Sister joins in on family games

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After that glorious night with my mother, my sexual confidence had grown tremendously. I was now set on getting my older sister Kate to join in on our family fun. The task seemed difficult since she was going out with Scott Sellers, one of the college jocks. But despite him being three years older than me, I was already taller and far more muscular than him. I reckoned that if my sister liked big muscles, I was in with a chance. I also knew that my sexual endowments were far superior to Scott’s. I had seen his puny, shriveled penis in the gym shower one day, and he looked to be barely three inches long soft. By comparison, I was already sporting a ten-inch limp schlong that had given me a school-wide reputation of being ” hung like a horse ». In the shower, other boys, including seniors, would just gaze jealously at my genitals while I soaped the long tube of flesh, rubbing around the rim of my circumcized knob with both hands. I would often get semi-erect, in order to emphasize the difference in size between my foot-long, half-tumescent, mega-cock and the other boys’s tiny two or three inches long noodle- dicks. I would then heft my bulging ballsack with one hand and carefully clean my lemon-sized balls in clear view of everyone else. Nobody could fail to see the immense proportions of my seedmakers as they hung low in a huge ballsack several inches below the root of my fat shaft.

My sister Kate had recently turned twenty and I had offered her a bunch of twenty magnificent red roses for her birthday. She was really moved by my gift and had told me that Scott, her boyfriend at the time, had never had such a thought for her. She had then caressed my bulging upper arms and had commented on how hugely muscular I had become. She also said I was real cute and that she was very proud to have me as her little brother, eventhough I certainly didn’t look little! At eighteen, I towered over her by more than ten inches. She would often rub my chiseled chest and hard, massive pecs through my T- shirt when talking to me. I decided on a strategy to entice her even further. At every occasion, I would ask her how much bigger my muscles felt compared to her boyfriend’s and try and turn the conversation to sexual topics. She would often laugh and scold for being so bold, since she was my sister and she didn’t think it was appropriate for siblings to be discussing such matters. But at the same time, I could tell she was becoming more and more aroused by the massive bulge that was constantly tenting my trousers or shorts. She had, of course, mo idea about the many fuck marathons I had with our mother when she was away visiting friends. My mother had strictly forbidden me to talk about our incestual relationship, and she was not amused either by my recent interest in my sister’s charms. But she always came back for more once I dropped my shorts and exposed my fifteen and a half inch dripping cock. She was a cumslut for my cock and she knew it. I just had to turn my sister into a similar cumslut and I would live the rest of my college years happily fucking my lovely mother and sister whenever I felt the urge…

Summer was approaching and our family’s activities migrated from the lounge to the backyard. We were lucky enough to have a swimming pool in the garden, hidden from our nosy neighbours’ view. It was to become the stage for my seduction of Kate. I thought that two half-naked people were more inclined to find sexual attraction, especially with my ten-inch limp cock stretching my custom-made speedos obscenely and her bikini thong leaving nothing to the imagination.

I had just finished 50 laps and decided to lie down in one of the longchairs when my sister Kate joined me, carrying a jug of lemonade and two glasses. She was wearing her skimpiest two-piece swimsuit. The yellow thong barely covered her crotch, and when she turned round to pour me a lemonade, my cock twitched at the sight of her amazingly tight buttcheeks, so round and deliciously tanned. Not only did Kate have a stunning body, she was also the cutest girl at college. She has long natural blond hair which she likes to arrange in a ponytail, giving her a disconcerting look of innocence. Like my mother, she has deep blue eyes with eyelashes that won’t quit. Her nose is small and pointy, and her high cheekbones give her a definite classy look. To top it off, she has sensuous lips only rivaled by my mum. She has also grown past the stage of freckles and the skin of her whole body is absolutely flawless and perfectly tanned.

She grabbed a glass of lemonade and, as she bent forward to hand and it to me, I enjoyed the sight of her heavy, firm knockers barely covered by two minuscule triangular patches of yellow spandex. My cock jerked until the head was threatening to bore a hole at the side of my right hip. I must have been semi-erect by then and a foot-long cock doesn’t like tight confinements. Despite the fact that I was wearing speedos with a quadruple-size pouch (my mother had insisted anime porno on such custom-made underwears, saying that my huge cum-filled eggs needed breathing space. My boxer shorts are also XXL with a triple-size fitting in the middle so that the massive size of my balls doesn’t break all the buttons apart), there just wasn’t enough fabric to cover my extending tool. Of course, Kate saw my state of arousal immediately and gasped suddenly.

