The Bluebird and the Sparrow Ch. 03

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Ted Warren entered the apartment he shared with Miriam Bentley, sweaty and irritable after his all too long ride on the subway. The damned air conditioning was out again and the cars were packed with the city’s cross section of humanity. It seemed to him that half of them had never heard of deodorant and the reek of unwashed bodies still lingered in his nostrils.

Tossing his suit coat and briefcase in a nearby chair, he went into the kitchen, took a wine glass from a cabinet, opened the refrigerator door, luxuriating, for a moment, in the cool air inside. Taking out a bottle of Pinot Grigio, he popped the cork, poured himself a glass, replaced the cork, then put the bottle back in the fridge, closed the door and leaned against the counter, sipping his drink.

‘I wonder where Miriam went last night?’ he thought. ‘She seemed really pissed at me. I wonder what made her so irritable?’

Hearing noises in the bedroom, he went to see if she had come home. She had and was packing clothing and personal items into two rolling suitcases; a determined look on her pretty face.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Ted said.

“What does it look like?” Maureen answered angrily. “I’m leaving.”

“What the Hell …?” Ted began, but she cut him off.

“You’ve changed, Ted,” Miriam continued. “You used to be so sweet and loving, now you’re totally obsessed with that wife of yours. That’s all you talk and think about; you and that lawyer buddy of yours. You never pay attention to me. We never do anything together anymore. I’ve had it. I’m leaving you.”

“You can’t do this to me,” Ted blustered, “Where are you going to go anyway; back to your folks?”

“I’m going to live with someone who really loves me, someone who cares for me. She makes me feel like a woman, like I truly belong with her. That’s who.”

“A woman, some dyke, what the Hell, Maureen, I didn’t know you liked women.”

“I never thought I did either, until she … Just forget it,” she zipped the suitcase shut, “That’s it, I’m gone. I’ll be back later for the rest of my things.”

“You can’t leave,” Ted snarled, “You can’t do this. After all we’ve meant to each other you’re leaving me for some bull dyke?”

“Get out of my way, Ted,” Maureen said, striding forward dragging two suitcases behind her.

“I’ll be damned if you’re gonna do this,” Ted said, grabbing her left arm, “I won’t let you, I mean it.”

“Let go of me, Ted, you’re hurting me. Nothing you can do can change my mind. You can’t keep me here against my will. If you don’t let go of me I’m calling the police.”

“You aren’t calling anybody …” Ted began, drawing his right arm back to punch her when he felt a grip of iron around his upper arm and he was lifted off the ground.

“You need to keep your hands to yourself, little man,” said a woman’s voice. A second later he was flung halfway across the room to smash into a chest of drawers, splintering the wood, then fell heavily to the carpet, bleeding and unconscious.

“I thought you might need some help moving,” Demeter said with a smile. “It seems I was right. You all packed, sweetie?”

Maureen stood gaping in shock and amazement. Demeter had lifted him effortlessly and then thrown him across the room like a sack of feathers.

“How … how did you do that?” she gasped. “He isn’t hurt is he?”

“Not really,” was the reply. “He may have a bruise or two. It’s a shame about the furniture, though. My aim isn’t what it used to be. Was that yours?”

“No, it was my ex-roommates, but she never came back for it. How the Hell did you do that?”

“I’ll explain later. Do you have everything you need?”

“Yes, I do. There’s still some stuff in the kitchen and the couch and chairs are mine …”

“Leave them; you won’t want to come back here anyway. Not after this little escapade.” She lifted the suitcases with one hand and said, “Let’s go.”

Maureen followed her new lover to the elevator as the apartment door clicked shut behind them. She was in awe of Demeter’s strength and casual demeanor. The woman was unruffled, not a hair out of place in spite of her exertions. It was crazy, but Maureen found the whole incident sexually arousing. She could hardly wait until they got back to Demeter’s place so they could make passionate love.


The halls at Alexander Hamilton High School were abuzz with conversation about the upcoming Senior Prom and the graduation ceremonies. Since over half the student body was graduating, the prom would be the largest the school had ever hosted and, as a result, was being held at the local country club instead of the school gym.

Speculation was rampant as who would be taking whom to the prom, who already had a date and who hadn’t been asked yet, who was on the decorating committee, what would be the prom theme, what band would be providing the music and so on. Angie and Ronnie were in the thick of things, as usual and when asked who their dates were for the prom, they just smiled and said it was a surprise. çankaya escort

When the big night came, couples began arriving at the country club on motorcycles, in family cars and in limos; the boys, looking uncomfortable, wearing rented tuxedos, the girls sporting the latest fashions in ball gowns, hair and nails done expertly by beauty salons, some teetering slightly in unaccustomed high heels.

