The Bad Girl Ch. 3

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This story is in a number of chapters. To help the reader, I will put the list of main characters before each chapter. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would appreciate any comments you care to direct to me. But be fore warned, this story contains some watersports and incest. If these subjects are taboo with you, stop reading now. I have non-incest stories on another site.

* * * * *


Shirley-Spanked Pet
Teahshow-John’s Sister
Sylvia-Abused Girl
Janice-John’s Daughter
Master Lawrence-
Mario-Teahshow’s son
Barbara-John’s wife, Janice’s mom
Martha-Janice’s friend
Mark & Jeff-college students

Martha arrived at 9 o’clock. She found Janice seated at the table with her father. John invited her to sit and have coffee with them. As soon as Martha got comfortable John turned to her and said, “I know all about yesterday. I know what the two of you did, I know who you did it with. Now what do you think your father is going to say when I tell him?” Martha’s face got ghost white. “Mr. Long, you can’t tell my father! He would kill me and kill both of those boys. You know how he gets? I beg you! Please don’t tell him. I’ll do anything! I won’t ever let it happen again.” Martha broke down crying and Janice did all she could not to burst out laughing. John got up and began to pace.

“What would you suggest I do? I find out that not only is my little girl being given liquor, she is also being raped by two adult boys. Sodomized by them and even forced to make love to her girlfriend. And not only that, after beating her ass for playing hooky, she tells me that the two of you have been lovers for a long time. What am I supposed to do? Your right, I do know Sam, and he would kill the two boys. Let me think about this?” John continued to pace. He went into the living room and came back with a bottle of rum. He placed it on the table.

“This, is what has gotten you into so much trouble. Janice tells me that you always make a punch that gets you both high enough to let those boys do what they do. Well, I think that from know on, your rum drinking days are over. I think that Sam will make sure he keeps an accounting on the amount of liquor in his cabinets.” Again Martha started crying. She got up and grabbed John around the waist. “Mr. Long, please don’t tell my father. You beat Janice; well I’ll let you beat me the same way. Let that be my punishment? My father doesn’t spank me but he does punish me. Spank me, but don’t tell on me.” John held her at arm length.

“If I spank you, believe me it will not be lightly. Nor will I just spank you once and leave it at that. I made Janice tell me everything and then I stripped her down and spanked her until she couldn’t sit. If you are so intent on my spanking you, understand I won’t make it easy on you. You will have to tell me everything you have done. You will have to admit to all the nasty things you have taken part in. Now are you willing to submit to that? Or should I let your father take whatever measures he deems fit?” Martha looked at her best friend’s father. He was proposing that she submit to being spanked by him numerous times. That she undress and not pendik escort only allow him to use whatever he would to spank her with, but he expected her to admit to all the things she had so much enjoyed.

The thought made her excited. She had always fantasized about what he would do if he ever saw her naked. Ever since the time she had unexpectedly walked into the bathroom and saw him drying off from his shower. She knew that he had an enormous cock and she dreamt of having him fuck her with it. If she were naked she could entice him to fuck her. Hiding her smile she nodded her head yes.

At 10oclock the boys showed up. They came in and didn’t see John because he was hiding in the closet. When they got into the front room, they wanted to get right down to business. John stepped into the room and they both jumped up. “Who are you”, demanded Jeff? John smiled. “I’m the man who determines whether you go back to school or go to jail. Giving liquor to underage girls is a crime. Doing that and then raping and sodomizing them, is a felony punishable by big jail time. I know that two big fellows like you would do well in jail. Especially when those other inmates find out you got arrested for raping two young girls.” Jeff looked at Mark and swallowed hard. “Look mister, we didn’t know they were underage.” John burst out laughing.

“Don’t insult me asshole! You two saw a chance to have your fun with two young girls that were stupid. But you weren’t satisfied with just fucking them. No, you had to make them perform like two sluts for your amusement. Well I have a choice. If I tell Martha’s father, he will go to jail for killing you. Trust me, I know the man and how he feels about his daughter. I could kill you myself for what you have done to my daughter. I can call the police and have you arrested. If I do that, then this whole sordid tale will become public. Or, I can tell the two of you that if you ever see, talk or call either of these two young women at any time, I will not only have you arrested, but also I will tell Sam. We’ll see if you are lucky enough to get arrested, before he finds you and you disappear. With all the things that are out there to tear down young people, seeing you two finding it so much fun to take advantage of two young girls makes me sick! If you were in my place, what would you do?”

Mark stepped up to John. “Mr. Long, I’m sorry for what we did. I can’t get locked up. My family sacrificed a lot for me to go to school. What we did was stupid. If you let us go, I promise that I won’t ever try to see either of these girls again.” John looked at Jeff. “What do you have to say?” Jeff, his face indignant, stared at John. You don’t scare me! These sluts knew what they were doing. We didn’t do anything Wrong.” John smiled. “OK, then I’ll let the police and the courts judge if you did anything wrong.” John went over and picked up the phone.

Mark grabbed Jeff by the arms. “You asshole! Law is my minor. What we did was statutory rape. We knew they were too young but we fucked them anyway. And we got them drunk so they couldn’t say no! If we get arrested, we’re going to jail. I don’t know about you, but I ain’t throwing all I have away for some macho stand.” Jeff maltepe escort thought about what his friend had said. “He’s right”, he said to John. “What we did was dumb. We saw two girls hot to give it up and we took it. They have to take some of the blame also.” John shook his head in agreement.

