Spanish Hairlem Ch. 2

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I was taken aback at being spotted. I needed to run away but Isabella rushed out and looked at me sharply but I had almost swooned after my orgasm and Miguel told her to keep quiet. They took me in. Miguel I could see still had his flaccid monster dick hanging out of his unzipped jeans. I did not care what my sister thought. I wanted him and don’t forget I had not got my birthday present.

I unbuttoned his shirt, practically tearing off the last buttons wanting to get his clothes off so I could feel him against me. I pulled him down toward me and kissed him, plunging our tongue’s in each other mouths. I felt like I couldn’t get enough of him, I knew that this wouldn’t be long and slow. I moaned into his mouth as he moved himself over me. Isabella looked shocked at what was happening. She tried to pull Miguel off me. I ran my fingernails over his back then I reached down and grabbed his butt with my hands and pushed him down toward my body. I rubbed up against him, feeling how huge his cock was. I reached between our bodies as we devoured each other’s mouths and rubbed my hand against him feeling him swell even more as he groaned out loud.

“You’re making me crazy,” he said with a growl. He rubbed his cock against my hand more insistently and suddenly I wanted to feel it without clothing in the way. I unbuttoned his pants and he pushed them off and they fell carelessly on the floor. He raised my shirt up and threw it on the floor next to them. My hand gripped his manhood and I started to move up and down on his shaft with just the right pressure. At the base of his cock, I took his balls in my hand feeling the sacks stiffen. He ripped off my bra and instantly took a nipple in his mouth and started to suck greedily while massaging my other breast with his mouth. Then he saw my bushy underarms. I knew that hairy armpits turned him on as he had literally kissed and licked Isabella’s armpit forests and izmir escort bayan my underarms were filled with much more hair than Isabella. I moaned out loud as his hand slid down underneath my skirt and he sank two of his fingers in my pussy. I moaned even louder as his fingers started to slip in and out of my hot wetness. Hi then put his fingers in the hairy garden of my armpits “Ooooohhhhhhh what bushy armpits you have even more hair than lovely Isabella”

I could not see Isabella but I think she had left the room. I couldn’t hold back any longer as a huge orgasm tore through my entire body. I buried my neck in his hairy chest trying to muffle my screams my body twitched and my pussy muscles contracted around his probing fingers. My orgasm seemed to last forever and the sight of me cumming so hard just from his hands drove him over the edge. He shoved up my skirt and lifted my legs up in the air spread far apart and he plunged his cock into me as far as it would go.

He fucked me so hard and fast and he groaned every single time he came into me as the wet tightness of my pussy enveloped his huge cock. “God, you’re so hot and tight and hairy, I don’t know if I can last long,” he said. I opened my legs as far as it would go to allow him deeper access. I could feel his full sacks slap against my tingling ass every time he rammed into me. His pubic bone bumped up against my clit while he drove into me over and over again hard and fast. He put his tongue into my bushy armpits as he licked at the luxuriant jet-black hair in my bushy armpits as the biggest orgasm of my life flooded through me. I could feel my pussy contract around his cock and my juice just flowed out of me as I kept cumming.

He rammed into me as fast and as hard as he could until a few moments after I came I felt his cock pulse inside me. ” I’m cumming..UUUUUUHH!” he groaned aloud as he emptied load after load of his cum inside escort izmir me until I could feel some leaking out of me and down to my ass. He kept pumping into me until the last of it was done and then he collapsed on me, both of us sweating and breathing heavily.

I engulfed his cock with my mouth, taking him deep into my throat, feeling the veins of his cock slide past my lips as I swallowed him. He was not sitting idle as he played and twirled with the long bushy hair in my unshaven pits. I wrapped one hand around his waist, gripping his ass and pulling him hard into me. My tongue worked the underside of his shaft. His hands moved to my head as he began to fuck my mouth. With my other hand I reached between his legs, cupping his balls as he slammed his cock into my face, his chest hitting my forehead as I gorged myself on his meat. The feeling was incredible as he used my mouth, fucking me with abandon. I felt his cock swell and knew he was about to cum. I pulled my mouth up until just the tip remained inside of me as the first shot of his hot cum erupted.

His fingers tightened in my hair, twisting as cum filled my mouth. I sucked eagerly, draining his cock, my fingers squeezing the length, forcing the thick liquid from his shaft. I looked up at him, our eyes meeting as his orgasm slowed. With great care, I pulled my mouth from his cock, his cum dripping from the edges of my lips. I opened my mouth, letting him see the pool of white sticky cum. I put a finger in my mouth and withdrew it, pulling a string of his seed from my lips. I smeared the hot goo on my breasts and then in my unshaven pits as I watched his reaction. I wanted him to fuck my hairy underarms much like I had watched my dad fucking my mother’s unshaven pits.

You have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. It’s big, but not too big; and very thick. It stretches my pussy and rubs against my clit when you fuck me. No other izmir escort man has ever been able to do that to me.” I said. He replied, “You are so sexy that you turn me on even more than Isabella I so love your hirsute body. I have never seen anyone with so much hair in their underarms”

He said “You suck cock so well but Isabella is something else she goes crazy when she has a cock in her mouth. She lives for sucking cock. ” I told him I love sucking cock too but I don’t have much experience and in fact I found his cock too big for my mouth. I am sure if you put your cock in my underarms your cock will get lost there but I cant open my mouth so wide as to take it all in”. I could see that my talk was turning him all on and his cock was swelling up again.

Then Isabella walked in. Though Miguel had discarded his clothing I was reasonably dressed. Following her was Juan the young stud who lusted for her before she left for Madrid. I knew she was mad at Miguel and she had brought Juan to show him that if he could get physical with me so could she. Isabella always had a fiery temper and it showed now. I too always had a crush on Juan but he lusted for my sister. In fact I remember seeing Juan at the swimming pool and I loved his tanned body. The hair on his chest was also always inviting and here he was with my sister and I felt my birthday treat might continue.

It seemed to too much to hope that I could get Juan to fuck me but his eyes were on Isabella. I raised my arms and hugged Juan displaying the gleaming hair in my bushy underarms hoping it will have some effect on Juan but he seemed least bothered as he followed my sister. Isabella walked up to Miguel and slapped across the face. Miguel rocked back and then she came towards screaming, “You bitch how dare you seduce Miguel”

I recoiled as I felt she might strike me but Miguel caught hold of her. Juan caught my from under my arms and pulled me away. His fingers were in my armpit forest and his calloused hands felt hot and even though I was threatened bodily harm I felt a shiver down my spine. I swear I felt Juan caressing my bushy armpits. Would I be second time lucky?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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