Son , Nudist Mom Fuck Like Crazy!

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Authors note: Dear reader this is my first incest story between mother and son. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you really think. Thank you and enjoy the story.

My name is Tommy Roberts, I am an eighteen years old college student living away from home for the very first time. At home I live with my Mother Loni Roberts, who divorced my dad Bill when I was very young.

Since my parents divorce I have never seen my father. It’s just as well because my father used to call my Mom cruel names all because she was fat and sloppy and did not look like a trophy wife.

My Mom wore big black glasses and had her black hair tied up in a bun and was grossly overweight but she was still my Mom and I loved her anyway despite all the cruel things my father had said about her.

I for one was glad my beast of a father was gone and now I could live with my Mother in peace. My Mom Loni Roberts got pregnant with me at twelve years old and gave birth to me when she was thirteen. My mom and dad decided to get married shortly after I was born but the marriage did not work out. Now my father is gone and I have a thirty one years old mother who is not much older than myself.

Even though my Mom is still a young woman I would still love for her to lose some weight. I often tell her about it but it always falls on deaf ears.

Besides being a college student I am a teen bodybuilder and have even won some trophies for it and I even suggested to my Mom that she could share my personal trainer with me to whip her ass into shape but she always politely says no to this.

Now I am riding the bus home after completing my first year of college. As soon as the bus stopped at my destination I immediately got out. I did not have to walk far to my house. Once I got up to my house I rang the doorbell. I hoped my Mom was awake since it was still early in the morning.

As soon as I rang the doorbell I saw an extremely, gorgeous woman answer the door. This woman had clear porcelain skin, a luscious mane of golden blonde hair, big sparkling blue eyes, a cute little nose, and red pouty lips that were meant for kissing.

This lady was also wearing a sexy white bathrobe around her body, so short that it barely covered her pussy and ass, and white mule sandal high heeled shoes on her feet that really showed off her endless, sexy long legs.

I was wondering for a second who this lady was but the instant our eyes met I knew it was my own Mother!

“Hello Mom,” I said when she opened up the door for me.

“Oh, my god Tommy you are home. I did not expect you so early.” my Mom cried in happiness giving me a huge hug.

When I was hugging my Mom, happy I was finally home again, her boobs pressed into my chest, and I could tell that her boobs were extremely, enormous! When my Mom was overweight she did not have any boobs at all…now her boobs felt absolutely gigantic!

“Ooooohh, Tommy, I am so glad that you are back home. Now Let Mommy get more comfortable and then we can catch up and talk OK?” she asked sweetly as I nodded my head smiling.

I then stared at My Mom in shocked surprise as she immediately untied her short bathrobe and let it slip off of her body, her bathrobe falling in a heap at her feet, as she then took off her mule heels leaving her totally nude.

“Ta-da!” my Mom said striking a very sexy pose for me as she shimmied her gargantuan, round, juicy melons in my direction and then began pumping her boobs up and down excitedly with her hands.

“The new ME!” she gushed.

“The new MOM!”

“Mom! You are butt assed naked!” I replied in great surprise.

“Yes, I am! Arent I?” my Mom said with a sly smile on her face.

As I told you dear readers before when I left for college my Mom wore glasses, had her black her tied up in a bun and was grossly overweight, But Now that I come home from college after being away for a full year I see a gorgeous, long haired blonde woman with big blue eyes and a super-curvaceous figure.

My Mom was the owner of the most humongous pair of tits I have ever seen in my whole life with wide areole and big plump pink nipples.

Her tiny waist, curvy hips, fantastic butt, endless long legs, big- well toned arms, topped off by a golden tan were also very first rate and really had my cock twitching dangerously in my pants.

“Oh son,” she said apologetically, as I stared bug-eyed over her very juicy, pussy throbbing madly in excitement, already dripping with cum juice, “I guess I could of given you more of a warning, but it has been a full year since we have seen each other last and in that time I have changed drastically.

I’ ll say!” I said surprised as My unscrewing eye-balls were dangerously close from leaving my head as my cock went instantly brick hard over my gorgeous, shapely and bosomy mom.

I don’t know which was twitching harder my Mothers very juicy pussy or my huge cock!

“Tommy, I have changed my hairstyle and dyed it blonde, got laser surgery grup sex on my eyes and don’t need glasses anymore and I got plastic surgery to make my non-existent boobs existent.” my Mom said glowing in happiness.

