Studying Hard Ch. 02

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The sounds of slapping skin and heavy panting filled the bedroom. This rhythm was interrupted by frequent moans. The heavy curtains blocked most of the morning sunlight from entering the room.

Peter watched his Aunt Julia ride his cock in a reverse cowgirl position. She ground herself hard on his pelvis, all nine of his inches deep inside of her.

Julia moaned in ecstasy, her clit rubbing on Peter’s balls. He added to her pleasure by squeezing her round ass cheeks, playfully slapping them every few seconds. With each slap, she cried out in pleasure.

She adjusted herself so that she was squatting over her nephew, holding his legs for support. Peter thrusted his hips upward rapidly, his heavy balls slapping against her cunt.

“Yes, Peter! Fuck me just like that!” Julia shouted. If anyone else was around in her large house, they would definitely have heard her.

Peter complied and continued to plunge into her. His aunt threw her wavy dark brown hair around, giving him a show. She looked back at him with her beautiful hazel eyes, throwing in a wink.

He could feel himself tightening up. It wouldn’t be long now…


Peter gasped as he opened his eyes. He glanced over at his alarm clock. The time was 7:00 AM. Three hours before he had to take a quiz on the upper body muscles. He slapped the alarm clock off.

Rubbing his eyes, Peter sat up. It didn’t take the huge tent in the bedsheet for him to realize that he was rock hard.

That was some dream, he thought. He couldn’t remember how it started, and he wished he had experienced it to the finish.

As he went through his morning routine, Peter thought about how much his life had changed in the past week. For one, he had been able to learn a more efficient way to study his class material, which was practical assessment. He hadn’t been able to see the results yet, but he could tell it was going to work.

The other major change was in his relationship with his aunt. Before last weekend, she had been his intelligent, wealthy, attractive Aunt Julia. Now, she was a sex goddess that could give Peter a very good fucking.

In addition, Peter was finding himself growing more and more attracted to his own mother. She and Aunt Julia looked very similar, but she was a year older and an inch or so taller. She also had auburn hair instead of dark brown, and it was a little shorter.

The biggest turn on so far for Peter was discovering, accidentally, that his mother had ordered a dildo. He would give anything to watch her use it.

However, Peter’s mother was much more conservative and didn’t tease him like his aunt did. He could have his fantasies, but he didn’t expect anything to actually happen with his mom.

Peter examined his muscular body in the mirror as he brushed his teeth. He would have to be labeling many of these muscles later that day. As he spat out his toothpaste, his light brown bangs fell forward and almost covered his eyes. He made a mental note that he needed a haircut as he lifted them back into a short flow.

After putting on some workout clothes, Peter went downstairs for breakfast. His mother was still asleep, so he stayed as quiet as he could.

As he scrambled his eggs, he noticed a text from his aunt. He opened his messages.

‘Good luck today, champ! You’ll do great!’

‘Thanks Aunt Julia!’ he responded. She texted back right away.

‘Let me know how it goes. Have fun with Ashley tonight. Condoms will be in the rightmost kitchen drawer. Also in my bedside table.’

Peter’s cock tingled at the thought of fucking his date in his aunt’s bed. He shot one more text back to her.

‘Thanks a lot! I’ll see you soon ;)’

He finished cooking his eggs and then devoured them, along with a serving of yogurt and glass of milk. Then he packed his backpack and headed out the door, grabbing his jacket from the closet.

Peter was thankful that the quiz was all he had today in terms of academics. His anatomy class was his only one on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. His other three classes were all on Tuesday and Thursday.

Plus, after the quiz, he was going to have a great weekend. He could feel it.


After a solid workout at the campus fitness center, Peter studied his notes in his classroom. It would be about thirty minutes until Professor Martin would arrive with the quiz. He flipped through his notebook and came across the original diagrams he had drawn of his aunt’s body. Her breasts were nice and round (the picture wasn’t very realistic, but it portrayed his aunt’s proportions very accurately).

Peter daydreamed about his aunt for a moment. Just the thought of her sexy body made his cock begin to swell.

Not now, Peter thought. I can think about her after the quiz.

It seemed like the half hour had passed in no time at all. Professor Martin suddenly walked into the classroom with his usual “good morning, everyone!” and passed out the quizzes. Peter scanned its two pages once he received his copy.

