That Night – Chapter 2

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The second chapter in my story “That Night.”
Finally you get to learn theyre names! Feel free to leave a comment, even if you hated this. The more feedback I recieve, the better.

Awaking to the bright rays of the sun, the girl blinked her blurry eyes a few times. She grumbled and rolled onto her side, her eyes closing as she welcomed sleep back to her. As she rolled back to her side to sleep, strong arms encircled her and pulled her close. She didn’t register this at first, sleep nearly taking over her again. When her mind eventually did register the arms that were now around her, she froze. Her eyes flew open and she pushed herself as far from the arms as she could, sitting up and staring wide eyed at the man lying beside her. She glanced down, finding herself without clothing and quickly snatched up the blanket and covered herself.

Watching her actions with amusement, the man began to chuckle, a smile forming at his lips. “You don’t have to be afraid” he said. “Or self-conscious” he added, lightly placing his hand on her arm and softly tugging her back downward. The girl looked at him with unbelieving eyes and she shrugged his hand off her. A small pain in her lower body had her gasp as realization overcame her. “We-we-we…” she stuttered. “No” she cried out. “We-you-no…” she sobbed into her hands, tears streaking down her face. The man rose, sitting next to her. He wrapped an arm around her, pulling her to him softly. “Shh…” he whispered, trying to comfort her. He moved her hands from her face and gently lifted her chin up so he could look into her eyes. He wiped her newly forming tears and leaned down to kiss her kindly, his lips touching hers softly.

She blushed as he pulled her against him and wiped her tears. Hesitantly she kissed him back, her eyes staring up at his. Pulling away slowly she ended the kiss and watched him carefully. “Why?’ she asked softly. “Why did you-” she paused and stifled a sob. “Why did you kidnap and rape me?” she asked, her voice breaking on the last word. The man sighed at her questions. “I’ve been lonely” he confessed. “I’ve seen you before, around town” he said. “You were always alone, looking so vulnerable and fragile. I, I just-“ he said, glancing down at the bed. “I couldn’t help myself. I wanted you terribly, more than any other woman I’ve ever laid eyes on” he said. “I knew you wouldn’t give me the time a day, you never gave anyone the time a day. I had no chance at asking you on a date and you accepting” he said. “I drove around, going mad with the craving I had for you and the desire for your company” he said stroking his hand against her face and under eyes where some tears still were.”And as luck would have it, there you were. Alone, as always. I knew that was my one and only chance and I pounced on it” he said. “I had to have you, to ease the desire that kept growing inside me. I didn’t think with my head” he said shaking his head and exhaling loudly. “I don’t regret taking you” he said looking into her wide brown eyes. “I do wish you had been more willing though” he said softly. He looked at her smirking, “though I can’t say you were all too unwilling” he said.

She listened intently to him explain himself, blushing a few times at his words. When he finished she stared wide eyes at him, wanting to deny his last statement, but found she couldn’t. She blushed again and looked down at the bed, embarrassed. She stole a quick glance at him. He wasn’t at all how she pictured him in her mind. She knew he’d been tall and lean, but not…attractive. Sure, he wasn’t drop-dead model gorgeous, but he was above the average man. He had ruffled, dark brown hair, about average length. His eyes were a piercing blue but held some compassion and kindness in them she never would have thought existed within him. He was well built, his muscles were toned and he had a six-pack for a chest. He obviously worked out, but not overly so to where he looked intimidating as some did. He looked to be in his early thirties-late twenties. A few years older than herself. That relaxed her a tiny bit. Last night she had pictured some dirty old man, who when finished, would tie her up in his basement and use her at his disposal. She shivered at the thought.

She felt him lift her chin up again and he plagued her with another kiss, this one deeper and more passionate. He tasted her mouth with his tongue, making her eyes close as she leaned into him. She felt his hand move the blanket covering her down and he gently bursa escort grasped one of her breasts in his hand, making her shiver. He rolled her nipple and squeezed a few times, causing her to moan softly. He moved his lips from hers, his assault on her mouth finished for now. He pulled her down next to him and he shuffled down, his mouth on one of her breasts, his hand stimulating the other.

He loved the way she moaned against him, it pleased him to know he could bring her pleasure, even if she wanted to refuse him. He switched breasts, then, sucking on the other and rolling her nipple with his tongue. His free hand moved down to her delicate pussy, and he pressed a finger into her, moving it in and out gently. He felt her shudder, moan, and move slightly away from him. He glanced up at her, figuring it was the soreness from last night that made her flinch. He stopped sucking on her tit and whispered he’d be gentle as he threw the blanket over him and moved his mouth to where his finger has been. He licked and sucked gently at her folds, parting them with his tongue slowly. He moved his tongue in and out of her wetting slit, smiling to himself.