” Oh, Timmy, you naughty brother! I can see that you have big muscles ALL over! » , she said, her eyes fixated on my surging knob. It was now pushing the waistband aside and the oozing tip of my cockhead appeared, sneaking its way up my six-pack abdomen. I knew the decent thing to do would have been to cover my erection and apologise to my sister, but the excitement of the situation, combined with the lust-filled eyes of Kate devouring my throbbing stallion-sized prick, left me breathless. I just sat there, as my rod slowly rose towards my chest.

” Timmy, how can you do that? This is gross! I’m your sister, and you might be hung like horse but we just can’t do that! » , she exclaimed as her hands tried to cover her crotch and breast areas, realizing they were obviously responsible for the engorging state of my manmeat.

” Oh, come on, Sis! It’s no big deal. I saw you eyeing the lump in my speedos several times! », I retorted, now gently pulling on my fattening rod with one hand.

” Well, it is huge, but I can’t! You’re my brother and anyway, I have a boyfriend! », she snapped back. However, she had removed her covering hands and was now just standing in front of me, gently rubbing her thighs against each other and giving me a look of disbelief.

” I bet he doesn’t have a cock half as big as mine. Right, Sis? »

” Well, no. Actually, he’s kinda small down there. I sure would prefer him to be as well-hung as you are, Timmy. » She bit her upper lips as her left hand went down to her crotch and started rubbing her thong against her clit in small circles.

” I sure could use some help in getting my cock out! What’s wrong, Sis? Don’t you want to see of all it? Don’t you want to see how big my nuts are? », I teased her as I jacked off the ten or eleven inches of my cock that were jutting out of my speedos. She hesisated, but I saw her slowly giving up. She waived her hair back and kneeled to one side of my longchair.

” Oh, my God! You are just so hhhuuugge! I can’t believe how big your cock is! I knew you were hung, but that schlong is just humongous! ». Her words were candy to my ears, as I have always been very excited in hearing others talk about the massive size of my genitalia.

” Why don’t you put your hands around it and feel how hard it is? »

” Okay. But don’t do anything silly! I’m not going to suck you or anything. » She tentatively held her hand towards the six or seven inches of ultra-thick cock sticking past my gripping fist. As her fingers wrapped around the rim of my flaring purple knob, she gasped, realizing she could barely encircle two-thirds of my forearm-thick shaft. She started stroking my helmet, a very sensitive part of my cock, with her fingers tightly clasping the purple skin. Foam was forming at my the tip of my cockhead as my cumslit vomited a thick trail of clear pre-cum pretty steadily. She looked intently at how my slit opened up to the size of a pencil and poured a dollop of creamy liquid, then retracted back, only to begin spurting again a few moments later. I encouraged her to come closer and removed my tight speedos in one swift movement. She maintained her grip and now moved her other hand lower. She lowered her head to my scrotum level and investigated the two swollen eggs that were boiling on either side of my chiseled thighs. She grinned in perplexion, probably not comprehending how huge they could be. She moved one hand to heft one ball in her palm, marveling at their heavy weight (a little over a quarter-pound each, I weighted them once). She returned her grip to my shaft, now frantically jerking me off with both hands with fast ten-inch strokes. She was becoming delirious, begging me to cum hard for her. This was my fastest orgasm ever. I was in such a high state of arousal, that I could not hold off the imminent blasts of cream any longer. My whole body was jerking in small spasms as I felt the first jet of semen surge up my distended shaft. Then, with excrutiating pleasure for me, it blasted out of my widely open cumhole, at least two feet up and then landed with a splash on my sister’s forearms. She woke up from her daze as she felt the hot jizz ooze down her arms and drip in long strands on the tiled floor below. Two more shots drenched her upper arms as she aimed my cum cannon in the direction of her sweet, angelic face. I ejaculated wad after wad on her, my eyes closed in ecstasy. After a dozen or so streamers, cum simply bubbled out of my glans, coating my sister’s hand as I opened my eyes asyalı porno to admire the result of my orgasm. My sister was in shock, completely drenched in my thick cream.

” I bet Scott doesn’t cum like that! », I blurted, still recovering from my post-orgasmic bliss.

