Still Hot! Ch. 06

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I woke up in mom’s bed with a pang of regret. Not over my actions with mom, or my actions with Carmen. My regret was that all this fun would have to come to an end today. My sister Nadine was coming home today.

Apparently we lucked out, having forgotten temporarily about Nadine’s return home, she did not arrive home early or even when expected when her flight changed. I slept with mom again. I smiled as I looked over at her naked body only covered by sheets. I knew my cum was inside of her and that was a tempting thought, but I knew we had to stop…for now.

I woke mom up seeing that it was her normal wake-up time for work. We both took a shower together and washed each other lovingly. Nothing sexual happened beside a few erotic kisses.

“Do you think Carmen’s jealous?” I asked mom.

She smiled in return.

“Of course she is. What woman wouldn’t be jealous knowing a sexy man like yourself prefers his “old” mom to her?” Mom said teasingly.

We both laughed.

“You know, we will have to put our sexual affairs on hold for now.” Mom said regretfully.

“I know. I was about to mention it myself.” I responded.

We kissed passionately and I dried off as she started getting ready for work. I went back to my own room for the time being.

A soft knock on the door came with surprise.

I opened the door to see that it was Carmen. Dressed to kill. My mouth dropped open as I took in the sight of her in short mini skirt and top with lot’s of cleavage showing. It was only a Tuesday. She couldn’t be going to a club. Especially not in the morning like this. I wondered what was up.

“I’m going out to catch up with an old friend. I might be a little late tonight so don’t worry. Say hi to Nadine for me, will you?” Carmen said and kissed my cheek as she departed.

I looked on at her as she left. I was shocked. I wondered what friend she could be talking about. No man in particular was ever that important to her for her to be this dressed up early in the morning.

I shut the door and began to dress up casually in a pair of jogging sweats and shirt. I figured I’d get in some exercise while being home alone. I ran down the stairs after saying bye to mom with a kiss on the cheek.

I ran smack into Nadine almost knocking her over as I rounded the corner from the living room to the dining room.

Nadine smiled as she regained her balance. She was dressed in a red skirt that came down to her knees and a white blouse with matching red jacket. She looked dressed for business, but much like mom this was her normal feminine way of dressing. I smiled at her and was surprised to see how beautiful she looked in reality compared to my memory of her.

She smiled and we hugged without saying a word.

“Going jogging?” She asked as I looked ready for a workout or a jog.

“Yep. Care to join me?” I asked teasingly as I knew Nadine was normally too shy to bother, even if I was her brother.

“Yeah sure. Give me a few minutes to change.” She said carrying a suitcase up the steps with her.

I stood and watched as she went up the steps. Too many surprises for me lately. Mom came down the steps.

“How come you aren’t gone yet?” Mom said putting earrings in her ears and looking every bit the business woman, yet sexy at the same time. “Nadine just came in. She is changing to go jogging with me.” I said and mom’s eyebrows arched in surprise.

She hurried up the steps and I heard her call Nadine’s name and knew they were hugging. A part of me was turned on knowing Nadine must be in some state of undress, but then again that is my naturally perverted mind.

Mom came down the steps with Nadine following her. Nadine had her long blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and was wearing black sweats which matched my own. Mom hugged Nadine and then me as she left for work.

“Well let’s go.” I said with a bit of nervousness.

Not having been in this neighborhood much we decided to explore and took different routes as we jogged and caught up on each other’s lives. I saw more than one guy turn and look at Nadine. Who could blame them? She was a striking beauty much like mom. Unlike her, Nadine’s hair was blonde, but she picked up a lot of mom’s femininity and fashion sense, as well as her mannerisms and charm, along with those qualities that made both women stand out in a crowd.

I glanced at my sister from time to time. She was still a little shy around me, but she had warmed up some since the last time we were together. We kept pace with one another, even though it was apparent she kept in shape more than I did.

I stopped to catch my breath after we did a few miles and I leaned over with my hands on my knees while Nadine jogged in place.

“Come on! Don’t tell me you can’t keep up with me anymore!” Nadine said laughing.

“Very funny! I still work out when I can. I just am not as young as I used to be.” I said gasping for air.

“Bull! You are twenty-five. Don’t give me that!” Nadine said with humor in her voice.

Was bahis firmaları this my little sister? The one who always had trouble talking to me or being around me?

