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NOTE: This is just a fun, little story. I put in in the incest category, although I admit that there is little sexual contact between brother and sister. There is some, though, and the theme of the whole thing is how excited the two are in the presence of each other. Everyone’s an adult.


Marissa whispered into my ear.

“Thank you, baby. That felt good.”

“You feel good. And you taste good,” I whispered back. Her fluids were all over my face and with every breath that I took I could smell her. Licking her was one of my favorite things. She had pleasured me in so many ways, I could only hope to do the same for her.

Marissa was a beautiful girl, and much smarter than I could ever claim to be. Why she was with me, I did not know, but I definitely would never complain. I guess that at that point in our lives we were just made for each other. Oh, she was so dearly sweet! We were both going to school, two different ones. She was going to study law, I was studying journalism. We didn’t make long term plans, we didn’t make promises we couldn’t keep, we just were us.

“Tomorrow, then?” she asked.

“Just call me,” I replied, stroking her hair. We were putting our clothes back on when I spotted my sister peeking at us from the hallway. I thought that Marissa and I had the house to ourselves, Aubrey was supposedly on a date, and so were our Mom and Dad. I don’t know how long she had been watching us for, but I was angry. I made a mean face at her and she darted away.

“I think my sister just watched us do something nasty,” I said.

“Well, at least she didn’t interrupt us. Maybe she learned something,” Marissa joked. I walked Marissa to her car, and kissed her goodbye.

I went back into the house and straight to Aubrey’s room. I didn’t bother to knock, obviously she didn’t give a crap about privacy. She was laying on her bed with her TV on.

“How long were you watching Marissa and I?” I demanded to know.

“Long enough. I’m sorry, OK? I shouldn’t have done that, it was private,” she replied.

I was expecting more of a fight from her, some smart ass comments or something. Fighting was really all that we ever really did together. I was geared up for a good one, then all of a sudden geared down. She did not sound like she wanted to fight. As a matter of fact, she looked like she had been crying. I was thinking that I would have to really work for an apology, yet that was the first thing that came from her mouth. My anger disappeared.

“Alright, what’s wrong with you? I thought you had a date with Whatshisname, you shouldn’t even have been here.” I said.

“It didn’t work out. Nate’s an asshole.” Aubrey flipped over onto her belly and started sobbing into her pillow. Normally, she was mean as a snake and hard as a stone, so this was completely out of character. Shit, I was starting to feel pity for her.

“Well, do you want to talk about it? I probably can’t help you, but you can at least yell at me if you want. “

She was silent for almost a whole minute, which is a long time if you have to sit and listen to a girl cry.

“My date consisted of Nate getting a hotel room and a bottle of vodka. He promised me something nice tonight, but just drove me to the hotel and instantly wanted to fuck. You know I like that, but, I don’t know.”

“Not really what you had in mind, huh?”

“No, it wasn’t! Now he’s probably drinking vodka and jerking off. He could have just talked to me a little bit, I mean like you and Marissa. . .” she continued.

“Hey, what do you mean?” I interjected.

“I know that you treat her well. She’s beautiful and you tell her that. I heard you talking to her tonight, and even the dirty things that you said were nice. And . . .” I interrupted her again.

“What I say to Marissa is between her and I.” I was going to really lay into Aubrey, but I just couldn’t do it. She was being serious and pouring her heart out. “Marissa and I know each other really well. We can do nasty things to each other and say nasty things to each other because we know what we both like. I know how to make her feel good, and she always makes me feel good. We just have a good thing, you know?”

“No I don’t! Why can’t someone be nice to me and make me feel good?” she wailed, slamming her fists into her mattress.

“Aubrey. Come on now, you can’t just instantly meet the right person. And you’re absolutely gorgeous, you can pick and choose whoever you are with. Don’t let some creep bring you down.” I sat down on the edge of the bed and put my hand on her back.

“Do you think I am as pretty as Marissa?”

I had to think for a second before I answered this question. Aubrey was very pretty, there was no doubt. Marissa, as far as I was concerned, was a goddess.

“I have to look at you more closely, sit up and stop crying,” I said, grabbing her by the shoulders and flipping her over, making her sit beside me. I got a tissue from her desk and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

“Stop, you …”

“If fake cop porno you want an answer, then I have to see. Be quiet.” She played along, I could tell she was feeling better already. She had wavy, almost yellow hair, that at this moment was totally wild, but usually in a pony tail. I swept it back and grabbed her right ear between my index finger and thumb. I rubbed my thumb against it in several quick, circular motions.