” When he comes, there’s only about three small shots coming out . Wow, and you’re still rock-hard by the feel of this monster! », she said admiringly. She started licking the cum from around her mouth since several wads must have fallen right on her face. ” Hhhuuummm, tasty! I hope you’ve got more. Now that you’ve come all over your sister, you’d better make this worthwhile, Timmy. »

” Then you’re going to have to help me here. I’d like to feel your mouth on my cock, sis. “, I honestly said.

” Not here, it’s not safe. What if the neighbors see us? ». She stood up and led me by the cock inside. I followed her to her bedroom down the hall and she pushed me on the bed. She giggled when my hard cock slapped against the tight muscles of my chest. She then started undressing, revealing her sculpted body in all its glory. Like my mu, her firms were full, yet firm, just like I loved them. She had also trimmed her pubic hair into a thin fur of blond hair than ran two inches above her clit. It looked absolutely yummy. I had had plenty of practice licking my mother’s cunt and I couldn’t wait to taste my second woman ever, my gorgeous sister Kate. I tugged furiously at my shaft, admiring her naked body. She jumped on my chest, and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her tongue darted inside my mouth as we French-kissed passionately. Drying cum was falling on my face, and she licked me clean sensuously. I responded by licking around her nose and forehead where quite a lot of cream had accumulated. Finally, she put her hands back on my aching cock and started slurping away at the fat head. At one stage, she inserted the tip of her tongue completely into my cumslit, drawing a spasmic flow of pre-cum that covered her teeth. She licked all around the head, then the rim and moved down to my shaft, planting loud wet kisses along the thick, charged, veins.

” I don’t know how on Earth I’m going to fit you inside me, but I’ll die trying! You must over twice as long and as thick as Scott. He’s the only boy I ever had so be careful, will you? », she pleaded as I grunted with satisfaction. I told her to get on all fours as I wanted to mount her from behind. She open her narrow thighs wide and raised her scrumptious butt in the air as my giant dickhead approached menacingly.

” Ready, sis? », I asked as my blunt tip parted her labia. Her snatch was so soaked with her juices that it felt like butter, despite the hugeness of my knob. Soon, the head plopped in and she screamed breathlessly. I pulled back an inch to let her get used to my massive girth. Eventually, she fell silent and asked me to push more in.

” How much do you have in? », she asked anxiously.

” Only the head and a couple of inches. There’s still nine inches to go, baby! »

I could feel her cunt muscles enveloping my rigid shaft like a velvet glove, stirring me to feed her more of my gargantuan penis. At around eight inches, I banged against the back of her vagina, but, by pushing harder, I managed to force in another couple of inches. I don’t know what her vagina must have looked like at that stage, but she was slowly building up to an orgasm. I think I’m lucky that my family members are able to accomodate my giant phallus, since there are probably many women who wouldn’t be able to do take me. I secretly prayed that my incestual relationships would last as long as possible. As I pounded her pussy with my ramrod, I squeezed her fat nipples in my hands and massaged her huge mammaries. She yelped with pleasure. She obviously enjoyed pretty rough sex and that’s just what I was giving her.

” Oh, FFUUCCCKK! It feels so good, baby! Give me all you’ve got ». I knew that was pretty much impossible but I managed to ram in another inch. Now, she was bucking wildly with eleven inches of wrist-thick cock up her eager cunt. We continued for about five minutes and then switched position, with her lying on top. Her nails were clawing at my pecs as she rode me like a bronco. Her pace was becoming furious as she repeatedly thrust herself down two-thirds of my length and raised herself up until only the fat plum-sized head was left inside. Her cuntjuices were coating my shaft, and I felt the familiar sensation of an impeding orgasm.

” Oh, Kate, I’m gonna cum! Yeah, it’s cccommiiinnng! ». My shaft pulsed and unloaded deep inside my sister. I hope she had protection because the amount of sperm splashing inside her uterus on that first shot was probably sufficient to impregnate a whole town! I discharged over and over again and my cum started leaking out of her overflowing pussy. It drooled down my shaft in thick rivulets of pearly cream. She dismounted me and quickly spun around to catch backroom casting porno some of my flying semen. A full wad hit her square on the nose and coated yet again her baby face. She swallowed the final three spurts in three big gulps. She kept holding onto my hard tool, as she slurped the post-orgasmic dribbling cum dollops. That’s when I saw above my sister’s shoulder the figure of my mother, Angela. She had come home from shopping or something and, in the throes of our passion, we hadn’t even noticed her!

