The Bar

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“I’m so sick of this bullshit!” Amy shouts, slamming down an empty bus tub full of dishes. Sam looks over at her and rolls her eyes, knowing exactly what Amy was yelling about.

“Oh great, what did he do now?” Sam asks.

“No, no, no! It’s not what he DID do, it’s what he hasn’t done! He told me he’d call on my break today and he didn’t, he said he would take me out last night and he didn’t… I don’t know how much more of this I can take!”

“So dump his ass! You know I think you’re too good for him anyway,” Sam tells her, grabbing her own bus tub and taking it to the back of the kitchen. Amy follows her closely, still ranting and raving.

“I know you’re right, Sam, I just… I’ve never been without a man in my life. I’m not sure I can do it on my own; even a man who treats me like shit is better than having no one at all.” Sam turns around and grabs Amy by the shoulders after hearing this.

“Are you serious? Ugh, I’m so sick of your bitching… Okay, I’m not saying you have to break up with him NOW, but at least come hang out with me tonight. I’ll take you out and we’ll have a good ole’ fashioned girl’s night out. Please?” Sam pouts her lips and Amy smiles sheepishly.

“Alright, fine. Pick me up at 8?”

“For sure, I’ll see you then, dear.”

Sam was incredibly nervous taking Amy out tonight. She was pretty sure Amy had no idea that she was a lesbian and she certainly didn’t know Sam was taking her to a lesbian bar for their night out. I hope she doesn’t get freaked out, thought Sam, as she was digging through her closet for something to wear.

She decided on something cute but casual: a nice pair of jeans with a tight-fitting, black V-neck shirt. It went well with her short, black pixie-cut hair. She honestly looked more like a straight girl and that was how she liked it. She hated when people judged her as soon as they found out her sexual orientation; it didn’t define her so she kept it quiet, especially at work.

She’d always had a thing for Amy, but Amy was always so stuck in her straight-girl drama that Sam was sure the hints she had dropped over the months had fallen on deaf ears. Amy was your typical blonde beauty, very thin but with gorgeous eyes and full lips. Sam always had a thing for the unattainable girls; they were her poison and she loved the thrill of the chase, even if it amounted to nothing. She figured if she were ever going to pull out her best moves on Amy, tonight should be the night.

Sam had no expectations… but she had gone over and over in her head all the things she wanted to do to Amy. Just the thought of it now made her wet and she had to shake those thoughts from her head. Maybe tonight will be the night to make those fantasies comes true, she thought to herself as she walked to her car. With a devilish smile, she jumped in and drove to pick up Amy.

When she pulled up to Amy’s house, Sam saw that she was already waiting outside on her steps. As she walked towards the car, Sam took in her every step. She was wearing skinny jeans and heels, with a teal blue blouse; her hair was long and straight… and beautiful. Sam could feel her heart start to beat a little bit faster so she took some deep breaths to calm herself down. Amy got in the passenger side and smiled brightly at Sam.

“Are you ready for some fun tonight? Because I so need this right now… Thank you so much for getting me to come out with you,” Amy said.

“I hope YOU are ready, girl. I’m taking you to my favorite place tonight.” With that said, they set off into the night.

They pulled up near the bar and Sam parked her car. Amy was fidgeting with her makeup in the mirror so Sam got out and opened up her door for her. The confused look on Amy’s face was priceless.

“What?” Sam asked. “Does no one open doors for you?”

“Well, no actually, especially not girls… But thank you,” Amy said with a smile.

As they walked into the bar, it was obvious that it was a busy night. There were females of all shapes and sizes everywhere. Nervous to get this night started, Sam grabbed Amy’s hand and lead her to the back near the pool tables. Some butch ladies gave them the once over before returning to their game. They found a couple open stools and sat down.

“What would you like to drink? It’s on me tonight,” Sam said. She looked over at Amy and saw that she was too busy looking around at all the women to answer her question.

“Huh? I’m sorry I didn’t hear what you said… I was just looking around here at all these… females! Why are there no men here?” Amy asked, honestly and innocently looking confused.

Sam swallowed nervously. “Uh… Well… This is a lesbian bar.”

Amy looked over at Sam, raised her eyebrows, and then laughed.

“Oh my God! Wow… I feel so dumb! Of course you would bring me to a lesbian bar!” She continued to laugh, almost hysterically at this point.

“Wait… you mean, you know I’m a lesbian?” Sam asked, completely surprised by her knowledge şirinevler escort and her reaction.