As the ballroom began to fill with participants and the band was assembling on stage, people began to wonder where Ronnie and Angie were and who their dates could be. No one at school seemed to know and just about everyone had paired off with someone they knew. Then Ronnie and Angie strolled into the ballroom, elegantly coiffed, resplendent in their gowns, each wearing gardenias in a wrist corsage and holding hands. Their friends immediately surged around them, complimenting them on their appearance and asking where their dates were.

“She’s my date. We’re a couple now,” the girls chorused, and then kissed.

Needless to say, their declaration of love for one another caused quite a stir as word spread throughout the hall. Many congratulated them, some did not, regardless, the girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves, accepting invitations to fast dance from both sexes, but only slow dancing with each other.

Having received several invitations to after prom parties during the course of the evening, they chose the one closest to their homes thinking that if they over indulged in the beer and wine they knew would be there, they could always call their mothers to come get them or just walk home.

Accepting one of several rides offered to them, they soon arrived at the party. Upon their entering, they were immediately surrounded by a bevy of their curious female classmates wanting to know all about their relationship. Angie and Ronnie were both surprised and a bit flattered by all the attention and tried to answer them as frankly as possible.

During the course of the conversation, some of the girls began openly flirting and wondering if they could be in a threesome with them. Angie and Ronnie smiled politely and said they would think about it. Someone brought over a tray of drinks, then another and soon they all were pleasantly buzzed as the conversation became more ribald and the girls moved more closely together. Being already aroused from their slow dancing, Angie and Ronnie’s gradual intoxication further fanned the flames of their desire until they wanted nothing more than to be alone and enjoy each other.

Asking to use the bathroom, they were directed upstairs. Padding barefoot, carrying their high heels and purses, they searched for a place to be alone, found a vacant bedroom, went in and locked the door. Shedding their prom dresses and, not wearing bras or panties, they scrambled into bed, molded their nubile bodies together and began kissing hungrily with lots of tongue.

Angie pushed Ronnie on her back, dove between her creamy thighs and pressed her mouth against her lover’s already drenched pussy, licking and sucking like a hungry wolf. Ronnie grabbed handfuls of Angie’s dark, silken hair, thrusting her hips against her lovers wiggling tongue, wanting to cum and cum and cum into her pretty mouth.

Angie growled deep in her throat as she ate Ronnie out, the girl’s squeals and moans driving her to even higher levels of raw passion. Ronnie’s mind was reeling as the sensations of being sucked, licked, nibbled and fingered in her most intimate of places by the woman she loved made her want to cry because it felt so wonderful.

Angie felt Ronnie’s body tremble and knew she was close to a massive orgasm, so she pushed a third finger deep in the pink crevice she was feasting upon and sucked hard on the stiff clit above. Her orgasm striking like the lash of a whip, Ronnie’s back arched and she howled with the joy of release, exploding thick cum into Angie’s greedy mouth, hips jerking as her lover continued to eat until she had another orgasm and fell back on the mattress, gasping for breath.

Angie swallowed as much of the delicious cum as she could, the rest running down her cheeks and chin. Springing up to join her lover, they hugged and soul kissed until Ronnie’s breathing calmed.

“Oh God, I’ve been wanting that all evening,” Ronnie sighed. “My pussy loves your tongue, babe. You always make me cum so hard.”

“I like to make you cum so hard,” Angie replied. She laughed, “I was so wound up in eating you I had an orgasm when you did.”

“Then you’ll be having another one,” Ronnie purred. “Get on your hands and knees, sweetie and stick that fine ass of yours up in the air. I’m gonna fuck you until you cum in buckets.”

Angie did as she was told, shivering in anticipation as Ronnie got behind her and began rimming her asshole with her long, warm tongue while fingering the gooey pussy below.

“Oooohhh, that feels so damn good,” Angie moaned. “Fuck me, baby, fuck me as hard as you can.”

Ronnie teased escort çankaya Angie by licking her asshole some more, then bunching the fingers of her right hand around her thumb, slowly slid her hand into her lovers soaked cunt up to the wrist evoking a gasping moan from Angie.

“Oh Jesus, that feels so damn good,” Angie sighed. “Fuck me, lover, fuck me until I cum. I want to cum for you.”

