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I have a daughter, Judy, eighteen, who still lives at home with her dear old dad. I’m a widower. Have been for five years now. That’s probably one reason why Judy still lives at home. Other reasons would be because it’s comfortable and cheap. I’m expecting her to fly the nest any time now. She’ll be missed but I’m sure I’ll make do without her.

This story is not about her except it was her actions that initiated the scenario. One weekend, Judy invited Cecelia over to spend the weekend.

On Friday night the girls went out, getting home just before midnight, and they then toddled off to bed. Me, I was still up watching a late game and I sort of just waved goodnight to them and let them go.

About an hour later I was getting ready to pack it in and go to bed when Cecelia came wandering into the lounge room. She was wearing a very nice nightgown; the sort where the manufacturer saved money by skimping on the material. Not that I was complaining. She looked sensational.

Apart from her face. The look on her face was completely blank. Naturally, when a guest comes wandering around in the wee small hours my first thought was that something was wrong, so I said hullo and asked if there was a problem.

Cecelia completely ignored me. She looked around, wandered out into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk. She didn’t drink it, just poured it. Still not taking any notice of me she wandered back to the lounge room.

I had twigged by this time that she was sleepwalking. I was about to gently direct her back to bed when she took off her nightgown. She didn’t just take it off. She took it off, folded it neatly and then walked into the kitchen and placed it next to the glass of milk.

May I say at this stage that the view was pretty spectacular. Cecelia was

Judy’s age, maybe a month or so older. And she was stacked. A really nice figure, and standing there wearing only a tiny pair of knickers showed it off to perfection.

However a host’s duty is to take care of his guests so I heroically ignored the temptation and gently suggested she head back to bed. Cecelia continued to ignore me and just slipped off her knickers and laid them carefully on top of her nightgown and just stood there.

OK. There’s temptation and there’s TEMPTATION. I did a slow circle of this charming spectacle, making sure I got a good eyeful. Then I took out my smartphone and took a photo or two. (OK. Maybe ten or twenty, but who was counting.)

Seeing Cecelia was just standing there I picked up her nightgown and knickers, draped them over my arm and then picked up her milk. With my free hand I took her hand and gently tugged and she walked with me back to the girl’s bedroom. I put her milk on the side table, her nightgown and knickers on the end of the bed, folded back the blankets and urged Cecelia back to bed. Then I flicked the blankets over her and retired for a restless night.

The next morning I was up and dressed long before the girls. In case you’re thinking this is a marvellous achievement, seeing I went to bed somewhat later than the girls, I would have to assume you’ve never lived in the same house as teenagers. On the weekend teenagers consider twelve noon to be the crack of dawn. Being a nasty type, I always start rousting them out of bed at about ten am.

I banged on Judy’s door and then opened it and stuck my head in. Judy opened one eye, glared at me and told me to go away. Cecelia wasn’t quite as rude. She sort of peeped at me and mumbled “what she said” and both girls snuggled back down.

“Come on,” I said. “Rise and shine. It’s after ten and time you were up.”

Judy groaned. “Come on Cec. If we don’t at least get out of bed he’ll stand there giving sickening little homilies until we do.”

Judy jumped up out of bed with a big fake smile plastered on her face. As soon as that door closed she’d be back under the blankets, but at least she’d be awake. Obeying her friend’s exhortation, Cecelia also casino şirketleri piled out of bed. She must have seen my eyebrows rise as I laughed and hastily closed the door. A muffled shriek of dismay came floating through the door, indicating that Cecelia had finally noticed her state of undress.

The girls were actually up and dressed and heading elsewhere by eleven. Cecelia blushed each time she saw me and played least in sight, whereas Judy thought the whole thing was a great joke. Judy told me confidentially that Cecelia must have undressed while still asleep. Apparently she had been known to sleepwalk occasionally. I just laughed and let the matter drop.

Again the girls returned about midnight and retired. I know that’s roughly the time they arrived home because I was already in bed and the wretches woke me.

It was a warm night and after the girls had woken me I found it difficult to get back to sleep. Eventually I got up and headed to the kitchen for a cool drink.

I was just finishing my drink when Cecelia wandered in, wearing the same nightgown as the previous night. From the way she blushed and hastily checked to ensure that she was dressed I could tell she was awake.

Oddly enough, I thought that the nightgown accented her sexuality far more than full nudity did. It was the temptation of hidden charms that did the trick, especially as I knew what lay under the nightgown.

