Tales of a Hustler——Epilog

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Tales of a Hustler——Epilog
Tales of a Hustler— Epilog

That evening everyone gathered at the diner. Half the football team was there, and most of my yard customers as well. I didn’t quite get what the big deal was—prolly mom just overannouncing her ‘babies’ were coming home.

Since I had left and gone further into east Texas, between the hustling, the porn, and the high dollar ‘arrangements’ Mr. Johnny made for me, I had managed to save over $100,000 . Lot of fucking money in the mid seventies. I didn’t tell anyone this exact amount, except Dustin. I paid off the house for mom, for which she was ecstatic. As if that weren’t enough, I also bought the diner from Mr. Marty—as he was ready to retire anyway. Mom was totally besides herself. All we ever told anyone as to how we made all that money was we worked as ‘go-go bois’ I don’t think anyone truly believed it. I gave Dustin the jeep, and bought myself a 69 Camero, with 4-in-the-floor, cherry red. I got mom a white and pink Thunderbird—with the round window in the sides of the roof. It was quite a party, and it was about 4:00 AM when Dustin and me finally arrived back at the house.

Dustin headed for his room, and me for the basement. It would still be a couple of hours before mom got home. The room smelled musky—being unoccupied now for nearly 4 years—about as long as the last time when I moved back in after dad left us. The bed still had sheets on it, and I hit it, and fell asleep in minutes.

When I woke that Sunday morning, I reached to the nitestand for a smoke. I lit it up, still having not even opened my eyes, and put my arm back behind my eye. Huffin on my rank pits, hoping to drown out the musk of the room, my elbow bumped something. Opening my eyes, and turning to my left—you guessed it—there was lil bro. He just couldn’t stand it, I guess. Had to be there with his big bro. It had been quite a turn-around since that day at the sk8t park when he busted his nuts. A time when he hated his big bro. All that was different now, and he was in love.

As I lay there smoking the cig, he turned over, and rested his head on my chest—it was somehow different than before. He was peacefull—rested, content. He even looked different—just a tad more mature, and ‘scruffy’ in a way. The boi looked good. He was 19 now, the same age I was on that day at the sk8t park when we had bahis siteleri his 14th birthday party, and a few days later I took his cherry. Just the thought made my dick bone up, adding to the pressure now of the yet to occur morning piss. I hated to move, but it had to be done. I eased Dustin off me, and headed to the bathroom—shucking my slept in jeans. Placing my hand up on the wall, and letting my dick hang free—I cut loose. It was a loud, and f o r c e f u l l piss, and seemed to go on forever. In a moment, Dustin had joined me, standing proudly beside me. I relished the moment, not saying anything, and we both started twisting just a bit from left to right, and engaged in a lazy ‘sword fight’ As we both slightly grinned, and headed back to bed, Dustin asked if I wanted coffee.

I told him sure, but come right back to bed. He gave me a grin and headed up the stairs. It was amazing to me how the simplest of jesters could make him so happy. As he climbed back into bed, he placed his head back on my chest, and began rubbing my happy trail up and down with his fingertips. It felt good, and I just lay there, with my arms back behind my head, again sniffing on the ripe richness of my funk. Dustin turned his head, and inhaled a brain full for himself. Without any other play, he then turned back, and went straight for my now swollen 11” of jock cock, and swallowed it down—all the way to the pubes. He pushed his head down, to make his tonsils flex their tightness around my now buried mushroom head, then came back up, with snot dripping from his nose. I kinda smiled—as good as he had quickly become an excellent cocksucker, it was still a really big dick. He continued his motion of up and down on my dick, maintaining a lip lock on my thick shaft all the while. He would pause at the top, and run his tongue around my piss slit—savoring the sweetness of my fuck juice. He loved it as much as the seed, that now had planted his sweet tite hole so many times.

As he continued his masterfull service, he then slid his middle finger into the tight greasy hole of my hairy jock ass. Gently penetrating me, in and out, the full length of his finger. It was pretty long in itself—and you could feel the tip hitting the bottom of your guts. He kept with a gentle pressure, and constant rhythm of his pro like cocksucking. Suddenly he curled bahis şirketleri up the tip of his finger, and began applying enormous pressure to the back side of my prostrate. I tensed up as he wiggled his finger, and then began jacking my hole with the palm of his hand. He then doubled the pressure of his liplock on my enormous thick shaft, and in moments, I exploded into my lil bro’s mouth.

