Stepdaughter and her Son

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Ass Hot

This story is fiction based on facts. All characters are of at least 18 years old.

My wife’s daughter Zoe, from a previous marriage and her son Zack, came into town for a concert that Zack was going to perform in. They were going to stay with my wife and I while visiting. We have a two story house with extra bedrooms so that out of town visitors can stay with us.

Zoe and Zack arrived on Wednesday night for the Saturday concert as they wanted to do some sightseeing before the event. On Thursday they spent all day, out and about seeing different tourist attractions, and on Friday morning they went shopping and spent the afternoon laying around our pool.

Friday evening I was put in charge to prepare dinner as my wife was going to need to stay late at work. I left work early so I could stop by the market and pick up the ingredients I needed to cook dinner.

Zoe had Zack when she was 17. Of course Zack was an accident, and his father has never been involved with his life. Zoe’s relationship with Zack’s father was barely getting started when they had sex. Zack’s father bailed out of the relationship as soon as he found out that Zoe was pregnant. As it turns out, he was a irresponsible, troubled person anyway.

To give a brief description of Zoe and Zack, Zoe is half Caucasian and half African American. My wife had bahis firmaları married a Black fellow, but got divorced when Zoe was 14. Zoe is 5’5″ tall, weighs about 120 lbs., her measurements are 34C-26-36, shoulder length black hair, brown eyes, with an olive skin tone. Zack is 1/4 African American and 3/4 Caucasian, 5’9″ tall, weighs around 150 lbs., brown hair and eyes, with a fair skin tone.

When I arrived home from the market, I saw Zoe’s car out front but didn’t see them when I entered the house. I thought that they still might be out back at the pool, but when I took a glance through the sliding door they weren’t there. I put the groceries away so I could change out of my work clothes and get started on dinner.

I went upstairs headed for the master bedroom, but as I was walking down the hall I heard a soft conversation coming from one of the guest bedrooms. I didn’t want to startle Zoe so I slowly approached the room I heard them in. With the door half open, I peeked into the bedroom and what I saw I couldn’t believe my eyes. My jaw hit the floor as I saw Zack laying on his back completely naked, and Zoe laying on her side right next him with her hand stroking Zack’s cock as he had his eyes closed and was softly moaning.

I was in such shock I froze on the spot. Then, I thought, do I back up and re-approach the room kaçak iddaa and give fair warning that I was there or do I stay and watch to see what happens next. Well my perverted mind had me hide and stay to watch. I positioned myself so they couldn’t see me unless they got off the bed.

Zoe kept fondling and caressing Zack’s large cock. It must have been 8″ long and very thick. (I’m thinking he’s got a cock a lot bigger than mine). It was fully erect and pointed straight back towards Zack’s stomach. It had big thick veins running up and down it’s entire length and had a big purple head on it.

Zoe played with it for a few minutes, and then she put that big cock in her mouth. She first started sucking the purple head like a lollipop, then worked her way down the thick shaft ending up down by his big scrotum. Just by the way his balls laid there, I could tell that he had very low hanging balls. Zoe put his ball sac into her mouth and sucked on them filling her mouth. She pulled and stretched his scrotum with her mouth as Zack sighed with pleasure.

Zoe had spread her saliva all over Zack’s balls and cock as everything had a shiny look. Zoe started taking the cock down her throat as she at first gagged a little before she got used to the size of it. Zoe got on top of Zack so she could comfortably take his cock down her throat. She kaçak bahis was taking all of it as she had her chin hit Zack’s balls on the down stroke.

This was turning me on so I whipped my cock out and started jacking off. I made sure that they still couldn’t see or hear me.

It didn’t take long before Zack was going to cum. With the great blow job that Zoe was performing, anyone would be cumming quickly.

Sure enough, Zack yelled out, “I’m going to cum mom!”

Zoe picked up her pace of sucking him off, plus adding her stroking hand up and down the slippery shaft.

Zack yelled, “Here I cum!” “Oh my god!” “Here I cum mom!”

Zack started bucking and jerking his body as he shot his load of semen into Zoe’s mouth. Zoe gagged as the huge load of cum hit the back of her throat and flooded her mouth. Zack’s load was so big that it was leaking out of both sides of Zoe’s mouth.

Zoe kept sucking Zack till he stopped shaking. She then opened her mouth to show Zack how much cum he shot into her. She then gulped and swallowed the whole load of hot sticky cum. She licked her lips to get every drop of cum that was on her mouth.

Zack just about passed out with that intense orgasm and laid limp on the bed. Zoe got up and headed for the bathroom to clean up. I pulled my pants up just in time to vacate the doorway and head towards my bedroom.

I’m guessing that Zoe and Zack have a special but disturbing relationship. I’m wondering what else they have done with each other… maybe time will tell.

To be continued…

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