Tali’s First Job Ch. 02

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Day 01

The day after my introduction to the life of a stripper I started my first full shift. I was very careful around Mike, I wasn’t sure if that kind of thing was going to happen regularly or if that had been a one time thing. I did know that my ass was incredibly sore and I occasionally would find myself walking a bit stiffly, Mike had really made an impression on me.

I made sure to walk around the dressing room and introduce myself to all the other girls, and the vibe I got was mostly indifferent. One girl was different however. Her name was Molly and I met her working the private booths.

One of the special customers had come in and requested some special treatment, he wanted to see two girls together. Molly and I were sent in to put on a show.

Molly and I are the same height, 5′ 6″ and while I have dark hair and a naturally tan complexion she is the complete opposite, she is almost white blonde and has extremely pale skin covered in freckles. While I am more curvy and busty Molly is a bit skinnier with perky B cups and a small but sexy ass. This show that we were going to do was our first time meeting.

As Molly and I were eyeing each other the client was sitting in the corner watching us, he was a shorter pudgy guy in a suit who stared at us with intense unblinking eyes and slowly swirled his glass making the ice cubes clink.

Both Molly and I weren’t told what was going to be expected of us, other than that this was one of the special clients and he had requested two girls, so we both approached him slowly and Molly was the first one to speak up.

“Hello sir, my name is- “

“I don’t care what your names are, I want you both naked and on the floor there.” he said pointing at his feet.

Molly and I glanced at each other before we both untied our tops and slid out of our booty shorts and g strings. we both then gracefully knelt in front of the man shoulder to shoulder.

“Good, there will be no need for either of you to say anything, I will give you instructions and you will obey immediately. If you understand nod.”

We both quickly gave nods and waited for our first instruction, I was nervous but also excited, I figured that he would be asking Molly and me to play with one another and I had never done anything with another girl before. The more I thought about it the wetter I got. The idea of this rude man getting his kicks from staring at us while we played added to the excitement as well.

“Start kissing each other, and play with her nipples.”

I turned and looked into Molly’s bright green eyes and gingerly reached out and put a hand on her left breast. and slowly stroked her nipple and areola. as I did so I leaned in close and softly kissed her, she responded and met my kiss with gentle pressure and her hands found their way to my chest and began to tweak my nipples pulling them out and getting them hard immediately. she kept tugging at them and even twisted them a little, the unexpected little shoot of pain was unexpected and made me even hotter.

I responded by kissing her haramidere escort harder and pushing my tongue into her mouth. She responded by using her tongue to do the same and then pulled back a little and ran her tongue across my lips before gently biting my lower lip and pulling on it.

“Good” said the man, his voice startled me a bit as I had been entirely focused on Molly.

“Now you,” he said pointing at molly, “On your back and spread your legs, turn so I can see your pussy.”

“And you,” he said pointing at me, “Get on top of her, start licking and biting her tits making your way down to her pussy slowly. Then get her off with your mouth only, no penetration and as you do it back that ass up towards me.”

Molly laid down on her back as requested and spread her legs and looked directly into the man’s eyes as he stared hard at her exposed pussy. I followed instructions too and straddled her hips which spread out my own pussy as well. I then started licking and nipping at Molly’s tits, as I did so her breathing was speeding up and I could feel her shaking and wiggling beneath me, seems that she was already turned on. I slowly slid down her torso leaving trails of licks and light kisses as I went, doing this pushed my ass back and directly into the man’s legs, I could feel him shifting slightly behind me and then his hand reached under me and cupped my pussy, his fingers slid between my folds and lightly stroked my clit. This caused my own breathing to speed up and I eagerly pushed my pussy back into his hand harder.

I kept making my way down Molly’s torso with light kisses and licks. I licked along the crease between her stomach and her thigh making her whole body shudder and twitch.

Now it was the time to take the final step and go for her pussy. I hesitated for a moment just breathing on her pussy which made her writhe even more.

First I licked along the sides of her pussy and sucked gently on her lips, I was making my way up to her clit and before actually licking it I swirled my tongue all around it touching everything but what she wanted, I could feel her tension and I knew exactly what she wanted, I flicked my tongue lightly over the small nub and her whole body shook and she let out a low moan. I continued teasing her clit with light fluttery licks for a bit before I wrapped my lips around the nub and sucked on it while solidly licking it. when I did so her hands grabbed onto my head and her fingers laced themselves into my hair and got a solid grip. she pushed my face into her pussy not letting me away from her clit now that I had given her what she wanted. I gripped her hips harder in response and continued licking and sucking, her breaths were rapid, shallow and every once in a while she would let out a squeak or a moan. after a few minutes of sucking and licking her hips tensed up even more and her ass lifted off the floor as her back arched and her whole body shook hard and she let out a muffled scream. She was using her arm to cover her mouth and keep from alerting ikitelli escort the whole club to what was going on in here. Molly’s body stayed rigid for a few seconds before she limply fell back to the ground and she started taking slow deep breaths.

