Special School Pt. 02

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A/N: This is part 2 of a 6-part series. It helps to have read part 1 first.


As Monday came around, we were taken to a different room for our physical pleasure learning session. This time, there were round holes in the wall and soon, there were penises being pushed through these holes. It was our first introduction to penises. Though we had seen pictures before, we’d never seen them in real life. We got to see our teacher stroke each of the four penises to full hardness and learn the differences. Two were circumcised, and two were not. We got to touch them along with their testes. Then, we were taught how to caress and stroke the penises until the men got an orgasm. We knew about ejaculation so we all stood aside so as not to get it in the face. We later learned to take it in the face without getting in in the eyes and causing irritation.

Throughout the week, we saw at least twelve different penises. Different sizes, different colours, some straight, some with a bend, some with small testes, some with big ones, some that shot little loads and some that shot amazing amounts. It was very interesting to feel all these different penises. I found it very rewarding to have the men erupt by the work of my hands. I really loved getting into the room and finding the flaccid penises, picking one and feeling it harden in my hand. It truly is an amazing sensation to feel the blood flow into a penis and have it grow and harden right there under my eyes. And to feel the hardness beneath amazingly soft skin! Wow.

The escort bahçelievler second and third week, we learned how to lick and suck these beautiful cocks. We learned to swallow their cum and experience the different tastes and textures. As we had learned with pleasuring women, we learned to catch the verbal and non verbal cues and delay their orgasms to give them maximum pleasure. I found that I really enjoyed taking my time kissing and licking the cocks as if they were ice cream cones or popsicles when I started. I liked savoring the cocks before focusing on their pleasure. And the men didn’t seem to mind that one bit. And the softness of the skin in contrast to the underlying hardness still amazes me to this day.

At the end of the third week, we were taken to a different room and were told to lie down and the bed was pushed into a very shallow opening. There was only a few inches above us and then, a slot opened above our faces and a penis dropped down. We were learning to give pleasure from below. It was very different but soon, the desire to give pleasure won over and I focused on licking and sucking the beautiful cock offered.

The fourth week, we explored various positions for a few days. Then, in the second half of the week, we were put in individual small rooms and were told to pleasure each and every cock that would be put through what they called glory holes. Each day, there were more and more cocks to pleasure. Yet at the end of each day, the same escort balgat twelve cocks we’d worked with the first three weeks came to get pleasured. One of the things I noticed was that some men would have an orgasm and be ready to go again within a few minutes and then last much longer the second time. Somehow I figured this would be good knowledge to have later on. One of those was a light brown cock. He was circumcised, had a bulbous mushroom head and a thick shaft. Somehow, he became my favorite. He tasted good, he felt good and giving him pleasure gave me more pleasure than giving pleasure to the others.

As in the first month, on the Friday afternoon of the fourth week, we were in for a treat. We were shown pictures of the twelve cocks we’d worked with in the first three weeks and allowed who we wanted to play with that afternoon. Of course, I chose my light brown favorite cock! The other three girls also had their favorites and quickly recognized and picked them. The treat was a sizzling 69 session with our favorites.

We were taken to individual rooms. When I walked in, I saw the back end of my guy as he was on his hands and knees on a bed. His upper body was hidden from my view by a heavy curtain that was tied up beneath him. I was told to strip and slip in under him. He lifted his leg to allow me to fit under him and between his legs. Then, I was given a pillow to prop my head up so I could reach his beautiful cock.

I was told that my partner would not start until I did escort batıkent so I reached up and started caressing his legs. On the other side of the curtain, he mirrored my actions and caressed my legs. His hands were soft and warm. I reached up and gently took his cock in my hand and stroked it. Before it got totally hard, I took him deep into my mouth. I knew that once fully grown, I would not be able to take him all in. That made him groan and I knew that I had pleased him. He grew in my mouth and I took my time, licking and swirling my tongue around his mushroom head, absolutely enjoying it.

During that time, he lowered his head and kissed me everywhere. He used his fingers to gently touch each and every part of my lower lips. When he licked my slit from top to bottom, it was my turn to moan. Feeling his tongue on me made me want to please him even more and I focused on his beautiful cock in my mouth. I licked, I swirled, I sucked and I stroked. I put everything I had learned in use and gave him the best I could. Yet I didn’t make him come as fast as I could have. I slowed down and prolonged his pleasure.

He did the same. He caressed me with his fingers and his tongue, bringing me to the edge of an orgasm and then backing off. When he finally took my clit between his lips and started flicking his tongue on it, I knew he meant to push me over that edge so I did the same. I latched on and sucked and rubbed my tongue on his shaft. Soon, I felt him tense up and start spurting down my throat. His moaning transferred onto my clit and pushed me over the edge in an amazing orgasm. We gently helped each other come back down to earth and then I was told to extricate myself from the position. I couldn’t help it, once I was standing next to him, I bent over and gave him a quick kiss on the ass cheek. Then, I left.

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