“Wide awake, I see,” I murmured. “That’s what they call good news, bad news.”

“Why’s it good news, bad news?” Cecelia asked.

“Well the good news is you know what is going on around you. The bad news is that means you probably won’t repeat the strip tease show you treated me to last night.”

Poor Cecelia’s blush went into overdrive.

“What do you mean?” she demanded. “What strip tease?”

“You came wandering out here last night sound asleep,” I murmured. “You poured a glass of milk and then took of your nightgown and panties and neatly folded them and placed them next to the glass of milk. I was quite charmed.”

“I didn’t,” she wailed. “Please tell me I didn’t.”

“You did, but don’t worry, I was a gentleman,” I told her. “I just steered you back to your bed and tucked you in.”

Cecelia was blushing and looking anywhere but at me.

“Don’t fret,” I told her. “I’m not expecting you to take off your nightie while you’re wide awake.”

I received an indignant look at that one. An ‘as if I would’ sort of look.

“Yes,” I continued. “I think it much more satisfactory if I take your nightie of myself.”

“Wh-what?” came a rather startled gasp.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked.

“Wh-what? A virgin? Why?”

I sighed. “I think it’s important to know this so that after I take off your nightie I’ll know how fast or slowly I have to proceed.”

“What are you talking about?” Cecelia demanded, completely at a loss as to what I was driving at.

I smiled at her. “When I saw you standing there naked last night my one immediate desire was to drag you to my bed and ravish you. Unfortunately, you were asleep and unaware and it wouldn’t have been fair. Pleasurable, but not at all fair. But now you’re awake and aware and I want you to come to bed with me.”

Cecelia was shaking her head.

“No,” she said. “I’m flattered, but no, thank you.”

I just reached down and took hold of her nightie and started lifting. Cecelia appeared to try to stop me lifting it but it came up and off with surprising ease.

Cecelia was blushing again and her hands crept up to cover her breasts. I just casually pushed them aside and cupped her breasts. I rolled her nipples with my thumbs, watching them tighten and stand out. Cecelia stared down at my hands as though she’d never seen hands touching her breasts before. She swallowed nervously and was licking her lips.

“Very nice,” I murmured softly. “Now I want you to slide your panties down.”

She wouldn’t look at me, but she capitulated. casino firmaları Her hands slid down, hooked onto her panties and pushed them down before stepping out of them. Then she stood watching as my hand ran smoothly over her skin, sliding down over her tummy and settling on and cupping her mound. It was surprisingly warm to the touch.

“Bed now,” I told her, and Cecelia turned and scurried down the hall towards the girl’s bedroom.

“Cecelia,” I called softly as she was reaching for the doorknob. “My bedroom is further down.”

She froze in position, not quite touching the doorknob. She gave me a look and I could not read what was in her face. I don’t think she knew.

I stepped past her, heading to my bedroom, holding out my hand as I passed. I felt her hand close on mine and then I was drawing her down the hall and into my room.

Standing in the same bedroom as a naked young virgin who has finally decided to become a non-virgin is a terrible strain on a man. Your first inclination is to scream with lust and just jump her, but I suspect this would be counter-productive.

I sat her on the edge of the bed and settled down next to her. If she decided to panic and run for the door she had easy passage to it, and this fact alone seemed to help her settle down. I was trying to give her the impression that she hadn’t committed to anything yet. My own opinion was that she had effectively lost her virginity when she hasn’t stopped me talking off her nightie. After that, everything else was just the formalities.

I cupped her breasts again, rolling the little pebbles of her nipples with my thumbs. Her nipples were still stiff from my earlier attentions and I could see she liked my hands stroking her breasts. She was looking alternatively at her breasts and then back to me, whereas my entire attention was on her.

A little pressure on her breasts and it wasn’t long before she was lying back on the bed with me stretched out next to her. Now my hands could broaden their scope and they went exploring her body in greater detail.

I didn’t just grab for her love mound. I let my hands wander all over her body, gently stroking and massaging from her shoulders to her feet and back again. She gasped a couple of times as my hands brushed against her mound on the way down and back again, but relaxed even more when I didn’t try to seize her there just yet.

By now I was tasting her breasts, kissing and sampling them, teasing her nipples with my teeth. Cecelia was breathing harder now, arching her shoulders slightly to move her breasts higher and closer to me.

I had one hand idly stroking her upper and inner thighs. Her legs had parted and I was teasing the soft flesh between them, my hand wandering close to but never quite touching her pussy.