I pulled back with a sopping wet face and took some deep breaths and pushing my pussy even harder into the mans hand which had not stopped its light stroking and teasing.

“Very good,” the man said and took his hand away which caused me to whimper and wiggle hoping that he would put it back.

“Turn around” he said to me, and as I turned to look at him, I could clearly see his cock outlined in his pants, his face was red and he seemed to be sweating.

He then pointed at me and said, “Now you are going to use that talented mouth again, this time on my cock. And you are going to be sitting on her face.”

We quickly moved to follow his orders, Molly slid herself so that her face was directly below my pussy and I slowly lowered myself onto her mouth. She immediately went to work and started sucking on my clit and lapping at it with her tongue. My whole body shivered as waves of pleasure pulsed through me with every lick, clearly Molly knew what she was doing.

I was brought back to the present by the client snapping his fingers in my face and pointing at his crotch. I reached up, unfastened his pants and reached in to wrap my fingers around his hard shaft.

I pulled it out and immediately slid the head into my mouth, I swirled my tongue around it rubbing along the ridge and probing the tip. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and slowly started stroking it.

As soon as my lips were around his cock, the man laid back in his seat and let out a satisfied sigh. As I started working it he let out quiet but appreciative grunts.

I started bobbing my head and taking more of his cock into my throat each time. After a few bobs I pushed my down to the base of his cock and paused there letting the gag reflex massage his shaft, as I did so I lightly cupped his balls and pushed his cock as far as possible into my throat.

I pulled back from him and coughed letting the spit bubble up which I let drip onto his cock and used as lube for my hand which I started stroking faster.

I went back and forth like this, choking on his cock and jerking it off, all the while I was getting more and more agitated. Molly was doing good work under me, but it wasn’t enough to get me off, every time I was getting close something would change just enough and the wave would pass. Really what I needed was something to fuck me.

Suddenly I felt the mans position change, he was tensing up and his hands grabbed the back of my head and pushed me back down and slid his shaft into my throat, I fought the gag reflex but he had surprised me and my throat spasmed hard. Then I felt his cock swell, jerk and then a warm splash of his cum sliding down my throat. He let me go then and I fell back coughing and retching. I managed to suppress the urge to sick up and took slow istanbul escort bubbly breaths. Molly had stopped licking me and was looking up at the man from between my legs.

I looked up at him too, just in time to have a stack of cash hit me in the face as he tossed it at us.

“Good job girls, see you next time.”

And with that he stood up, put himself away and walked out of the room.

I stood up on shaky legs releasing Molly from her spot. She got up slowly as well, and then began gathering up the cash he had thrown.

“Looks like $250” she said.

I nodded and sat down on the chair he had been in and used some tissues to start cleaning up my face.

Molly then handed me half of the cash and smiled at me.

“You give excellent head, just so you know. That orgasm was a good one, I’ve never actually came during a session like that before.”

“How long have you been working here?” I asked.

“About 3 months. I have only worked a with other girls a few times and none of them really tried like that. Mostly they would just lick and suck enough to make it look good and not enough to get me anywhere.”

“Well I am glad one of us got off.”

Molly just looked at me for a moment and then said,

“Do you want me to finish you off?”

I looked up at her and smiled, “Would you?”

She looked back at me mouth parted just slightly, her eyes fixed on my pussy and she nodded.

“Well I wont stop you.” I said and laid back in the chair.

She wasted no time getting down in front of me pushing my legs apart and latching back onto my clit, I watched Molly’s face closely and thrust my hips up and into her mouth, I struggled to muffle my moan of appreciation. She then carefully slid two fingers into my wet and hungry pussy. I needed to be filled up so badly that the one thrust of her fingers nearly got me off right away. I watched her determined face as she focused on her task.

I writhed my hips and gripped her head pushing her mouth onto my clit and tried to stop myself from letting out a incredibly loud moan. As it was I managed to bite into one of the pillows on the chair and that helped muffle it a bit.

Her fingers were working in and out of me and speeding up as her licking did the same.

I picked up the pillow and held it over my face as my whole body shook and spasmed. My legs locked around the back of Mollys head and a massive orgasm rolled through me leaving me a quivering mess.

I unwrapped my legs from her head and gently pulled her up. I scooted over and she sat on the chair next to me.

“Phew I really, really needed that. Thank you.” I said.

Molly just smiled and laid next to me.

Mike walked into the room at that point and said,

“The last guy was very happy with you two, so good job. Unfortunately you don’t get any rest, I’ve got another special customer in the next room, wants you both right now.”

Despite the fact that I was tired, and sore all over, I was strangely content. I was good at this job, and I had been dreaming of it for years. I loved the idea that there was another filthy pervert in the next room who couldn’t wait to see me and Molly make out. I loved how being desired and lusted after felt and I loved being used even better.

So I cheerfully got to my feet and wiped off my face one more time helped Molly up and went to work.

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