The Demise of Innocence

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I’m very confident that my thick cock would completely cover up the crack of that little bitches ass. She is so small, so petite, even though she has very long legs she is still a very petite girl. Her hair is gorgeous too, long and straight, flowing almost to the small of her back, and natural too, no dye or anything, just a natural dishwater blonde. She is quite slender with very small titties, in fact she tries to make her small perky breasts look larger than they really are by wearing padded bra’s. Enough of that, let’s get back to that young tight ass of hers and what I meant by covering the crack of that sweet ass with my cock. I swear her slender, young and nubile ass is so petite that if she were lying on her stomach and I myself getting on my knees, I would straddle her legs, and then if I were to place my cock length wise along the crack of that little bitches tight ass, I swear I wouldn’t be able to see the crack of her ass, all I would be able to see is my blue veined member.

When the sweet little cunt walks, she walks as if she has something stuck up her ass, meaning that her precious little ass is almost always turned up, naturally turned up. Boy!…I could only imagine what that ass would look like if she were on her hands and knees, turning that it up for some lucky guy, getting that ass in the air, getting the outer lips of that young pussy completely vertical as it’s thick meatiness protruded from her petite ass cheeks, Mmmm…I bet her pussy is hairy and thick lipped too.

She’s so young, so giggly, such a good girl, she try’s hard, she wants to succeed in life, she has a very out going personality, she seems so innocent and naive but yet at the same time she appears to portray an eagerness to be a woman, a sexy woman, and also I would think she would like to be treated like a woman too. Except she hasn’t met the right man yet. She has had plenty of boyfriends, but they have all been simply that, just boys. She probably won’t receive the good fucking that she really needs until she’s at least in her early 20’s.

She was upset, saying something or another about her car tire being flat and that her car needed an oil change and also something at work was really bothering her too. I noticed she was sobbing a little, little whimpers, but even her crying sounded so innocent to me. Even though she was 18 she seemed like such a little girl.

Sabrina? What’s the matter sweetheart?

My life sucks, that’s what’s the matter. My car has a flat tire, I had an appointment to get the oil in it changed tonight, but now I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford that AND fix my tire. And on top of all of that, the bank says I have to go to the branch all the way out on freaking Teledo Lane to work for the next six weeks.

“Aawww, now, now Sweetheart, no body ever said life would be easy.” Jim said as he stroked her long hair, brushing it away from her face and wiping away a tear, tying to encourage her to keep her head up and look on the bright side.

The two of them sat there just like that for a few minutes, not really saying much, all the while Jim couldn’t help but feel like consoling her even more by holding her closer to him.

“Here, scoot over Hun, let me rub your neck and shoulders, maybe I can help you relax, you seem awfully stressed, maybe we eryaman escort can help make some that tension disappear.”

“Sniff, sniffle, ok, but just for a minute, I really need to get going, I’m going to be late enough as it is.”

With that said, Sabrina scooted over to the middle of her bed with her face turned away from Tim. He was glad she chose to turn away from him because now he could admire her perky tight young ass without her seeing him checking her out. As Jim continued to rub her neck and shoulders, his hands would go deeply to her sides, almost touching the sides of her small titties through the oversized tee shirt she was wearing.

“Pumpkin?, here Baby, let me get more comfortable here with you too.”

“That’s ok, I need to finish getting ready for work.”

It’s ok, relax Honey, I’ll take care of your car for you, you’re just under a lot of stress Baby.”

“Well, alright I guess, but I can’t stay here long, I don’t want to be too late for work, I’m going to be late enough as it is now.”

“Shhh, just relax for a little bit Sweety, you’ll be surprised at how much better you will feel.”

With Sabrina still lying on her stomach, Jim got up on the bed himself, straddling her now so he could really get into it. His cock was now throbbing, as he continued massaging her, he noticed that she began to squirm a little underneath of his large experienced hands, and even let out a slight “whew” sound. Jim saw that as a signal. “She’s liking this.” He thought. Jim squirmed a little himself, pressing his erect, sweat pant covered cock into the back of her leg.