“Boy! are your boobs ever existent Mom!” I replied ogling her enormous twin hemispheres of tit flesh that completely filled my vision.

I was like a surprised deer caught in headlights totally transfixed looking at my Moms mammary wonders.

“Your plastic surgeon did one hell of a fantastic boob job Mom. Your boobs look totally real!” I responded my eyes popping out of their sockets.

I was completely lost in her mammary mountains as my eyes then roved crazily out of control checking out her whole fabulous physique from head to toe.

“Thank you son and I know you love hot women with whopping jugs so that’s why I got them this Huge.

“My fantastic boobs not only look real but they feel real too! My Mom laughed heartily as she took both of my hands and put them both on her massive mountains of flesh as I felt them up.

“Wow! Mom you are right!” I exclaimed in happiness and wonder as I continued feeling up her gargantuan breasts, as they pulsed and jiggled in my hands, as her big tent pole sized nipples hardened and excitedly went erect after I felt them up too.

“OOOHHH! Yess! Honey! Yesss! feel Mommy’s big breasts up and tweak her nipples and make them nice and hard baby!” My Mom groaned closing her eyes in pleasure as I kept feeling up her mountainous breasts and kept tweaking up her nipples.

“Now look down at my pussy son!” My Mom ordered sweetly as I followed her eyes down and looked at it.

“OOOOOOOOHHHHH! Baby!” My Mom then cried, her lips quivering in great lust, as I saw her juicy, throbbing pussy immedietly explode in white, hot steaming orgasm.

My god! my Mom was coming like a man, spewing huge gobs of thick, gooey spunk everywhere!

“Now see what you have made Mommy do?” My Mom said staring at me.

“You have made your gorgeous, super-stacked Mommy come all over the fucking floor! You are one naughty, naughty little boy!” My Mom teased sexily in her baby voice as we immedietly both broke out laughing.

My Mom sure had a fantastic pair of tits to go along with the rest of her fantastic body. I thought lecherously to myself as I forced myself to stop feeling up her breasts and nipples before I set off a volcanic eruption in my pants!

“Tommy, I also did what you suggested and got your personal trainer to help me lose weight.” My Mom continued.

” Tommy, Your personal trainer has transformed your once skinny body to a teen MR. universe body and now the same personal trainer has transformed your Mothers fat body to a shapely one! My Mom continued happily, as I kept on drooling over her super-stacked, curvaceous physique.

” You know The ton of fat that I used to have on my body?” My Mom asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well, son all that Hippopatomous fat that I had on my body has now all moved up to my fucking chest!” she replied as she burst out laughing making me laugh with her. My Mom loved to tease me and I loved it!

My Moms chest was indeed gargantuan, shapely and lovely and she had every right to be proud of it. I loved the way it heaved when she laughed.

“Yes, Mom and I am sure you have snapped out of plenty of bras too with those whopping, boobies of yours!” I said smiling.

” You ain’t kidding son . My bountiful, boobs have snapped out of so many fucking bras I had to burn all my old bras and get specially made ones or I wear no bra at all!” My Mom responded to me smiling.

“So what do you think son? Is your Mommy really yummy looking and fucking built like the great brick wall of China or what?” My Mom purred sexily as she struck another very sexy pose for me, as she shimmied her massive Boobies in my face and turned around and wiggled her shapely ass sexily at me, as she then started to do a sexy little dance any stripper would envy, as I did a long, very loud wolf whistle.

” Yes, indeedy Mom! I am so proud of your transformation . You look incredible! I am absolutely speechless. You look as sexy, as any young blonde bombshell out there and I mean it!” I replied as my cock soared in my pants.

“I am so glad to hear you say that son, because I have another surprise for you.” My Mom said happily.

“What’s that Mom?” I asked curiously.

“I am now a nudist!” my Mom replied.

“A nudist Mom?” I asked not sure I had heard her right.

“Yes, son, that is what I am now. I love the freedom of wearing no clothes and with the great body that I have why not show it all off?” she said happily as I nodded my head in agreement.

That’s right Mom with a body like that why not let it all hang out! I thought very hornily to myself.

“I even walk around town in the nude or drive my new red dodge viper. The dodge viper is a super hot sports car, dear that Mommy will take you for a ride in later.” she latina fuck tour porno said winking flirtatiously at me.

