Sleepover Part 1

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Sleepover Part 1
Lisa was in a rush this morning as she had work experience and on leaving the house reminded me that her friend Kirsty was coming over later for a sleepover, I had a few errands to run in town but told her not to worry as she ran out the house. I had never met Kirsty as she moved away but Lisa had always kept in touch with her.
I took a quick shower and threw on my usual shorts and tee shirt thinking I had better get moving as Kirsty was coming in from out of town and I had promised Lisa I would be home this afternoon for when she arrived.
It was only a short walk into town if I took the short cut through the park and I was in town pretty quickly, I did the things that I needed to do and took a slower walk back through the park and stopped at the drink kiosk to get a cold one and having got one I sat on the bench to do a bit of people watching, there was all the usual suspects, the dog walkers and the joggers but nothing really took my eye.
It wasn’t even noon yet so I decided to sit around in the sunshine and I remembered the old toilet block hidden behind the kiosk and feeling adventurous decided to check it out plus I needed to go anyway.
As I walked in I remembered that there was no urinal and both cubicles were taken so I stood around in the gloomy light and waited, I heard a bit of shuffling around and then the chain pulled and a guy stepped out the right-hand cubicle and quickly left so I went in and shut the door.
I always giggle at some of the writing on the walls which in the dim light is hard to read, I walked up to the toilet bowl and dropped my shorts to the floor and slowly started to pee, I heard a bit of shuffling from the other cubicle and was then conscious of someone watching me through the hole in the wall, always exciting as you never know who is the other side.
I took my time, pulling the skin right back as the stream of pee hit the bowl and gave it a few extra shakes than I normally would and then turned slightly to face the hole slowly pulling the skin back and forth and then a small finger appeared through the hole which excited me and based on the nail polish it was obviously a female finger.
I stepped forward and slowly put my cock through the hole and immediately felt this hand running up and down the shaft and then pulling my balls through, my cock was getting quite hard now and I felt this warm tongue licking around the head before taking my cock deep into their mouth, it felt so good when I felt them bobbing up and down while rubbing my balls and I knew I wasn’t going to last very long.
I felt my balls being squeezed and the tempo quickened and my cock started to pulsate as I emptied my stuff deep güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri into this unknown persons mouth and she didn’t let up swallowing it all and sucking every last drop out and as I felt myself going soft I pulled back, regained my breath and pulled my shorts up before flushing the chain and walking out, here was another guy waiting and I smiled at him as I left the toilet block thinking that whoever it was in there was getting a lot of cock that day.
I went straight home from there as time was getting on happy at the experience I had just encountered and set about some housework before Kirsty arrived or Lisa returned from work, a quick clean up before gathering up the laundry, a job I loved doing especially Lisa’s panties which always makes me horny as I sniff them and sometimes even slipping them on feeling them against my balls.
I stripped off putting everything in the wash, started it up and grabbing a clean pair of boxers decided to go sit in the sun for a while.
I must have dozed off as I heard the latch on the gate and then Kirsty was walking down the path towards me carrying a small overnight bag, ‘Wow!’ I thought to myself as she walked towards me, her short summer dress becoming transparent in the sunlight giving me a view of her petit body, “Hello, I’m Kirsty” she said with a smile looking at my state of undress, “Welcome” I said looking at my watch, “Lisa told me you were coming, she shouldn’t be too long” I said offering her a seat, “Actually it’s been a long trip, could I take a quick shower” she asked looking a bit flustered, “Of course” I said, “Let me get you a clean fresh towel” and I stood up and we both walked inside.
“Do you always dress in your undies?” she asked with a giggle and I explained that I did and it’s a very relaxed and open household, “Oh” she said as she followed me up the stairs, I gave her a towel and showed her into Lisa’s room and then went into my room and sat on the bed.
I saw her emerge with the towel wrapped around her walking to the bathroom, she glanced in at me, “Thank you” she said as she went into the bathroom and shut the door, I heard the shower running and on my way back downstairs I looked into Lisa’s room and on the bed was Kirsty’s dress and panties, ‘hmm, no bra’ I thought to myself and walked in and picked up her panties and giving them a sniff, they were quite damp and smelt good, I looked at her dress and could see a stain on the left shoulder and giving it an inquisitive sniff I knew exactly what that was, why were this girls panties wet and why did she have cum stains on her dress, ‘wtf’ I thought, was she the girl in the toilets?