Going slowly at first, Ronnie moved her hand in and out of Angie’s dripping snatch, wiggling her fingers against the sensitive pink walls. Angie’s whimpers and little shrieks spurred Ronnie on and soon her hand was plunging in and withdrawing with increasing rapidity, making a slurping sound in Angie’s drenched pussy flesh.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” Angie cried, “Ram it in me harder, harder, oh Jesus, I’m gonna cummmmm … EYEEEEEEE!”

Seconds before Angie’s orgasm, Ronnie gave a final push with her hand, then clamped her mouth over her lovers erupting pussy, wanting to drink all the delicious nectar exploding from it. Feeling Ronnie’s tongue deep inside her, Angie came again and again, body jerking in release. Ronnie hung on like a bulldog, wanting every delicious drop down her throat until Angie finally collapsed onto the mattress, moaning softly.

Ronnie cuddled her and they rested for a few minutes, recovering from their exertions. Then there was a knock at the door, startling them. “Are you two done yet?” a female voice inquired. “We wanna use the room too, yanno.”

“Be right out,” Angie replied, and then giggled, “I’m not sure I can walk yet.”

“We’ll help each other,” Ronnie replied, “C’mon, we’ll get some food. I’m starving.”

“Fucking sure does give you an appetite,” Angie joked as they helped each other into their gowns. Opening the door, they were surprised to find two girls they knew standing there, already in their panties and carrying their gowns. They grinned at one another, and then the girls went in and closed the door. Angie and Ronnie continued downstairs in search of something to eat and to mingle with their friends. It had been a wonderful evening.


When Demeter was summoned to Artemis’ office, she entered to find Persephone and Freyja there too. “Have a seat,” Artemis said with a smile, “We need to have a discussion about your new girlfriend Miriam.”

“Word travels fast,” Demeter replied, glaring at Freyja.

“We have a bit of a problem here,” Artemis continued. “Your girlfriend is the lover of a client’s husband who’s suing her for divorce and she’s counter suing him; both for infidelity.”

“She’s not his lover anymore,” Demeter said, firmly. “Now she’s with me. She moved out this weekend and she’s not going back.”

“Regardless, Demeter,” Artemis continued. “She could be called as a witness if this goes to trial and your relationship with her could jeopardize our case.”

“Then I’ll resign,” Demeter said, heatedly. “We hit it off right away and I’m not going to give her up. That’s final.”

“Let’s not go off halfcocked,” Persephone interjected. “There’s a very good chance this can be settled out of court. We’re very close to reaching a settlement and we were to meet with the husband and his lawyer today except he called and said his client was indisposed and wanted to reschedule.”

Demeter smiled inwardly and said nothing. Whatever happened, she was not going to give Miriam up. They belonged together and that was that.

“Fine, we’ll leave it at this for now,” Artemis said. “Let’s all get back to work.”

“I didn’t mean to squeal on you, hon,” Freyja said to Demeter as they walked down the hall. “I just didn’t want to jeopardize the case and maybe get the firm in hot water.”

“S’okay,” Demeter replied. “I didn’t know who she was. Fate brought us together that night and we were immediately attracted to each other. Don’t tell Artemis, but I had to punish that guy when he tried attacking Miriam as she was leaving him.”

Freyja laughed, “I’m surprised he’s alive. But seriously, what did you do to him?”

“I picked him up and tossed him away from her. A chest of drawers broke his fall, though. He won’t be doing that again.”

“Good for you. I don’t suppose he will. Want some coffee? Calliope just made a fresh pot.”


Anne Marie and Sharon were snuggled together on the couch watching a movie when Angie and Ronnie came running into the family room hollering “You guys, guess what?!”

“I give up, what?” Anne Marie replied, pressing the ‘Pause’ button on the remote.

“Katy wants us to come visit her on the farm downstate. She said we can stay as long as we want,” Ronnie said, excitedly.

“We miss her so much,” Angie continued. “Can we go? Please? It’ll be so much fun.”

“I dunno,” Anne Marie replied. “That’s a five hour drive just to go for a visit. We’d be worried about you two the whole time.”

“That’s the best part,” Ronnie said. “She said her family wants you guys to come down too.” She handed Sharon her phone, “She çankaya escort bayan sent us pictures. Here’s Katy and her sister and their mom and …”

“Holy shit,” Anne Marie muttered. “Those are some beautiful women. So it was you two and that redhead getting it on together at the U?”

“Uh huh,” Angie said. “She’s sooo hot and I bet her mom and her sister are too.”