“Thanks Mom. I know full well what it is!” I said impressed and a little jealous that my own Mother actually owned a car like this and now owned a better body than I did as well!

“I also do such errands as shopping, going to the post office, going to the bank, and so forth.

“I am also a huge hit on the nude beach. I have seen more swollen dicks than anybody! My Mom continued saying gleefully as I continued to smile and nod my head.

OH! yeah, Mom I can definetely see you driving nude in your hot, red sports car in the summertime with your hair blowing straight back and those whopping jugs of yours jiggling like crazy in the wind, as your fantastic ass nestles snuggly against the seat, as your sexy long legs push your curvy right foot on the gas pedal all the way down to the fucking floor, as your car roars like lightening down the road.

I can also see you taking one of your sexy, nude strolls, strutting provocatively around the town or on the nude beach with all those male heads turning to watch you in lust, and all the men that are holding cameras and camcorders trying frantically to take as many hot pictures of you as they can, while all their jealous wives and girlfriends view you in disdain or as a formidable competition for all those hungry, devouring male eyes.

All of these ladies Supremely jealous of the fact that their men cannot wait to get their hands and dicks on you instead of them!

I can just hear your horny thoughts Ma as you strut on past these gawking people…

Wow! big boy, I see you staring at me with those young, very horny eyes of yours wondering how in the world a woman this stacked can still stand up this straight without even balancing a book on her head. Your also thinking that since I am one sexy, over-endowed babe anyway….What harm could it do me for you to overload me even more with that massive cock of yours!

…Hello there, College boy! I see you staring at me with great lust with your cock tenting up your shorts like somebody had erected a huge circus tent inside of them. I don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know what you are thinking about babycakes……. Neither does your very angry plain jane girlfriend who’s glaring at you!

Oh, hello there! I see you two muscular construction workers wearing your yellow hard hats with amazing bulges in your jeans looking at me too thinking I don’t notice you staring at my hot bod. What? what did you two say? you both have been filling up holes all day and now you want to fill up both of mine too at the sametime?

Hey old lady, I know what you are thinking when I strut past. You are thinking that you looked just like me when you were younger…………….yeah! in your dreams grandma!

Oh, hi there young fella, I know you wish I was your Mama so you can suckle on my big ones!

Hi there, you two gorgeous lesbians living together. Whats that? Whats that? You want a threesome? You want me to come over your house, get nude and get doggy style on your bed, as you each take turns wearing your enormous strap on dildo, as you fuck me royally up the ass? How kinky is that?

Hey there guy, is that a handkerchief in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? I think it is the latter because handkerchiefs don’t keep growing rapidly like that!

Hello there gorgeous woman, Before you think you are hotter than I am. Take a good look beside you and see your man staring at me instead of you, all bug eyed and cock ready to explode, Know when another woman has you beat baby!

Hi there young fella. Think your man enough to handle a big girl like me? whoops! You just came already in your pants. Try approaching me again when you are a little older.

Hi there guy, I am sorry but your looks ain’t making it. I only go out with humans….. So dream on baby!

And so on and so forth ma…

It was something to have a gorgeous Mom in the house but it was something else to have a gorgeous, super-curvaceous Mom with the biggest pair of tits that you have ever seen in your whole life prance around nude wearing nothing but a golden tan on her body.

I was certainly going to have to get used to this and my dick was going to go absolutely wild with excitement in the process I thought quietly to myself as I continued to listen to my Mom talk.

“Tommy, I have even made a ton of money from my nudity by posing nude for many different college art classes, painters who want to paint my nude picture, and for many different professional photographers who use my naked pictures to be in sexy nude magazines.” my Mom continued saying with joy.

“That’s great Mom.” I replied.

” Thanks Tommy, But don’t worry I am not always nude I still wear clothes once in a while like my tight T-shirts, spandex tops and pants, short-shorts, painted on blue jeans, mini-skirts, teeny thong bikinis, lezbiyen porno and sandal high heeled shoes you know.”

” Tommy, I can’t wait to wiggle into my new spandex leopard print bodysuit and “Fuck me” sandal high heeled shoes for you, so you can see me in that!” she gushed.

” Won’t that be a blast Tommy dear? My Mom asked excitedly.

