Thanksgiving Preparations

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Josephine fixed her skirt and checked her hair one last time. It was two days before thanksgiving and she was heading to her Aunt and Uncle’s house in Westchester New York to help with preparations like cleaning and cooking. Her aunt was currently going through some bad degenerative arthritis in her hands and needed the extra help, so Josephine had been offered up by her mother. And while she was coming to help clean and cook for a weekend, she wanted to make a good first impression seeing her family.

“Aunt Sophie?” Josie called into the house. “Aunt Sophie, it’s Josie!” she called as she walked in.

“She’s at the store.” A voice said from the hallway. Josie looked over quickly and sighed seeing her older cousin Simon walked out of the kitchen. “Her and my old man went to get some last minute groceries.” He explained, looking sleepy as he leaned on the wall, his long lean body clad only in his dark grey boxer briefs, showing of his athletic physique. As long as Josie could remember her cousin had been a star baseball player which made sense that he got a great scholarship in Florida. He pushed his black hair from his face and looked down at her before giving her a half smile and walking over to wrap his arms around her, his 6’2″ stature towering over her shrimpy 5’6″. “It’s good to see you little cousin.” He told her.

“It’s good to see you too Simon.” She smiled as she wrapped her arms around him, the two had been the closest in age, and were very close growing up until he moved to Florida and she moved to Manhattan for college. Simon pulled back and looked her over with a small smile before leaning down and pressing a gentle kiss to her cheek. “You should come check out the basement…” he told her softly before turning and catching her eye, his eyes sparkling as he looked at her before the door in the kitchen opened making Simon pull back. He winked at her and then turned and walked upstairs as his parents walking into the house chatting.

“Hi sweetie!” Aunt Sophie called as they walked in making Josie walk into the kitchen to make sure her aunt wasn’t carrying anything too heavy. Of course he would mention the basement. It had been last Christmas, the two had gotten drunk on spiked egg nog and found themselves curled up on the couch, her between his legs, his arms around her as she told him about her latest breakup, how her boyfriend had decided to cheat on her with multiple girls and then blamed her for it by saying she no longer interested him, that she wasn’t pretty enough to be seen with a guy like him. Josie was disgusted with herself for crying over him, but she did, she cried into Simon’s chest before he tilted her face up, wiped her tears away and told her she was the most beautiful girl he knew and anyone who couldn’t see that was a fool. And then in their drunken state, he’d kissed her; he’d kissed her long and hard as his hands wandered her body.

Josie had tried so hard to forget that it had happened; she’d tried so hard to forget how his fingers felt inside her as he expertly rubbed her pussy, pumping his fingers in and out of her until she came around his fingers, gasping and moaning his name. She had tried to forget that he had given her the best orgasm she’d felt using only his fingers inside of her and his lips against her neck, nibbling and sucking on her neck roughly while he fingered her to orgasm.

It was wrong, it was so wrong, they were cousins, his father was her mother’s brother and he’d made escort kartal her cum on the couch in the basement and now he was almost teasing her with it. For the rest of the day Josie helped clean the ground floor, sweeping, mopping, dusting, doing everything she could to keep her mind occupied, but that night after she’d taken a shower and walked back to her room she passed Simon in the hall.

“I’m heading down to the basement. Mom and dad had it completely refurnished, soundproofed it for when I play video games all night… You should come check it out.” He commented as he looked her over, a small smirk playing on his lips before he leaned in. “And leave the towel up here.” He whispered before gently nibbling her ear making her yelp and him chuckle before he disappeared down the hall.

Josie went back to her room and locked the door for good measure as she finished drying off. How could he- He knew they had promised never to talk about it again, but there he was, teasing her, taunting her, insinuating they would do it again. Well they wouldn’t. She got dressed in a pair of sweats and a tank top before finishing drying off her hair and climbing into bed, her body aching from the mass amounts of cleaning she had done that day. But as she tossed and turned in bed she couldn’t help but think about that night, it had been the last time she’d been able to cum like that, and while she was very well acquainted with her vibrator, she’d left it at home.

Josie laid in bed, running her hands over her breasts softly, her nipples hardening at the feeling of her hands, but the thought of her cousin. Simon’s large, calloused hands cupping and tweaking her perfect b cup breasts, her tan nipples hard against her milky skin. She moaned softly as she ran a hand down the front f her sweats where she had gone without underwear, her fingers brushing her clean shaved mound before moving down to brush her clit, gasping softly as she remembered Simon’s fingers doing that to her. Josie pulled her hand back and sat up, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed before walking to the door and unlocking it. She walked down the hall, down the stairs and down to the basement where Simon was sitting on the new suede sectional, playing a loud war game. She was impressed by the soundproofing; she hadn’t heard the game at all until she opened the door. As she slowly walked downstairs he paused his game and looked over at her with a small, smug smile.

“It’s not what you think.” She said softly as she stepped onto the floor. “I- I just same down here to say this can’t happen again.” She told him as she walked over to the couch, standing before him. His black hair was swept out of his face and he’d had the decency to put on a pair of sweat pants as well, which were doing nothing to hide exactly what he was thinking about, and what she had been thinking about when she was laying in bed upstairs.

“What can’t happen again?” he asked as he looked up at her, noticing the way her stiff nipples pushed out the material of her tight purple tank top. Her chestnut brown hair fell around her shoulders in damp curls and her thighs were pressed together tightly. He stood up and looked down at her, his blue eyes staring into her brown ones. “What can’t happen again?” he repeated making her lick her lips.