“Oh Sam,” Amy started, still smiling and laughing. “I may be blonde and totally wrapped up in myself but I’m not completely stupid! You have been dropping little hints since I met you! I find it cute, actually.” With that said, Amy blushed and dropped her head.

“Wow, I totally underestimated you, girl! Umm, okay before we continue this conversation, I am in dire need of a drink. What would you like?”

“Anything strong and fruity,” Amy said with a wink. As Sam got up to walk away, Amy grabbed her arm. “And hey… just so you know? I don’t care that you’re a lesbian… and… I am looking forward to you coming back and talking with me more about this.” Sam smiled widely and briefly held Amy’s hand before walking towards the bar. She breathed a huge sigh of relief and shook her head as she walked. This girl is full of surprises, she thought.

She decided on vodka and cranberry for the both of them. She tipped the bartender extra to make them stronger; a tip she learned from years of coming to this bar.

As she was walking back, she saw Amy talking to one of the butch lesbians playing pool. A surge of jealously rose within Sam but she shook it off quickly. She’s not mine, I can’t feel this way, she told herself. The butch walked away just as Sam sat down with their drinks.

“So, funny story to start off this lesbian conversation,” Amy started as she took a sip of her drink and cringed at how strong it was. “That woman just asked me if she could buy me a drink… so I kindly told her I was with you and she backed off. Am I really that attractive to females too?”

“Haha, is that a serious question? Of course you are! Not all lesbians like their women to be short-haired and butch, you know. Like me, for instance… I like the femmes, the straight-looking girls.” Sam said this calmly but she was still stuck on the fact that Amy told another lesbian she was here with her. Already this night was going better than she expected.

“You’re sweet,” Amy said smiling. “So, at the risk of making you nervous, why don’t you tell me about your experience as a lesbian?”

Sam almost choked on her drink. “My experience? Haha… Um… Okay, I’ll do that, but on one condition: you tell me about your feelings for women, if you have any. If you don’t, that’s okay, I just want to know how much I should tell you about me based on YOUR experiences.” Amy drained the rest of her drink and set it down, fiddling with the plastic cup as she spoke.

“Fair enough, but let’s move to the bar. I feel like we’re going to need more liquor for this, and quickly,” she said, giving Sam another wink and grabbing her hand as they both walked to the bar area. Sam loved how quickly this was escalating but she knew she had to play it cool if she was going to get what she had always wanted from this girl.

“Okay, so my experiences…” Amy started as they each received their second drink. “Well, when I was in middle school, I had this crush on my best friend. We kissed a few times but she shrugged it off as nothing so, in order to maintain our friendship, I did the same. But I loved her, I just didn’t quite know what to do with it, you know? Since then, I’ve had girl crushes, I’ve made out with some girls at parties just to get the attention of some hot guy, but I’ve never loved another girl since I was little. I just date hot guys who treat me like shit, but you already know this.” She suddenly looked a little sad and stared into the bottom of her drink, as if she could see her past in the mix of ice and liquor. Sam reached over, feeling a bit bold from the drinks, and grabbed Amy’s hand.

“Thank you for being honest with me. I actually have a similar history with girls, except mine was something I couldn’t just shrug off. My love for my best friend ate at me for years until I finally figured out that I couldn’t run from it anymore. I was brought up to trust my heart and I have ever since. Of course, it wasn’t easy… I had enemies and haters in general but I never let them get to me. I went to college, I had some flings, and I had one long-term girlfriend. She was great but we wanted different things from each other so we decided to mutually split. Since then, I decided I was just going to be casual with my relationships until the right girl came along. At least I know who I am, that’s more than most people can say, right?”

Sam took a deep breath after this speech, knowing that she sort of sped through it. She had never really talked about her experiences before and it was sort of unnerving to hear it all in such a short explanation.

“Let’s do a shot. This talk got more depressing than I wanted it to,” Amy said with a smile. She snapped her fingers at the bartender and we immediately got a couple of vodka shots. “I hope you really like vodka because this is top-shelf and it’s guaranteed to make this talk much smoother.” Sam şişli escort slammed the shot with Amy, thinking to herself, and she knows how to drink? Wow, I lucked out for sure tonight with this girl.

Amy never let go of Sam’s hand, either.

After a few more drinks and two more shots, both Sam and Amy were feeling pretty drunk. Amy’s cheeks were flushed but Sam could not stop smiling and talking; they were having a fantastic time… so much fun in fact that they didn’t realize it was closing time until the bartender kindly told them what time it was.

