Sins of a Mother

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Sins of a Mother, is the first story I have written in the female perspective. I hope you enjoy.


Chloe Eau De Parfum seemed so much more fragrantly erotic while nude. Erotic daydreams closed my eyes guiding my fingertips to weave through my coarse brush like pubic hair pressing over my bulbous mons, across my vulva I let them linger there until syrupy moisture whetted them. My tongue circled two of my fingers sucking in the tang of my essence. My cunt begged to be taken while I savoured the weak molasses and lemon taste of my cream.

Half a decade of self-pleasuring since Bill left me, allowed me to collect a portfolio of toys safely stashed in my panties’ drawer. The blue Lelo would be my lover this morning. Jamming the softly buzzing toy over my clitoris, my anticipatory breath lusted to feel a cock inside me while the bumps around my nipple hardened like tiny pebbles under my caressing palm.

Just as I was ready to make love to myself, shouts and yells from outside the bedroom window caught my attention (fuck!) The spontaneous irritated conclusion I had jumped to, relaxed at the sight of my son Kevin and his shirtless classmates playing touch football in the nearby greenspace. My eyes zeroed in on his suntanned chiseled young chest, just a day past his eighteenth birthday, he looked much older.

Inhaling deeply through my nostrils my breasts rose attractively. I smiled proudly inside. Kevin’s dedication to sport and weight training made him such a physical specimen. Two fingers unfolded my tingling slick labia. I shouldn’t. Momentarily I let go of the curtain and turned away from the window but, a forbidden feeling guided me back. I jammed the Lelo between my dresser edge and my pussy humping it against my clit while peeking through the bedroom curtains.

This is wrong.

The buzzing nub of the toy sent waves of taboo pleasure into my vagina. I imagined the sensational whir was my own son’s youth hardened cock incestuously fucking his depraved mother. I climaxed intensely and glass bottles of perfume rattled while I violently thrust my cunt into the dresser edge. With blurry eyes and my waning orgasm, I looked at my son’s fit body wishing I could see more. Oh shit, that was good!


A heartwarming sense of satisfaction tempered inside me as I went about gathering the laundry and tidying up the house. Lukewarm water flowing from the kitchen faucet confirmed that my son was back downstairs having one of his very long showers. I placed the dishes back on the rack, gathered three towels, and a washcloth destined for the basement bathroom.

I attempted to convince myself to just leave them outside the door. Maybe the door would be open. What were these unusual thoughts coursing through me? The sound of the water and knowing Kevin was still in the shower along with curiosity drove me to Kevin’s partially open bedroom door. His room was a mess, with Kevin’s clothing strewn everywhere. A low amber glow from my son’s open laptop screen caught my eye just as I was about to place the towels on his bed.

I wonder what was he doing before he went into the shower?

Looking over my shoulder like a burglar before clicking open his browser, my jaw nearly hit the floor. It was a graphic MILF porn movie with a very young-looking man having his cock sucked by an older woman.

Craving more secrets about my son I spied further, I should not, but what he was thinking about while masturbating.

My heart beat faster. What if I was caught? One of the folder headings under photos didn’t make sense. It was titled Homework. Since when did my son care about homework? My pussy tingled as the discovery revealed multiple pictures of MILF and mom-son porn! It excited me in the deepest most profound way.

Part of me was in shock at his fascination, the other part of me was thrilled. Did he think of his own mom that way? Sexually? I think it was at that moment the thought of seducing my son took hold within me. Wherever this goes, maybe I can help him with his fantasy. Every possible way. A mother should love her son completely.

Hoping that I had not wasted too much time I immediately ran upstairs and traded my yoga tights for a tee shirt nightie, smirking when I dropped my panties in the laundry basket. Looking back in the mirror at myself, I slipped on my most scandalous lace thong panties and pulled the fabric right into my ass crack.

Moving with sexual purpose, I skipped back down the stairs to the basement bathroom picked up the towels, and went to open the door. Locked.

Damn. He’s not going to get away that easily. Sliding the sticky top drawer to my sewing desk open, I found the long thin knitting needle that I needed. I felt just like some sort of sexual secret agent as I popped the lock.

I busted open the door without a care in the world. “I brought you some towels, Kevin!”

“Mom, can’t you see I’m showering here!” He whined bitterly at my interruption.

I did see and did get a good look. sert porno My son’s teenage cock was nicely erect and straining upwards as only a young man does through the semi-clear shower glass. No doubt I interrupted his cock stroking. “I’m sorry Kevin, I couldn’t remember if I replaced the towels,” I lied thinking of so many forbidden things to do with my son’s steely erection.

