Summer Holiday Ch. 05

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That night, after the big party, which was a disaster. Well, a disaster when my Uncle, Aunt, and twin cousins arrived. Uncle Louie stumbled upon Mom, having sex with her eighteen-year-old lover. And my cousins came into my room as I was waking up Moms’ two best friends, whom were naked and just been fucked by me. Not to mention, there was a half smoked joint and a full one waiting to be smoked sitting on my dresser.

Mom handled the situation though. She was honest about her young lover to my Uncle, and she pretended to be upset and angry with me about having sex with her friends, and smoking pot. She explained that I didn’t deserve a party, and it was best that everyone leave. She winked to Debra and Sarah.

“You should bring out your pot,” Sarah winked at me.

I ran to my room, retrieved the rest of the joints, and rejoined everyone in the living room. I lit up the joint and we all sat around smoking. John and Mom started kissing and getting a little comfortable. They didn’t get to finish earlier. I watched as Johns’ hand slid down Moms’ body and began to rub her pussy through her pants. My cock was getting hard. Sarah started to play with the back of my hair and my neck. Her hand slid down my back and around to my front.

“Oh my,” She gasped when she felt how hard my cock was.

Debra passed the joint to Sarah, and then Sarah passed it to me.

“I think they’re a little too preoccupied,” I observed, passing the joint to Debra.

Sarah pushed me down, so I was lying on the floor. She unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down. My cock popped free from its confinement. She quickly went to work sucking my hard shaft. Pausing only a moment to suck on my balls while her hand worked my cock. Sarah began moaning, and I saw Debra had pulled Sarahs pants down enough to expose her pussy and was fingering her diligently.

John was now on top of Mom, her breasts were exposed and his mouth was feverishly working her nipples. I sat up enough to get my shirt off, and I helped Sarah out of hers. Debra unhooked Sarahs’ bra and then took off her own shirt and bra.

Debra walked over to John and helped him out of his pants, and Mom took off hers. All of our clothes were now in a pile, strewn across the floor. I ran my fingers bahis firmaları through Sarahs’ hair as she sucked my cock. With my other hand I was squeezing Sarahs’ tit, pinching, and pulling her hard nipple.

“Ohh, your tongue feels good!” Mom moaned. John was between her thighs, licking and sucking on her pussy. Debra was underneath John sucking his hard cock. I sat up and pushed Sarah to the ground. I started licking and sucking on her nipples, while my hand probed her wet pussy.

“Finger me baby,” Sarah moaned.

My hand slapped against her muff as my fingers drove deep inside her. Debra stood above Sarah now, and lowered her pussy onto Sarahs’ face. I started kissing Debra hard and deep. I suddenly felt Moms hand going down my back, and over my butt. She slid her hands between my thighs and started tugging on my hard cock.

“Your mouth feels good John,” Mom moaned.

I couldn’t see behind me, but apparently John was back to licking Moms’ pussy. I leaned down and started sucking on Sarahs’ clit. I could hear her moan into Debras’ pussy.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming Sarah,” Debra moaned. “Keep tonguing my hole!”

I started to devour Sarahs’ pussy.

“Mmmph,” Sarah moaned. “MMMM!” I could feel her pussy cum on my face.

I slid my fingers faster as my tongue flicked her clit. Mom stopped jacking me off. I felt her head bounce against me. I looked back and John was fucking her hard and fast. I straddled Moms’ neck and pointed my cock to her mouth. Mom sucked my cock, and John was fucking her pussy. Sarah was on her knees now, and started to kiss me. I felt her tits as our lips meshed together. Debra knelt behind Sarah and kissed her neck and grabbed her hips.

I could hear John grunting behind me. Suddenly, Mom stopped bouncing as John released his load in her. I stood up and pulled Sarah with me. I bent Sarah over the couch and started to slam into her pussy.

“Ohh, fuck that feels good!” Sarah moaned.

“Fuck that pussy,” Debra growled as she watched us.

John was sitting on the couch; he began to play with Sarahs swaying tits. Mom walked up behind Debra. I watched as Debra parted her legs and Mom slid a finger in her cunt.

“Ooh fuck, Cheryl, I love the way you finger my pussy,” kaçak iddaa Debra moaned.

I could hear Moms’ hand slapping against Debras’ cunt. John was slowly jacking his cock, and it was starting to get hard again. I gripped onto Sarahs’ hips and pummeled into her. Slowly I got up, and was replaced by John.