After I caught my second wind we jogged back to the house. I kept pace with her, but not easily. She was very much in shape. Reminding me that I had to pick up my workouts despite my job. I must have been slacking off for awhile. I thought back to when it happened and I realized that Marissa’s rejections of my sexual advances was very much a part of it.

I stopped jogging as the house was in sight as the thought of Marissa depressed me. Our marriage down the drain. My friendship with Tony lost as well. Nadine noticing that I was no longer beside her stopped jogging and walked back to me.

“What’s wrong Mike?” She asked putting a hand on my shoulder.

“Just thought about Marissa. I shouldn’t have done that.” I said shaking my head.

“It’s ok. I’m here big bro.” Nadine said putting her arm around my shoulders.

We walked like that to the house. Despite what happened between me and mom, and me and Carmen, I still felt a wave of grief wash over me. Maybe it was because our fun was put on hold and I was left with time to think about all that has happened.

We walked into the house together. I sat on the couch and Nadine sat down next to me, which was unusual for her, she used to be too shy to be in the same room most of the time, let alone next to me like this.

I noticed her looking at me with concern on her face. She hugged me, which surprised me, but made me feel better for the moment.

I still had images of Marissa, my ex-wife, riding my best friend. The look on her face was pure pleasure. The thought still haunted me that for three months my wife had an affair with Tony, while I went without sexual contact. Not only was she frigid, she had a mean streak going on during that whole time. I wasn’t so much upset about the loss of our marriage anymore, not since mom and Carmen took my mind off of it, no, now I was upset at the meanness of their actions. My supposed loving wife and supposed best friend betrayed me about as well as a man could be betrayed.

My short grief turned to anger quickly. I held Nadine as her head was buried in my chest, but anger washed over me.


Mom arrived home from work as I unpacked clothes, and other personal belongings shipped from my old house, in my room. Nadine was napping off the jet lag. Carmen was still gone.

“Where is everyone?” Mom asked with a hint of seduction in her voice.

“Nadine is catching up on sleep and Carmen is out somewhere, supposedly with a friend. She was dressed to kill though so I think the friend must be a man.” I said.

“So we are alone? Hmmmm I’m tempted, what about you?” Mom asked.

“More than tempted baby!” I said as I grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

She pulled back to catch her breath. She giggled some but then took over and initiated another passionate kiss. My hands went up her work skirt and teased her pussy through her black panties. My fingers pushed her panties aside and played with her warm flesh. She moaned and nibbled on my earlobe as she wrapped her arms around my neck to keep her balance. Mom’s moans were sexy and soft. Her voice was the stuff of dreams so hearing her moan was an added pleasure.

I walked mom back up to the kitchen counter and pulled her panties down her soft, sexy, legs. She stepped out of them and let them lay on the kitchen floor. She spread her legs for me as I lifted her skirt and undid the button and zipper of my shorts I had changed into after showering earlier.

“Should we?” Mom asked seriously, sensuously.

I looked into her eyes as I pulled out my hardened cock. I saw her glance down at it and gasp. No matter how many times we made love, each time was like the first. I thrust into mom and she put her arms on my shoulders again and moaned as she bit her lip. Her legs wrapped around my ass as I watched her.

My thrusts were slow. We kissed and felt each other’s bodies through our clothes. The urgency was gone because we had done this enough times that now we knew there was no stopping us. The excitement and possibility of getting caught by Nadine was a real turn-on.

We heard a sound and paused for a moment. A toilet flushed upstairs and we realized it was Nadine. Our pace picked up because neither of us wanted to stop, but we both wanted to cum. I bit her gently on the side of the neck and she gasped again. Mom was meeting my upward thrusts with her downward thrusts.

Before now, mom had been pretty passive in our lovemaking, allowing me to be the more dominant one for the most part. Now she was proving to be my equal which was exciting. Here my beautiful mother, who was still very young, (she had me in her teenage years) who many men would kill to sleep with, was actively participating in our forbidden love affair.

Our thrusts picked up speed with the fear of being caught by Nadine. I paused as I thought I heard kaçak iddaa another sound, but we continued on when Nadine did not show up. Maybe it was just a normal sound of the house settling for the day.

“Oh baby. Fuck me! Fuck your mother!” Mom said as her tongue met mine and her pussy covered my hard cock.