“Oh they are taking most of the blame! Believe me their punishment will be harsh. I wanted to make sure that the two of you understood the possible consequences of what you did. Let this be a lesson to the both of you. Sometimes a piece of pussy is not worth throwing everything away for, no matter how good it may be. Give me your word that you won’t do this to someone else’s underage daughter and we’ll chalk it up to part of your education. Agreed?” Mark was quick to extend his hand. “Thanks Mr. Long. I promise not to let this happen again.” Jeff and John stood looking at each other hard. It was a manly measuring. Finally seeing that he was in a losing position, Jeff smiled. “For an old guy, your more man than I give most men credit for. Thanks for letting us off the hook.”

John’s serious look never left his face. “Oh you’re not off the hook entirely. If I ever hear about some other young girl being abused by you two, I will go to the police and lodge a formal complaint. Other than that, concentrate on your school work and make yourselves, your family and your people proud.” Jeff nodded his head, smiled and the both boys left.

John turned to the girls. They had huddled close to each other not knowing what to expect next. John Looked at Martha, the look on his face scared her. “Well young lady, what do your parents expect you to accomplish this weekend?”

“My dad told me that I was to study, clean the house and if I was going to go out to call him and let him know how to get me if he needed me. Other than to behave, nothing.” John nodded his head. “Well give me the number, I will tell him your spending the weekend with us and then the both of you go clean up and come back her with your books. No drinking! And Janice, you are not to tell Martha any of what I did to you. Let her think about how she will be punished.” The girls left quickly and John called Sam. Telling him that Martha would be staying at his house with Janice and that he would be taking them to a movie later on so if he needed her to beep him. Sam thanked him for watching his daughter and hung up. John cleaned the kitchen, had another cup of coffee and settled down to wait for his errant charges. Even though he had given orders for Janice not to tell Martha anything, John knew that she was telling Martha about how she had gotten whipped.

“How could you tell your dad what we did? And then to go and tell him we have been fucking each other for a long time!” Martha was beside herself with anger. She went around throwing things. Janice just stood there and listened. When Martha calmed down, Janice looked at her best friend in life and in crime. “Martha, when I came home yesterday, dad was looking at my report card. He was ranting about my grades and attitude. Then he smelled my breath. After that, he stripped me down and began to whip my ass. He was hitting me so hard I would have told him anything to get him to kartal escort stop. After I told him, he spanked me even more.”

Martha looked at her friend. “It hurt real bad?” Janice nodded her head yes. “I haven’t been spanked like that since the time I set my room on fire.” Martha laughed. “I remember that one. Your dad was so mad he pulled down your panties, pulled you across his knee and spanked you forever. He didn’t even care that I was standing there watching. You got a cute butt and I could see it get red and start to smoke from the way he hit you. My dad never spanks me. He yells and threatens to kill me and blames my mom. Will he make it hurt? Maybe if I cry he’ll go easy.” Janice laughed this time. “I tried that, it doesn’t work with him. Just take your medicine and get it over with.”

She smiled, “I’ll make you feel better tonight when we sleep together.” Martha pulled Janice into her arms and the two girls kissed. As their tongues danced together, Martha moaned. “You’re going to have to give me a lot of tongue to make me feel better tonight. I don’t mean on my mouth either.” Janice smiled, “I know what two lips you love kissed. Haven’t you taught me to be your eager slut? How many other girls will do all the nasty things to you that I do? Who besides me would allow you to do all the nasty things you love to do?”

Martha smiled. “If we had time, I would lay you down on the floor and give you a nice big drink of hot golden malt. But I think if we take too long your dad will start to wonder.” They finished cleaning up, gathered the books and some more clothes and put them into a knapsack. At the last minute, Martha grabbed up her dildo from her hiding place and pushed it into her bag. “For later”, she said and laughed as they left the house and locked it.

When they got to Janice’s house they found John sitting in the living room watching a movie about bugs. “Ugh. You watch the grossest things dad!” Martha chimed in, “I don’t know, I think bugs are interesting. Don’t you Mr. Long?” John didn’t even turn towards them. “Don’t try to butter me up. Nothing is going to make me forget that my precious baby and her girlfriend acted like two wanton sluts. Did you finish cleaning up at Martha’s house?”

Both girls answered yes and the same time. John turned around and looked at Janice. “You told her how I spanked you. Didn’t you? Even after I warned you not to.” Janice looked sheepish and whispered, “I only said that you whipped me hard daddy.”

John got up from his chair. “Well, there is no time like the present to get this started. Janice, I will spank you for disobeying me. Martha, here is how this is going to go. You will receive 10 spankings over the next few months. You can stop it at any time by telling your dad what you did. Under no circumstances will you tell anyone that I am giving you these spankings. They will be clothed and unclothed depending on how I feel. Janice will be present so you don’t have to worry about any funny stuff going on. Do you agree to these conditions?”

Martha looked at him. “Do I have a choice? You know I can’t tell my dad. I guess I have to just take my medicine like a big girl.”

John nodded. “OK. Down to the playroom with you both, no need in the neighbors hearing you cry and calling the cops.”

Janice smiled to herself. She knew that the playroom was soundproof and that her dad would often take her mother down there when he really wanted to hear her screaming.

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