Summer of Sam

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Part 1

Driving home from college, Kyle received an unexpected phone call on his cell. Immediately, he recognized the voice on the other end of the line.

“SEXY!” Kyle exclaimed.

“Hey handsome!” Sam gleefully replied.

Sam’s full name was Samantha, but Kyle typically referred to her as “Sexy”. In turn, she nicknamed Kyle “handsome”, or “numb-nuts”, depending on the situation. They’d practically known eachother since the day they were born. Their parents were old friends from their own high-school days, and needless to say they hung out a lot. While the adults were eating shish-ka-bobs and getting plastered on wine and martinis, Kyle and Sam would swim in the pool or go in the house and play games together. For a while the pair kept fairly distant socially. It wasn’t until about the seventh grade, when Sam really started to develop, that they became close friends.

“Sam! Wow, its been a while,” Kyle said with surprise.

“Seriously! Why haven’t you called me?” Sam sarcastically questioned.

“Whatever! Why haven’t you called me?”

“You have a valid point, numb-nuts. So anyway, I’m calling cause I’m on my way home. I’m moving back in with the folks for the summer and I wanted to see if you were in town.”

“Yeah, I’m on my way now actually. In fact, for the same reason.” Kyle was doing all he could to keep from jumping out of his seat. What he originally thought was going to be a dreary three months with his parents, was now possibly turning into a very pleasant summer. Even the sun shone a little brighter.

“Good. So I’ll call you when I get there and we can hang out. We’ve really got some catching up to do.”

“I look forward to it,” Kyle said before hanging up the phone.

Kyle suddenly had a new found sense of excitement. He hadn’t seen Sam since they split ways to go off to college nearly two years ago. More importantly he hadn’t fucked her since then either. Kyle started to think back to that summer before college and couldn’t help but grin. All through high-school she remained nothing but loyal to her boyfriend. Sam was completely unaware that Kyle had his own crush on her since the tenth grade. When she and her boyfriend broke up around graduation, Kyle was luckily the first one she ran to. For three months they sucked and fucked like wild animals. Anywhere, at anytime, they’d literally rip each others clothes off. She wasn’t like the other girls he had been with. She was completely free minded, uninhibited, and totally into sex.

Kyle wasn’t a bad looking guy by any means. He certainly pulled his fair share of pussy. He could be described as your typical baseball jock; brown hair, brown eyes, athletic build. Sam on the other hand was absolutely gorgeous in every aspect. Standing about 5’10” with an extremely firm, slender body, she could have passed for a goddess. Her long auburn hair reached down past her shoulders, and her sweet smile and high cheekbones highlighted a pair of the prettiest green eyes ever created. Literally, she had the best legs to ever walk the earth, not to mention a perfectly sculpted ass to match. Seriously, she could have been in Playboy at the age of fourteen. Her most memorable attribute was undoubtedly her jaw dropping D-cup breasts. She found it difficult to find bras and bikinis that fit right due to her slim build and oversized tits, which was a blessing for Kyle. He had seen her hundreds of times in bikini tops so small and tight sakarya escort that the fabric barely covered the edge of her nipples.

She was extremely self conscious, however, feeling as though her looks were all that anyone seemed to ever pay any attention to. She may have been right. Surrounded by horny teenage boys and jealous trashtalking girls, she trusted just a handful of people. Kyle was fortunately one of them.

Kyle began to drive a little faster in an attempt to make it home quicker. A flood of memories began to pour into his skull. Things he hadn’t thought about in years suddenly engrossed his thoughts. All he could think of was her. The rich aromas of her body, the way she pleaded with him to satisfy her, the way she sucked his dick.

He remembered their high-school graduation party. Both were hammered on jello-shots and cheap beer, which typically would have been a bad idea. Hunched over on the back patios railing, they stood their staring at the stars, happy to be done with high-school. Sam began discussing her recent breakup. Clearly she felt confident about the decision. Sam was simply pissed, however, that she had spent her entire high-school career with the same boy. Kyle, like a good friend, sat there and nodded his head as if to say, “Yep”.

