Tasty Cakes

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This is a submission to the 2018 April Fools’ Day contest. Don’t forget to vote. Thanks for reading.

My sweet Heather looks like an angel. With her curly apple tinted blonde hair, big creamy D-cup boobs that she’s self-conscious about, freckles across the bridge of her cute nose and pale blue sympathetic eyes, she drives the boys crazy on the campus where she’s an assistant teacher and from which I graduated last year. What they don’t know is that she’s a lesbian and I’m her lover. She’s the yin to my yang. While she’s a 5’5″ curvy girl with a sweet face of light, I’m a 5’7″ athletic woman with 34B-cups, long chocolate brown hair, and big doe brown eyes. As I lie in bed with her, watching her chest rise and fall as she sleeps with her mouth partly opened in late morning light, I count my blessings that she agreed to meet me for coffee when I asked her out on campus a year ago. We’ve been together ever since. I love her.

My hand snaked under her t-shirt and up over to her to play with her pliant boobs. My fingers grazed over her nipples rubbing back and forth until her nipples puckered and hardened beneath my fingertips. Heather stirred a bit, becoming aroused in her sleep.


My phone chimed that I’d received a message but I ignored it. Feeling on Heather’s body was my priority. I pulled down the bedcovers and pulled up her shirt to reveal her jiggly mounds topped with pale pink areolas. I tweaked one of her nipples between my fingers as my face gravitated towards it. Heather stirred a little but remained somewhere in dream land. My lips caressed that beautiful nipple of hers. I gently sucked on it with a slight moan of pleasure before squeezing it to hungrily put more of her in my mouth. Her cushy boob in my mouth sent me into a warm world of heady contentment.


Heather writhed beneath me as she slowly awoke. Her hands went into my hair, messaging my head as she sighed. My mouth let go of her. I looked up. My eyes met her half open eyes still heavy with sleep. A languid smile crossed her face.

Sleepily, she said, “Good morning.”

“Good morning.”

I raised up to kiss her soft lips before returning my mouth to her breasts. I just wanted to suck on them all morning.


What the hell is going on? I raised my head to look over at my phone on the nightstand. Who the hell keeps texting me on this lazy Saturday morning? I leaned over to grab the annoying phone. I had six messages from different unknown numbers.

The first message read, ‘I got what you need’

I opened the attachment. My face screwed up in disgust.

“Ewwww! Really?”

“What?” Heather asked.

“Someone just sent me a dick pic.”


I rolled over and showed her. Her pretty face screwed up with revulsion.

I opened the next message. Another dick pic, this one fully erect in some guy’s hand. And then another dick pic with a long curved dick jutting erect from a hairy groin.

Sitting up, I exclaimed, “What the fuck is going on?!”

The fifth message from Alex explained it all.

‘Hi. I knew you in high school. This doesn’t sound like you. I think you’re being pranked.’

Attached was a link. I opened it. My mouth fell in horror.

On a hook-up app was a fake profile of me. Posted was an old spring break photo of me that I had removed from my social media years ago. My eyes were closed, mouth open, tongue out, with boobs spilling out of a scoop neck spaghetti strap tank top as someone poured booze into my wide open mouth as I laid on a bar in Cabo.

Sara, 25 30 miles away Hi! I’m Tasty Cakes. I have daddy issues and no gag reflex. Hit me up with a dick pic cuz guys talk a big game and i’m tired of being disappointed #cumslut

“What the fuck?!!”

Pulling down her shirt, Heather sat up. Her mouth fell open as she peered down at the screen to read the fake profile.

“Oh my God,” she said. “Who would do that to you?”

Then it hit me. It’s April 1st. April Fools’ Day. My eyes narrowed beneath my frown.

“God damn it! I know who did this.”

I speed dialed my little brother. He answered.

“Josh! I know what you did. I know it’s you.”

“Bwah, ha, ha, ha, ha! April Fools!”

“Take it down, you little shit.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll delete it before I go to work.”

“You better.”

“Ah ha! Gotcha good.”

“Eat my pussy, asshole.”

I stabbed my phone screen to disconnect the call and settled back against the headboard. Heather propped herself up as well, pulling down her shirt over her boobs.

She asked, “Why would he do that to you?”