He labeled most of the muscles bahis firmaları pretty quickly. For the ones he was stuck on, he pictured himself touching his aunt, like during their study sessions. That would trigger his memory.

After about fifteen minutes, Peter had finished. He was confident that he had gotten an A.

Peter smiled at Professor Martin as he turned in his completed quiz, giving him a thumbs up. Not wanting to disturb the other students, his teacher simply smiled back.

Like usual, Peter glanced at the entrance sign as he left the building. He was on the right path, he thought, in terms of becoming a great physical therapist.

He sent a text to his aunt as he walked home. ‘Quiz went well! Pretty sure I got an A.’

Aunt Julia didn’t reply right away, so Peter opened his messages with Ashley. He sent her a text as well.

‘Hey I’m done with class for the day. What time do you wanna get dinner?’

Ashley didn’t respond right away either, so Peter placed his phone back in his pocket and enjoyed the weather. It was in the fifties and not too windy. Many trees had lost their leaves, and kids were playing in piles on their lawns as Peter walked through his neighborhood. It must have been fall break for the elementary school.

When he got home, Peter saw his mom raking the leaves. It appeared that she had just started.

“Hey mom! Need some help?” he asked.

“Sure, honey!” she said, visibly pleased. “How was the quiz?”

“I think it went well! I’m confident that I got an A!”

“Wow, Peter, that’s great!” she squealed, dropping the rake and rushing over to hug him. Peter felt her soft breasts press into him through her jacket. Her auburn hair matched the leaves, and Peter had never seen her look so innocently beautiful.

“Thanks, mom.”

“Keep up the hard work Peter, and I’ll give you a special reward!”

“What’s that?” Peter asked in surprise. He imagined a number of scenarios where his mom gave him a sexy reward.

“That’s a secret,” she teased, “You’ll like it. Maybe you’ll get it for Christmas!”

Peter smiled and picked up the rake off the ground. He motioned for his mom to leave, but she insisted on staying out and chat with him while he raked the remainder of the leaves onto the street.

When he was done, they went inside for some lunch and hot chocolate. While his mom prepared the meal, Peter saw that both his aunt and Ashley had responded to his texts.

‘I knew you could do it! I’ll give you your reward tomorrow ;)’ his aunt teased.

‘Hi! Let’s eat at 6!’ said Ashley.

Peter sent his aunt a ‘Can’t wait!’ and Ashley a ‘sounds good, I’ll pick you up a few minutes before then.’

He put his phone away and watched his mother make his lunch from behind. Her black yoga pants accentuated her legs beautifully- especially her peachy ass. She wore a light grey blouse and Peter imagined a nice show of cleavage on the other side. He was disappointed when she turned around to hand him his plate, her breasts safely inside of her top.

Peter enjoyed the chicken salad she made for him and went to his room to play an online video game with Tristan (a first-person shooter). It didn’t take long for their conversation to include girls, despite the game’s demand for concentration.

“So I hear you’re taking Ashley out to dinner,” Tristan said over the headset.

“Yeah,” Peter replied, “I think we really hit it off last weekend. I haven’t been on a date in a while, so I just figured I’d go for it.”

“Thinking about getting in her pants?” Tristan asked. He was always very direct with his questions, looking for detail.

“That’s none of your business,” Peter said, smiling. Tristan could sense his smile loud and clear.

“Good luck, dude,” was his last response before they focused on the game for a few more minutes.

Peter decided to continue the conversation. He thought back to Ashley’s black-haired roommate. “How about you and Kirsten? She’s pretty hot.”

“Yeah, we saw each other on Wednesday night. I might call it off though,” Tristan admitted. “I’m not really looking for a relationship, which is what she seems to want.”

“How come?” Peter asked, although he already knew the answer. Tristan wanted to sleep with as many girls as he could.

“I just want to enjoy the college experience as a single male,” he confessed. They both laughed.

“She is pretty good in bed,” Tristan continued. “I might try to get with her one more time. Not too common for college girls to really know what they’re doing under the sheets.”

Peter snorted. He didn’t agree with Tristan’s approach to sex. He didn’t like the idea of using a girl for some relief, especially if the girl was attracted to him.

“Well,” Peter said, “don’t take advantage of her. If you’re gonna dump her, it’s not fair to use her for sex before you do.”

“We aren’t dating. I won’t be dumping her.”

“Whatever, man.”