After four shots and a six-pack each, both teens were feeling a little frisky. The conversation soon turned to sex, which was not uncommon between the two friends. Typically, however, their past discussions remained fairly general. Kyle became shocked when she began freely sharing, with precise detail, the type of lingerie she wore, the strange places she and her ex-boyfriend had had sex, and even the fact that she preferred it doggy-style. Kyle could feel his dick growing harder which created a tent in the front of his jeans.

“You know how I know when you guys are horny and wanna fuck?”

Kyle was a little surprised by the comment. “You tell me, Sexy.”

“Y’all actually listen. Men think that by listening to a woman it will make them more sensitive to a girls needs, thus more attractive.”

“Think so ehh,” Kyle exclaimed, knowing she was right.

“You sure do listen a lot, Kyle,” she stated seductively, staring into Kyle’s eyes.

Sam unexpectedly leaned towards him and planted a full-throttle kiss on his lips. Kyle quickly responded with the passion of a man who had waited six long years to be with this girl. Pinning Sam against the side railing, Kyle explored every crevice of her mouth with his tongue. Despite the ten other kids on the patio, they fondled and explored each other in a heated make-out session. Sam broke away from his mouth, grabbed his hand, and led him to the side yard. The dimly lit area was just enought to allow the two horny teens some sort of privacy. Sam managed to find the A/C unit and sat down on it with Kyle standing in front of her. Staring up at him, she smiled and began unbuckling his jeans.

“Are you sure you wanna do this,” Kyle asked politely.

“I think you’ve waited long enough, Kyle. Its time you got your turn, don’t you agree?”

Sam pulled Kyle’s jeans and underwear around his ankles and grabbed hold of his already rigid cock. A small drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip of his dick. A slight breeze blew between his legs sending chills throughout his body.

“Cool by me,” Kyle responded.

Sam gently brought his cock to her lips and wrapped her warm mouth around him. sakarya escort bayan

“That feels so good,” Kyle exclaimed as he leaned his head back in ecstacy.

Sam began to massage his sac with one hand, jack him off with the other, meanwhile bobbing her mouth back and forth. Without any hesitation, she drew his entire seven inches into her moist throat. Kyle knew it felt different and looked down to see what she was doing. “Holy shit! How’d you learn to do that?”

Sam withdrew his cock from her throat and mouth and replied, “Lots of practice.” Kyle was suddenly in love; with her mouth at least.

Quickly, Kyle pushed her backwards, laying her flat atop the large A/C unit. Her right leg dangled in the air as Kyle made a failed attempt at removing her left boot. Sam began laughing and stood up to face him. Kyle watched as she unbuttoned her faded jeans and wriggled them to her knees. Her bright pink panties gleamed in the moonlight. He couldn’t wait to see the treasure that lay underneath. Slowly, she slipped her fingers under the waistband, and slid the satin fabric down her legs till they met with her jeans at the knees.

Kyle was absolutely amazed as she stood before him naked from the waist down. He had pictured her like this many times in his head, but there it was, completely shaven and utterly exposed. Sam turned her back to him giving Kyle the best view of her perfect ass that he had ever imagined. Bending at the waist, she put both hands on the A/C unit and stuck her ass directly in Kyle’s direction. He was suddenly afforded a warming view of her long tanned legs, pink protruding pussy lips, and her pert little shaven ass hole.

Without saying a word, Kyle hobbled up to her with his pants still around his ankles. He placed his hands around her smooth ass and began deeply massaging her cheeks. Bringing his mouth to her rear he licked every inch of her exposed skin and found his way between her slightly parted legs. Gently licking the outside of her engorged pussy lips he made slow, deliberate passes above and around her waiting hole. Sam let out quiet moans, just loud enough to be heard above the casual conversations of the people still standing on the back porch. Kyle parted her ass cheeks and brushed his tongue across her ass hole causing her to release a tiny giggle.

“That feels weird,” she exclaimed. “My boyfriend never did that.”

“Do you want me to stop?” Kyle asked.

“I don’t know. I kind of like it.”

