonna cum again! Holy shit. Holy Christ that’s amazin’!”

Her bowels hungrily sucked at my cock as she came, wanting my cum, and I was more than happy to oblige her with three mighty blasts. Breathing heavily, I pulled my softening cock out of her ass and made way for Happy.

The reverend’s wife pushed Franny down on her belly, then shoved a pillow beneath her. Happy stroked her cheeks, spread that delicious ass wide open, and buried her mouth inside. I could hear her sucking out my cum; a nasty, depraved noise that made my pecker hard again. Happy’s own ass—marred by a few stretch marks—waved invitingly to me.

Happy’s phone rang just before I could dive on in, playing some pop song. “Shit,” Happy said, reaching for her phone. “That’s my sister.”

“Let it go to voice mail,” I told her.

“I can’t,” she answered. “She’s gettin’ married on Saturday and I’m her Matron of Honor. Got to take this!” She picked up her smart phone, then answered it with a causal, almost airy voice. “Hey, Belle!”

Her ass still waved invitingly at me as she stretched out on her stomach. I didn’t see any reason not to slip my pecker up her cornhole. She gave a sudden gasp as I plunged into her wonderfully tight and velvety asshole.

“You okay?” I faintly heard her sister ask.

“Yeah. I just stubbed my toe,” Happy lied as I slowly pumped my pecker in and out of her ass like an oil derrick—slow and steady, building up until my oil spews out of my derrick.

“I need you right now,” her sister pleaded; there was a catch to her voice, like she was one step away from bursting into tears. “Everythin’ is goin’ wrong with the flowers.”

“Okay, I’ll be there as soon as possible.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!” she gushed.

Happy hung up. “You dirty hound!” she moaned. “Sodomizin’ me while I was gabbin’ with my baby sister.”

“So you gotta go?” Fanny asked.

“Yeah,” Happy sighed. “Right after the ghost finishes buggerin’ me.”

“So, your sister as purtee as you are?” I asked.

“Umm, she’s gorgeous. Innocent and cute.” She hesitated. “Why do you ask?”

“Why do you think? I’m gonna fuck her.” I pictured a younger Happy in a white wedding dress. “Saturday you gonna help me fuck your baby sister in her wedding dress.”

“I couldn’t do that,” she protested.

“Course you can, slut! Think how nasty it’ll be for you sister to walk up the aisle with her cooch full of my spunk.”

Happy let out a throaty, appreciative moan.


Saturday, September 21st, 2013 – Paris, Texas

“What did you need to talk to me ’bout?” a woman’s muffled voice asked through the door.

I waited in the small antechamber of the Methodist church where Happy’s baby sister was getting married. My pecker felt like it was going to burst with all the blood that filled it up. I desperately needed some relief and Happy’s sister, Belle, was going to provide it with her soon-to-be-married cooch.

The door opened and my breath caught as Belle and Happy entered the room. Happy looked as gorgeous as always in a violet dress, showing a bit more cleavage than she normally wore—Happy maybe the biggest slut, but you wouldn’t know it by how she dresses. görükle escort bayan Her sister was ten years younger—her face innocent and cute and framed by honey-brown hair curled in large ringlets. Her dress was white, decorated with pearls, and showed a nice bit of cleavage.

“I wanted you to meet someone,” Happy said.

“Who?” Belle asked, looking around the antechamber.

“Me,” I said, startling the poor bride. “I’m the Ghost of Paris.”

“I don’t understand,” she said, glancing at Happy. “What’s happenin’?”

I reached out, caressing her face tenderly. She tried to back away but Happy caught her.

“Just relax, baby sister,” Happy whispered. “This is my wedding present to you. You’ll love it a lot more than the time you let Zach fuck you.”

My finger trailed down her neck and tracing around her cleavage. “Don’t you fret now, sweetness. My ghostly pecker makes all the purtee girls cream! You’ll be howlin’ like a bitch-wolf at the moon.”

“I’m about to get married,” Belle fretted. “I can’t be doin’ this.”

My finger slid into her cleavage, pushing her dress and the cup of her strapless bra down, exposing a conical tit topped by a pink nipple. Her cheeks flushed as my finger circled her pink eraser, then I rolled the nub between my fingers.

“Stop, please!”

I sucked that nipple into my mouth and she gasped, a low, mewling sound. My hand pushed the rest of her bra and dress down, exposing her other small, conical breast, that rose like a small, pink capped mountain from her chest.

“Do you really want him to stop?” Happy asked. “I bet your little pussy’s on fire.”

“It’s my weddin’ day,” she moaned. “I don’t care if it feels good. This is wrong.”

“Sweetness, bein’ wrong is what makes this feel so good,” I told her, before sucking her other nipple into my hungry lips.

“God help me, but it does feel so great!”

I grabbed her hand, guiding it to my invisible cock. Her eyes widened as her hand slowly started to explore my pecker. “You gonna let me stick this up your cooch?”

“I…” she swallowed, and whispered, “Yes.”

“Then beg for it, slut.” My fingers squeezed her breast and pinched her nipples and I could hear her thighs rustling as she rubbed them together, trying to relieve the ache in her cooch.

“Oh, Lord,” she moaned, squeezing her eyes shut and taking a deep breath. “Please. I need it. My little pussy’s so hot and wet.”

“What do you need, sweetness?”

