Submission! (with a Student?)

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Purely by coincidence, Professor Amanda Bell met one of her Literature students on the mat during a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class for beginners. During the past 10 years, she taught students in a university setting; now she was actually about to grapple with one.

Her usual academic attire was typically a dowdy skirt and blouse combination. Now she was currently barefoot and dressed in a grappling gi. Stepping onto the mat, she was shocked to see one of her students, dressed the same way.

“Hi Dr. Bell! Is this your first time rolling?” Mei Wu asked, while crouching to get into position.

Amanda forced an awkward smile. “It’s actually my third time rolling. I’ve only trained drills for a few months.”

“This will be fun,” Mei replied with an open and genuine smile.

At that moment, Amanda regretted switching from early morning weekend classes to weeknights. Even before the Jiu-Jitsu Instructor called for action, Amanda felt uneasy. Sure, for a woman in her mid-30’s, she was in great condition. But her body was built for long distance running as opposed to grappling; she lacked upper body strength.

On the other hand, the Literature student was in her early 20’s and looked like a feminine ball of youthful energy. Mei’s raven black hair was tied in a ponytail and the girl was ready for action. Her body was long and slender, but toned by years of competitive sports.

Amanda was plagued by one overriding concern… what if she lost to her student? Surely it would surely be embarrassing, even though this was not a campus related academic activity. Professors are supposed to guide and mentor their students, not struggle for physical domination.

Noting the playful smile on Mei’s face, it was clear the student viewed it as a friendly match. Amanda was determined to keep this light and focus on fitness, rather than competition.

“5 minutes!” the Instructor called out, in his deep booming deep voice touched by a Brazilian accent. “Then alternate partners. Ready!? Go!”

The buzzer rang in the gym, and while they were both crouched in position, Mei slowly approached with her hands out.

Once they locked horns, Amanda immediately realized she was totally outmatched by her Asian student. Using every technique she had, Amanda managed to put Mei on her back, making the student smile in appreciation.

“Nice one,” Mei said, enjoying the gamesmanship while in the bottom position.

Amanda, on top, tried to act natural. “Thank you.”

Sure enough, just as the Professor recovered energy from the physical endeavor, Mei swung her legs up and went to an armbar, quickly and with grace. Amanda used basic maneuvers to shimmy her way out, but the submission was methodical. A slight amount of pressure was applied to her joint and it was over.

Her student was so good it seemed effortless.

Amanda had no choice but to tap her student’s thigh. Defeat was signaled, and when the submission was released, Amanda tried to hide her embarrassment as she peered at the grinning student beneath her.

“You’re so talented,” Amanda said, taking a breather.

Mei remained flat on the mat. “Mind if we stay in this spot?”

“You like the bottom position?”

Mei nodded. “My legs are flexible and I’m working on my full guard techniques. Let’s go again, if you don’t mind.”

They shook hands and resumed their grappling. With the student content on her back, Amanda’s only option was to go for a submission by way of passing guard and getting side control.

Sadly, the result was likely to be the same. Mei was stronger and more experienced. Amanda struggled when the contest seemed futile, sweat forming along her brows.

“Watch for my triangle,” Mei cautioned in the middle of a scramble.

The warning seemed pointless, since the Professor was outmatched. Legs were thrown up and Amanda found herself in a humiliating position, while one of her brightest students applied a choke. Mei’s athletic thighs wrapped around Amanda’s neck and shoulders, then squeezed.

Just like that, Amanda tapped again. The palm of her hand patted her student’s thigh three times.

Thankfully, the legs released immediately and Amanda could once again breathe.

Mei sat upright. “Going easy on me, Professor? It’s okay, I can handle it.”

Mercifully, the buzzer rang, and the BJJ Instructor called for everyone to change grappling partners.

“Alternate! Grab a new partner and go again,” he called, with his voice echoing in the gym. “Go! Go! Go!”

The women looked at each other.

“Thanks Professor, I hope we get another chance to grapple,” Mei said, offering the traditional handshake before switching partners.

Locking eyes as their hands touched, they both lingered. Amanda was struck by the warmth of Mei’s brown eyes and her relaxed manner; she was confident but not cocky. Mei’s youthful enthusiasm for the sport put Amanda at ease in what could have easily been an awkward situation and for that she was grateful. But Amanda couldn’t help but wonder, were they now rivals on bağdat caddesi şişman escort the mat, or were they becoming friends?