“I see you have very sexy ears.”

“Your an asshole,” she said with a smile. I smiled back.

“Ears can be licked, and be nibbled on. I know a sexy ear when I see one. I think you are every bit as pretty as Marissa. If I wasn’t your brother, I would be on my knees begging you to kiss me,” I said, feeling good because she was smiling.

“Because I’m pretty?”

“Because you’re pretty.”

“Brian? You’re really sweet. Um, I think you were really sweet to Marissa tonight. . .” she began. I knew that whatever it was she was going to say that I had to get out of her room soon because I was starting to get seriously turned on. My sister or not, we were talking about sex, and she WAS sexy. I was ready to kiss her, I actually WANTED to kiss her. Definitely time to go.

“Can I watch you and Marissa again?”

“I, you, what? Did you like it?” I did not expect that.

“Just forget I said that if it’s too weird. What you two did was just . . . nice. I, I don’t know, I’m sorry.” She hung her head.

“I don’t know, Aubrey. I never thought of anything like that with you around, you know? It’s very flattering, I’ll have to ask Marissa. You won’t tell anyone, I mean it is only between us?”

“Just us, I’m sorry, I don’t know what I want, I …”

She didn’t say anything. She tilted her head toward me like she wanted to kiss me, but then just looked at me. I put my arms around her and she pressed her lips against mine. We held each other for a moment afterward, our faces were just paper-widths from touching after we broke the kiss.

“You kissed me, Brian. It’s OK,” she said. She was beginning to reach for me. I jumped from her bed and started for the door.

“I’ll talk to Marissa tomorrow.”

I probably should have just told her it was a bad idea. Hell, I probably should have just told her to ‘stuff it’. But, I didn’t.

I spoke with Marissa on the phone the next morning. I told her everything, even though I was feeling guilty as hell for kissing Aubrey.

“You kissed your sister and she wants to watch us fuck? That’s pretty kinky, Brian.”

“I know. I told her I’d ask. I felt bad for her, you know?” I asked. Why I was even asking the question was a good question in itself. Part of me was wanting Marissa to tell me what a twisted, dumb-ass I was. Part of me thought it would be an incredibly hot thing for my sister to watch my girlfriend and I make love.

“I should be mad that you kissed another girl, but I’ll forgive you since she is your sister, and she is very pretty. But I get to kiss her to make it even. Why don’t you bring her up to the lake house this afternoon and I’ll meet you there,” Marissa suggested.

“Are you serious? You don’t think it’s a little weird or anything?” I asked.

“It’s pretty weird, all right. I’ll see you two this afternoon, but I really have to go now. Talk to you later.” With that, she hung up. Quite possibly the strangest telephone conversation that I had ever been a part of.

I found Aubrey in the kitchen, poking her spoon around in a bowl of cereal.

“Brian, I’m sorry about last night. I shouldn’t have asked that,” she said, looking down at the table.

“Marissa wants us to meet her at her parent’s lake house this afternoon. Do you want to go?” I asked before she could say any more. Aubrey looked a little shocked.

“Is it still OK? I mean with you?”

“Yeah. Marissa wants to kiss you to get even with me kissing you.” I could tell she was about to say something more, her eyes got wide and and her mouth hung open. Problem was that our mother had walked in.

“Do you want to go or not?” I asked again.

“I want to go.”

“Where are you going?” our mother asked.

“Marissa invited Aubrey and I up to her lake house this afternoon. We’ll probably stay tonight and come back tomorrow night,” I replied. My mother turned and looked at me skeptically.

“I’m gonna go get some of my things around,” Aubrey said, leaving the kitchen.

“That sounds nice. Do you think that you two can stand each other for that long?” our mother asked me. I waited until Aubrey was totally out of earshot before I responded.

“Listen, Marissa and I were here last night when Aubrey came home early from her date. She broke up with her sleazy boyfriend Nate and was kind of torn up about it. Marissa wanted to do something nice for her. I even kind of felt sorry for her.”

“I didn’t like that boy. Tell Marissa that I said hello.”

We left our house a little after one and headed for the lake. The trip takes about an hour, and it started with an awkward silence. Hell, I didn’t really fake hospital porno know what to say, I didn’t really know what we were doing. It was one of the strangest scenes of my whole life, really. Kind of like a daydream, but it was actually happening.