I güvenilir bahis şirketleri went back to the garden and sat and pondered feeling myself getting aroused as I relived the 10 minutes this morning getting sucked off in the toilet and then Kirsty appeared, “Thank you so much for that” she said standing in the doorway, “You are so welcome Luv” I said looking at her standing there in a baggy tee shirt, her hair all wet and I could just see her nipples poking her shirt and her legs long and smooth with a slight tan, my gaze went directly to her small hands and my suspicions were confirmed as I saw the same shade of nail polish, coincidence?
“Am I OK like this?” she asked and I nodded my approval, “Are you hungry?” I asked and she told me she had eaten earlier, ‘I bet you have’ I thought to myself and although I now knew she was the toilet cocksucker she didn’t know I was one of her victims.
“Good trip” I asked trying to make conversation, she had taken a seat opposite me and didn’t seem concerned that her panties were in full view as her shirt rode up when she sat, I am sure she saw me looking and it was difficult hiding the fact that I was getting aroused, “Yes” she said, “I got here a bit early and had a walk around town, some nice shops that I remember from when I lived here” she continued and I thought I had to question her a bit more, “Which way did you come from the town?” I asked, “Through the park”, she replied, “It’s just how I remember it” she continued with a giggle, my suspicions were all but confirmed.
We continued chatting and I decided to light up a joint, “Do you smoke?” I asked and her eyes lit up as she held her hand out to take it, “Lovely nail polish, I love that shade” I said looking for a reaction, she took a big hit and nearly choked, “Really” she said, “It’s my favourite shade” as she passed it back to me, her legs were slightly parted now and I could clearly see her little slit through the fabric of her panties and this was not helping as my cock was now throbbing under my boxers, something I knew she had noticed as she was staring at it and as I handed her the smoke she snapped out of her daze, “Sorry” she said, “I didn’t mean to stare, my mind was somewhere else” which made me wonder exactly where her mind was, she couldn’t know that she sucked me off earlier as I had different shorts on, she got giggly as we finished the joint, “I am not used to sitting with my friends father getting high plus I am quite hot” she said looking a bit flustered as the joint started to take effect, “Take your shirt off then” I said jokingly and certainly not expecting her to consider it, “But I don’t have a canlı bahis şirketleri bra on” she said again looking blankly at my groin, “Oh its ok, Lisa is always topless” I said reassuringly and without another word she pulled her shirt over her head and threw it to the ground, I sat there with my mouth open looking at her small but well formed titties, nipples starting to get erect and she smiled as I looked down at her slightly tanned belly down to her small white panties, my cock now throbbing more.
“I hope my nipples don’t burn” she said laughing, her eyes now red showing how high she was, “I know how to avoid that” I said as I got up off my chair and without any objection I bent down and licked each nipple in turn before taking each one and sucking it, she moaned as she laid back and my hand wandered down and rubbed up the inside of her thigh, again no objection and her legs opened wider as my hand reached the top and my fingers probed between her legs feeling her damp pussy through the fabric of her panties.
“OMG!” she cried as my fingers found her clit and I started to gently rub it, I pulled away from her nipples and seeing her with her eyes closed I got on my knees between her legs and raised them up and over the arms of the chair and buried my head, my tongue exploring every inch between her legs sucking up the juices that were quickly appearing, I put my hands under her arse and pulled her to the edge of the seat and pulled her panties aside revealing her wet lips and a small amount of trimmed pubic hair while undoing the button of my boxers releasing my throbbing manhood which I then rubbed against her sweet pussy.
She gave out a loud moan as I inched inside her pushing in slowly, she grabbed me around the waist pulling me towards her and it wasn’t long before I felt my balls banging against her arse, “OMG!!” she shouted as I started to pump away at her sloppy wet pussy, her eyes still closed and her mouth open moaning as I built up a rhythm forcing my cock deep inside her petit little body, juices were flowing as we engaged in a deep passionate kiss, tongues searching out each other’s mouths, her body shaking as she reached orgasm.
I was not far away and she knew it pulling me closer to her, my balls started to tighten as I felt my hot cum spurt deep inside her belly, I wanted to pull out but her grip was too tight and I felt her cunt muscles tighten to suck every last drop out of me, “OMG” she said as she loosened her grip allowing me to withdraw, I then went back down on her and started to lick the mixed juices that were starting to leak out of her, “Fucking hell” she said as she started to shake again at my tongue deep inside her sucking up the juices.
I stood up and she looked at me smiling, my softening cock sticking out of my boxers, she stared at it puzzled, “OMG!, you know don’t you?” she said as the penny dropped and she recognised my cock from this morning, “Yes” I said smiling bending down to give her a kiss on the forehead.

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