“I think we better quit.”

“Awww Pumpkin, it’s ok, are you sure?”

“I know what you’re doing Jim, and you know it too, don’t you? I’m not sure we should be doing this, are you?”

Jim said nothing. He kept massaging her, now rubbing the backs of her legs and all he could think about was if Sabrina’s pussy was as hairy as her moms.

Jim? I really don’t think we should be doing this. What about mom? What if she comes home?”

“Shhh, it’s ok, relax Honey, she’s not coming home until later this afternoon.”

But won’t she know? What if she somehow smells that we’ve been doing something? I remember when I was thirteen and tried smoking, she knew it even though she never saw me she knew I had been smoking and ever since then I have just been cautious about smells when ever I’m around her.”

“Sabrina? relax Baby, um…it’s “that time of the month” for your mother so to speak and to be honest we really don’t get intimate with each other during her period.”

They were both quiet as Jim let his hands roam down to her sweet young ass, rubbing, massaging and kneading the backs of her thighs as if he were a baker kneading dough but ever so slow and firm, slipping a finger underneath the band of her panties just to test the water.

“Oh fuck!” Jim thought as his finger roamed inside her panties to feel her young pussy,. “My Little Pumpkin is as wet as she can be.”

“Jim, this is just not right, we shouldn’t be doing this, somebody might find out.”

“I’m not going to tell, are you? And besides you trust me don’t you? You know I’ve always looked out for your best interest, you know there is no way I would want to hurt you escort eryaman don’t you?” There was silence as Jim continued petting this lovely little kitten. “Awww look Sweetheart, it’s not like I’m your REAL dad anyway, I’m only your stepdad, there isn’t any blood relation between us, we’re not even distant cousins, and after all we’re both adults too.”

Sabrina was relaxed totally now. “Mmmmm…Jim? I…uhh…whew…” Was all that came out of Sabrina’s mouth as she raised the knee of her right leg up towards her stomach and kept the other leg extended straight.

“Here, how’s this, do you like this?” Jim said as he continued further down, massaging the backs of her legs.


“Oh baby, easy my Princess, ooohhh yea.” Jim said as he first began massaging her butt cheeks, feeling the soft young flesh of her firm ass, slowly working his way closer, slipping his index finger to her freshly bathed cunt, massaging it, feeling it’s wetness, softly finding her clit, followed by the insertion of first his index finger and then both his index and middle fingers. Sabrina acknowledged Jim’s foul play by turning her ass up for him. “I want to kiss you.” Jim said.

With that said Jim lowered Sabrina’s panties, she helped him do so by wriggling her ass for him. “Low and behold, good fucking gawd almighty!!! “SHIT!!” Jim thought as he saw her heavily carpeted patch of pubic hair for the first time. He wanted to taste her young little cunny. Even though this young lady and the way she presented herself seemed so little girlish, there was definitely nothing little gilrish about her pussy. So thick lipped, so meaty, and so beautifully hairy. “Yes indeed” Jim thought, “Even though she is only 18, her pussy looks like that of an experienced woman, a woman in her 20’s at least.

“What are you doing?”

“It’s ok Baby, just relax, believe me, it’s quite alright, all I want to do is kiss you.”

“Huh? you mean like your going to kiss my butt or something?”

“Well, sort of…keep your butt turned up to me, yes just like that.”

Sabrina had no idea what was going on really, she had heard of boys wanting to eat pussy, but she had never heard anyone refer to it as kissing. “We better quit, what time is it anyway?”

