The Deal Ch. 30

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The Deal’s Who’s Who

Diana Hughes – mother of Matthew Hughes, widow of the late David Hughes, started the Deal

Matthew Hughes- Diana’s son, boyfriend of Cindy Morgan

Cindy Morgan – Matt’s girlfriend, lives with the Hughes

Craig Lynn – Matt’s best friend, son of Jeff and Susan Lynn, brother to Cindy Lynn

Susan Lynn – Diana’s best friend, wife of Jeff and mother of Craig and Cindy Lynn

Jeff Lynn – Husband of Susan and father of Craig and Cindy Lynn

Chip Hamilton – close friend to Matt and Craig

Kim Hamilton – close friend of Diana’s, wife of Adam, mother of Chip

Adam Hamilton – husband of Kim and father of Craig

Lacey Brock – neighbor and former old friend of Diana, Susan and Kim.

Jenny Clark – friend of Craig Lynn, going to same college as Craig

Steven DeForest – Former Biology teacher for Matt, Craig and Chip, interested in Diana Hughes

Gwen Hollister – brunette haired sister to Stephanie, new neighbors of the Hughes and owners of Dreamland adult store

Stephanie Hollister – blonde haired sister to Gwen, new neighbors of the Hughes and owners of Dreamland adult store.

All characters engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Diana pushed open the hard wood doors feeling the loud music wash over her as she entered the dark club. She stood to let her eyes adjust before she spied the Hollister sisters smiling and waving at her from a back table. She smiled and wove her way through the crowd. She stopped, looking at the fourth chair with a jacket over the back then at the blushing Gwen Hollister.

“Now don’t get upset with me but I invited somebody to join us.”

Diana laughed, “Are you trying to set me up on a blind date?”

Stephanie gave an embarrassed chuckle, “We understand about a certain, uh, misunderstanding that happened during your spring vacation.”

Diana’s eyes opened wider as she watched the tall blond man carrying drinks toward their table, “Oh, you have to be shitting me.”

Gwen raised her hands “Now Diana, please hear us out. Steve really is a nice guy.”

Steve Deforest stopped and placed the drinks at the table and took in the face of the stunned Diana still standing.

“Maybe this isn’t a good idea, and I should leave,” Steve said as he reached to grab his jacket nervously.”

Gwen looked up at Diana with puppy dog eyes, “Diana?”

Diana reached out and put her hand on Steve’s arm stopping him.

“No stay. Gwen and Stephanie mean well. It’s kind of cute. I can’t remember the last time somebody set me up for a date. Not that this is a date, buster.”

Diana pointed her finger at the now grinning man, “I still remember what you said about my boys and that you owe me a pair of bikini bottoms.”

Steve flushed red and raised his hands, “I still have them and can give them back to you at any time, I swear.”

Stephanie laughed and clapped her hands, “I have never seen you so embarrassed, Steve.”

Gwen giggled, “Gee, what have you been doing with those bottoms, Steve?”

The laughs got louder as Steve turned a deeper shade of red.”

Steve stammered, “Nothing, honest. I have them in an envelope on my desk. Really.”

Gwen raised an eyebrow and looked at Diana as she finally sat down, “Envelope? Just how tiny was that bikini?”

Now it was Diana’s time to flush, “Oh hush, they were normal size.”

Stephanie looked across at Diana, “I’ve been dying of curiosity. What did you do once you realized you weren’t wearing your bottoms on the middle of a crowded beach?”

Diana continued to stay red, “Well, I, um, worked on my tan. Hey, it’s not like I was the only one nude.”

The Hollisters howled in laughter that eventually caused Diana to laugh along.

Diana looked at Steve with a twinkle in her eyes, “You were very mean to my boys, but with the show they got as a result I know they forgive you. The verdict is out for me.”

“They probably want to thank you,” Gwen chimed in.

Stephanie looked at Diana, “Your boys? I thought Matt was your only son.”

Diana smiled, “The Lynns, Hamiltons, Brocks, and David and I all moved onto the block at the same time and became one big happy family. We shared everything and as the boys grew up and got close we all kind of took ownership collectively.”

Gwen chuckled deeper, “Shared everything huh?”

Diana ducked her head, “Oh, no. I’m not having this conversation with an adult store owner and a prospective male at the same time.”

Steve grinned and fist pumped, “I’ve elevated to ‘prospective’ – cool!”

Diana gave a cute half smile then deflected with a wave at a passing waitress so she could get a drink. She needed it as did the oh so familiar butterflies flittering in her stomach.


A nude Cindy padded into Matt’s room and walked over to wrap her arms around her boyfriend as he sat at his desk. She nuzzled his neck. They both turned and looked down at the buzzing cell phone near his keyboard. She turned and sat on the edge of the bed as Matt answered the phone.

