Sunburned Saturday

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Asian Bomb

Author’s Note: In case you haven’t lived in any of the border towns, a bit of vocabulary might be useful:


Oso/Osito= Bear/Little bear

Dale (two syllables)=Go!

M’ija=contraction of my daughter, term of endearment


My mom had to work the weekend after my 18th birthday, so it was natural for me to celebrate with my favorite extended family, Tio George and Tia Rosa. Tio had been born “Jorge” in Hermosillo, had walked across when he was 15, learned English, worked like a dog, became a citizen and changed his name to “George.” He was a brawny bear of a man so I also called him Tio Oso, and his wife referred to him as “mi Osito”. The two had not been able to have children of their own, but they made up for it by hosting virtually every celebration in our sprawling family.

My birthday party on Friday was fun but uneventful, I whacked what would probably be my last piñata, ate cake and went to sleep with the traditional cry of “Dale, Dale, Dale” ringing in my head…

The next day Tio loaded up a car-load of cousins and we went to the water park out in Marana. Tia had gotten called in to work so wasn’t able to go with us. Before she left for work, though she came and gave me a big hug, then holding me at arm’s length, inspected me, giving me a thoughtful look that I couldn’t interpret. She really didn’t want to leave our party, and I thought I understood. In many ways at 40 she seemed much younger than my 36 year old mother. It was going to be a fun day, and she had to go to work. As I learned later, that wasn’t it at all.

I had on my suit, a basic one-piece speedo that I knew would stay on in the slide or during chicken fights and a thin old UA tshirt as a coverup. I wasn’t one of those girls that like to wear bikinis and then act all surprised and shreiky when boys untie the strings…My adult woman’s body was still new and novel to me, and frankly I was in no hurry to have it mauled and ogled. I didn’t want to be my mother, who was pregnant with me at this age…

So, we all piled in and proceeded to have a great day. I must have ridden the big slide a million times. My cousin Ramon and I dominated during the chicken fights, and the only bummer was, I forgot to reapply sunscreen and got scorched.

When we got home that afternoon, my cousins all left, and when I pulled off my tshirt, Tio, gasped: “Oy m’ija you got really burned today. You keep forgetting that you’re only half Mexican, pobrecita. God gave you the soul of a Mexican, but, lo siento, la piel de tu papa.”

Apparently my father had been some kind of blonde Viking guy, because I was tall for a girl, 5’11”, and strawberry blonde, freckled, green eyed. I never knew him of course. He took off when he found out mama was pregnant with me.

“Go take off that wet swimsuit, shower the chlorine off. Put on Rosa’s robe, hanging behind the door. When you come out, Tio George will put some aloe on you.”

I did as bid and then came back out to the living room. Tio had gone outside and cut off a bunch of aloe. He had slit several of the leaves open longitudinally, so that they formed wide, slightly gooey swabs.

“Nature’s burn ointment, m’ija” He said as he tenderly rolled back the top of the robe and began to smear it on my bright red shoulders. His touch was so gentle, that that was half of the medicinal value. As a child, anytime I got sick and needed to stay home from school, Tio George had been the one to take care of me. He worked nights at Hughes, but he never refused my mother’s entreaties, even though it meant that he effectively worked for 24 hours straight on those occasions. “La familia es primera, mija,” he would say as he made me caldo con queso…I was the only girl in almost 20 male cousins, so I was doubly special to him. Tio was also the one who protected me from the depredations of all of the drunks at my quinciera. I never saw him touch alcohol. His brothers used to tease him about being the family “Mormón!”

After covering bahis firmaları my shoulders and arms with the cooling goo, he knelt by the couch and starting covering the backs of my poor fried legs.

It felt so good I was almost drooling. Since the robe was Tia Rosa’s, who was about 5 foot nothing, it covered my ass but only came down a couple more inches onto my thighs. When he reached the bottom of the robe he stopped.

“You probably want to do the rest, eh, m’ija, hasta tus chonies?”

“No, Tio. Your hands feel soooo good. Keep going please. “

I spread my legs slightly, so that he could catch the inside of my thighs, and then I felt him raising the robe to reach the rest of my legs…assuming that I was wearing chonies, he flipped it up over my butt…but I wasn’t wearing anything. Only the robe.

I held my breath for a long moment fearing that he was going to get mad at me or something. Neither of us moved. Then finally I heard him exhale and continue to apply the balm where he had left off. When he got to the bright white line where my red skin stopped and swimsuit covered butt began he stopped for a moment.

“Todo bien m’ija?”

‘Si Tio, todo bien.”

“Spread your legs a little, honey, so I can get in there too.”