She let out a loud moan as she felt him lick her pussy and then insert his warm tongue. She was indeed sore from last night, but not as much as she thought she would have been. She grabbed part of the blanket and squeezed it tightly as an orgasm rocked her body. She breathed in deeply; sweat starting to roll down her back. The feeling was beyond words, it pleasured her with such intensity she let words she rarely used in all her life escape her lips. She found herself grinding against the man’s mouth and blushed somewhat.
He gripped her legs as he sucked at her sweet juices. He listened to her moans with a pleasure of his own building and shoved his tongue into her deeper as she ground against his face. Once she finished, he kissed her delicate treasure, moved out from underneath the blanket, and smiled at her. He watched her smile timidly in return, and she thanked him softly. She sighed, feeling the warmth she had found last night overcome her. She slipped her hand underneath the blanket and brushed against his erect member. She glanced at him and blushed but did not remove her hand. She grasped in gently and began to move up and down his shaft, steadily moving her hand up and down faster, feeling it grow and lengthen. She still felt somewhat uncomfortable. She’d never done this before, only watched her ex-boyfriend jerk himself off a few times. She thought it odd that she had lost her virginity to a man whom she knew nothing about. Hell, she didn’t even know his name. She tossed the blanket to the ground, still stroking the man’s growing member. “What’s your name?” she asked softly, using her other hand to fondle his sack, gently.
He felt his member stiffen as she touched him and began to stroke it. He was somewhat surprised she had willing done this; it pleased him in more ways than one. He closed his eyes briefly as she quickened her pace in her strokes and groaned softly as she fondled him. Her opened his eyes at her question and smiled, shaking his head. How could he have forgotten that small detail? “David” he replied, his eyes closing some as she continued to jerk him off.

David, she repeated to herself. She moved slowly, contemplating the best angle to suck him off. She moved from the bed and onto the floor, kneeling and beckoning him to move also. When he did, and rather quickly she noted, she smiled slowly. She grasped his member again and hesitantly licked the tip of his hard and now fully erect member. She could barely fit her hand around it now and noticed its length had nearly doubled. She continued to stroke him and looked up at him blushing. “It’s nice to meet you David, I’m Hallie,” she said before taking him into her mouth. She opened her mouth as wide as she could as she sucked on him, sliding her mouth up and down.

David groaned as she took him into her mouth. “You as well, Hallie” he said with a smile. Hallie, he repeated to himself. It suited her. As she continued to suck on him, he restrained himself from thrusting in and out of her small, warm mouth. He felt the delight building inside him, but it continued to restrain himself from letting go as he would have liked and wildly fucking her mouth. He didn’t want to be too forceful; he’d gotten what he wanted after all. Still, he wanted more. He wanted to take her and show her real pleasure. Wild, unbottled, natural pleasure that would leave her begging for more. Just thinking about the passion he could bursa escort bayan bring her, he felt himself thrust a couple of times, in sync with her. As she took more of him in, he gave small thrusts forward; as she slid him out of that fantastic mouth of hers, he pulled back. He kept his eyes on hers as he placed a hand gently on the back of her head and thrust himself forward, releasing with a groan of relief as he did. He kept his hand on her head and smiled, contently.
Hallie felt him thrust in and out of her mouth along with her movements. She watched him carefully as he placed a hand on her head and released his load in her mouth for the second time. She held onto his member tightly with her mouth and swallowed him, choking a slight bit. She released him from her mouth, breathing in and out in quick pants as she coughed a few times. “I guess it’ll take me some time before I’m able to do a decent job of that,” she said folding her hands together, slightly embarrassed.

David smiled and chuckled at her. He rose, taking her hands and lifting her to her feet. He pulled her to him, holding her close. He was at least a foot taller than she and it made her fit against him perfectly. He rested his head on the top of hers. “On the contrary” he said, a smile in his voice, “you did quite well,” he said. “You sure you haven’t done this before?” he asked curiously. He slid his hand down her backside, just above her bottom and felt the sweat that was all over his body as well. “How about a shower?” he asked, dismissing his earlier question. He was simply curious, but he wasn’t too intent on an answer. He took her hand and kissed it softly before opening a door, and leading into a large hallway. “It’s the last door on the left,” he said. “Everything you need should be in there. Just holler, if you need something,” he said, with a smile. He watched her carefully, waiting for her to take off screaming as he thought she would.

Hallie looked at the spacious hallway in awe. Even just stepping out from the room, she knew the house was large. The room they had both been in was after all quite roomy. She nodded to him as he told her where the bathroom was located and glanced up at him. She shifted on her feet and fidgeted. “Wouldn’t…” she paused, slightly uncomfortable. “Would you like to join me?” she asked softly. Just as he had led her without his question answered, she took his hand and led him down the hallway to the bathroom. Once inside she appraised the large bathroom with wide eyes. There was a shower in the corner, surrounded by glass doors, with four large nozzles hanging from the ceiling. An extra large Jacuzzi tub sat across from the shower. It looked extremely luxurious and she pictured herself lounging lazily in it with a dozen bubbled surrounding her. She frowned at her thoughts. Did she really plan to stay here with him given the choice?