I deliberately dropped a towel on the floor bending over letting my nighty tee ride up and showing off my nearly bare ass. My heart thrilled at the thought of my own son staring through the steamy shower glass at his mom’s ass. Silence but for the spraying water as I lingered with my ass in the air, before standing up.

“There you have towels now!” He turned quickly, but not quickly enough for his proud mother to catch his hand holding the jutting erection.

“Thanks,” Kevin mumbled under the splattery water.

I scanning his body hungrily, taking in the shape of his young firm but slender musculature. I wanted him right then, and my whetting pussy confirmed my incestuous wanting. As I walked out of the bathroom door still surveying my young man from the corner of my eye, I paused. “You look really handsome, Kevin.” I clicked the bathroom door shut.

Wanting him to be conflicted with my comments I didn’t wait for a reply. Seduction by creating a need and overwhelming desire in Kevin. My plan; not to give myself to my son. Not just yet. He must need me in the most sexual way first.

Everything was in play and everything was fair game, I thought to myself as I walked upstairs to the bedroom. Cupping my mons with one hand and my overly sensitive nipple with the other, the urge to masturbate thinking about making love with Kevin was almost overwhelming. Not yet. He’d be finished his shower soon.

Deviously I planned my next move. What shall I do? I opened my ornate cream coloured French dresser drawers frantically like I was pulling cards from a deck until I reached my workout clothes. There! My white, nearly sheer yoga pants and short top.

I slipped out of my nightie tee shirt and lacy thong panties, looking at myself naked in the mirror. Hands curved over my breasts pausing at my nipples, down lower. My breath was ragged there, Yes! ‘Damn you are one hot milf, Clarisse!’

Skipping the panties and inching the nearly see-through skin-tight fabric up my shaved legs and over my hips, I pressed the fabric tight against my trimmed black pubic hair. It was lewdly translucent! I pressed the crease of the fabric up into the cleft of my vagina. ‘There perfect mommy cameltoe and bush!’

The top was no less revealing. Without a fitness bra, the darkness of my aureoles and erect nipples left barely anything to the imagination. This should be enough to drive any man wild. Let’s hope it is enough to entice the curiosity of my son. I spritzed flowery Versace perfume on the back of my wrists then touched my chest tummy and pussy before padding down to the living room and turning on my workout music. I unrolled my blue yoga mat, and went about my pilates routine, devising some of my sexier exercises hoping Kevin would stop by, before leaving the house again.

I wasn’t disappointed.

“Hey mom, I’m going out-” He lost his voice as I held my side plank facing him. My son’s eyes focused on the Y of my crotch.

“Oh, I am going to miss you, Kevin.” My shoulders began to shake as I held the plank as long as I could, letting him get a good look.

He was speechless for a moment, and I rolled up into a reverse plank, leaning my head back. ‘That ought to look pretty fuckable for a mom’ I thought to myself.

“Who are you going out with?” I asked already knowing the answer.

“Chri – Chrissy.” He stammered.

I didn’t look up but felt my son’s eyes on my body. Thrusting my abs and pelvis up, so my mound was much more pronounced, I deviated from form and opened my knees slightly so he could get a nice look at the roundness and cleft of his mom’s fabric-wrapped pussy. I knew Crissy. She was a prude and would never put out, at least not for a few years. Kevin will have blue balls.

“Aww. Who will I be able to curl up and watch a movie with or play cards?” I pretended to sulk. “Oh well have fun!”

“Yeah okay, bye mom, love ya.”

“Wait, Kevin. Give your mom a hug!” I stood up and walked over quite slowly emphasizing my hip movement before wrapping two arms around my son’s hard body. “I love you, Kevin!” I held him tight before I could smell the scent of my perfume drifting up between us.

I kissed him on the lips gently and held the kiss just a little longer, before letting him go.

Kevin walked out of the house slowly, tentatively.

‘Perfect’ I thought to myself.


I made a light supper and prepared a few movie-watching snacks. Chips and popcorn, which were Kevin’s favourites, beer in the ice bucket, and chilled my bottle of red in the freezer. I put on a loose very low-cut nighty tee sex mex porno and short shorts with no panties and bra making sure there’d be peekaboo gaps in the fabric.

8:30 pm. He should be home soon if I’m lucky and Chrissy is as prudish as I know her to be. I googled a few promiscuous teen movies noting the ones that were overtly visually sexual and queued one on Netflix.