“Y’know, if we took turns driving it wouldn’t be so bad …” Sharon began.

“We could take the Suburban, pack a lunch, eat on the road …” Anne Marie continued.

“Yay! I’ll text Katy and tell her we’ll be coming down. They said next week’s okay with them,” Angie said. She and Ronnie ran out of the room chattering excitedly about what to pack for the trip.

“This has all the makings of a first class road trip,” Anne Marie said. “Those women were totally hot. I wonder if they like girls.”

“Their daughter sure does,” Sharon replied, “And I’ll bet you they do too. This is gonna be a fun trip. We better pack some toys in case they want to use some when we get together.”

The women snuggled up again and turned the movie back on, but their thoughts were elsewhere.


When Ted Warren limped into Ron Cheatham’s office swathed in bandages, the latter exclaimed “Jesus Christ, what happened to you? You look grotesque.”

“She’s gone, Ron,” Ted replied, not answering.

“Whose gone and what happened to you?”

“Miriam; she left me for another woman, the same one who did this to me.”

“What does she look like? Did you call the police and have her arrested for assault?”

“I have no idea. She grabbed me from behind and then the roof fell in. You can’t call the cops on someone you can’t identify.”

“Well, this explains why you didn’t show up the other day. I had to cancel the meeting with your wife’s lawyers. Do you want me to reschedule?”

“Might as well. I’m tellin’ ya, Ron, she’s not gonna get away with this.”

“Who isn’t?”

“All of em’. Sharon, Miriam and her dyke girlfriend too. I swear I’m gonna get even with all of em’.”

“Stop right there, Ted. As your lawyer, I’m advising you to stop talking like that. I’m not going to be privy to any harebrained schemes you may be hatching. We need to get this divorce out of the way, then you can do what you damn well please. Just leave me out of it.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It must be these painkillers they’ve got me on makin’ me talk crazy. The sooner we get this divorce wrapped up, the better.”

“Now that’s the spirit. Let me make some calls and get a meeting set up with her lawyers.”

But Ted had every intention of getting even and he thought he knew just the man to help him.


When the road grimed Suburban SUV rolled to a stop in front of the sprawling, lap sided farmhouse, Angie and Ronnie bolted out of the rear doors and ran to meet the red headed girl running towards them. The three danced about, hugging, kissing and groping each other, squealing and hollering in their joy at being together again.

“Whoa, she’s a cutie,” Sharon said, turning off the engine.

“She sure is and check out her family on the porch. This is going to be an interesting visit.”

“Little sister sure found herself some damn fine women.” Marlena said to her mother as Anne Marie and Sharon alighted from their truck and strolled toward them.

“She certainly did,” Anastasia replied. “Are you going upstairs with Katy and her friends or staying downstairs with me and those two sexpots?”

“Upstairs, I think. I have my eye on the dark haired girl, but I wouldn’t kick the blonde out of bed either.”

The girls calmed down long enough for introductions to be made and they all went in the house. Anastasia and Marlena saying they would help them unload their luggage later.

Drinks were offered and consumed, then Katy said “C’mon upstairs and I’ll show you guys my room. You comin’ with, Mar?”

“Yep, you can see my room too.”

The girls went upstairs and Anne Marie said “We won’t see them for a while.”

“No, we won’t,” Anastasia replied. “Let’s go in the Family Room and get better acquainted.”

“Acquainted, how, exactly?” Sharon said, teasingly.

“Acquainted as in who’s pussy am I gonna eat and who’s gonna eat mine,” Anastasia said with a laugh.

“I volunteer to eat you,” Anne Marie replied as they entered the room, shedding clothing as they went.


“Mom won’t mind if we use her bed,” Katy said as the girls undressed and looked at each other appraisingly. Marlena was essentially similar to Katy in build and coloring; slightly taller, her breasts were larger, her hips more broad and her hair a lighter shade of red.

They climbed into bed together to hug and kiss and talk for a bit. Arousal soon arrived and they paired off to enjoy each other; Angie with Marlena, Ronnie with Katy. After several minutes of soul kissing, groping and fingering, Marlena said “Hey Katy, let’s show ’em what we grow on the farm.”

Katy reached into a nightstand drawer and brought out two glossy cucumbers, each perfectly straight and well over a foot long.

“Oh my God,” Angie breathed, “Organic dildos. You guys fuck with them all the time?”

“Sure do,” Katy replied. “Solo and together; you two wanna try them out?”

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