Sister in law visit

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Sister in law visit
My sister in law recently came to visit my wife and me to visit my father in law who is in a nursing home close to where we live. I am white American and my wife and her sister are from the Philippines. They have lived in the US for many years but still have accents. My wife has gotten a little chubby while my sister in law has an amazing body that she keeps in shape by working out and her job is a nurse which keeps her on feet a lot. She is a natural flirt and likes to wear clothes that are tight and show off her body.

She lives in the south with her husband and we have not seen her in about two years. My father in law has been ill and needed to move into a nursing home. She made the trip to New York to visit him and stay with us at our home. One day after visiting him we decided that a swim in our pool would be nice as it was a hot and humid day. My wife wore a rather modest one piece suit. My sister in law came out in a small pool robe and when she removed it I was barely able to keep my jaw from dropping wide open. I’m glad I was in the water because my cock definitely stirring. It would be an understatement to say the suit was skimpy. A black bikini that looked so good against her brown skin. Her tits are not very big but the bikini top must have had some underwire because it pushed everything up and to the middle of her chest. And the bottom, oh my god it was practically a thong with her sweet peach of an ass totally exposed. I was glad I was still wearing my sunglasses so that I could look but not get totally busted by my wife.

I could tell my wife was not happy. When I looked over at her she was staring illegal bahis siteleri at me with daggers but she couldn’t say anything to me as I was acting very casual as if I hardly noticed but my wife knows me. She than said something to her sister in their language and before you know they are yelling at each other. My sister in law then grabs her robe and storms off back to her room and that’s the last we see of her that day. Now that evening I’m still horny but I know my wife won’t give me some as she’s still pissed about the fight with her sister. When she’s asleep I go to the bathroom to quickly rub one out so that I can sleep.

Well the next day was a Saturday and my wife had to work, while my sister in law was going to visit her father at the nursing home. There was still some tension between them as they left the house that morning. But I was not getting in the middle of it. Less than a half hour the front bell rang and when I answered it was my sister in law. I asked her what happened as I stepped aside to let her in. She told me she was still upset and embarrassed about last night. Apparently my wife called her a whore for wearing such a revealing swimsuit and accused her of trying to seduce her husband. I know my wife has a temper but I was really surprised she would say something like that to her own sister. She then started to cry so I went to comfort her so she would stop crying and as I hugged her and could smell how nice her perfume smelled the visual of her in the bikini popped into my mind I started to get hard.

Now keep in mind it’s Saturday morning and I’m wearing just my sleep pants and a t shirt canlı bahis siteleri so my cock is almost immediately at full length and she notices it against her body. She takes a small step back, looks down at it and says “Oh”. Before I can think of an apology she reaches for it and starts to rub it through my pants. My mind is racing and I’m thinking I should stop this right away. Then she looks up at me and smiles the sexiest smile and I know I’m a goner. She pulls my cock out of my pants and it’s instantly in her mouth. I’m getting the best blowjob I’ve gotten in years. My pants are then around my ankles her hands are playing with my ass and her mouth goes from my cock to my balls. I still can’t believe this is happening but I do stop her for the moment because I don’t want to fuck her in the living room. I pull her up and lift her off her feet and carry her to her room.

When we get there I place her on the bed and we kiss passionately. In a second my clothes are off. She is just wearing a nice pair of shorts with a blouse that buttons down the front and a pair of sandals. I stop kissing her lips to start focusing on that body that was almost revealed to me the day before. I quickly get her sandals off and toss them aside. I unbutton her blouse and pull it open to reveal her bra. Thankfully it opens in the front and her small brown tits are exposed to my eyes. I start to feast on them with my tongue and lips. She is really starting to get hot and is moaning. My hands slide down to her shorts and there is enough room for my hand to sneak in from the bottom. I’m able to rub her pussy a bit from the outside of her bahis firmaları panties. It’s not enough so I go for snap on her shorts while she removes her blouse and bra and throws them on the floor. She lifts up her butt so that I can pull her shorts off. She is now only wearing a tiny pair of black panties that are even smaller than the bikini from yesterday. Now I love to eat pussy and this ability gets me out of the doghouse plenty of times with the wife. So I go right to business and start licking right through the panties. This is really setting her off and she is moaning all kinds of shit. After a while I slide the panties to the side and use my finger as my tongue works her clit. This soon makes her cum, and while I can’t say that she squirted, she did shudder and lots of pussy juice leaked out which I happily licked up. She then pushed my face away as she couldn’t take anymore licking. She told me it was the best oral she had ever received. She than licked and kissed my face so she could taste herself.

I was now on my back with my cock still hard. She looked at it then smiled at me and I know I was in for a treat. She slid her panties off and plopped them on my face as she climbed aboard me. I just loved the smell of her from her panties but it was time for business. I could feel her trimmed pussy hair rubbing against the tip of my cock. Then she took it and placed right at her pussy and lowered herself down on me. She was so tight and I was in heaven. She rode me for a while until I couldn’t take it anymore and shot my load inside her. We laughed after a bit and decided we better clean up and wash the beddings before my wife came home.

After the laundry was started we decided it was our turn to get clean so we got in the shower and continued our morning adventure. I was able to get together with my sister in law two more times before she had to go back home.
Another story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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