“This.” She breathed before she leaned in and kissed his chest softly. He looked down at her with a small sigh before bringing his hand up to cup her maltepe escort face, tilting it towards him, he pressed his lips against hers hungrily, kissing her hardly, passionately, his teeth nipping at her bottom lip making her buck her hips against his unconsciously. He leaned down and wrapped his arms around her thighs, lifting her up and turning around to lower her onto the sectional, kneeling between her knees, in front of the couch as he continued to kiss her and press his hips against hers, grinding against her, wanting to do more than just finger her to orgasm this time, he wanted to make her his, to ruin her for any other potential lovers. Simon pulled back slowly and looked at her before he moved his hand to press against her crotch through her sweats. “After tonight, this can never happen again.” She breathed.

“What happens tonight?” he asked, wanting to be clear on how far she was willing to go.

“Everything.” She replied. He stared at her for a moment before picking up a remote from the coffee table and hitting a button, making the lights in the basement dim, but not turn off completely. He watched at Josie stared at him for a moment, bringing her hand up to cup his face and run her fingers over his lips, wondering for a moment what she was doing- god was she insane, the things that were coming out of her mouth were the complete opposite of what she had planned on saying! She had planned on telling him last Christmas was a mistake, they were drunk and things had gotten too far, but her lack of self control when it came to him, as well as the longing to finish what they started the year before overpowered her and she was consenting to having sex with her cousin.

Josie pulled back slightly and pulled the dark purple tank top off, revealing her breasts, Simon’s hands moved up, cupping her breasts with his large hands, he gently ran his thumbs over her nipples and then leaned in to kiss her neck, sucking on it softly before kissing down her chest and pushing her back against the couch softly to take one of her nipples into his mouth, his teeth grazing it softly as he sucked her nipple making her gasp and writhe against him. He repeated the motion, grazing his teeth against her nipple making her whimper and grind against him again, before he switched to the other one, doing the same thing while he slid his hand down the front of her sweat pants and dragged a finger up her hairless slit. She had shaved in the shower, leaving her nice and clean and smooth for him, he groaned against her breast before releasing it and bringing his hands to the waistband of her sweats and pulling them down her legs, moving so he could get them off easily and then dropping down in front of his nudge cousin, looking her body over, his blue eyes darkened with lust.

Simon pushed her legs apart and wasted no time acquainting his lips with her slit, running his tongue up it like he’d wanted to do almost a year ago, her sweet juices coating his tongue as he held her legs up and apart by the back of her knees. His tongue moving from her entrance to circle around her clit, she gasped and arched her hips against his mouth making him softly suck the small bundle of nerves, he moved one hand from the back of her knee to run up her thigh and bury two fingers in her slit, moaning around her clit at the feeling of how wet she was. Josie gasped feeling him pushing two finger into her cunt, she arched against him and whimpered feeling him suck pendik escort bayan her clit before he rolled it between his teeth, his fingers curled against her gspot and she rocked her hips as he started to pump them in and out of her, sucking and rolling her clit with his teeth until she couldn’t handle it anymore and cried out, letting out a small cry as her cunt clenched around his fingers.

He continued to massage her gspot while she came before leaning down to lap up her juices from around his fingers and then slid his glistening fingers into his mouth. He sucked his fingers clean as he watched her before standing up and freeing his cock from his own sweats, all seven and a half inches erect and swollen with arousal for his cousin. He knelt between her legs again and without saying another word he slid into her, her slick walls gripping his thick arousal tightly. “Simon!” she gasped as he pushed all the way into her, holding his hips still against hers to let her adjust for a moment before he started to pump his hips in and out of her, holding her hips as he quickened his pace, her face was screwed up with pleasure as he continued to fuck her, her cunt soaked from her orgasm, and her walls so nice and hot and velvety, he could have cum right then and there but he needed to hold out, he had to make it last, she was his for the night, and while he was sure he’d have her all weekend, he wanted to make her crave this.

After a few minutes of pumping in and out of her he pulled out and pulled her up making her gasp as he pulled her off the couch and pushed her over the coffee table. “Hold still.” He ordered her as he positioned himself behind her and spread her legs. “Trust me, this’ll feel great.” He promised before pushing his bare cock into her, moaning as he did. “You ever been fucked like this Josie?” he asked her as he started to thrust again. “You ever let a guy fuck you doggy style?”

“No-” Josie panted. “Oh god-” she could feel his cock brushing against her gspot and it made her buck back against him, she hardly noticed his hand which had been on her hip move until she felt him pinch her clit between two fingers, she gasped and ground back against him, her legs trembling as she was still sensitive from her previous orgasm. He thrust into her a little harder as he pinched and rolled her clit harder, wanting her to cum again before he reached out with his other hand and gripped a large handful of her hair.

“Are you gonna cum Jo?” he asked her gruffly. “Are you gonna cum all over my cock?”

“Yes!” she cried out. “Oh god- I’m- I’m cumming!” the handful of hair had pushed her over the edge and he groaned feeling her cum around his cock, his balls tightened as he throbbed, thrusting into her twice more before he let himself go, exploding deep within her, he shakily let go of her hair and rested his forehead against her shoulder blade before rubbing her inner thigh lightly.

“What now?” Simon asked her softly making her look back at him. She was about to answer when she heard someone clear their throat from the stairs. The two looked over in horror realizing Simon’s father, her uncle Jack was standing there, watching the two- how long he had been there, neither knew.

“U- Uncle Jack-” Josie tried to cover her exposed body up quickly.

“Save it Josie.” He ordered her, the older military man walking over to the two, Simon’s cock still embedded in her pussy as he stared at his dad before Jack unlaced his pajama pants and started to push them down. He knelt down in front of the two and looked them over before cupping her face and running his thumb over her lips as she stared at him. “You look so much like your mother.” He told her before he pulled her into a deep kiss.

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