They dropped the topic and continued playing the game. After another hour or so, Peter said goodbye and kaçak iddaa went back downstairs to see his mom before getting ready for his date.

Peter was surprised to find Aunt Julia sitting across from his mother in the living room. She was wearing leggings and a long-sleeved checkered shirt. Both of the women smiled at Peter.

“Hey Peter! I made a surprise visit to steal your mom away for some shopping! I hope that’s okay with you.”

Peter knew this, but he saw what she was doing. “Yeah, that’s fine. I actually have a date tonight, so I won’t be around anyway.”??Julia smiled at him, but not in a way that said ‘and I know you’ll be fucking her at my house.’

“Oh, cool!” she chimed. “What’s her name? Where are you going?”

Damn, she was good at improvising. They hadn’t planned this conversation at all.

“Her name is Ashley. We’re going to Moe’s for dinner and then probably to a party or something, depending on the time.”

Moe’s was a small local burger joint near the center of town. It was a classic first date location.

“Sounds fun! I hope you have a wonderful time.”

“Don’t drink too much,” Peter’s mother added. “Remember you’re still underage. If I could stop you college kids, I would. But I know everyone does it.”

The two women smiled at each other, apparently reminiscing about their early adulthood. Peter promised his mother that he wasn’t planning on drinking at all anyway. Aunt Julia and his mom left to go shopping while Peter went back upstairs to prepare for his date.


Peter watched his date cross the lawn from her dorm to his car. She was wearing a nice pair of jeans and a green low cut shirt under a light grey jacket. A black purse bounced on her hips as she walked. They had agreed to dress casually. However, that didn’t stop her from applying a healthy amount of makeup. She didn’t go overboard by any means, but she looked damn good in her eyeliner and shadow. Her blonde hair was neck length and wavy. It was straight when Peter met her last week, and he couldn’t tell which was her natural hair type.

Ashley smiled at him as she approached the car. It was nice to see her in a sober state. Peter got out of the car and opened the passenger door for her.

“Such a gentleman!” she teased. “You look nice, tonight!”

Peter was wearing an open flannel shirt and white t-shit with khaki pants. His hair was pushed back into a short flow.

“Thanks! You look amazing yourself! It’s good to see you,” he said. Ashley blushed as she got in the car. Peter got back in too, and they drove to Moe’s.

As they entered downtown, they both commented on the beautiful evening lights and cute architecture of the buildings. Peter was familiar, as he had lived here for almost his entire life.

“Where are you from, Ashley?” Peter asked.

“Near the city. It’s about a 45-minute drive. I like the smaller town feel here. The school is a nice size too, which is nice. How about you?”

“I grew up here. I stayed for school to save money, which is why I live out of my house with my mom.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that! I suppose that’s why I don’t see you around the dorms much.”

“Yeah. It’s nice having my own room and less distractions. Plus, it’s not a long walk to campus.”

“What about seeing your mom all the time? Do you ever feel like you need some space?”

“Actually, no. My mom and I are pretty close and we almost never get on each other’s nerves.”

Peter recalled his mother’s attractiveness but quickly pushed his incestuous fantasies away. He was on a date with a hot girl, and he didn’t want to get distracted.

“That’s nice,” Ashley said. “I argue with my parents a lot, but we still love each other. It’s nice to be living apart from them.”

They arrived at the main strip and Peter parallel parked across the street from Moe’s. Peter led her inside and they sat at a booth by the front window. It was a small restaurant with a 1950’s style theme. The waitress attended to them very quickly, and they both ordered a water.

Peter admired Ashley’s choice of clothing. Her shirt accentuated her breasts nicely, and a small amount of cleavage begged to be let out. While Ashley’s breasts were not as big as his mother’s or aunt’s, they were impressive for a college girl.

He also appreciated that Ashley’s behavior was much more moderated than last weekend. Peter was sure that she remembered his cock, and was hoping that she wouldn’t address it until they were at his aunt’s house. He wanted to get to know Ashley outside of the bedroom.

“What classes are you taking this semester?” he asked.

“I’m in the intro classes for psych, bio, and econ, and a writing 101 class,” Ashley explained. “I’m really interested in psych so I might make that my major, but I haven’t declared it yet. How about you?”

“Hey, I’m also in intro to econ! Plus, anatomy, European history, and an elective called power, privilege, and oppression.”

“That’s interesting! Do you have a major?”

“Health and exercise science. I want to be a physical kaçak bahis therapist.”