“We’ve been pranking each other on April Fool’s day since we were kids. I gave him a rolled up mud in a Tootsie Roll wrapper, he put a worm in my sandwich. One year, he put salt in my sugar bowl — nothing like a mouthful of hot sea water first thing in the morning. It got worse as we got older. He put self-tanner in my night cream. I woke up with an orange face. I locked his bedroom door and glued the lock shut with him escort bostancı in it. We were such shits.”

“You should get him back.”

I looked at her with curious eyes. Heather is one of the sweetest people I know but she does have a wicked side.

“How?” I asked. “What did you have in mind?”

She smiled and then told me her plan. I was aghast that my words had inspired her plot, but maybe this piece of shock treatment revenge is how I get him to stop pranking me once and for all. We showered and had breakfast at our favorite diner before putting Heather’s diabolical plan into action.

We drove to Josh’s job, a cellular phone store in a strip mall five miles from Heather’s apartment. On the way there, I informed her of all my eighteen year old brother’s likes such as gaming and his favorite TV shows.

“It should be easy to get him to your place,” I said. “He’s never had a girlfriend that I know of. If he’s been laid three times in his life, he was lucky.”

Josh has never met Heather; has no idea about her. We’re on the down low. My mother doesn’t even know I like girls. I’m going to have to tell her one day. I live sixty miles away from my hometown, moving away after graduation to live closer to my job, but on Friday’s, I drive back home to spend the weekend with my girl in her apartment. So as far as Josh knew, I was sixty miles away. He’d never see this coming.

We pulled into the mall’s parking lot where Heather parked in the sea of cars.

“That’s him,” I said pointing into the store at my lanky tall brother. “Behind the counter with the brown hair.”


She fluffed her curly hair with her fingers before getting out of the car. Her white and blue plaid blouse was tied in a knot under those big boobs of hers, showing off her tight waist. I watched her ass switch in those tight white jeans as she walked to the store. Looking at her ass made me want to take a strap-on and fuck her. Damn, she’s gorgeous. I love her curves. She entered the store with a sway to her hips. I watched as a sales person approached her but she smiled and said something before proceeding onward to the counter. Josh looked up. His mouth dropped open. His eyes nearly bugged out of his face before he regained his cool. Heather pointed to the display case. Josh got it out for her, laying it on the counter. She picked it up and examined it. They talked. She must have been flirting with him in her comical dumb blonde baby doll voice because Josh shyly hung his head before gazing into her eyes once more. She set down the item to twist a lock of her hair as she leaned on the counter, crossing her legs that pooched out her butt so much so that the other sales guy on the floor was staring at it. I watched my brother take out his phone and enter the information she was giving him. Yes! The game is afoot. I sunk into the passenger seat as she left the store, peering over the door to see my brother and his co-worker watch her walk through the lot.

She got into the car, shut the door and smiled. “You’re right. That was easy. Is he a virgin?”

“I don’t know.”

We both burst into laughter as she started the car.

Later that evening, in Heather’s apartment, we laid the trap. It was a little after seven when we jumped at the knock on the door. We giggled as I scurried into Heather’s bedroom to hide. I heard her open the front door.

“Come on in,” she said.

The door closed.

“Would you like something to drink? I have beer, wine-“

“A beer is fine,” replied Josh.

I heard the fridge door open and close.

“Thanks,” he said.

“So,” she said. “Thanks for coming over. You’re just so cute and well, I wanted to get to know you.”

He murmured something I couldn’t quite here.

She asked, “You like my titties?”

He sounded like he was in a trance when he dumbly replied, “Yeah.”

There was silence before I heard a fake moan from her. I imagined him groping her, kissing the same lips and body I so enjoy. After a few more minutes of exchanged mumbling, I heard her say, “Why don’t we go into the bedroom and get more comfortable?”


I quietly scampered into the closet, leaving it cracked as I closed it to watch them enter her room. Heather turned on the bed side lamps. She had a sexy smirk on her face as she turned to him and teasingly unbuttoned her shirt. I thought Josh would lose his shit when she whipped it off to expose her milky shoulders and those bodacious D-cups secured in a scalloped edge white bra. He stood there slack jawed. trapped within the seductive moves of a lady six years his senior. He mimicked her actions, taking off his shirt to reveal his lean chest. She stepped close to him. His breath hitched in his throat as she reached down to stroke the bulge in his pants.

She cooed, “Let’s see what you’re working with.”