Amanda was relieved after making it back to the female locker room at the conclusion of class. Like everyone else, she was covered in sweat as she sat on the bench preparing for a shower. Still barefoot and in her gi, she checked the messages on her phone. There was an invitation to a retirement party for another faculty member, which she hoped to attend. And as usual, there were several emails from students regarding assignments.

“This is much different than Literature studies, right?” Mei called out, with her ever present smile.

By coincidence, Mei had walked in front of Amanda’s locker. The student held a large white towel, bath sponge, and shower gel. She wore a black sports bra with pink lining and matching workout shorts that were form fitting.

Amanda couldn’t help but admire the student’s body. Not only was she incredibly toned, her flawless skin glistened with a fine sheen of sweat.

“Well, this is far more exhilarating,” Amanda said, putting down her phone. “No one ever snoozes through a BJJ class.”

Mei laughed. “People can pass out in BJJ… from being choked. But I’ve never seen anyone take a nap during your lecture.”

“Trust me, I notice a lot of things.”

There was a moment of silence, as they both looked towards the single empty shower stall, thinking the exact same thing.

Mei gestured towards the shower. “So…. there’s one left. What should we do?”

“You go ahead. I have some messages to check and can wait a bit.”

“Oh, okay. I’ll be super quick, Professor Bell.”

With that, the student hurried into the open-space shower with several other naked women. She saw Mei’s quickly strip out of her skimpy clothes and hang them on a rack before entering the shower, naked. Amanda knew it was wrong to stare at her student’s backside, but for some reason was unable to stop.

There was no doubt about it; Mei’s body was an enticing sculpture. Athletic with the right degree of feminine curves. Releasing her long dark hair from the tie, it draped her back in gentle waves as Mei walked forward into the water.

Entranced, Amanda was thankful her student hadn’t looked back, otherwise she would have been caught peeping. She knew later that night, while lying exhausted in bed, the image of Mei’s hypnotic backside would spring to mind as she masturbated.


The next day, Professor Bell gave a lecture while Mei sat in the front row. It was difficult to concentrate on discussing a book by Toni Morrison, when the student who had cranked her arm and wrangled her neck was sitting nearby. It was nearly impossible to force back her dirty thoughts about Mei’s naked backside.

Nonetheless, she was a professional.

Class ended and students made their way out of the lecture hall. As usual, there were a few that hung around, asking questions about the next essay. Unsurprisingly, Mei was one of those students and stood at the end of the line, patiently awaiting her turn.

When all the students had departed, it was just them. Mei ended up asking a superfluous question. Amanda suspected it was just an excuse to stay behind and have a private.

“I’ll see you next week,” Professor Bell smiled graciously.

Mei cocked her head. “Does that mean you’re not going to Jiu-Jitsu tomorrow night?”

It was the dreaded moment and Amanda was torn. Her plan had been to discreetly revert back to weekend classes, if not drop out altogether. A fellow faculty member advised her that dropping out was the best approach, since grappling leaves one prone to injury. Amanda already felt some aching in her joints.

“I’ll be there,” Amanda replied with a forced confidence. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“Oh, that’s great. I guess that means we’ll have a rematch?”

Immediately, Amanda flashbacked to the moment Mei made her submit. Though trying to ignore it, her pussy clenched at the memory.

Finally, she knew it was time to drop the charade. There was no way she could return to the evening class if Mei was going to be there, as well.

“Ms. Wu, to be honest, I don’t know if it’s a good fit for me.”

“Why?” Mei was perplexed.

“My joints ache. And I probably shouldn’t be rolling around on the floor with any of my students.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Mei replied, looking sheepish. “I’m sure with practice you’ll be more efficient and effective. Jiu-Jitsu is hard at first, but with enough work, it becomes a lot of fun.”

“I’m more of a runner, to tell you the truth. The only reason I tried BJJ was because a friend recommended it as a way to clear my mind.”

“Oh, nothing serious I hope.”

“Just my divorce,” Professor Bell shrugged. “Apparently grappling is supposed to be a good stress reliever. In many ways it is, since it requires total focus and by the end of class I’m too exhausted to feel sorry for myself. But it’s also bağdat caddesi ucuz escort tough on my body.”

The candid admission had Amanda feeling a bit uncomfortable. She wasn’t in the habit of discussing her personal life with students. In some ways, it felt good to get it off her chest and share her burden with the younger woman. But Amanda’s real motivation was to relieve Mei of any guilt she might feel about her exit from the class.

