Tapping Dat White Ass Blacken

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Tapping Dat White Ass Blacken
Nancy could feel the black guy picking up the speed of his in and out strokes. It must have been at least 10 minutes now that he was fucking her, and she was surprised that he still hadn’t cum.

She had heard her husband cum about 5 minutes ago, when he let out a loud groan. He was sitting in a chair he had pulled up close to the bed. His legs stretched out hard and twitching, as he furiously stroked his cock to a big cum.

She had noticed that after wards he just sat there, with his cum all over his hand and legs. Hell, the slob even had it on the chair, but at least she wouldn’t have to clean it up, as they would be out of the motel as soon as this nigger was done.

But now her hubby was sitting on the bed next to them, still covered with his own cum, and he was trying to get the niggers attention.

“Hey man, if you start frenching her as your fucking her, she will let you do anything you want. She gets carried away, with that shit.”

The black guy turned to him, and between gasps of air he stuttered, “what I really would like, is to feel her without this fucking rubber on.”

Her husband hesitated for just a second, and spoke in an excited tone, “like i said, you get her to french with ya, and she wont care what the fuck you do.”

Her eyes widened when she heard him say that. What the fuck was he trying to do, get her pregnant, or maybe get some STD’s from this guy?

As she turned her focus back up to the black face, just inches from her face, she noticed his head coming down to hers.

“Oh fuck NO”, she thought.

The black lips descended onto hers and he tightened the grip on her face, as his lips sought hers.

“Mmphhhh….. NO”, she managed to say, before his tongue had full entry to her mouth.

Her legs instinctively shot up higher, as her pussy tried to pull his cock in deeper.

As they frenched, she opened her eyes, and noticed that his piercing black eyes tried to burn a hole into hers.

In her excitement, she was now kissing him back as hard as he was kissing her. Frenching with her husband had always been such a big rush for her, that she would let him do whatever he wanted.

And now this nigger was frenching her, and she just wanted more of his cock, deeper into her cunt.

All of a sudden, his ass raised up in the air, and his cock slipped out of her gyrating cunt.

“What the fuck…. NO, don’t stop!”

What was he doing, she wondered, as one of his hands went between their bodies doing something.

OMG, she thought. The son of a bitch was taking the rubber off?

As she started to protest, she could feel the burning black cock enter her pussy again. At the same time, he went back to frenching her hard, as his cock again bottomed out in her.

She shook her head no, but already her hips were given her away, as she met his thrusts as hard as she could.

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see her husband again furiously jacking off, as the remnants of his last cum was being splattered over both her and the niggers body.

“My God, how the hell had she let herself get into this situation.

It had been her husband who had wanted to spice up their sex life, by insisting that they bring others into their bedroom. At first she had been disgusted by his fantasies, but as he started bringing home x-rated tapes that showed couples swinging with other couples, it had perked up her interests.

Having never made love with anyone except her husband, his cock of course was the only one she had ever illegal bahis experienced. The more they had made love while watching those tapes, it had slowly turned into wild sex fucks, instead of the gentle love making they used to do.

Looking over his shoulder at the TV in the bedroom, while he was fucking her, she got more and more excited watching those movies. It had been only a matter of weeks, before he had convinced her into actually trying to swing with another couple.

He had been the one who had perused through the swingers magazines that he had started bringing home, and within a few days, he had contacted someone in a town not far from where they lived. A few phone calls back and forth, and he had told her that they were going out for some drinks, and check out the couple who he had been corresponding with.

No amount of protesting had got him to forget it, so she had taken a quick shower, and put on something nice, but not before he had told her to leave the bra and panties off.

They had met the couple, and a few drinks led to them going over to their house where some more drinks were passed around, as well as some weed. She had never smoked, and after being instructed to hold the smoke in her lungs for as long as she could before exhaling, she had done a lot of coughing. But the drinks and the weed had loosened her up, and before she knew it, her husband had been fucking the other guys wife, and her own head had been used as a battering ram for the guys cock.

That evening, she got fucked twice by the other guy, and on the drive home, instead of feeling nauseated, all she could remember of the evening was how great the other guys cock had felt. Of course safe sex had been practiced, as she was not on the pill.

The swinging had gradually gotten more increased, as one night her husband had invited a few couples over for a good time, at least this is what he told her, but in fact there had been 3 guys that came over, with no wives, and all three had fucked her. Not that she had complained much, cause being the center of all that sex, she had so many orgasms, that she had lost count.

So that brought her back to tonight, and this black guy. It had been her husbands idea of course, and she had long ago figured out that to argue with him about anything was useless.

And now she lay here, with her legs splayed out as far as they would go, as this 20 something nigger, who must have weighed at least 250 pounds, was ramming his cock so hard it felt like it was going to poke into her stomach.

He was a good 2 or 3 inches longer than her husband, and big enough around, that it had hurt when he had first entered her.

Well, she could attest that niggers were better hung than white guys. At least this was the first guy who actually made her shiver as he penetrated her. And now he was fucking her bareback….. something that she had insisted on not doing, when they had spoken about others taking her to bed. And to top it off, it had been her husband who had now told this nigger that by frenching her, he could have his way with her.

Her need was getting stronger and stronger, as she wrapped her legs around the black guys jabbing ass. His sweat was dropping onto her face like she was standing outside in the rain, and his gasps for air told her that he was putting everything into this fuck.

Suddenly she felt his body go rigid, and she swore she could feel his big cock head pulse, as he was getting ready to cum in her.

Her pinbahis güvenilir mi eyes rolled into the back of her head, as the fist power jets of cum were being shot, deep within her cunt.

“OMG, she thought. He’s so fucking deep, and he’s shooting so much cum into me, I’ll surely get caught.”

Her husband shouted “NO…. don’t pull out!”