I could feel his hands shake as he spread the slimy gel between my legs. I shivered, and found myself covered in goosebumps. It was the closet anyone had been to my sex, and the feeling of exposure and lust was intoxicating.

Very softly he said, “OK just rest awhile and let that soak in. Then you can roll over and you can do your front.”

I heard him leave the room. A few moments later I heard the shower running. Later I learned that he ran it ice cold, trying to quench the wave of lust that the sight of my white naked ass had had on him. It didn’t quite work…

I dozed off right there, on my tummy, the robe off of my shoulders, really only covering my midsection. I awoke sometime later to find him sitting beside me on the couch. He had showered and changed into basketball shorts and a tshirt. He was gently stroking my hair.

“Are you ready to turn over so you can do your front now, angel? It has soaked into your back.”

‘OK. But will you stay here with me?”

He hesitated. “Ok, if you like.”

“What I would really like is if you did it for me. You have magic fingers!”

He laughed at that and said “How can I refuse a request like that?”

He turned to face my feet and said, “Ok, rollover, princess.”

I turned over, careful to cover up with the robe. I held one hand clasped to hold it closed over my breasts, and another to keep it closed below.

He started on the tops of my feet. By the time he reached my thighs, I had goosebumps again.

“Want me to stop? You take it from here?”

“No… I like it when you…touch me,” I whispered.

He turned to look me in the eyes when I said that, and I met his gaze, unblinking.

He sat on the edge of the couch. Facing my head. Once more he raised my robe, but this time he was prepared for my nudity so was careful to arrange it so that my sex was just covered. Once more he spread the coolness right up to the line of sunburn. And stopped.

“OK, chica, just a little more on your escote and we’re done!” He said emphatically.

Tio reached up and proceeded to smear the sap on my upper chest. I closed my eyes, and slowly lowered the top of the robe until I knew that the white upper slopes of my boobs were exposed. Just the nipples were covered. Tio applied to the burn line. I barely stifled a moan. He ventured onto the white slope. I arched my back. He smoothed lower, brushing up against the robe that I held as a barrier. He brushed up against the robe again, applying a slight downward pressure.

I took the hint.

I let go of the robe, allowing my left hand to fall limp to the floor.

With agonizing slowness, he caressed me. He no longer was bothering with the pretense of the aloe. He was now kaçak iddaa reveling in my young flesh. My young taboo flesh.

My nipples were already hard from the anticipation, but now they could cut glass. Gentle circular motions with his fingers. Kneading the flesh, squeezing, then tweaking the nipples. Rolling them between his finger and thumb. I opened my eyes. He was transfixed. Staring unblinking at my boobs…

I croaked, “te gustas, Tio?”

“Yessss,” he hissed. “They are perfect. You are perfect princess.”

“They are all yours Tio. You are the only man to ever touch me.

With that I released the grip that my right hand had maintained on the lower half of the robe, and allowed my left foot to drop to the floor. I was still covered for the moment, but …

He leaned down and began to suckle my breast. At the same time, he allowed his left hand to slide down, down over my ribcage. Over my belly. Pushing the robe aside…to my sex.

After a few exploratory passes up and down my lips, he began to stimulate me in earnest. The suction on my tits was indescribably wonderful :easily the greatest sensation I had ever experienced, but then when he found my moist clit sticking up… well.

I came hard. The first non-self -induced orgasm that I had ever had.

I covered my eyes with my right arm as I came down from that first one. My left hand found its way onto his lap, and there made another discover. My uncle was huge.

Through his gym shorts, unbidden, I began to stroke his erect cock. It grew under my ministrations. He raised up slightly so that he could slide his shorts down to release it and then I opened my eyes and propped myself up so that I could see my first hard cock.

Tio gave me minimal direction as I fumbled through my first hand job. He would lean over occasionally and allow his spit to drool onto the head as lubricant. The fact was he was as worked up as I was-even my inexpert efforts brought him to a thunderous conclusion in just a few short minutes. He leaned over and lay atop me, both of us totally enervated, when suddenly he bolted upright.

“Rosa gets off at 6! She could be here any minute now!”

I sprang up too, and ran to the guest room that was my basecamp when at their house. As I put on a sundress, I heard the garage door rumble up…

An hour later, Rosa knocked on the door and said “wake up sleepy head, dinner time”

I was so obviously sunburned that I had an excellent excuse for my subdued affect. Tio tried to be his usual boisterous self, but I knew it was work. Luckily, Aunt Rosa was exhausted as well, although she was tired from being on her feet for 10 hours at Northwest hospital.