His hands fell to his side as her nimble fingers unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. She bent to tug them down to his knees, caressing his thighs as she balanced ümraniye escort on bent knees. Face to face with his dick bulging in his tidy whities, her opened mouth hovered over it. Her hot breath steaming the cotton separating her mouth from his dick must’ve been driving him crazy.

She looked up at him and said, “My, you’re a big one aren’t you?”

He nodded, completely under Heather’s spell. She stood up, rubbing up against him like a kitten as she stroked him with her hands. With that mischievous twinkle in her eyes, she gently pushed him back onto the bed with her body. He sat on its edge, looking up at her as he reclined under it. She crawled on top of him to position him on the bed. His head disappeared within the mass of her fallen curly hair as she kissed him. His hands mashed on her breasts until she took his hands in hers and slowly drew them upwards to the headboard where we had attached Velcro bondage straps hidden beneath down pillows. She leaned up over him, her breasts grazing his face as she ripped open the restraints. He looked above her, craning his head back to see what she was doing. He hesitated, looking a bit panicked,

“I like it kinky,” she said. “It makes me hot and wet. Don’t you want me wet?”

He relaxed and let her secure his wrists in restraints. With his arms stretched above his head, Heather scooted down to his legs to pull his underwear to his ankles. I’d never seen my brother’s dick before until now. It was impressive. He should be proud.

Heather’s face loomed over his hard dick. She licked his shaft a couple of times. My clit twitched when his dick jerked under her loving tongue. Then she crawled off of the bed. He watched intently as she stepped back to unbutton her jeans, unzip her zipper and shuck them to the floor. She wore no underwear. Poor Josh. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. God, her sexy body turns me on.

Heather opened her nightstand drawer to take out her padded black sleep mask. She crawled back onto the bed, straddled his chest and with a big smile, tried to pull it over his head. He kept moving his head side to side as he resisted.

“Come on, sugar,” she purred. “It turns me on. It heightens your senses. You’ll have the most mind blowing orgasm ever.”

He nodded and remained still for her to slip it over her head which she secured over his eyes. It was then that I silently crept out of the closet. When Heather put some lotion on her hand and started giving him hand job, I quietly took off my elastic banded shorts.

Heather leaned over his face and asked, “You like eating pussy?”


“Well you’re going to enjoy my sweet, sweet pussy.”

Something inside of me screamed, ‘No! Don’t do it!’ but the little fucker had it coming.

Heather let go of his dick. She reached for my phone and brought up the camera as I straddled my brother’s head and sat my pussy on his open mouth. I reached between my thighs to open my pussy lips for his darting eager tongue to enter.

Heather started filming Josh’s head between my thighs. She smushed her cheek to mine and moaned, “Ohhhh yeah, lover, that feels so good.”

I giggled. He moaned as his amateur tongue flicked and wriggled around my clit. But when Heather kissed my cheek, I became completely aroused and my clit hardened into a bud. It was her face rubbing against mine and the aspect of receiving taboo pleasure, and not my brother’s clumsy tongue, which brought my clit to life. Heather’s fresh scent filled my nose as she leaned on my shoulder to record Josh’s head wedged between my thighs.

“Suck it,” said Heather. “Suck my pussy.”

He began to slurp at it, his nose nudging my pussy lips as his face bobbed up and down. The vibrations of his pursed lips followed by the laps of his tongue was taking me to the edge. I wanted to cum but denied it. I couldn’t cum on my brother. I just couldn’t. I had to end it. raised up a little and whipped the mask from his head.

Josh opened his eyes. They widened in shock at the sight of me on top of him and Heather recording this on my phone. His mouth, slick from my juices, contorted in absolute horror.

Looking down I chimed, “April Fools!”

His legs began to thrash. His arms yanked against his wrist restraints as Heather continued to record.

I sat back upon his hairless chest, looked down at him and said, “If you play another prank on me I swear I’ll show this tape to every girlfriend you ever get. I’ll show it to your wife on your wedding day so she can see what a skeevy perv you are. You got that? If you play another prank on me, I’ll prank you back ten times worse.”

He became crazed and literally bucked me off of him, flailing like trapped beast. Heather backed away. I leaned over and released him. He leapt off the bed, falling as he tripped over his underwear around his ankles.

“You, you, you cunts!” he stuttered as he pulled them up.

Heather giggled as she lowered the phone.