As it turned out, Amanda’s plan backfired.

“I’ll be more gentle,” Mei said. “Let me teach you some moves. BJJ will be a great stress reliever if you stick with it. Please keep coming to class and we can train together. You deserve to be happy.”

Amazed by the tenacity and drive in her student, the Professor recognized Mei as the best kind of fighter. She displayed honor, respect, and consideration. Overall, Mei was a rare gem in the current generation of university students.

Impressive, Amanda thought.

“That’s very sweet of you to say,” Professor Bell noted, curious about the offer.

“It’s true, I want to help. I mean, the Jiu-Jitsu instructor is a great guy, really knowledgeable about moves and techniques. But there are so many students in the class, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. And I think you might learn faster from a woman. Different methods work better for our bodies.”

“That’s true. This is my first attempt at a contact sport.”

Mei nodded in sympathy. “I’m used to it. I did a little Taekwondo and Judo when I was young. It made it easier for me to pick up Jiu-Jitsu.”

“Ah, that makes sense. You’re a natural when it comes to moving your body around your opponent. And you seem happy making others submit through pain.”

Mei laughed. “No way, I DO NOT enjoy hurting people! Well, okay, after several hours of school work, choking someone with my legs is a great way to blow off steam. But I always feel guilty after class.”

They were both thoroughly amused by the bizarre sounding admission.

“It doesn’t sound like you feel guilty,” Professor Bell joked.

“Okay, maybe not always.”

“You see, this is what I mean. You’re a seasoned martial artist, and I’m a woman who enjoys long runs. We’re not equally matched. There are only a few women in the class who I could actually submit. For the most part, I’m rag doll on the mat.”

“I’ll let you submit me.”

Amanda was taken aback by the comment, picking up on the possible innuendo. Squinting, she searched Mei’s face for a clue as to whether it was unintended. The student’s eyes crinkled in amusement and Amanda was left uncertain.

“You will?”

“We can go 50/50,” Mei offered, shrugging. “I’m serious. I’ll give you freebies on the mat and correct your errors. You’ll get better. Plus we’ll have a great time rolling on the ground.”

Once again, Amanda did a double take, unsure if she was picking up on vibes that simply weren’t there. Since the divorce, her sex life had greatly suffered. Was she now so desperate that she was seeing unintended come-ons?

Feeling silly, she shook off her errant thoughts, “I have to admit, it was a great workout. My muscles feel more toned since I started the class.”

“Then it’s a study date,” Mei smiled. “But let’s be honest about the other thing. It was a little awkward at the end.”

Professor Bell slowly nodded in agreement. “The shower situation.”

“Should we take turns going first? I’ll hang out in the gym while you shower, then use it when you’re done.”

“Maybe we shouldn’t overthink it.”

Mei smiled and giggled. “You’re right. We’re both adults and there’s no reason to act that way. I’m used to showering with other women. It’s not a big deal to me.”

That wasn’t exactly what Amanda meant and she had mixed feelings about being naked in the shower along with one of her brightest students.


Friday sessions are always ‘light grappling’ days, with less pressure to submit your opponent. Typically, partners stay together through the entire class, while the BJJ Instructor casually walks around looking for flaws and fielding questions.

This time Amanda was on the bottom with her legs in the air, wrapped loosely around Mei’s torso. As a result, their faces were mere inches apart, making conversation easy.

“Triangle choke me,” Mei said, holding her vulnerable position. “I’ll struggle and resist a bit to get a sense of your offensive technique.”

“I’m not very good, but here it goes.”

Surely, this was against University police. But this wasn’t a school sponsored class; they were in a private BJJ Academy. School regulations wouldn’t apply in this setting.

Attempting to squeeze her legs around the student’s neck should have made Amanda uncomfortable. However, she found it arousing. Her runner’s legs worked hard to pin Mei’s upper body in a compromised position. Using newly learned techniques to the best of her ability, she successfully wrapped her legs firmly around Mei’s neck. The submission was a sure bağdat caddesi yabancı escort thing.

“Are you going to tap?” Amanda asked, feeling victorious.

Mei struggled to speak. “Make me.”

It was a challenge for Amanda to dig deep and find her killer instinct. As an educator, her livelihood involved helping young people achieve their goals. Now, she was attempting to choke a student who could very well become a future Valedictorian.

