Shelly Seduces Daddy Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

When Shelly got home that evening, she found mommy was home. ‘Fuck!’ Shelly thought to herself.

She exchanged pleasantries and then headed to the bathroom and drew herself a hot bath. She added oils and scents and a fair bit of bubbles. She extended her legs on the tub wall and shaved one and then the other. She had never shaved her pussy before. Her vulva are naturally bare but she did have a tuft of hair over her mons and to that she paid her next bit of attention. She decided to give herself a “runway” as Maddy had called it, and she trimmed and shaved her hair into a perfect little rectangle that she was sure would drive her daddy to wanton lust. Then she sank into her lavish surroundings and plied her skin with bubbles.

Maddy had turned her onto a free porn site called redtube and whenever they were alone, the two of them watched numerous videos to refine their skills. As she lay there in her bath, she let her mind wander to those scenes. She loved the videos of older men making love to young women, of ‘creampie’ vignettes where men inseminate their mates, even of pregnant woman with their prominent baby bumps, engorged, lactating breasts capable of feeding their man, their pussy’s being pounded, then filled with their lover’s seed. Revisiting those scenes in her mind’s eye gave her chills and excited her to the point where she could not help fingering herself and imagining her and her daddy in those scenes. It made for a long, wonderful, and soothing soak in the tub.

That night was uneventful, at least from Shelly’s point of view. When daddy did not come to her room she snuck down the hall to hear mom moaning.

“Harder Mike. Fuck me.”

Shelly returned to her room, planning, scheming. ‘I’ll make daddy fuck me so much while mom’s gone. I’ll make him cum inside me over and over. He’ll never want to fuck her again.”

She hated that mom was having sex with her daddy. Her daddy! She confronted daddy about it the next morning while mom was showering.

“Don’t you love me daddy?”

“Of course I do kitten, but, I can’t say ‘no’ every time. Mom will get suspicious and then we’ll really have to stop. I want you all the time. Even when I am with mom all I can think about is you.”

She didn’t like the answer and hated that mom got to have her daddy like that but she understood. She steeled her resolve to make daddy cum inside her. She remembered what Maddy had told her… ‘After that, he’ll want to fill your pussy with cum every time.’

Shelly called Maddy.

“He fucked HER last night!”

“Well girl, you just have to show him you’re a better fuck than your mom. My dad doesn’t dare touch my mom when I’m home. He knows that if he pisses me off, I’ll stop fucking him.”

That night, hard as she tried, Shelly could not fall asleep. Visions kept invading her restfulness of being dressed slutty and seducing daddy into fucking her. Frustrated, she got up and retrieved a dildo that she and Maddy had purchased during their mall trip. She turned it on placed the humming device on her vulva and enjoyed the sensation. As she rubbed it over her slit she quickly moistened and coated the wand with her juices before working it inside her wanting pussy.

She stroked it in an out of her hungry cunt, as she recalled her last encounter with daddy. Visions of her dad’s cock fucking her mouth permeated her thoughts. Soon daddy was spinning her around and she felt him penetrate her from behind. Her hips bucked as her hand worked the vibrating device over her sex and she met daddy’s every thrust with one of her own. In her thoughts, she straightened up and threw her arm back around daddy’s neck, drawing him to her for a deep kiss. She gazed into daddy’s eyes and pleaded. “Cum in me daddy, cum in your little girl.” Suddenly daddy’s grip tightened, pulling her to him, holding her tightly, and he groaned as his cock danced inside her, filling her womb with hot sperm. Her thighs clamped together tightly as the dildo worked its magic. Her orgasm consumed her. Again and again her hips bucked as she milked her daddy for every last drop of brazzers porno his seed.

As she recovered from her explosion, in her mind’s eye, she watched as her belly became tight as daddy’s baby grew within her. She smiled.

When she finally did drift off, she dreamt of lying in bed next to daddy, kissing him while he gently rubbed her child-bearing belly. She awoke in the morning to soaked panties. She played with herself thinking about fucking daddy in her new nighties, about making daddy cum inside her, even about having daddy’s baby. She couldn’t wait for them to be alone again.


Mike ran the store while his wife headed to the airport for her next excursion. Shelly schemed with Maddy.

“Mom’s away. Tonight’s the night. I’m going to take every last sperm I can from him.”

“You’re going to love it,” Maddy replied.