She couldn’t believe it, the son of a bitch was telling the nigger to not pull out? What the fuck was he thinking?

“Keep her plugged man. It’s been a long time now that I’ve wanted to see her with a black guy, and this can’t end so quickly.”

The black guy looked over at her husband and a grin appeared over his face. “You want me to fuck her again?”

“Fucking ehy!”

“It will take me a minute or two to get good and hard again. I sure hope she is on the pill, cause I just shot a huge load into her.”

As she lay there listening to them talk about her, like she wasn’t even there, she got the feeling like she was just a piece of meat to them.

“Hey man, get into the pocket of my shirt, and there is a small prescription bottle in there. Bring it here.”

She saw her husband get up and go to where the guys shirt was. As he fished the prescription bottle out and turned around, she could see that her husband’s legs were still covered in his own cum. When he looked at the plastic bottle, a smile spread across his face.


“Yea, my landlady likes me to do her good, so I’ve started using it.”

“Can I take one of them too?”

The nigger looked over at him and said, “Whatever man. You got something in mind?”

“Yea, why don’t you flip her over so she is on top, and then when you start fucking her again, I’m gonna take that ass of hers.”

“You mean you’ve never tapped her ass before?”

“No, she gets too fucking bitchy when I mention it, and now might be the time, if you hold her still.”

“Well let’s get a drink of water and take one of those purple pills. They usually take me about 10 or 15 minutes to take hold, and then I’m good for at least a couple of hours.”

“I’ve gotta go to the bathroom, while you guys figure out what your going to do. I’m a big fucking mess!”

“NO, you just stay there!”

They had taken the pills, and were chatting like they were long lost buddies, as she felt the niggers cum slowly seep out of her cunt.

Well, if one of her eggs hadn’t been caught already, she knew a repeat performance surely would.

Her mind said no, but from somewhere deep in her cunt, it told her told her yes.

As the guys came back to the bed, they were both sporting erections. That fucking niggers cock almost looked like it was twice as big as her husbands cock. She knew she was in for another pounding, but at this point she no longer cared. The craving in her cunt wanted it deep and hard.

The black guy had laid on his back and she had been instructed to lower herself down onto that mighty weapon. Shit, that fucking thing looked like it must have been almost 10 inches long, and the cock head seemed to be throbbing just before she sat down on it.

“Okay, you start frenching her as your fucking her, and I will join in when she is ready.”

All it took was a couple of minutes of kissing the black guy as his cock was pounding into her already sopping cunt, when all of a sudden she felt he husbands cock start pushing against her asshole.

She started to protest, but the nigger encircled her neck with one of his arms and started frenching her harder.

POP…… “Oh mother pinbahis giriş fucker,” that hurt as she mumbled into the black guys mouth.

“Okay, hold still for a minute. You guys are moving around so much, I cant get more than the head into her ass.”

As she felt her husbands hands firmly grip her hips, she knew what was coming next.

Her eyes rolled back into her head again, as the searing pain shot up from her ass.

She turned her head sideways, breaking the kiss with the black guy. “You mother fucker, I’ll remember this!”

“Just shut the fuck up. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long long time now.”

He gave another shove, and his balls were slapping up against the niggers cock that was buried in his wife’s cunt.

“Yea…. okay, fuck her like she needs to be fucked. And don’t hold back on the cum!”

They both fucked her for about 25 minutes, before her husband finally gave out and came in her ass. He was mighty proud of himself, having cum this many times in one night.

As he pulled out of her, he noticed that his wife was kissing the nigger, without being told to.

He smiled when he saw that, but a slight pang went through his stomach as he thought about what might now be happening. Her egg must have surely been caught by now, and the bitch was actually kissing him like she loved him. Had he made a big mistake by letting the guy go bareback with her?

The black guy must have came in her at least two more times, before he had wanted a shot at her asshole too.

She hadn’t even denied him that, and had wantonly raised her ass up as he had gotten behind her. That big fucking cock had hurt for only a minute, before he was pounding her fast and furiously. Ahh the wonders of being young!

Four days after their get together with the young black guy, she woke with a nauseous feeling in her stomach. She had barely made it to the bathroom, before throwing up. Thinking that maybe it was something bad from last night’s meal, she gave it no more thought.

The next morning the fear spread through her, and she again ended up kneeling before the toilet. For the next couple of weeks, she dreaded going to the pharmacy and getting a pregnancy kit, but she had to know.

She came home and fretted about doing it, but the way she was feeling she kind of knew something was wrong already.

She finally went into the bathroom and peed on the stick.

OH Fuck!

That night as her husband was telling her about a couple he had heard about at work, that were into the swinging scene, she stopped him in mid sentence.

“I’m pregnant!”

He looked at here with disbelieving eyes.

“I’m pregnant Frank.”

“How can you be sure?”

“I took the fucking test, and it even said approximately how long ago I got caught.”

He sat back a little and tried to digest what she had just said. “Well I guess that’s the end of our swinging.”

“Look, it’s too late to stop now, but I’m not real crazy about swinging with another couple.”

“What do you mean?”

“You still have the number of that black guy we did it with?”

A twinge of fear coursed through Frank’s veins as she mentioned the black guy. So he was right, she had a thing for him.

“You…. you want to fuck him again?”

“NO…. I want him to fuck me again! That wonderful cock got me pregnant, and maybe it’s time we tell him he is gonna be a Daddy, and see what he says.”

Within a week, the black guy was fucking her again….. exclusively. She had told her husband no, when he had wanted to fuck her that night.

After the next time that the black guy had laid the pipe to her, she had looked over at her husband while still impaled, and said the dreaded words.

“This pussy belongs to him now Frank. If you want a divorce, no problem, but all I want from now on is this black cock!”

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