“Shhhh, please baby, please, you deserve this Precious.” Jim lowered his head into her untouched area, breathing in deeply as he did so, taking all of her loveliness in. He started by actually planting a kiss on her outer vagina lips, first the left side, then the right. The he continued by licking up the right side and down the other, sucking each side and teasingly inserting his tongue into her young pussy with a fucking like motion, licking up and down from her clit to her puckered little anus. As he continued, he slid down further on the bed as Sabrina slid further up the bed. Jim noticed her breathing had quickened and that she was raising her ass up quite nicely for him now.

“Mmmm, yes Precious.” Jim said as he inserted his nose into her vagina, mimicking a fucking motion while using his fingers to spread her vaginal lips while simultaneously licking her young innocent clitty.


“Yes Sweetheart?”

“Would you let me see your dick? I’d like to see your dick?”

“Well sure Baby. Have eryaman escort bayan you never seen a man’s penis before?”

“Well, I….Um,…I haven’t um…” Sabrina didn’t know what to say for fear of getting into trouble. “Well yea, I’ve SEEN one before, yes, but it was a long time ago on the school bus and it wasn’t a man, it was some boy acting goofy.”

“I see, well here Honey, let’s lie down together, let me hold you, ok?

The look on Sabrina’s face told Jim that she was in total awe. “Would you like to touch it? It’s ok, really.” Jim took her hand into his own and made a ring out of her thumb and index fingers and placed it around his throbbing cock.


“What Sweetheart?”

“I feel it twitching, are you making it do that?”

“No Sweetheart, you made it like this.”

“Me? But you were the one coming on to me.”

“Yes, but your reaction to me caused me to be like this. This is how a man’s penis reacts when it’s erect. Have you ever seen a man ejaculate?”

“Ejaculate? You mean shoot? That’s what the boys in school call it.”

“Yes Pumpkin, have you ever seen a man shoot before?”

“No, but I’d like to sometime. Do you feel like shooting? How do you make it do it?”

Jim couldn’t believe how eager she was.

“Well, just keep your hand like that, yes…ok now, here…just like this.” Jim held onto her hand with his own hand and pumped his organ up and down. “Ok, here you try it on your own, just keep that ring around it, apply just a little pressure and keep pumping.”

“Like this, am I doing it right?”

“UmmmMmmm, yes Baby, YES! Exactly like that.” Sabrina’s hands were so small and petite that her hand could not form a full circle around Jim’s manhood, but she was doing quite nicely.

She was really getting into it, watching the large head dissappear as her clinched little hand pulled the foreskin on the upstroke, watching his large hairy balls move around as if they were doing a little dance. “Does it feel good, are you going to shoot, does it feel like I’m going to make you shoot?” Sabrina said as she looked up at Jim. It wasn’t till then that she noticed his eyes were closed and his lips were pursed. “Are you ok? Do you want me to stop?”

“No! Nooo Baby, I – I’m almost..uhumm…oh yes, I- I’m gonna….Ohh Precious, YES!! Stroke it baby, just keep stroking me Sweety, faster.”

Sabrina looked back down at Jim’s cock because she wanted to watch him shoot. As soon as the first shot of cum came flying out of Jim’s member, Sabrina flinched because it shot up near her head. Jim was wiggling about, breathing and letting out a loud deep growl. Just then he grabbed the back of Sabrina’s head, forcing her face towards his cock. “Kiss it Baby, hurry!” Sabrina didn’t want to taste his cum and not knowing what to do, she planted her lips on the side of his cock and kissed his spewing member. Still holding the back of her head, Jim took his cock into his own hand and aimed it directly at her face, rubbing her face with warm cum as he continued bucking on the bed beneath her reluctant mouth.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck yes Sweetheart! My gosh Baby! Whew! Look at what you made me do.”

“Really? Do you think I did a good job?”

“Oh Baby, yes, yes indeed Sweetheart, you did an excellent job.”

Sabrina laid her head down on Jim’s thickly gray haired chest as they both lied there quietly, just holding each other, not sure of what just happened, each one not knowing what to say to the other. But at the same time they both new this was something they would like to repeat in the future.

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