My Cabernet was nice and cold, just the way I like it. Even the aroma made me feel sexier as I filled a tall wine glass. Licking my finger, I reached between the gap in my shorts and stuffed it into my love crevasse, ‘Fuck mommy there, right there!’

Suddenly the back-screen door clattered shut ‘Kevin!’ I fast-forwarded 30 minutes into the movie and slouched back on the rec room couch gapping the hem of my shorts teasingly close to my pussy.

“Hi, Mom!” He smiled at me with a look of both disappointment and relief.

“Hi Kevin, come watch a movie with mom.” I encouraged him. “I made snacks for us!”

“Ok sounds great… mom!” He smiled. His eyes focusing on my crotch. “I’ll throw my junk downstairs.”

Smiling approvingly, I opened my knees slightly, but blinked mischievously and sensually, then pursed my lips into a kiss. “Don’t make me wait, I’m getting cold, see.” I arched my back so that my pronounced nipples made points in the loose fabric of my nightie.

“Okay, sure mom.” Kevin’s smile curled brightly.

I could see him thinking and also looking down the vee in his mom’s low cut nighty top.

‘Good boy, look at mommy’s tits, Kevin.’ I gave him an undress-me gaze, as he turned to scoot downstairs to his room.

While Kevin was getting ready, I poured a bowl of popcorn and opened an ice-cold beer for him, placing them on the living room table right next to the couch where I was sitting.

Inside I drooled when my son bounded up the stairs shirtless and only his pjay bottoms on.

“I have popcorn and beer for you, Kevin,” patting my hand on the couch cushion right beside me. “Come and warm me up, young man.”

Kevin leaped on to the couch beside me playfully and more enthusiastically than I could have imagined, nearly knocking me over.

I curved my arm around my son’s back and kissed him on the cheek snuggling him close to me. My fleshy breast nudged his muscular arm. I grabbed the plastic bowl of popcorn and placed it on his lap. “Here have some!”

“Sure mom.” He replied, leaning his head onto my shoulder.

I caressed the thick hair on his head, as we settled in to watch the movie.

We cuddled for about twenty minutes or so intermittently munching on fingerfuls of popcorn until the movie got to a swimming scene. The younger actors and actresses in the teen-themed movie were stripping and skinny dipping. Lots of pert breasts and cute butts.

I sensed as Kevin squirmed and fidgeted a bit that he was getting a little turned on and decided to enhance his arousal. Each time I put my hand in the popcorn bowl, I pressed it into his lap nudging it around over his bulging young penis and testicles. The truth was I was barely getting a kernel or two.

He fidgeted even more especially while the movie got even more raunchy. A few kernels overflowed the bowl and landed on my son’s lap. “Oh sorry.” I giggled mischievously.

“Mom.” he chuckled, his voice raising cutely consenting to my playful tease.

“I’ll pick them up.” I lifted the bowl and eyed the dozen or so bits of popcorn on my son’s lap.

“Yum, yum, yum!” I said forcefully reaching down to pluck the kernels one at a time. Each time not aiming for the popcorn but rather overtly grabbing at Kevin’s lumpy groin. Kevin had this impish smart-alecky grin as I incestuously pulled and prodded my son’s family jewels. By the time I was finished the cylindrical shape of his cock was engorged and erected nicely straining to one side of his lap.

“There got them all I think!” I smiled satisfied that I had my son’s erection in a needy state.

“Can you scratch my back, mom?” He playfully pleaded leaning forward.

Kevin always used to like that when he was little. Usually, he wanted more of a massage than a scratch. I clawed my hand into a cat-like shape and lightly scratched my long red fingernails up and down my son’s bare-skinned back until he had goosebumps everywhere. Little by little Kevin was going to want his own mom sexually, I promised myself.

The movie became an afterthought in the background. “Lay down on my lap,” I instructed him.

Smiling and looking up at me Kevin relaxed laying his back across my lap. I picked up a kernel of popcorn and fed it to him by hand surveying my son’s lean bare chest and abs. The next kernel I tossed into his open mouth “catch” I giggled. He laughed back and opened his mouth continuing our toss and catch the popcorn game. Nefariously I imagined whipping out mommy’s breast and letting my son suckle it. Not yet. He had to want it more. I tossed a popcorn on to his tummy. stranded teens porno

“Oops” I giggled again, smoothing my hand over Kevin’s nearly hairless tummy before grabbing the popcorn and feeding it to him.