” Shit, it’s mum! », yelled my sister. She removed her grip on my glistening shaft and the rod fell heavily on my stomach, still hard as granite from the excitement of the situation. ” We can explain! », she stuttered.

” Don’t worry, Kate. I knew you two would eventually do it. I’ve been having n affair with your brother for more than two months now. As long as you don’t mind sharing him, I’m fine. He’s quite something, isn’t he? ». She had already removed her belt and was slowly sliding her tight jeans down her narrow muscular legs. She was wearing white lace panties that embraced her wide hips sexily. The look on Kate’s face turned from fear to lust. Great!, I thought. The whole family together for a sexual frenzy! My mum quckly hauled her top over her head, revealing that she hadn’t been wearing a bra. She likes to walk around with her huge nipples poking at really tight tops, loving the way men stare at her massive bosom. She also knows I enjoy seeing her braless very much, and as any good mother, she was happy to please me.

” Make way, Kate, I’m gonna show you how to ride Timmy’s horse-cock! », she exclaimed as we made some room on the bed for an extra person. It was a tight squeeze, but the effect was that skin was constantly rubbing against skin. I was lying on my back in the middle of the bed with my gorgeous mother and sister on either side, each holding my colossal meat in their small hands and slowly stroking my shaft in unison. My sister was particularly fascinated my the huge bulging veins criss-crossing my oversized member.

” Ooooooh, Timmy, I can feel the blood pulse in those veins! And your cock is just soooo hard! », she moaned while I fingered her juicy clit with the full length of two fingers. I turned round to see my mother switching position so that she too could enjoy my fingering expertise. I let her lick my fingers, coating them with her drool and spit, and plunged my large forefinger up her eager cunt. Soon, I could feel her vaginal muscles spasm and a trail of cuntjuice leaking out of her pink slit.

” Yeah, stick your fingers real deep up mommy’s twat, honey! Mmpphhh, I’m gonna cum real sssoooon, uuuggghhh! ». I complied and forced two more fingers past her dripping pussylips while savagely massaging her muff with my thumb. That brought her over the edge and the whole bed shook as she shrieked and came powerfully. My jutting cock throbbed in response and I spurted a wad of pre-come that splattered on my hard pecs. My sister immediately lapped up the copious fluid. She held the viscous jizz in her mouth and slathered it back on the tip of my bloated knob. Seeing this, Angela moved her mouth on my helmet and slurped up my sister’s offerings. Their lips were only a few inches apart and soon they were kissing, exchanging my pre-seed and their spit noisily. They were both looking me in the eyes adoringly while their tongues worshipped my immense crank, planting wet kisses on either side of the wide rod, and moving down towards the ultra-thick root. After they finished rolling their slurping tongue on the distented surface of my almost sixteen inches of rock-hard meat, they took in the view of my bloated gonads, resting heavily on my shaved muscular thighs.

” Fuck, they look even bigger than normal! », blurted my mum. She delicated held one my huge balls in the palm of her hand, feeling how it was overflowing past her fingers. My sister followed suit, holding and licking the other giant smooth egg.

” I just have to feel your next load exploding in my womb, Timmy! », Angela begged.

” What about me, I was here first! », protested my sister.

” Come on Sis, I haven’t tasted your sweet pussy yet. You can get the next load after mom. ” , I said reassuringly. I removed my two wet fingers from her clasping snatch and held her tender buttcheeks with my large hand. I lifted her up effortlessly, my huge bicep swelling up as I brought her closer to my face. She straddled my head and my tongue immediately darted for her delicate quim.

” Oh, Timmy, Scott has never done that to me, it feels sssooo good. », she moaned. Meanwhile, my mother had positioned the enormous tip of my manhood to her cuntlips and was feverishly rubbing my dickhead to coax more slimy pre-come out of my piss-slit. When she was satisfied with her lubricating handjob, she impaled herself impatiently of my glistening shaft. I felt her satiny vagina engulf about eight inches of my huge rod in one swift movement. That still left nearly seven inches of wrist- thick cock outside, so I raised my powerful ass and shoved another three inches of my shaft in her slippery cunthole. She let out a wild shriek, but was soon panting and begging for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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