“Oh shit! We’ve been here all night! Wow, I can’t remember when I’ve had this much fun just drinking and chatting with a girl… this was been… well, very special, to say the least,” Amy said to Sam. Their hands were no longer cupped together, but their fingers were intertwined and had been for some time.

“I totally agree, girl. But… I am way too drunk to drive you home,” Sam replied, stifling some hiccups in between words. Amy laughed at how cute she was.

“Well how about this… let’s take a cab back to my house, have another drink, and then I’ll take you home in the morning. Sound fair?” Amy asked. Sam nodded her head and they walked outside, after tipping the bartender generously. Amy found a cab right away and Sam let her slide in first.

They were both silent on the way home, both lost in their own thoughts. Sam had moved her hand to Amy’s thigh and Amy placed her hand on top of Sam’s. I know we’re both drunk but… wow, I really think I’m falling for this girl, Sam thought. Suddenly, she felt Amy move both of their hands… up. Sam played along, not giving any response, just letting it happen. She started to feel the heat from Amy’s pussy and Sam couldn’t help but fidget a little bit in her seat. She felt Amy open her legs wider, giving her better access to move both of their hands to the seam of her crotch. Sam finally looked over at Amy and watched as Amy, with her eyes closed, started breathing heavier. She felt herself becoming wetter with every breath that Amy was exhaling, her fingers lightly pressing into Amy’s pussy through the jeans.

“We’re here, ladies,” the cab driver said smiling, obviously enjoying the show from the rear view mirror.

Sam quickly removed her hand and grabbed Amy’s, pulling them both out of the car. Amy stumbled up her steps and fumbled with her keys. Sam patiently stood next to her, one hand lightly around her waist. Once they were inside, Amy hurried to the kitchen to pour herself and Sam another drink.

“I don’t want to ruin a good thing by asking questions but… what just happened was incredibly hot, Amy. Did you feel it too?” Sam asked, knowing that if she said no, she’d be lying; she knew a warm, wet pussy when she felt one, even if it was through jeans.

“Of course I did… And, honestly, it’s the most turned on I’ve been in years. And you weren’t even touching me! How is that possible?! It was just so… erotic, the thought of you actually touching me made me want to cum right there in the cab,” Amy replied. Sam slammed her drink, tiring of these games, and decided to make a bold move.

She walked slowly over to Amy and said, “Then tell me how this makes you feel,” and kissed her hard. Amy was caught off guard but she adjusted quickly and relaxed, letting Sam take the lead. She was surprised at how insistent Sam’s soft lips were; they made her weak at the knees. Soon their tongues were clashing and the soft moans coming from both lips were growing rapidly.

Sam lifted Amy up onto her counter and started kissing her neck, making her way down to her breasts. Amy grabbed Sam’s hair and shoved her into them, making Sam growl in response.

“Oh God Sam! I don’t know what you’re doing to me but I want more of you… please…” Amy cried out, unable to keep it in any longer. Sam looked up at Amy with pure lust in her eyes.

“I like to hear you beg for it,” Sam responded. She then pulled Amy’s shirt off in one swift move, leaving her breasts exposed. They were small but with gorgeous brown nipples, standing erect, ready for Sam’s mouth. She took one into her mouth, making Amy gasp out in delight.

“Ohhh Sam… please… please give me more!” Sam glanced up at Amy and smiled devilishly.

“Then take me to your room.” Amy jumped off the counter, grabbed Sam’s hand, and led her down the hallway to her bedroom.

Once inside, Sam attacked Amy’s mouth again, coaxing her to lay down on the bed. Sam then took off her shirt and climbed on top of Amy, loving the feeling of their naked breasts touching. Amy pulled away from the kiss and looked Sam in the eyes.

“I want to please you too… but, I don’t know how. Teach me?” Sam smiled and shook her head.

“I will show you… but only after I show you what I’ve wanted to do to you since I met you,” Sam told her. Amy responded by leaning up to grab Sam’s neck and pulled her in for another deep kiss. Sam immediately grabbed Amy’s suadiye escort hands and pinned them above her head, forcing Amy to moan loudly.

Sam traced down Amy’s stomach with light kisses, only stopping when she had reached her destination. She slowly unbuttoned Amy’s jeans, slipping them off with one hand while the other continued to fondle one of her breasts. Sam loved the feeling of Amy writhing underneath her, making small sighs and inaudible sounds.