“Cool! You can probably help a lot of people with that.”

“That’s the idea,” Peter said. He liked that Ashley was taking interest in him.

The waitress returned and they both eagerly ordered their burgers. The two made more small talk before honing in on the subject of history. Turns out they were both big history nerds.

“I looove learning about ancient civilizations, like the Romans and Greeks,” Ashley said. “I think the classical era is just super cool.”

“Me too! Although I like the Medieval era better. I find the society of the time very fascinating.”

Ashley laughed. “Look at us, speaking all scholarly. I didn’t expect you’d be so into history!”

“I don’t really read about it as much as I did in high school. Especially because I’m in that history class now, which is more work than fun,” Peter said.

“What I meant was that a guy like you doesn’t really seem like the academic type. You’re more like a sport guy, or… lifting guy,” Ashley admitted.

“Well, I did play football in high school. But I wasn’t really into hitting people,” he replied. “And also, I’m not really the academic type. I’m even having some trouble in a few of my classes.”

“Do you need some help? You can find a tutor on campus.”

“Actually, my aunt has been helping me study. I think her methods are working, because I had a lot less trouble with the quiz I took today.”

Peter couldn’t hold back a smirk as he remembered his last study session with Aunt Julia.

“What?” asked Ashley, smiling.

“Nothing, just remembered something funny my aunt told me. You had to be there. She’s just really friendly and smart and, well, cool.”

“She sounds cool. I’d like to meet her sometime.”

“Sure! She actually left us her house tonight, if you’d like to come back with me after dinner. We could watch a movie or something. She’s got a pretty big TV.”

Ashley briefly bit her lip before smiling broadly. “That sounds fun! Let’s do it!”

Their food finally arrived and Peter watched Ashley take her first bite.

“Holy shit, this burger is delicious! I didn’t expect this from such a small burger joint!”

“Yeah, they’re really quality,” Peter said as he bit into his own. Neither of them talked much as they both devoured their burgers with eagerness.

Following some more conversation, and the indulging of some chocolate cake for dessert, Peter and Ashley left the restaurant around 7:45 in high spirits. Peter loved watching her talk passionately about whatever the conversation topic was. He really liked this girl, and was very thankful that his aunt had left them the house. He didn’t even care if they had sex or not (although it was likely they would). He was just happy that they were able to finally spend some quality time together.

When they arrived at his aunt’s house, Peter checked his messages. Aunt Julia had let him know that the key was under the door mat and there was a little present for the two of them inside. Peter opened the door for Ashley and they entered the big, empty house.

“Nice place,” Ashley said in wonder as she observed the interior of the home. All of the rooms in sight were very cozy, and it had a warm and welcoming feel. Peter led her straight back to the kitchen.

On the island stood a bottle of white wine and two glasses. There was a sticky note on it containing just a smiley face.

“Wine?” Ashley wondered.

“My aunt said she left us a surprise. I told you she was cool.”

“Wow!” she exclaimed. “So, nobody is home? Does she life here alone?”

“My uncle is out of town a lot, but he lives here too. They didn’t have any kids.”

“I see…” Ashley said. They awkwardly stood there for a moment, like they both knew what was going to happen, what they both wanted to happen. But they didn’t know where to start.

“I can pour us some wine and set up the TV if you wanna take a seat on the couch,” Peter finally said. “I’ll just be a second.”

“Sure,” she replied, removing her jacket and placing it on the island. Peter poured her a glass and handed it to her, then poured one for himself as she walked to the other room. He then followed, setting his glass down on the coffee table and picking up the remote.

“Any preferences?” He asked, turning the TV power on and opening the guide.

“Not particularly,” Ashley said. “Maybe something mindless.”

Peter noticed that her second comment was a little quieter and inferred that she wanted to get physical more than she cared to watch something. Peter turned on a classic Halloween movie that he knew almost everyone had seen and set the remote down. He sat back on the couch and Ashley scooted next to him, under his arm.

The movie had barely started when Ashley spoke up.

“Thanks for dinner, Peter,” she whispered, looking up at him. Her ocean blue eyes were bright even in the dim light of the room.

“Of course,” he replied. He took a sip of wine, and she mirrored him.

“Hey,” she said, “I wanted to apologize for my behavior last week. I was a little too drunk and I don’t remember everything, but I know I was a little out there. I’m sorry if it was a bad first impression.”

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