It was still very new and exciting to hear my mother talk like this. She was usually the prim and proper woman. She still dressed every bit the lady she was. But she had opened up since our love affair began. I began to think that mom had not had much sexual experience before me. Yes she had three kids, but dad was always busy with work and rarely home. Sure her and dad were together for years, but he was more married to his job as a police officer, a detective to be exact, than his lovely wife. I suspected he had affairs for years. Now I was beginning to think my suspicions were real as I saw mom grow with our lovemaking.

“Oh God! Do you like my pussy baby?” Mom asked all sexed up.

“I love it!” I said as I thrust in and out of her.

My hands caressed her ass as I guided her up and down on my cock. My legs were getting tired so I laid down on the kitchen floor with my cock still in my loving mother.

“Baby!” Mom whispered loudly as my cock was fully inserted in her and her body had a tremor from the deepness of my penetration.

Mom started riding me in this position with lust as her eyes were closed and sweat formed on her face. She looked about as sexy as a woman had ever looked. My hands were still planted on her firm ass, underneath her work skirt. Her nipples poked through her bra and blouse and were pointy and begged to be sucked on. I resisted the temptation in case if we had to quickly dress.

“Ooooh.” Mom moaned as my fingers played with her clit while she rode me.

I turned the tables on her and flipped her over on her back, and kissed her with all the passion I had pent up, while continuing our love-making. Thrusting my cock in and out of her as she arched her back and met my kisses at the same time.

“Hmmmm.” Mom moaned

I was grunting as I felt my cum stirring in my balls.

“Cum with me baby.” Mom whispered repeatedly into my ear as she licked and sucked it.

“Oh I’m going to cum!” I moaned into her other ear.

“Yeah. Cum for me baby!” Mom whispered fiercely. “Yeah, I’m cumming!” I whispered loudly into her ear.

“Oh fuck. I’m cumming with you baby!” She moaned back.

I exploded into her again noticing her body rocking with tremors and spasms.

“God I needed that baby!” Mom exclaimed as I laid on top of her.

I rolled off and just laid there on the bare floor next to her.

“A shame to let this go to waste.” Mom said grabbing my cock, referring to the cum coating it.

She leaned down and licked the cum off slowly, savoring the taste. I laid back and watched her with a smile on my face. She grabbed her panties and slowly put her legs into them and pulled them up in a sort of reverse tease. I straightened up as well. Mom rinsed her mouth out at the sink and applied fresh lipstick in case Nadine came down soon.

We both fussed over our clothes because we preferred our clothes wrinkle-free and it might show a sign of our actions if we showed any sign of difference to Nadine. Mom started dinner as I went upstairs to wake Nadine for supper.

“Dinner-time.” I said as I knocked on Nadine’s door.

I heard her moan and thought she was still in the cusp of sleep. I tried the doorknob and opened it. I was shocked to see my sister lying on the bed with legs spread and her hand working over her pussy. She had a sheet over her, but it was obvious what she was doing. I closed the door since she didn’t spot me. I took a moment to pause there, unsure of what to do.

“I’m cumming!” Nadine shouted.

I wasn’t sure if she meant coming downstairs for dinner or cumming, or both. Most likely the latter. I had to laugh because the moment reminded me of a similar moment in the first American Pie movie.

I went back downstairs and sat at the dinner table shaking my head.

“What is it?” Mom asked.

“Nothing. Just a random thought popped into my head.” I said holding in my laughter. “Care to share?” Mom asked, her interest apparently high.

“Just thinking about Marissa. I’m glad it’s over.” I lied (at least about my thoughts being about Marissa, I was glad it was over).

“Oh.” Mom said sounding jealous.

I stood up and followed her to the stove. I turned her around and kissed her on the lips and she smiled. She reapplied more lipstick as I sat down again.

“Is Nadine coming down for dinner?” Mom asked.

“She said she was coming.” I said, glad mom was facing the stove because I could not hide the smile that came to my face.

“What is it?” Mom asked turning to me, apparently catching on to the humor in my comment about Nadine.

“Nothing mom. Really. I’m just happy, that’s all.” I said which was a great deal of the truth because I did feel kaçak bahis happy.

“Ok, well just be sure to tame it down some or else Nadine might catch on to something going on here.” Mom said in a mock scolding manner.