Amy wore a cute pair of blue underwear, low-cut with lace on the edges. Sam could already see how wet she was and it made her hungry. She placed small kisses up and down her thighs while slowly sliding off the panties. She was completely shaved, which drove Sam over the edge; she had to taste her.

She started off by placing a kiss right on Amy’s clit, making Amy start to shake. Sam then proceeded to lick slowly, up and down, taking in the sweet taste of her juices; she couldn’t help but moan.

“Fuck Sam, that feels so good! Mmmm that’s it, eat my pussy good…” Amy said, moaning in between dirty phrases. Sam gripped Amy’s legs and threw them over her shoulders, hoisting her up so Sam could eat her out at a better angle. She then withdrew one hand and starting playing with Amy’s pussy hole, teasing her by never going in all the way.

“Ughhh damn it, Sam, please fuck me! I need to feel you inside me while you eat my pussy… please, please, please!” Amy said, starting to get louder with her demands. Sam decided then to finally give her what she wanted, shoving two fingers deep inside of Amy. Amy started bucking against her hand immediately, which in turn made Sam suck on her clit even harder.

“Ohhhh fuck I’m going to cum! Ohh yeah baby, just like that, I want to cum all over you! Uhhh shit!” Amy screamed, letting her juices flow all over Sam as she continued fucking her hard. When Amy stopped moving, Sam pulled out her fingers and proceeded to lick them one by one. She was definitely the tastiest of all the girls Sam had fucked.

Sam moved up to Amy’s lips and kissed her passionately.

“Fuck Sam… That was easily, hands down the best fucking I’ve ever had. And no guy has ever gone down on me like that before… Just, wow, I’m speechless,” Amy said with a relieved and relaxed smile on her face. Sam just smiled back and rolled over next to her.

“But I do believe I owe you something in return…” Amy said, climbing on top of Sam. “I’m not sure what to do though.”

“Just do what feels right to you… feel my body and judge by how I move to tell what feels good to me,” Sam explained. Amy nodded her head and leaned down to kiss Sam, but then pulled away and kissed her neck instead. Oh she’s a tease! How incredibly hot, Sam thought as Amy was sucking hard near her collarbone.

Amy moved her hands up and down Sam’s thin frame, never lingering too long in any one spot. When she reached her pants, she undid them slowly as Sam had done to her, still kissing Sam’s neck. Anxious to be touched, Sam helped her slide them off.

Amy immediately slipped her hand inside Sam’s boy shorts and moaned when she felt how wet Sam was. Sam, who hadn’t been fucked in a long time, braced herself for the pleasure that was about to come. Amy gingerly slipped one finger inside Sam, but she never took her eyes off Sam’s face as she moved in and out slowly.

“Mmmm, you are a tease, aren’t you?” Sam asked Amy, her breathing becoming more rapid with every inch that Amy went deeper.

Amy smiled. “Oh I’m sorry, did you want more from me? You’re going to have to ask nicely if you want more.” Sam groaned in frustration; she wasn’t used to someone else taking control… but it turned her on even more to know that Amy was getting a kick out of her defeat.

“Girl, please… I want you to fuck me harder and faster. I want to feel more of you inside me… please baby…” Sam begged, starting to quiver at the thought of Amy giving her what she wanted.

“Oh so THAT’S what you want, is it? Well I suppose I can do that… and possibly a little better,” Amy said with a wink. She slipped in another finger and Sam gasped at the change. She felt her pussy open up to adjust to Amy’s fingers, moving just a bit faster and making her even wetter. She resisted the urge to cum, knowing that she wanted more and hoping Amy would give it to her.

“Mmmm Sam… You feel sooo good on the inside,” Amy said quietly, twitching her fingers now as she moved them faster and faster inside Sam. “I think… I think I want to know what you taste like, baby.” It was all Sam could do not to thrash around, she was on the brink already but she was now so close she had to bite her lip to stop from losing it.

Amy moved up to kiss Sam once more before moving down between her legs. She licked her clit tentatively, making Sam shudder and moan.

“Wow… you taste amazing, Sam,” Amy said before diving into her pussy full force. Sam reached down instinctively, grabbed Amy’s head, and shoved it into her, reveling in the fact that Amy was moaning uncontrollably at the loss of control.

“Oh my God, I love your tongue… please, lick all of my wetness up… It’s all for you, baby, all for you,” Sam groaned. Amy then placed a third finger inside of Sam and she shoved all three deep.

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