Without a word, he followed silently behind her, her hand still in his. He felt proud while watching her appraise the bathroom. “Like it?” he said with a smile. He came up behind her and circled his arms around her, brushing against her perfect breasts. He smiled down at her and nibbled on her ear. He chuckled and led her into the glass shower, turning the nozzles. Immediately, the perfect temperature poured from them and over the two. Steam filled the bathroom then, enclosing around the two. David leaned forward, brushing his lips against hers and leaving a trail of kisses down her neck and over her breasts.

Shivering against him, Hallie leaned her head back as he left sensual kisses over her body, making her sigh. She felt herself warming up with the water, the temperature was just right. She looked up at David and leaned against him, unsure of the emotions coursing through her. She felt temptation, a deep wanting for him, but at the same time she wanted to sort things out. With a defeated sigh, she looked up at him, her dark hair soaked, and water running down all over her body. “David” she whispered up to him. “I’m not sure what to say or do,” she said. “All I know is that these emotions are running wild inside me and I’m not sure if I should give in to them or not” she said with a sigh, “but, this moment is just so right” she said, her hand moving to his member, stroking it. “I want you, David,” she said softly.
David looked down at her with curious eyes. He nodded; he too was unsure what to say, but he knew what he felt. His member sprung to life again from her touch. When he heard her say she wanted him he nearly exploded, grabbing and taking her as he wanted. He kept calm escort bursa though, kissing her urgently and hungrily. “Where?” he whispered in her ear, feeling his member harden and press against her. He half-smiled down at her, in an apologetic way. His need and desire were growing as he waited for her answer. Hell, it grew just from looking at her body. He wanted to make love to that body, as many times as he could muster, he wanted to hear her beg for more of him, he wanted her warmth wrapped all around him.

She debated on his question for a moment. She felt him press against her and she held back a moan of need. Wait, a moan of need? What was she saying? Who was she becoming? She ignored her thoughts, focusing back on David, the man she barely knew, lost her virginity too unwillingly, and yet still desired. She turned around and bent forward, leaning against the glass door of the shower. “Here” she said softly and directly, stretching backwards towards him. She spread her legs some for him, while still trying to remain as tall as she could for him at her small 5’4” height compared to his 6 foot something height. She glanced over her shoulder at him and smiled.
David watched her lean against the door and decree where she’d wanted him. He grinned to himself as watched her spread her beautiful legs and stretch her tight, sexy ass towards him. He smiled in return to her, kissing her again with a deep hunger. He positioned his fully erect member at her hole and leaned forward, his hands of her curvy hips. He pulled her back as he moved forward and slid into her tight hole, letting out a low moan. He leaned her forward a bit more and began to move his thick meat in and out of her, stretching her insides that seemed to tighten as he moved in her. He picked up his pace, only sliding himself a few inches out and slamming back into her. He grabbed her shoulders, with a firm yet soft grip as he pounded into her, moaning and shoving her against the door. He watched her eyes close and heard her moans, which made him pound her even harder. “Shit” he said, as he felt himself began to release inside her. As his load erupted inside her, he continued to pump in and out of her, his pace amazingly swift.

Pressed up against the door, Hallie’s moans turned louder and louder until she squealed from the pleasure and small twinge of pain from David’s large member in her small ass. If that weren’t enough, David’s continuous and hard thrusts made her nearly go over the edge. She felt herself orgasm once and then again right after. She leaned as forward as she could, as she felt David’s sack slap loudly against her.
David grunted as he let his load loose in her ass, relief feeling him as he filled her. He wasn’t done though. Not quite yet. Once he was able to pull out from her hole, he stepped back and laid on the shower floor, smiling and beckoning Hallie to him. His member was still hard and erect and he was ready to make her scream and orgasm again.

Hallie sighed loudly as she felt David pull out from her. She turned, watching him curiously. Figuring he wanted her to give him another blowjob, she moved in between in legs. She was about to take him into her mouth when she felt his hands around her, lifting her slightly. Confused, she rose with him. “As good as that sounds, I have another idea” he told her. He guided her over top of him, in his lap. She sat on his chest, watching as he explained. “Go ahead and sit on it” he said, directing his member upward. Slowly. Hallie lowered herself onto his member with his help in guiding himself into her hole. She sat a bit uncomfortably at first, biting her lip in uncertainty. David smiled at her and put his hands on her hips, guiding her up and down his shaft as he raised his hips to meet her, thrusting into her. Hallie sucked in a sharp breath, as she quickly understood what he wanted. She rose up and down his shaft, slowly as first, staying in rhythm with his thrusts upward. Minute by minute she quickened her pace until she was all but bouncing off him like a kid on trampoline. She would rise up swiftly and slam back down into him, his sack bouncing against her and making her moan. She leaned her head back, water pouring down on her, as a powerful orgasm overcame her.

David grunted and moaned along with Hallie. He kept his thrusts up as she rose and slammed back down him, riding him like mad with that perfect ass and tight hole. It wasn’t long until he released again, holding her down as he cursed and groaned as he came. He blinked a couple of times and stared at her with unknown emotion in his eyes. His desire was satiated for now as helped pull her off his member and into his embrace, kissing her passionately as the water and steam washed over the two.

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