I had managed to strip off my pyjamas and my erection was standing proudly. Concentrating on what I was doing to her breasts, Cecelia hadn’t yet noticed. Moving right along, I took her hand and drew it down to where my cock was gently waving, asking for some attention.

I placed her hand on my cock and at the same time my free hand finally closed over her pussy. She gasped and closed her hand tightly over me, then gasped again and quickly let me go. I, however, didn’t relinquish my prize. I started gently squeezing her mound, rubbing it and teasing.

Cecelia was staring hard at me, eyes wide, and I saw a look of determination cross her face. Her eyes dropped down and her hand closed over me again. This time she started exploring her own prize, sliding her hand up and down the length of me, familiarising herself with it.

We spent a bit of time getting acquainted. My fingers were soon dipping inside Cecelia’s slit, coaxing her pussy to life. I gently massaged her internally, enjoying the warmth and wetness, lightly stretching her to help her relax.

A couple of little forays inside found her clitoris bumping into my fingers, drawing a choked little güvenilir casino gasp from her when I stopped and teased it. Cecelia was getting rather restless now, twisting and pressing herself against my hand while holding tight to my hair while I continued to feast on her breasts.

Deciding the time was past due to progress things even further I moved up and over Cecelia, settling between her thighs, my cock pressing lightly against her slit.

Cecelia was staring at where our two bodies were not yet joined, breathing hard, while I stroked myself along her slit. Easing her lips apart I pressed forward slightly, letting her see and feel me not quite coming home.

I waited like that for a moment, looking at Cecelia. Eventually her eyes turned to mine and she just said “please?”

I pushed firmly home. Cecelia gave a small yelp as I broke past her hymen but this turned into a groan of relief as I sank fully into her, forcing my way down her vaginal passage, insisting it open and let me enter.

Now I did not want to just hump away from that point on. I wanted a responsive partner, and I saw it as my duty and my pleasure to teach Cecelia. Assuming she wouldn’t really want a lecture on what to do I had to teach by example.

I whispered “move with me” to her and pressed harder against her and relaxed. Then I pressed again and relaxed once more. Seeing as she was still just lying there adjusting to what was happening I pressed again, this time coaxing her to press up against me.

The next time I pressed against her, Cecelia tentatively returned the pressure, relaxing when I relaxed. And then again. She was giving me a nervous smile while biting her lip, but I just smiled back.

“That’s the way,” I murmured, pressing forward again, letting her rise to meet me. The next time I relaxed I also pulled out slightly so that instead of just pressing against her I was starting to thrust into her.

Cecelia was ready, and she pushed up to meet me as I came back in, gasping at the change of sensations within her.

Now that Cecelia was meeting me I slowly increased the length of my strokes, while still moving slowly, giving her plenty of time to adjust. Fairly soon I was pulling out full length before driving slowly home and Cecelia was getting restless. She was liking what was happening but she was also feeling that something was missing.

I showed her what was missing. The next time I withdrew I slammed back home hard and fast and Cecelia gave a startled squeal. She was ready the next time, and when I slammed down into her she was surging up to meet me.

She was smiling now as I started hammering her hard, excited little squeaks and squeals escaping her as she bucked under me, eager to enjoy these new sensations.

I hadn’t really expected to make her climax for her first time, but it seemed that I’d underestimated either Cecelia’s responsiveness or my expertise. (Probably my expertise. Geez, I’m good.) Anyway, in short order Cecelia was clinging to me, legs wrapped tightly around me and hands clutching and clawing at my shoulders, while I was hammering her as hard and as fast as I could.

I could feel her starting to tremble and shake under me and I caught her mouth with mine while I tried to drive home even harder. Then she was screaming against me, shuddering and crying, while I vented myself within her, pumping her until I was dry.

We lay together afterwards, Cecelia snuggled up tight against me, still breathing hard. Once Cecelia had properly relaxed I coaxed her through to the en suite for a shower. Joining her in it I washed her down, patting her dry afterwards.

Conscious of the fact that she was Judy’s guest, not mine, I escorted her back to her bed and tucked her in, leaving her nightgown and panties folded on the end of her bed and then went back to my own and found I was able to sleep quite easily.

What a waste of time tucking her in turned out to be. I woke up in the morning to find a naked little body curled up next to mine while a hot little hand was busy exploring me. It wasn’t her fault she was there, she assured me. She must have sleepwalked again.

Maybeso, but she certainly wasn’t sleeping from that point on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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