“I going to stop at the store. What do you want to drink?” I asked. I didn’t know about Aubrey, but I was thinking a few stiff drinks would take the edge off.

“Oh, I don’t do much drinking.”

“I was just thinking it might help us relax.”

“Well, how about some peppermint schnapps, then? I think that’s about as strong of stuff that I can stand,” she said.

I pulled into the store parking lot and shut off the engine. I took a good look at Aubrey. I hadn’t ever seriously done that before the previous night. She WAS a beautiful girl. Petite with wavy, sunflower colored hair, she had a different look about her. Different, but in a sexy, wonderful way. Right now she looked nervous and sad.

“We don’t have to do this, you know. If you changed your mind, it’s cool. Do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

“I just feel stupid about the whole thing. I can’t believe that I even asked you. If I was thinking more clearly I never would have. I shouldn’t have spied on you two last night. I shouldn’t be here right now.

“I really can’t believe that Marissa said that she wanted me to come up to the lake with you guys. Did she really say that she wanted to kiss me? Why?” she asked.

“Marissa’s a very sexual woman. She didn’t say exactly, but I think that she got turned on by you watching us. She wants to kiss you because she said it would make her and I even. I told her that I kissed you, she said she would forgive me if she got to do it, too.”

“Have you guys ever done it with another girl?” she asked.

“No, we never even talked about it. She thinks you’re very pretty, and so do I. Would you kiss her, or aren’t you into that?” I asked back.

“Oh God, I don’t know. Just go get the booze and let’s get up there before I loose my nerve.”

We arrived at the lake about quarter after two. The summer season was long since passed and there was a deserted feel to the whole area. Marissa had beat us there, her car was in the driveway.

“This place is amazing. They don’t even live here?” asked Aubrey, referring to Marissa’s family.

“Yeah, just a month or two out of the year. I don’t know exactly how rich they are, but Marissa’s parents are loaded.”

I grabbed our stuff out of the car, then we knocked on the door. Marissa answered it with a smile. No matter how many times I had seen that smile, it always made me smile, too. Marissa was much taller than Aubrey and far more full figured. She was stunning to look at, and even more pleasant to be around. She held the door open for me and gave Aubrey a polite hug.

“Hi guys. I just got here myself. Aubrey I’m so happy that you came. We finally get a chance to get to know each other a little better.”

“Hi baby, I’m going to throw this stuff in the kitchen,” I said, giving Marissa a quick peck on the cheek. The two girls followed me into the kitchen.

“What did you bring me?” Marissa asked.

“Well, I got various alcoholic products, and some stuff to make lasagna with. Give me a little while and I’ll get it started,” I replied. I knew that lasagna was something that Aubrey liked, I didn’t know if it was her favorite or not, but I thought that I would surprise her.

“Wait a minute. You’re going to make lasagna? And we’re going to be able to eat it?” Aubrey asked suspiciously.

“Doesn’t he ever cook anything for you at home? He’s like one of the best cook’s that I know. That’s one of the reasons that I can’t stay away from him,” commented Marissa.

“No he doesn’t. Must be he was trying to keep that a secret.”

“It’s not a secret. Well, not any more. I took some classes to fill some credits. I don’t do a lot of cooking at home because I’m lazy. I cook for Marissa because I do everything that I can to stay on her good side. She seems to like it. At least she acts like she does,” I said.

“You’re food is wonderful, Brian. Now be even more wonderful and go out back and grab some wood for the fireplace and make us a fire. So we can be cozy.”

“Yes, Mam,” I replied and headed out back, receiving a sharp smack on my butt by Marissa on the way out. I left the two girls in the kitchen and went out to the wood shed.


The Girls


Marissa brought a couple of drinks over to the kitchen table and sat with Aubrey.

“So I hear you had kind of a tough night last night, huh?” she asked. Aubrey blushed.

“Yeah, I found out that Nate, my boyfriend, was more of an asshole than I thought.” She went on to tell Marissa the details of her ‘special’ evening.

“Sometimes people just aren’t on the same page. It’s not an easy thing to find that right guy that just KNOWS what you want. It’s not that easy to just KNOW what a guy wants. Your brother is a wonderful man, Aubrey. I can’t tell you fake taxi porno why but we just mesh. We got lucky that way.”

“He is very lucky to have a woman like you. I always thought that he was a homo, or something,” Aubrey chuckled. Marissa choked back a laugh while she was trying to have a sip of wine.