Kyle needed no further prodding. He pulled her ass cheeks aside and dove in. His tongue made tiny circles around the wrinkles of her ass hole, then darted inside. Little by little she relaxed even further allowing Kyle to probe his tongue deeper inside her ass. Sam closed her eyes and began to rhythmically push her ass against Kyle’s face. The taste of her made Kyle want to cum right then and there. While his mouth remained firmly planted in her ass, Kyle placed his hand against her warm pussy and massaged her clit.

“That feels so freakin’ good!” Sam blurted out.

Sam’s breathing became increasingly labored. Kyle gently slid his tongue down from her ass hole, across her taint, through her pink pussy lips and into her wet snatch. Sam was practically dripping, and Kyle licked as much of her sweet tasting juice into his mouth.

Standing there with her body lurched forward and Kyle’s tongue in her pussy, she begged him, “Please Kyle. Please fuck me now!”

Kyle escort sakarya stood back up and took hold of her waist. Sam reached behind her and grabbed his dick to guide the penetration. Slowly, he moved his hips forward until his rod pushed against her lips. The combination of her juices and his left over saliva allowed him to slide easily inside of her. Immediately, Sam let out an intense moan of pleasure as Kyle’s cock snuggly made its way inside of her. Slowly, he penetrated her hole pushing deeper and deeper until his entire shaft became engulfed by her tight warmth. Kyle pulled it back out, her pussy clinging to it as if it didn’t want to let go. The head of his dick nearly showed before he forcefully plunged back inside her causing Sam to let out a slight “EEek”. Again and again he pounded away at her tight pussy, letting go of all the sexual frustrations he had built up over the years. Tiny ripples flowed across her ass as Kyle repeatedly slammed his dick inside her cunt. Her tits swayed back and forth beneath her tight cotton tank-top as Kyle repeatedly thrust in and out of her. Her moans began to intensify, worrying Kyle enough to think that someone could hear, but not enough for him to stop.

“Oh fuck Kyle, I’m gonna cum! Keep going! Don’t stop!”

The words coming out of Sam’s mouth were none that he ever thought he would hear. Quite simply, he never pictured her even saying. Thrusting harder and harder, he could feel his self on the verge of eruption.

“Cum with me Kyle! Fuck me! OHH GOD! I’M CUMMING!!”

Every muscle in Sam’s body tightened, pushing her ass against Kyle as he thrust his dick in as far as he could. Kyle let out a loud moan of his own, his body tensing, as he erupted a stream of cum deep inside her drenched hole. Both bodies spasmed simultaneously, uncontrollably, the effects of two tremendously intense orgasms. Falling across her back in complete relaxation, Kyle could feel Sam’s slight spasms running throughout her sweaty body. Together, they stayed like that trying to catch their breath. Kyle’s dick went limp and fell free from Sam’s gaping pussy hole, a few tiny drops of semen followed.

Between her still labored breathing, Sam broke the silence and said, “Not bad handsome. We should do this more often.”

“I completely agree with you,” Kyle responded with a huge smile on his face.


Still driving, Kyle was now rubbing his hard-on through his shorts as he replayed the events in his mind. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he got to see Sam again, and he couldn’t help but hope that she was thinking about the same things he was. It didn’t take long for Kyle to realize that he was going 90 through a 60. He hesitantly slowed down, wishing that the drive were over and he was already home.

More memories began to flood his mind. Just an hour more and I’ll be home he thought to himself. Again his phone rang. It was Sam.

“Hey, what’s up,” Kyle asked nonchallantly, pretending he hadn’t just been fantasizing about her.

“I just wanted to let you know I was home.”

“Already? Damn you drive fast.”

“Yeah, well, I think I’m gonna take a hot bath and chill out till you get here.” Kyle pressed the gas down further and began to speed again. “You know, I couldn’t stop thinking about that summer we spent together.”

“Really? Wow, I haven’t thought about that in so long,” Kyle lied.

“Yeah right, Kyle. I really hope this summer turns out to be just as exciting. Don’t you?”

“One can only hope Sam.”

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