I volunteered to clean up the kitchen though, and she gratefully acquiesced. She gave me a kiss and a big hug, and said “Happy Birthday, mija. Good night.”

Tio and I silently, dazedly went about the cleanup ritual. I bent to load the dishwasher and that was when he came up behind me. He was hard again, and he took my hips in his big hands and briefly ground himself against me. Then, as though ashamed, he left the room.

I was confused. In one part, still high, and aroused, and in another, well…he was my UNCLE.

I had fallen into a fitful sleep when I became aware of a presence in my room. When I opened my eyes, I could make out Tio standing by the head of the bed. He was illuminated from the hall light spilling through the open door.

He was looking down at me. Silent. Then he reached down and cast the sheet back…I was in an old three button PJ top and panties.

Something brushed the side of my cheek. Bending over, he grabbed me under my armpits and bodily hauled me around so that I was crossways on the bed, my head hanging over the side.

When I opened my mouth to protest this uncharacteristically rough treatment, he shoved his penis in my mouth. He forced himself in me, bending my head back to shove it deeper into my throat. I gagged. I flailed, my eyes watering with kaçak bahis pain and terror. I thought I was going to suffocate. He pulled back out enough for me to catch my breath, then rammed it back in. Reaching down he ripped apart my PJs, exposing my tits to his mauling attention. And that was how Tia Rosa found us, some time later. My favorite uncle, my hero raping my face, mauling my breasts, me crying and gagging, trying to catch a breath when I could.

Jorge Luis Martin Sandoval! VEN ACA!

And that was all it took. She shoved him out of the room, and came to me. Cradling me in her arms, She cooed to me until at last I fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to the welcome smell of tia’s coffee. She had brought me a little tray with a cup of café con leche, a few galletas and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. That was how she always awoke me when I slept over…But this time she sat on the edge of the bed and again cradling my head and stroking my hair asked how I was.

My throat was sore, and I sounded froggy, but I told her that I was OK.

Bending low, she whispered in my ear: “I hope you can ever forgive us m’ija…”

“Tia, you saved me. You have nothing to be forgiven for.”

“No, m’ija, I am as much to blame as that beast that is your uncle. He is at confession now. God knows he has much to confess. No, I am to blame because I know how he is…the way he used to be after your mama…I was so relieved when you came out so gringa, because I was afraid that he was going to turn out to be your father…”

This was a lot to take in. “You mean mama and tio…”

“Oh, yes. I knew about it of course. But in a way I was glad that he kept himself in our family. Your mama is my best friend, and she was lonely, and I was working all the time in those days…For me it was better than him going off with some gringa puta… And when I saw you yesterday morning, I knew I should call in sick. God was talking to me, and I didn’t listen. You have become such a woman, m’ija, and it seems like just since we last so you…”

“I forgive you Tia, if you feel you need my forgiveness…”

“Thank you child. You have always been a good soul.”

Then briskly she said, “I got called in, and so I can’t delay much longer, but I can take you to work and then you can have your mama come get you…”

I was silent for a few moment, thinking.

“No Tia. I’ll be alright. I need to face the bear sooner or later. Best not put it off…”

“That’s my girl. He’s a good man. But he is a man, and sometimes the good gets buried. “

With a twinkle in her eye, her final words were, “And if he is going to stray, at least he’s going top drawer!” Chuckling to herself, she trotted off down the hall and left for work. With her final words, I realized that Tia Rosa had basically blessed his/our transgression…

I was still lying in bed, enjoying my coffee, when I heard the garage door rumble. My heart raced as I thought about facing my uncle again. I sat straight up in bed, the sheet pulled up to my chin.

He stood in the doorway, unsure. He had been crying.

“You can come in Tio. I patted the side of the bed and he perched there uncertainly. He wouldn’t meet my eyes. Suddenly he blurted out, blubbering through his tears: “M’ija I am such a bad person. You are the most precious thing to me in the world and I hurt you, I was greedy and cruel and I wish I could die…”

We had just finished reading The Tempest , so it was natural for me to say, “Tio, it was just your Caliban coming out. C’mere.” And I motioned for him to lay his head down on my breast, cradling him as Tia had me not 20 minutes before. “I forgive you old bear.,,I just didn’t like that you wouldn’t stop when you were hurting me…” this brought a fresh wave of remorse and self -recrimination…

I continued, “and I don’t want to lose my virginity to my uncle…here,” continuing to stroke his head, I slid the sheet down so that his face was against my bare breast. “This is for my bear. He gave me a tentative kiss between my breasts.

Then, bending to his ear, I whispered the words that every man wants to hear: “If you lube up and promise to be gentle, you can take my rosebud…”

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