Shelly got home well ahead of daddy to prepare herself. Shelly bathed. She shaved her pussy, making sure it was smooth for daddy and that her runway was perfectly quaffed. She lay in the tub fingering herself, imagining daddy buried deep inside her, her arms around his neck drawing him to her, her stockinged feet locked behind him, her hips thrusting up into him, meeting his every stroke. She kissed him and whispered in his ear. “Come in my pussy daddy. Put your baby in me.” “Daddy, DADDY, FUCK ME!” She realized she was yelling this out. His strokes were long and masterful. She could feel his cock swelling inside her then suddenly daddy stopped stroking, buried deep inside her, holding her tight as rope after rope of his sperm shot into her womb.

“Oh, oh, FUCK!” Her body trembled as she exploded.

Mike entered the house just in time to hear his little girl’s muffled cry. His cock immediately stiffened.

“Shelly, baby, are you home.”

“I’m in the bathroom daddy. I’ll be down in a little while,” she smiled as she yelled out.

Mike went to the family room and poured himself a scotch and settled in on the sofa to watch the news on TV.

Shelly recovered and toweled herself off. She put on her silk robe and sat before her dressing table and brushed out her hair. Tonight, rather than a ponytail she decided to let it drape her form. She dressed in a blue silk half-teddy that left her navel exposed, with matching Brazilian-cut crotch-less panties. Her makeup was subtle; more subdued than previous encounter, with a clear lip gloss. She deftly applied her perfume to her wrists, behind her ears, along her neck, to the place where she would seduce daddy to mark her, down her cleavage to her navel, on her ankles, behind her knees, and on her inner thigh.

She looked at herself in the mirror and a young hottie, ready to seduce her man, looked back. She smiled and headed out the door.

Shelly nonchalantly walked into the living room and settled in next to daddy on the sofa. Mike took her outfit in stride, his cock already firm but swelling more at the first sight of his daughter.

Just as Shelly was about to make an advance daddy’s cell phone rang.

“Oh, hi honey. No, just sitting here watching some TV with Shelly.”

Mike’s conversation, annoyed Shelly. This was her night with daddy and mom was an unwelcome intrusion. While Mike continued to talk, Shelly began kissing his neck, her hand stroking his cock through his trousers. Mike did his best to concentrate but it was obvious that he was not able to follow mom’s conversation.

“I’m sorry babe, what was that again?”

Shelly slid down to her knees in front of daddy and undid his belt, button and zipper, then pulled, exposing daddy’s hardness in one move.

She grabbed his cock and stuffed it in her mouth, sucking, licking, stroking her daddy.

“Oh God… Oh sorry honey not you. The news is just filled with these images of people being tortured. How can they put this crap on TV? Ok… Uh huh… Yes babe, I’ll take care of it. Ok, me too… Talk to you tomorrow… Bye.” Mike set the phone aside. “Shelly, oh God baby. That’s so good kitten,” daddy praised as his fingers pushed aside her curls so he could castingcouch-x porno see his cock riding in and out of her mouth.”

“Better than mom, daddy?” Shelly asked while she continued to pump him.

“God, yes baby girl.”

Shelly reached up under him pulling away and completely removing his trousers. Then she applied another soft wet kiss to his crown then looked up at him and pouted, “I don’t like it when mom keeps us apart daddy.” Then, she went back to sucking on him. She kept looking into her daddy’s eyes, all the while licking and sucking his cock. Then she rose and straddled daddy’s lap. She kissed her father deeply while grinding her pussy along the length of his shaft. Her nails raked the back of his neck. Her tongue danced with his, drawing him into her. Her breasts heaved as they kissed and she swooned at the feel of silk caressing her as daddy kneaded her tits. She sighed as daddy’s hands lifted her short teddy and came to rest on the flesh of her breasts.

Mike gently pushed her to the side and she lay back on the sofa. He left a trail of soft wet kisses from behind her ear, down her silk covered cleavage and then, lifting her silk, he latched on to her breast. His tongue swirled around her nipple as he attempted to nourish himself at her teat. Shelly moaned and arched her back as her hands pressed daddy’s head into her, encouraging his feeding.

He continued to kiss down her front, along the trail of perfume left for him to follow, over the tautness of her tummy to her navel where he drilled into her with his tongue. Her natural scents became dominant in his nostrils and her pheromones intoxicated him. He continued his trail of kisses to the silk of her panties realizing, as she spread her legs, that her crotch-less panties gave him unfettered access to her dripping pussy. He lashed out and parted her vulva with his tongue and she gasped. He suckled her labia, licking them and cleansing them of her elixir. He looked up at her as he moistened a finger with his tongue then placed it inside her aiming anteriorly toward her ‘G’ spot. She reacted to his successful mining. “Ohhhh daddy.” Undulating her hips, letting him know that he had found his mark. He stroked her insides while his tongue danced over her clit. Her fingers combed through his graying hair, and a desperate expression covered her face. Her breathing deepened and her pulse quickened. He could feel her pussy tighten around his finger and her hips thrust uncontrollably as she cried out. “Daddy, daddy, daddy, Oh God…” then she fell silent, unable to move air as she was wrecked by her climax. Suddenly, she convulsed and unleashed herself upon him with a torrent of cum that rushed from her loins. Mike greedily lapped at her again and again, swallowing it all.