When she squeezed her legs around Mei’s neck, the student tapped and Amanda released the choke.

“I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?” Amanda said with concern.

Mei caught her breath and smiled. “Are you kidding? You did great! What a rush.”

It certainly was; however Amanda’s rush was more sexually based. Having had no previous experience with women, she was stunned to realize her pussy was practically weeping when the young, athletic student lay trapped between her legs. The fact that Mei was an all-around sweetheart only made this domination more fulfilling.

Amanda hoped the aromas emanating from her pussy wouldn’t be obvious to Mei.

“Thank you,” Amanda said humbly. “I know you let me win, but it felt really good.”

Mei stretched while rubbing her neck. “Shall we try again? Or are you ready for equal terms?”

Fair was fair, Amanda thought. Sadly, it meant that she’d get her ass kicked. Although, that didn’t sound like such a bad idea.

“Let’s do a light roll,” Amanda said.

“You’re on.”

They squared up after a quick rest and got into position. A primal urge surfaced in Amanda when they locked horns, which was highly unusual. It wasn’t about appearances, reputation or social status. Rather, it was an eruption of a previously dormant drive to battle for supremacy. The two exhausted women wrestled intimately on the sweaty mat, each trying to submit the other.

Passing by, the BJJ Instructor liked what he saw and said, “Nice job ladies,” before turning his attention towards other students in the gym.

As expected, the student won and Amanda found herself on the bottom position, once again. Mei was able to secure side-control, which is a highly advantageous position.

“No more being nice,” Mei teased, intertwining her arms with the Professor’s. “You’ll get a kimura if you don’t get out.”

Their faces were close enough that each felt a tickle as the other exhaled. Amanda struggled, but her arm strength was nowhere near that of Mei.

“I can’t get out,” Amanda sighed in defeat.

“Don’t make me motivate you,” Mei threatened.

Amanda wiggled without conviction. “I’m close to tapping. I can’t get out.”

With their arms still tangled, Mei moved her face even closer to the Professor’s. Their eyes and lips were mere inches apart.

“I mean it,” Mei warned, her eyes twinkling with mischief. “Find a way out. You have plenty of room to escape. Find it, or you’ll be punished.”

Amanda merely flailed. Yes, there was space, but her technique hadn’t been honed. In defeat, she went limp.

“I can’t,” Amanda sighed, fully expecting her arm to be cranked by the student.

“Here comes your punishment.”

Amanda’s eyes looked up at Mei and the ceiling. Waiting for Mei, she planned to tap right away and signal her defeat.

Instead, the ‘punishment’ came in a much different form. While Amanda lay helpless, Mei bent down and licked her chin. The beautiful student’s tongue actually made contact with her face! Amanda didn’t turn her head, but struggled and tried to get loose. When that failed, she just relaxed. The warm, wet feel of Mei’s tongue against her face caused Amanda to gasp.

“Ready to try again?” Mei asked.

Amanda breathed deeply. “What are you doing? Let me up, this instant.”

“Wrong answer, Professor Bell.”

Mei went in for a second pass, with puckered lips. Amanda froze, letting nature take its course. As if in slow motion, their lips met and they actually kissed. At first, it was a quick peck, then two. Finally, the contact blossomed into a full-blown kiss, just short of passionate, but with definite tongue involvement.

This was Amanda’s first girl-on-girl kiss and she wondered if it was true for Mei, as well.

Amanda’s physical exhaustion made the mental surrender even sweeter. Mei was in control and confident enough to put the older woman at ease. Her sweet nature, good humor and self-assurance called to a deep need in Amanda. The physical trauma of the grappling seemed worth the effort at this point.

Realistically, this illicit show of attraction would soon have to end before they were caught. Moaning, Amanda was getting ready to tap out, but Mei was a step ahead and pulled away.

Amanda looked around the room to see if they had been caught. She was relieved to see they were not the subject of ogling eyes.

“I…” Amanda started off.

“Time!” the Instructor hollered to the group with pride in his voice. “Great job everyone. You all showed great effort and passion on the mat. See you all next week.”

Mei’s eyes flashed with amusement. “You heard the man. Class is over.”

When Mei stood, she offered a helping hand, which Amanda gladly accepted.


Amanda inwardly cringed at the thought of shower time, feeling more uncomfortable about what would happen next. While the class stretched on the mat, all Amanda could think about was seeing Mei’s naked body again.

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