“He’s definitely not gay. You probably got an eye full of that last night. Brian is a magnificent lover.”

“Yeah, uh, about last night. . .” Aubrey started.

“We can talk about that later. Let me show you the rest of the house. I’ll tell you some stories about how great it is to be a spoiled rich kid,” Marissa interrupted. She stood up, taking Aubrey by the hand and pulling her on a tour through the lake house.


Back to me


I had no idea that I was so terrible at making a fire until I actually tried to start one. I eventually got it going, but I had new found respect for those dudes on the Discovery Channel that do it with a shoe string and a stick. I saw the girls through the window walking together along the docks. They seemed to be getting along.

I went back to the kitchen and started to prepare our meal. None of us had had any lunch, so it was going to be an early dinner. I had the lasagna in the oven and was chopping up some things for the salad by the time that I saw Aubrey again. She came into the kitchen and walked over beside me at the counter.

“Can I help you with anything?” she asked.

“I think I got it, sis. It’s almost done. What have you guys been up to?” I asked.

“Marissa showed me the house and we went for a walk by the lake. I think that she loves you very much. I didn’t realize that you guys were so deep.”

“Well I should hope so, I love her very much. She’s something special, that’s for sure. Set the table for me, would you? That’s something you could do, instead of making me feel all mushy. I’m about to get tears all over the salad,” I said.

“Stop,” she laughed.

Marissa came in and helped set the table with Aubrey. We had a pleasant meal. The lasagna went over well, Aubrey raved about it. We made a bunch of small talk and in general, just had fun. Marissa was, as usual, her cheery, wonderful self. Aubrey was smiling and laughing, a whole new person than what I was used to. Maybe I was just seeing her through a different set of eyes, but it just made me feel good to hear her laugh.

I went into the den and put some more wood on the fire while the girls cleaned up the dinner mess. I headed back out to the shed and grabbed a few more armfuls of wood while they washed the dishes. After I brought in the last one, Aubrey was there beside the fireplace, handing me a drink. It was some of the peppermint schnapps. She had one, too.

“Thank you for the dinner, that was great,” she said.

“Well, don’t tell mom. Like I said, I’m too lazy to cook all of the time. But, if you’re nice, I’ll make you anything you want.” She kissed me on the cheek and we clanked our drinks together.

“Cheers,” she said. We both drained our glasses.

“I saw that. That’s two kisses now,” said Marissa, entering the room. Aubrey giggled.

“That was only on the cheek!” she exclaimed.

“Then I get one on the cheek and one on the lips,” explained Marissa, as she sipped her wine.

“Well, come here, then.”

Marissa walked over to Aubrey and I. Aubrey kissed her on the cheek. Then she set her glass down and locked lips with Marissa for a long, slow French kiss. I instantly became aroused. Oh man. They pulled away from each other.

“Are you even now?” asked Aubrey. Marissa wrapped her arm around my sister and kissed her hard and long again. She let her go and had a sip of wine.

“No, now he gets one. Right now, I’m thinking that we should get more comfortable. Why don’t you go get Brian and yourself another drink?” Marissa asked.

“OK,” Aubrey replied, almost whispering. She left for the kitchen.

“I take it you still think it’s OK if she watches us? Or maybe you would rather me watch you two, from the looks of it,” I teased.

“Don’t be silly. She’s pretty and I don’t get to kiss a girl very often. She’s your sister, I feel like I can do it without you getting jealous or running off with her and getting married,” she said. She rubbed her hand over my hard cock inside my jeans.

“It feels like you liked it all right,” she added.

I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear.

“Unbelievably hot.”

We were sitting on the couch when Aubrey came back with our drinks. Marissa had my pants off and had started to suck me. I wasn’t that big, and she had no problem taking my entire length in her mouth and throat.

Without saying a word, Aubrey brought my drink over to me. Marissa lifted her head and there was a comical ‘pop’ when her lips pulled off my penis.

“Sit and watch, Aubrey. I bet that I can make your brother cum in less than ten minutes.” Aubrey said nothing, just sat down in the reclining chair across from the couch. I took a quick sip from the drink that she brought me and set the glass on the coffee table.

“Oh baby, that is just how I like it, oh my God!” Marissa was working me like she had never done before. I ran my hands through her hair while she was looking up at me. I kissed her forehead. “You’re so amazing with that tongue of yours.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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