Kevin closed his eyes when my hand touched him. The popcorn game stopped and my hand needily massaged light circles on my son’s smooth muscular chest. My fingers followed the ripples of his young muscles inching lower with each circle.

“Mmm that feels nice, mom – mommy.”

I did slow circles low on Kevin’s abdomen, my fingertips teased along the waistband of his pyjama bottoms. The lust in my fingertips made me slide them under the waistband slightly. With each circle and the slack in his fabric, my son’s erection moved from the side until it was reflexively straightened. I slowed the circles making each one more sensual, and allowed the loosening fabric to lift. I licked my lips as the tip of his cock peeked in the flickering TV light. Eventually, it was pointing straight up and my fingertips lingered and teased accidentally on purpose as I continued my erotic massage.

My son’s breathing was soft, breathy, and accepting of his mom’s forbidden touch. Closing his eyes still with a pleased smirk on his face. The head of his beautiful young cock was now trapped between the elastic of his pjays and his skin. Every couple of circles I let my fingers dance over the tip of his cock almost incidentally, but indeed it was deliberate. ‘Mom knows how nice that feels my naughty young man.’

I had to remind myself to take it slow. The urge to just grab my son’s cock and stuff it into my wet cunt was almost overwhelming. Instead, I slipped my hand under the waistband, alongside his tenting shaft, then over the top of his thigh. As I traced back up my fingertips tickled between his balls and leg then his shaft’s length ever so lightly.

“Ohhh.” Kevin’s breath was ragged.

“I guess it’s bedtime.” The movie was playing the final credits as I massaged up over Kevin’s chest, then traced with my fingernails.

Kevin’s smile was not easily hiding the disappointment that my massage had stopped. But that’s what I wanted inside. I was seducing him slowly.

“I guess so.” My son frowned.

Kevin got up and walked towards the stairs, while I put things away.

I walked about my room completely nude, visiting and revisiting my urge to fuck my son, and the need to let the seduction take hold. Slowly, perfectly.

Should I? I slipped on a light bathrobe. Kevin would be furiously jacking off by now thinking of mom, I guessed.

Silently turning the knob, I eased his bedroom door enough to distinguish my son’s athletic nude body splayed on top of the bed. Drizzling baby oil on his stiff circumcised cock, it made audibly slick noises while he stroked its whole young length. I was lost watching the beautiful sight as he started to stroke shorter and quicker. I didn’t want him to cum, at least not without him knowing I was there.

I slowly opened my son’s door.

His lights were dimmed almost to nothing with only the laptop lighting the room. Kevin quickly flipped the laptop shut and pulled the covers up.

I heard his blankets shuffle and I knew what he had been watching. “I thought that I’d stop by and tuck you in.”

“Hey, mom.” His voice hinted a pang of guilt.

“Do you want to show me something?” I asked well planned in my next move.

“Show you?” Kevin feigned cluelessness.

I pulled the blankets down to his knees exposing his well-lubricated erect cock. “This!” I remarked at the discovery.

“MOM!” He shouted in shock.

I untied the belt in my bathrobe, opening it and exposing my breasts. “Show mommy what you were doing Kevin!” I demanded.

My son’s eyes opened wide and his hand slowly, almost automatically lowered to his cock and touched it. His eyes zeroed in on my breasts.

I cupped them and leaned towards him. “Stroke your cock for mommy, Kevin.”

His hand moved faster reluctantly at first perhaps apprehensive, but faster and his cock hardened. Nice and big. Perfect to fuck his mommy.

“Stroke it baby. Show mommy your big hard cock!” I encouraged him further.

“Oh, shit,” Kevin remarked as his hand moved even quicker over his greasy young cock. “Mom, fuck!”

“That’s a good boy,” I leaned closer letting my son have a good close look at my tits.

“Shit!” Kevin’s hand was stroking up and down so quickly now.

“That’s a good boy, cum for mommy!” I smiled encouraging him more, “Show mommy all your cum!”

“Oh, my fuck!” My son’s hand was a blur as his cock erupted. His abdomen was heaving up and down. A satisfyingly huge load of young cum coated his chest, stomach, and even neck.

“Good boy, cum for mommy, Kevin!”

I was more than pleased seeing him release all of that boy seed for me. That ought to create even more need, I surmised. But I could not resist. I gathered up a little bit of cum from his chest as it rose and fell slowly, and licked it off my fingertips while he watched.

“Yum mommy likes it!” I complimented him as he looked on in surprise “let me get a cloth.”

I ran some warm water in the downstairs bathroom and came back with a hot washcloth and towel.

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