“Hey Mrs. Hamilton. Not problem. eryaman escort What? Really? Let me check with Cindy.”

Matt swiveled and held the phone away from his head, “Mrs. Hamilton knows mom is out tonight and wanted to invite us over for dinner and maybe some fun if we want.”

Cindy looked askew, “Fun like last time?”

Matt brought the phone back up to his ear, “Mrs. Hamilton, when you say ‘fun’ exactly what does that mean?”

Even Cindy could hear the laugh through the phone before Kim Hamilton answered.

Matt chuckled and turned back to Cindy, “Mr and Mrs Hamilton and Chip want to play apparently.”

Cindy laughed as she shook her head, “Never in a million years before I met you did I even remotely imagine anything like this happening to me.”

Matt gave an embarrassed smile, “You want me to say ‘no?'”

Cindy vigorously shook her head, “Oh no, if you’re happy then I’m perfectly happy having ‘fun’ as they call it. Are you sure you are alright with this?”

Matt laughed, “I was going to ask you the same question.”

Cindy waved her hand at the phone, “Tell them we’ll be over.”

Matt smiled and returned to the phone, “Give us about a half hour; then we’ll be there.”

Cindy looked at Matt puzzled, “A half hour? It’ll take me minutes to get dressed since I’ll only be taking them off again soon enough, and they only live a couple houses away?”

Matt swiveled his chair around and pushed himself over to her and put his hands on her bare knees. He looked into her eyes.

“Are you sure you are okay with all this? I’m a naturally horny eighteen year-old whose mother gave me the keys to the candy shop months ago. This isn’t your lifestyle.”

Cindy shook her head hard, her straight raven hair flying back and forth across her shoulders. She put her hands on Matt’s. “Look at me. I’ve been completely naked since I got home from work. I never wear clothes in this house any more. I had incredible sex in a room with eight other people last week with several of them. This is most certainly my lifestyle, and I love it.”

Matt laughed, “I didn’t think about all that.”

Cindy smiled, “You and your mom and the Hamiltons and Lynns have taught me that this is love. It’s not dirty. It is pleasure. It’s about feeling good and making the others around you feel good too. I don’t see anything wrong with that, especially if I know that I’m going to be spending the rest of my life with you sharing all that pleasure with you.”

Matt continued to smile.

Cindy continued, “You forget, I grew up in a loveless family until my mom hooked up with that last jerk boyfriend and then it was filled with hate followed by loneliness. That’s the last thing I want. Tell me the truth, when Chip was fucking my ass last week or if he or Mr. Hamilton does again tonight does that bother you?”

Matt shook his head, “No, it actually turns me on.”

Cindy laughed loudly, “That’s my Matt. See, it brings us both pleasure as well as them. What’s wrong with that? Sure, I don’t mind having fun with the Hamiltons, but what brings me way more pleasure than that is knowing afterwards that I’m coming home with you, now and forever.”

Matt and Cindy simultaneously leaned towards each other kissing deeply from each others’ lips.


Steve looked at Diana as she drank down some of her wine. “So, do you have any hobbies?”

Diana set her glass down and licked her lips, “I love to read.”

Gwen smiled, “Oh, what do you like to read?”

Diana ignored Stephane swatting her sister on the arm to keep her quiet and smiled back, “I read a couple great, sexy romances that Cindy picked up at your store.”

Gwen thought for a moment, “I think she picked up Naomi Scudder, Nicole Marie and Laura Lovecraft, right?”

Diana nodded, “Good memory, do you have more from any of them? I really enjoyed them.”

Diana and Gwen both were aware of Stephanie’s glare at her sister.

Diana quickly looked over at Steve, “How about you? I have a feeling that steamy romances don’t do anything for you.”

Steve laughed, “No, I’m more of the video type.”

Stephanie chuckled, “Yep, some days Steve makes our financial day for us.”

Steve blushed a bit, “Hey, I’m a biology teacher, anatomy interests me.”

Stephanie added, “a lot.”

The table laughed.

Diana shook her head, “Matt is into those kind of videos, me not so much.”

Gwen nodded her head, “Me neither. Much more into books.”

Diana laughed, “That must be a tough part of your job, previewing all the new books that come into the store.”

Gwen smirked, “It’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make.”

Stephanie nodded, “Me, I’m much more into the real thing and nature and the outdoors. I leave the book department to my sister.”

Steve looked again at Diana, “What about you? You into nature and the outdoors?”

Diana ducked her head a bit, “Other than for sunning…”

Gwen cut in, “We all know how much you like to tan.”