“Your pecker.” It came out as a whisper, her cheeks flaming red. Then in a loud, smokey voice, she declared, “I need your pecker to fuck my pussy!”

“Then bend over that there box,” I told her, kicking a large crate, rattling the wood, “and hike your skirt up!”

She hiked her skirts—thin legs clad in white stockings appeared—and carefully dropped to her knees, leaning over the crate. Her ass was small, tight, clad in satin panties—a bikini cut—worn underneath her garter belt.

“In the future, sweetness, wear your panties over the garter belt,” I told her, pulling the gusset of her panties to the side. “That way you can pull ’em off and not take off them purtee stockings.”

“Okay,” she answered, staring back at me eagerly—the little slut was as randy as a goat, aching for my pecker to penetrate her almost married cooch.

It was heaven. A warm, wet, and oh-so-tight heaven as I jammed my pecker into her snatch. The slut gave a moan full of satisfied passion. I fucked her, my balls slapping hard into her clit and within a few strokes, the bitch exploded like a match dropped onto a puddle of gasoline, raising quite the storm of moans and shouts.

“You best quiet your sister,” I told Happy. “Else she might not be getting’ married after all.” And that would spoil half the fun, knowing she was saying her vows while her cunt was full of my cum. “Hike up your skirt and stick your purtee lil cooch right in her face.”

Happy looked startled, a considering light appearing in her hazel eyes. “Oh, my Lord, that’d be so nasty!”

“Wouldn’t it?” escort görükle I asked.

Happy reached beneath her skirts, stepping out of her lacy panties. Belle was so lost to my fucking she gave a small, startled shriek when she saw her sister’s bushy cooch right in her face.

“Lick her,” I told the bride, still slamming my pecker into her hole.

“God, no! That’s disgusting!”

“If you don’t want to…” I pulled out of her cooch slowly. “I’ll just let Happy eat your cooch out while I fuck her.”

“But it’s incest.”

Happy laughed, “I know, so nasty. Eat me, baby sister. You’ll love it. Pussy is the best.”

“You’re a dyke, Happy?” Belle asked.

“Sugar, all women are dykes once they’ve gotten a good taste of cunt. No don’t you fret, you’ll still be lovin’ cock too. You’re as much a slut as I am.”

“I am not a slut!” Belle objected.

I gave her ass a slap. “Course you are. You’re havin’ a threesome with a ghost and your sister on your weddin’ day. What else would you be? Now start lickin’ and I’ll start fuckin’.”

Her tongue licked hesitantly out; Happy gave a soft moan. “It don’t taste that bad,” the bride muttered. “Kinda spicy.”

Happy pulled on her curls, shoving her face into her snatch. “Make me cum, baby sister!”

Belle noisily ate her sister’s cooch out, so I shoved my pecker back into her delightful snatch. Happy’s face contorted in pleasure, biting her lips to keep from making too much noise. It looked like the wicked thrill of having her sister eat her cunt was quickly bringing Happy to boil. Her breasts strained in her dress as her back arched and muffled sighs escaped her clenched lips.

The air was filled with the aroma of cooch, spurring me to fuck the bride harder. She kept licking, bringing Happy to a second, stronger cum; this time a few gasps loudly escaped her lips. Belle’s pussy massaged my cock as a second orgasm rolled into her third.

There was a knock on the door. “Is Belle in there?” a man asked.

“Yes, daddy,” Happy answered. “We’re just fixing a problem in her dress. We ain’t decent. Give us a few minutes.”

“Okay, sweetheart.”

Belle came a fourth time and it was more than pecker could take and I spilled a huge load of my cream into her belly. That cum was going to be leaking out of her cooch all through the wedding and reception, slowly soaking into her panties and then running down her thighs. When I pulled out, I made sure her panties were adjusted to capture the mess.

“Whew, that was some fuck you gave me,” I told the bride, giving her ass one last slap.

“Oh, Lord above, what did I just do?” Belle gasped, tears brimming in her eyes.

“Oh, don’t cry, your mascara will run,” Happy said.

“It’s my wedding day and I cheated on Zach,” she protested. “What kinda horrible person am I? I thought I loved him.”

“Oh sugar, you do love him,” Happy told her. “Love and sex have nothin’ to do with each other. I love my Meriwether, but he don’t get it done in the bedroom. So I find some outside help. What he doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.”

“Really? You cheat on your husband?”

“All the time,” Happy answered. “It’s no big deal. I have itches, and Meriwether don’t scratch ’em. Maybe your Zach will scratch yours, and if not, I know a few men who will.”

“Okay,” Belle said, smiling. “It was fun to get that itch scratched.”

Happy and Belle quickly adjusted her skirt, brushing some dust off it. Both women’s faces were flushed and the bride’s lips were covered in drying pussy juices. Happy quickly wiped up her sister’s face and then settled the veil on the bride.

She looked gorgeous as she marched down the aisle to her unsuspecting groom. I jerked my cock as I stood invisible in the back, loving the fact that my seed filled the bride’s cooch. I came when she promised to be faithful to him always. I knew for a fact I was going to get her alone at the reception and give the little slut another good fucking.

After they kissed, Zach had a funny look on his face, licking his lips, and I cackled out loud as he tasted his sister-in-law’s cunt. I had a feeling Belle’s lips were going to be covered in pussy juices a lot from now on.

To be continued…

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