He hopped into his pants and quickly put on his shirt before kartal escort bayan looking at us one last time and storming out of Heather’s bedroom. We followed him and watched as he stopped to grab his jacket off the couch and dash from her apartment slamming the door behind him. We were doubled over in laughter as we heard him retch in the hall as he hustled away. After we settled down, Heather poured us a couple of shots of tequila, brought it to me and we toasted to a job well done.

She said, “I almost feel bad for him.”

“Don’t,” I replied, but I kind of did too.

Months passed since my nasty revenge. I went about my life, working hard and visiting Heather. Then, on a routine Sunday evening phone call to my mom, she asked me a question.

“Can you watch George and Breezy for a week? I’m going on a cruise with your aunt Patty.”

“Why can’t Josh watch them? I mean he lives at home for God’s sake.”

“The last time I asked your brother to watch the cats, I came home to find that Breezy had kicked all the shit out of her litter box. He didn’t change it not once. I’m sure he fed them and gave them water but he didn’t play with them or clean their litter boxes. Please. Just come in every other day, make sure their litter boxes are clean and spend some time with them, okay?”

“Okay, I will. You have a good time. And say hi to aunt Patty for me.”

“I will. Love you.”

She left on a Thursday and on Saturday morning, I packed a weekend bag, including my work clothes, and drove home. I figured I’d spend the weekend at home and commute straight to work on Monday morning. Heather was out of town visiting her folks in Seattle so I drove to my mother’s house and let myself in. Breezy, a cream colored longhair Birman with a brown face and blue eyes, greeted me at the door, meowing as though she hadn’t seen a human in weeks. Big George hung out on his cat tree watching me until I walked into the kitchen and began to open a can of cat food. The big orange tabby entered the kitchen with a hot trot to his step. They plowed into their wet food bowls as I refilled their water bowl and poured more kibble into their dry food bowl. I gave them each a stroke on the back before returning to the family room, flopping on the couch and turning on the TV.

Darkness finally fell around eight on that early summer eve. Breezy had long since curled up on my lap while I watched a movie when I heard the key in the lock. I hadn’t seen Josh since April. I tensed up. Does he still hate me? This is really awkward. He opened the door and froze at the sight of me before regaining his composure.

“Hey,” he said, closing the door.


“I didn’t know you’d be here,” he said, crossing in front of the TV with his deli sandwich bag.

“Yeah, mom wanted me to look in on the cats.”

He walked into the kitchen and flicked on the lights. I heard him open his sandwich wrapper before rummaging in a bag of potato chips on the kitchen counter. In the old days, I would’ve bummed half the sandwich from him but things had changed. I kind of wanted to apologize for April 1st but decided to give him plenty of space, watching TV as he went to his bedroom with his food.

Around midnight, I found myself on the couch dressed in a pink knee length sleep shirt and socks with Breezy curled up beside me. I heard Josh open his bedroom door. He had changed into plaid pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. He walked through the family room into the kitchen to pour himself a glass a soda. He returned to the family room with his drink in his hand. But instead of returning to his room, he stopped and stood there staring at me with a somewhat sad face.

“What?” I asked.

“I want to…I want to do that again.”

“Do what?”

“I want to lick you again.”

I frowned as he started to blush and hung his head in shame. He didn’t retreat to his room. He stood there waiting for an answer. I actually became horny and his submissive body language brought out the dominatrix in me. I felt like an experienced older woman with a boy begging to learn what makes a woman tick.

I sweetly asked, “You want to see it again?”

He nodded and replied, “Yeah.”

He didn’t look me in the eye until I moved the cat off of me and stood up. Without a word, I pulled down my panties and stepped out of them.

“Come here,” I said with a sweet gesture of my hands. “Come on.”

He put down his drink and stepped forward.

“Get on your knees.”

He knelt before me. I lifted up my sleep shirt for him to be face to face with my vagina. It was neatly trimmed, the edges clean from a wax I had weeks ago when Heather and I drove to Palm Springs for a weekend getaway. He gazed at it hypnotized.

“You can touch it.”

He reached out to stick his finger into my folds. Then he leaned forward to nose it. He stuck out his tongue. It tentatively wriggled into my folds. I took my fingers and spread it to show him my mysterious pink.

“Girls really like when you suck the clit, the pink bud.”

His hands pried my thighs apart a bit as he cupped my pussy with his mouth to lick my clit. I rubbed his loving head.

“That’s it,” I said. “Right there.”

His mouth slurped my clit before his probing tongue flicked over my clit. My knees began to shake.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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