Diana playfully swatted Gwen’s arm as she grinned back at her.

“Any way, before I was so rudely escort eryaman interrupted,” she and Gwen stuck their tongues out at each other, “I’m more the tan and watch type.”

Steve continued, “Not really into any sports?”

Diana shook her head as Stephanie piped in, “What sports?”

Steve looked at her, “Skiing in the winter and running in the spring and summer.”

Gwen laughed, “Hey, you are talking to the Pennsylvania track and field athlete of the year there,” she said as she pointed to her beaming sister.

Steve looked amazed, “Really, what year? I was long distance athlete for 1993.”

Stephanie cooed, “I was 1989 for my senior year.”

Gwen rolled her eyes at Diana as the two started to reminisce their past glories, “So, read any good books lately?”

Diana’s eyes lit up, “Now you’re talking my language. Have you ever heard of my favorite author, Kristen Painter? She’s not erotic like what you sell, more sweet, light romances with vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures.”

Diana started explaining about Nocturne Falls after Gwen shook her head.


Matt held onto Cindy’s shoulder as she reached forward to knock on the door.

She turned to look at Matt, “I wonder if she’ll be wearing that gorgeous peach outfit again. I really need to ask her where she got it.”

Matt nodded his head, “Please do.”

The two were laughing as a fully dressed Kim opened the door.

She looked at the grinning couple with a question.

Cindy smiled, “We were remembering what you were wearing when you greeted us last week.”

Kim flushed then looked down at her sweatshirt and sweat pants. “Well, I figured dinner first and some conversation before I jump anybody this time for a change of pace.”

All three laughed as they walked into the house.

Matt and Cindy took empty seats at the table as Kim sat down between her husband and son.

Cindy smiled at Chip, “Hey.”

Chip smiled back, “Hiya. Hey Matt. Oh Matt, I forgot to tell you, I got accepted into the community college.”

Matt smiled, “Great, we’ll have to try to schedule together.”

Chip grinned wider, “That would be awesome, I’m going to need a study buddy.”

Cindy looked at the table covered with meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and a green bean casserole. “Wow, Kim, this looks incredible.”

Kim smiled back, “I figured it was high time to have you kids over for dinner.”

Adam looked over at Cindy, “Kim has been telling me what you went through as a kid. That’s pretty horrible.”

Cindy looked over at Matt and reached under the table to hold his hands, “It sucked honestly, but for where I’ve ended up now I wouldn’t change anything if it would mean I wouldn’t have met Matt and his mom.”

Kim smiled, “That is a very healthy attitude young lady. I’m proud of you as I’m sure Diana is too.”

Cindy just blushed.

Adam chuckled, “Let’s dig in and eat before anything gets cold or Cindy gets any redder.”

With that dishes were passed around and everybody dug into the meal.


Diana looked over as Steve had his chair pushed a little closer to Stephanie as the two had their heads bent together still chatting away.

She then looked as her and Gwen’s chairs were a bit closer and laughed quietly.

Gwen looked at her over the rim of her glass raising her eyebrow.

Diana laughed and responded, “For a match making attempt, you did better work on your sister than me.”

Gwen got a gleam in her eyes, “I don’t know; I’m enjoying your company very, very much.”

Diana blushed and nodded.

Steve not having heard any of the conversation leaned back over toward Diana and Gwen. “Diana, I know this is a bit forward but would you like to go on a date skiing?”

Diana laughed, “Oh, you so have the wrong girl. You saw me in Jamaica. A warm beach is much more my natural habitat. Sorry. Besides, where can you ski this time of year? The snow all melted a couple of weeks ago.”

“I was thinking of asking you for a weekend up into New York and Whiteface Mountain.”

Stephanie oohed at the thought.

Diana left, “Not for me thank you but by all means check with the girl on your right, she seems more the ski bunny type.”

Steve turned back to Stephanie and raised his eyebrow.

Stephanie looked at her sister, “But the store for a whole weekend?”

Gwen laughed, “I think I can manage the store by myself for a weekend. Besides, we just got a new shipment of books that I might entice Diana here to stop in and keep me company while I check them all in and look them over.

Diana gleamed, “New sexy romances? Ooh, I would love to.”

Gwen blushed lightly and spoke softly, “And maybe dinner after work?”

Diana started and then blushed herself, “Gwen Hollister, are you asking me out on a date?”

Gwen smirked, “Well, it looks like my sister is getting a romantic weekend getaway, why shouldn’t I have some fun?”

Diana laughed and thought for a moment, “Well in that case, to keep the peace, I accept.”

Diana raised her glass eryaman escort bayan to Gwen as Stephanie raised her glass to Steve and the four toasted each other.