I stood in front of Debra, and grabbed onto Moms’ hips. I pressed my hard cock into Debra, sandwiching her between Mom and I. I could feel Moms’ hand as she continued to finger Debra. Debra and I kissed.

“Ohh, Mmm,” Debra moaned into my mouth.

I broke the kiss with Debra, and pulled Mom by the arm. I motioned for her to lie down next to Sarah. John was thrusting vigorously into Sarah, making her bounce on the couch. I watched as her breasts jiggled with every contact. I positioned myself between Moms’ lips and penetrated her wet pussy. Debra sat next to Mom. I started pumping into Mom as Debra leaned down kissing, and licking Moms nipple. I watched as Debra slid her finger in and out of herself.

“Mom, your pussy feels so good!” I moaned.

“Fuck me son, fuck me!” Mom pleaded.

I thrust into Mom as hard as I could.

“Oh fuck!” Mom gasped. “Fuck me, and make me cum!”

I kept fucking Mom hard and fast, I wanted her cum on my cock. Mom screamed out as she came on my cock.

“Fuck I’m cumming too!” Sarah moaned.

I could hear John grunting as he pounded Sarahs pussy. Mom and Sarah came together. John slid from Sarahs’ pussy and knelt down in front of Debra. He pushed her thighs apart and slid his dick right in.

“Ohh, finally get some dick!” Debra moaned.

Sarah was sliding her fingers in and out of her pussy as she watch my cock slide in and out of Mom. I kissed Mom deeply as I pulled out. I placed myself in front of Sarah again, and pressed my cock into her pussy. Sarah started to twitch as my cock penetrated her.

“Fuck!” Sarah screamed. “You’re going to make me cum again!”

I fucked her pussy hard and fast, making Sarah once again, cum. I rubbed Moms pussy; her lips were still swollen and wet with cum. I slide my finger inside her while I continued to fuck Sarah.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Debra moaned, and gasped for air.

I could hear Johns’ balls slapping kaçak bahis against her pussy. Mom leaned over and sucked on Debras’ nipples. I slowly sawed in and out of Sarah. I felt myself throb.

“Fuck, I’m cumming!” John growled.

I watched as his hips lost their rhythm.

“Here I cum!” Debra announced.

Debras’ hips bucked and milked Johns’ cock. I pulled out of Sarah, and knelt between Moms’ knees.

“I want you to have my cum, Mom,” I said as I shoved my cock into her.

“Give it to me baby!” Mom moaned.

I slid in and out a few times. I felt my cock throb, my balls tightened, and I came deep inside Mom.

“Ugh, take my, ugh, cum Mom,” I grunted as cum gushed into her pussy.

We crashed onto the floor, except Sarah who was softly snoring on the couch with Debra. I held Mom in my arms, my cock, still wet with cum, pressing against her ass. John lay in front of her, his arms draped on her hips.

I could hear them kissing, so I started kissing Mom on her neck. Mom moaned into Johns’ mouth. I could feel my cock swelling again. Mom began grinding against both of us. She reached down and held my cock in her hand for a moment. Then she held Johns. I slid my cock between her ass cheeks, and pressed into her. My cock slid down and entered her pussy.

“Oh!” Mom gasped. I slowly slid in and out. Mom and John still locked in their kiss. I quickened my pace. Their kiss turned me on so much; I quickly came inside her. Mom turned over and we started to kiss. I could feel her start to bounce. John was inside her and thrusting. I grabbed Moms’ nipples as we kissed, soon she was moaning into my mouth. My cock was throbbing still. I could feel her pubes brush against the tip of my cock. John grunted and came inside her pussy too.

Mom turned back over to kiss him and I once again entered her wet pussy. I could feel Johns’ cum and mine. Her well-fucked pussy was so wet. I fucked her harder this time. Mom moaned into Johns’ mouth as they kissed. She moaned louder and louder as she started to cum on my cock. I came with her. John turned her over and kept Mom cumming. He slammed into her so hard, we couldn’t kiss while he fucked her.

“Ohh fuck me boys!” Mom moaned.

We each took three more turns fucking mom, and filling her with our cum. Mom came and came enough that she lost count how many times. We all finally started to fall asleep.

“What a great party,” I thought to myself as sleep took over.

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