I could feel the thick rope of my steaming jock juice as it shot down his throat, rope after rope, as he hammered away at my greasy hole—still, shot after shot he gulped down like a beer contest. It seemed like minutes before I subsided, and Dustin finally removed his hand from my ass. He held it up to his face, and inhaled the ripe stink as he now finally grabbed his on cock—thick and veiny, just like his big bro—and began to beat it v I l o e tn t l y. Comming up off my dick, he jumped up onto my chest, and pointing his massive cock at my face slammed his dick down my throat, and began a skull fucking that brought on the sweat, pouring down his back, and from his pits. It only took him about five thrusts, to unload his massive load of thick juice, deep into my belly, just as I had done him. I actually had a hard time taking his dick, and swallowing him at the same time. Lil bro had grown now to almost as big as me.

As he finally pulled out, I licked my lips of the trail that he left, and smiled. We neither said a word, but just headed to the bathroom again, for another ‘finish up’ piss. He told me later that day that I had shot 9 streams of juice down his throat—-lotta fuckin cum.

As we climbed the stairs to the kitchen to start the coffee rituals, the phone rang. It was Hunter. He had called to report that last night, Tommy had been found dead in a dope house. I almost dropped the phone. He said that Kyle, actually had been the one to find him, after days of searching. He had a needle in his arm, and initial investigations showed that he had gotten a-hold of some bad dope. No one even knew that he had started on anything heavy, so the news was doubly shocking. It was told that the dope was so strong that he didn’t even empty the syringe, that probably convulsed as soon as it hit him, and had a heart attack. I cried for days at loosing him—he was only 21. I had no idea that he had troubles.

Several years later, we, as illegal bahis a community would began to loose many of our friends, and loved ones. A nasty evil begin to spread the world, and millions eventually lost their lives. It was wicked, and cared not about it’s target. Death was slow and painful to those that fell under it’s curse. I guess that we, the bois of ‘House of Dillon’, were lucky, as we all pretty much quit the hustling scene that last year we were together. Hunter and Joey ended up being quite the pair—and went on to purchase together the bar I worked in while living there. Dustin and me went over to visit with them often and remained life long friends. Joey went on to win 4 golden glove championships, but had no desire to try for pro. I guess I always carried a bit of jealousy deep down, cause if I had to be honest, I wanted to be the one that popped Joey’s cherry 🙂 But I guess I was happy that it was Hunter. They came over to Tyler just this last Christmas and spent the whole week with us. Mom loved them. A few days after, Hunter called, and expressed that we all must have grown up now. I asked him why, and he went on with “we didn’t even have no orgy” I responded to him “Ya, I guess ur right—didn’t even occur to me. Kyle ended up pretty much a basket case after the death of Tommy, but Hunter and Joey kept close watch on him, and did what they could. At least the bug never got him.

We still never heard from the twins again, or dad. Rumor came to us that dad had been shot in a card game in Mexico—I just chuckled and said ‘how biblical’

“So what now Matthew?” “Not sure lil bro—what do you think?” “I asked you first, big bro” “You think we will ever stop calling each other big bro and lil bro?” “Naaa—I doubt it—kinda like when the twins started themselves twin one and twin two” “I miss them so bad” “Ya me too—-and Tommy”

But that’s part of life. You loose some early, but some stay with you for life.

“So do we go forward, or go back to the beginning?”
“Ya—I guess like when you started football in pony league”
“That might be interesting—like Lucas did with Star Wars—start in the middle, then go back”
“Ya—cause I don’t think we can go forward, cause that’s today—and forward hasn’t happened yet”
“You gonna tell about that time I was at the top of the stairs to the basement, and watched you jack off, and shot your jizz over you head and hit the wall?”

I gave a slight chuckle and grabbed my lil bro around his shoulders—”Sure lil bro, sure”

“I love you so fuckin much, Matthew”
“I love you too, lil bro”

One lucky white boi.

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