Matt pushed himself back from the table and put his hands on his stomach. “Man, I am stuffed. That was an incredible meal, Mrs. Hamilton.”

“You know Matt, we’ve seen each other naked several times. You’ve even fucked me in my ass. I think you can call me Kim.”

Matt blushed as he looked from Cindy’s grin to the faces of the three smiling Hamiltons across from him. “Nah, too weird” both Chip and Matt said simultaneously to everyone’s laughter.

Kim, still laughing, stood and waved off the others. “Go ahead into the den while I clean up.”

Cindy jumped up, “Oh hell no, Kim. I’m helping you and I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

Kim laughed and hugged Cindy. “Go ahead boys, relax and have some video fun while we take care of things here.”


Diana turned to the Hollister sisters as Steve went up to get another round of drinks.

“I’m sorry things didn’t turn out the way you expected.”

Stephanie waved her hand, “No big, I’ve liked Steve a long time, and I know my sister, I have to warn you that she is now very smitten with you.”

Gwen blushed again.

Diana asked, “But I thought you two were kind of an item yourselves?”

Gwen shook her head, “We’ve had our time and lots of fun and will always be close, but Steph really does prefer men, and I want someone with more of my interests, like reading and staying inside at home.”

Diana smiled, “That sounds like heaven, but I can’t promise anything. I’ve never dated another woman before. I’m new to anything like that. I’ve always thought of myself as strictly heterosexual.”

Gwen nodded, “If you don’t mind my asking, have you ever had sex with another woman before?”

Diana blushed yet again, “Recently with Cindy, yes.”

Gwen raised an eyebrow again, “And…?”

Diana chuckled, “I love Cindy like my own son.”

Stephanie laughed “Well sure, but did you enjoy it much?”

“Honestly, a lot.”

Gwen smile grew wider, “Well okay then, it most certainly is a romantic date this weekend in that case.”

Diana looked carefully at Gwen then took a breath, “Okay.”

Di was glad to see Steve return with the drinks. He raised his eyes as Diana gulped down a healthy swig before putting it down on the table to the laughter of the two other women.

“Did I miss something?” Steve asked.

“Not really, let’s make our plans for this weekend,” Stephanie smiled up at the confused man.

Gwen looked at Diana, “So, shall we make our plans for this weekend?”

Diana smiled back, “I would love to.”


The loud boisterous gaming came to a sudden stop when a naked Kim and Cindy, wearing the sheer peach camisole and panties that Kim was wearing the last time, walked into the room. Cindy looked just as nude as the older woman since the color matched her skin tone well.

Matt beamed up at his smiling girlfriend, “Oh, me like a lot.”

Cindy reached down and ran her fingers over the soft fabric. “I’m glad because I am definitely getting a couple of these for myself.”

Kim put her hand over the young woman’s shoulder, “With your skin tone you would look great in a red or blue version. Peach works great with my dark skin tone.”

The two looked at each other before Kim, with a grin, leaned over and kissed the surprised girl as her hand caressed her fabric covered but visible breast.

Adam laughed, “Oh now, me like a lot.”

Everybody laughed and the boys made room as Kim sat on Adam’s lap while Cindy sat on Matt’s lap. Both Matt and Adam had their hands instinctively reach up to cup and squeeze the women’s breasts.

Kim looked around at her son and the couple next to him, “So what’s first?”

Adam grinned, “I don’t know if Cindy would be into this but after that kiss I would love to see the two of you together.”

Kim laughed, “What is it with men and their girl on girl fantasies?”

She looked over at Cindy, “Well, sweetheart? You certainly got me all worked up that time you did the strip show with Diana.”

Cindy blushed. Then she swiveled her head to kiss Matt before she got up and walked with Kim to the middle of the room. They were just reaching out to each other when Adam raised his hand and said wait a minute.

Everyone watched him as he ran out of the room. He came back with a quilt over his arm and a box of condoms in his other hand. He handed the quilt to his wife as he sat down with the boys on the couch.

As Kim smoothed the quilt in the middle of the floor, Cindy pulled the camisole over her head then shimmied the panties off her legs. She tossed the lingerie over to Matt with a smirk.

Cindy looked over at the older woman standing next to her. She reached out and placed her hands on the woman’s shoulder pulling her in for a kiss. The two squished their bodies together and slowly dropped to the quilt. Kim pushed Cindy back into a reclining position. She licked soft kisses on the young girl’s neck, then collar bone before trailing a wet line down to Cindy’s heaving breasts. Kim clutched them in her hands squeezing them as she leaned forward and swallowed the swollen nipples into her mouth sucking loudly. Cindy reached her hand down to run it through Kim’s hair as she continued to suckle.

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