I stuck my tongue out at her and she did the same and we both laughed.

Nadine came down the steps and we tried to act normal. Nadine looked puzzled back and forth at me and mom. She yawned and stretched before sitting down next to me. Mom finished making supper and dished it out for us. Mom sat down across from me. Nadine ate fast, focusing totally on her food. I looked up a few times from my dinner to see my mother look at me longingly before returning to her meal. Thankfully Nadine seemed lost in her food and didn’t notice the apparent tension between me and mom.

“So what’s on for tonight?” Nadine said when she cleaned off her plate before either me or mom were halfway through ours.

“A movie in the basement. I think maybe Shawshank Redemption. I just love that movie.” Mom said.

I was at first nervous when she said a movie because of what happened the last times we watched movies in the basement with Carmen, but when she mentioned Shawshank Redemption I was relieved because that was a non-erotic movie.

“Sounds good to me. Never saw it.” Nadine said wiping her mouth and drinking her soda from a glass.

“Wow. Never saw it? You should like it. Good movie. Hell of a story.” I said.

I remembered Nadine was not a big Stephen King fan like myself. She strayed away from horror and read mostly romance novels.

“Cool.” Nadine said looking out the corner of her eyes at me.

I began to suspect there might have been some truth to Carmen’s statement about Nadine having a crush on me. I saw glimpses of it from time to time, but it was so subtle that you had to know about it and look for it.

We went down to the basement and watched the movie. We all relaxed on the couch with me in-between my mom and sister. Both women let their legs rest on the couch as I sat up straight. I was relieved nothing sexual happened despite the looks of sexual hunger coming from mom in my direction. Nadine was focused on the movie and did not notice one bit.

Since it was summer, mom put on another Stephen King movie that Nadine neglected to see after Shawshank Redemption ended. The Green Mile. Nadine loved both movies and vowed to read the novels we had in the den/library. Mom yawned and winked at me as Nadine got the DVDs out of the player and put them back in their cases.

It was late for a work night, for mom. Nadine looked tired as well. Apparently the “naps” she took today were not restful enough. We all said out goodnights in the living room. Mom and Nadine went to bed. I noticed Carmen’s car pulling up the driveway and waited for her.

She walked in the front door and it was obvious she had sex with someone. Her hair was messed up and there was a “just fucked” look about her. I was a little shocked, but, again, it was Carmen for you.

“Where’s mom and Nadine?” Carmen asked.

“They both went to bed. I’m headed there myself.” I said as I watched her noticing she was somewhat drunk as well as freshly fucked.

“You might want to put that off. I have some news for you.” Carmen said. “What is it?” I asked.

“Come sit down on the couch next to me.” Carmen said as she plopped on the couch and let her heels drop off onto the floor lazily.

I followed her and sat down next to her. Carmen breathed deeply and then let it out in one long tense-filled release.

“As you can tell I just had sex, but you would be surprised who it was with. Tony. I seduced him. I’m going to get revenge on those fuckers for you big bro.” Carmen said and kissed my cheek.

Shock hit me. I couldn’t believe Carmen was capable of such a thing. I knew out of the three women in the house, Carmen was the boldest for sure, but still, I was hurt and partly angry.

“Why?” Was all I could ask.

“I’m going to make him fall for me then when he leaves that bitch I will dump his ass. Revenge on both of them. Sweet isn’t it?” Carmen said laughing.

I laughed a little with her as even though her actions were shocking, she did have a point. My sister might be many things but she was protective of me as much as I was of her.

“Did you use a condom?” I asked, sickened at the thought of Tony cumming inside of her, still sickened at the fact that he was with her period.

“Of course. You will be happy to know the man can’t fuck to save his life. Probably the worst sex I ever had, even masturbating is better than that fucker.” Carmen said.

I wasn’t sure if she was just saying this to ease my mind or really meant it. She sounded convincing, but then again she was drunk.

“He isn’t anything compared to you babe!” Carmen said and leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips.

She staggered to the steps. I walked behind her and made sure she got to bed. I had to undress her and put her under the covers as she passed out drunk on the bed. I admired her body while undressing her and felt her up a little. She moaned a bit in her sleep, but was dead to the world. Not that she would have minded my actions anyway. Not since what happened between us yesterday and the night before.

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