Yeah! Mom, right in my fucking pants the instant you put it on I am sure. I thought very lecherously to myself as I could feel my cock soar even higher in my pants thinking how my Mothers awesomely endowed figure would just pour right out of that outfit.

“Wow! Mom, I can’t wait to see more of you in and out of your clothes!” I answered instead.

My Mom then excused herself for a moment as she left the room for a second and came back holding a huge, golden trophy of a nude woman.

“Tommy, TO top everything off, heres my trophy I have won for being Miss nude California 2004!” My Mom said proudly holding it up to me.

” You see you have won trophies in the past for your bodybuiding physique now I have won one for my nude physique!” she said happily.

“Like Mother like son!” she continued smiling.

“Congratulations Mom. That is great” I replied happily.

“Thank you Tommy, I even have it on videotape so we can watch it on tv later” My Mom responded bubbling all over with tremendous pride and joy.

” WoW! Mom, with your body you could win Miss Nude every single year. You definetly have the best bod in town!” I gushed excitedly drooling at my gorgeous, super-stacked Mommy holding up her trophy with great pride as I was thinking how much fun I will have later jacking off like crazy watching the video of her Miss Nude 2004 win!

” You betcha, Tommy!” My Mom said nicely but forcefully, clearly telling me in that certain tone of her voice that she was going to enter the Miss nude contest every year and do just that.

“I know this is a lot for you to take all at once son but I hope you can be happy for me?” She said quietly.

” Don’t worry Mom. I am happy with everything that makes you happy. You don’t have to worry about any of that!” I answered back sincerely.

“I am so glad to hear you say that my son. As a matter of fact you are the last person to know about all of this since you have been away for so long at college and we did not write much to each other.” she continued.

“Hey, son Why don’t you get naked with me? it’s the ultimate freedom you know.” she asked with a wicked grin on her face as she tugged on my belt buckle.

” Come on now! Mommy just showed you her great big pair of naked titties not to mention the rest of her naked body and now it is time for you to return the favor and show me that great big, fat cock of yours son!” My Mom exclaimed excitedly, as she shimmied her gargantuan breasts provocatively at me, tugging on my belt buckle more vigorously.

“Hey! Mom you took off your clothes willingly I did not force you to do it. Even though I enjoyed it.” I answered back sheepishly.

“I know that son, but since you enjoy seeing me naked don’t you think Mommy would enjoy seeing her handsome son naked too?” she replied sweetly tugging even harder now on my belt buckle.

“Mom, the last time I was naked with a beautiful women we did not sit around and talk about old times.”

“What did you do?” My Mom asked seriously trying to convey an air of innocence in her tone.

” Don’t worry about it Mom, ok?”

“But I am your Mother Tommy, You can always talk to me.” she replied smiling.

“Your also one hell of a knockout woman with the most spectacular pair of enormous, shapely tits that I have ever seen in my life and it is driving me out of my mind.” I replied as my cock soared even higher.

“Well, why hold back then son?” she asked in her little girl voice.”

“Tommy, You look at me now not as a boy looking at his Mother but as a man looking at a very desirable woman.” my Mom said to me smiling.

” Plus You are one of the best looking males in town.” my Mom gushed.

“OHHH, Mom please stop!” I implored as my Mom then started to giggle and tug on my belt buckle again in her valiant attempt to get me as nude as she.

“Ok! Mom, you win! You win!” I finally said as I felt my cock go completely wild in my pants as I quickly got as nude as she.

As soon as I did my massive cock sprang out excitedly, As the mushroom shaped cock head and stem grew amazingly enormous and thick, As my scrotum expanded like a balloon. In no time my cock was a rock hard, throbbing monster!

Boy! was I excited.

“Wow! Tommy, Is that for me? You are built like a fucking bull with a cock to match!” my Mom said bug-eyed and covering her mouth as she looked down at my cock, clearly aroused and impressed at the sight of my enormous, bull sized dong.

“Oh, Mom!” I said blushing, still sounding like a broken record not knowing what to say as she felt up my long shaft and tickled my balls with her fingers making my cock grow larger.

When my Mom reached down to feel my balls her mountainous melons and plump nipples brushed against them making them grow even more.

” Tommy, I think it would sound better if you called me loni when you are about ready to jump my bones. Don’t you think son?” she asked smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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