As she lay there lost to the world, Mike crawled between her legs. He grabbed his rod and rubbed his head up and down her slit then penetrated her sex. She instinctively thrust back at him and awakened to the new pleasures now occupying her vagina. She looked up at her daddy as he slowly worked the tightness of her young cunt. Each time he hilted himself within her, his cock head would crash into her cervix, prying her open. She felt as if he would split her in two. She reached out with her arm and grasped his hip, keeping time with his rhythm. She lay there in an intense ecstasy but wanted more and re-dedicated herself to her plan. He was not going to pull out at the last second and waste himself on her belly. Not this time. She would be in control. She knew she had to change their positions.

“I want to taste myself on you,” she said.

Mike withdrew and sat back as her head came to his lap. She placed him in her mouth and her tongue lapped at his rod. She loved the taste of her pussy on daddy’s cock. She loved tasting the evidence that her daddy had been inside her.

She plied wet kisses from his knob to his base and then gave each of his orbs a tongue lashing, taking them into her mouth, rolling them around as she gently sucked them and bathed them in her saliva and ripened them for release.

She clips4sale porno kissed her way back to his crown and took him into her mouth once again. With one hand she pumped his rod while the other kneaded his balls, her nails raking them and teasing them. She felt a twinge in daddy’s thighs as he approached the cliff once more and stared over into the abyss. This time however, it was she who pulled him back from the edge as she released her grasp on his cock and let it fall from her mouth.

She straddled her daddy looking at him with a sly, sexy, pleasured smile as she rubbed her kitty up and down his shaft. She kissed him and was rewarded by the taste of her cum on his lips. She kissed him deeply, again and again, as she rubbed her labia along his shaft. He returned her kisses and barely noticed as she reached back and grabbed his cock and placed it at her introitus. She kissed him once more and sighed into his open mouth as she impaled herself upon him and set up a slow determined bouncing rhythm. Mike grabbed her ass cheeks, hoisting her only to impale her again and again upon his shaft. She placed her hands on his shoulders and began riding up and down his shaft, her pace quickening. She could feel him bouncing off of her insides, stabbing at her. Then she changed her tack. She brought her hands behind his head and tightly interlocked her fingers. Rather than bounce up and down her thrusts became a thrust forward and rearward. Mike, changed his motion as well, pulling her to him with each forward thrust ensuring maximum penetration. Shelly cried out. “Oh daddy. Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl!” Then bearing down, she Kegeled, grabbing his cock, tightening herself around him. She quickened her pace and she could see growing worry in daddy’s eyes. “Don’t stop daddy. Fuck me daddy! Cum in me daddy! Cum in you little girl’s pussy!” She held her grip as he tried to push her off. “Oh, fuck Shelly,” he cried out. “Oh daddy! Oh daddy! Ohhhh daddddy!”

She kissed him deeply as she threw him off the edge of the cliff and looked deep into his soul as he fell into the abyss she had created.

An other-worldly groan escaped Mike’s lips. He lost himself to nature as every muscle in his body contracted and, a primal mating instinct took control. His grip tightened on her ass pulling her to him, burying him as deep inside her as was humanly possible until he engaged the cervical os overlying her womb. She felt as if he was splitting her in two. Fear and desperation came over his face as it contorted and he snarled. Suddenly she felt it. His cock was twitching inside her like a trapped snake and his hips trembled beneath her as his load crawled up his shaft. His first spurt of cum surprised her with its force, its heat, as it spat into her womb. As nature has been commanding since the dawn of time, her pussy instinctively tightened its grip on his member, holding him engaged inside her, her vaginal muscles fasiculating around his rod. Her hips began a series of small twitching thrusts as she milked her daddy of his seed. His first rope was followed by another, and another as he inseminated his daughter, his mate, and her belly became rich with the warmth of his release. She looked at him and smiled as he emptied himself into her cum hungry cunt.

Finally, his muscles began to loosen and she kissed him softly, wetly, lovingly, breaking his fall and providing him a soft place to land.

“Oh Shelly. What have you done baby girl?” Mike was worried about the implications of their passion.

“Didn’t you like it daddy? Didn’t you like how I made you cum?”

“God baby. It was wonderful. But daddy can’t cum inside you princess. You could get pregnant.”

“I know daddy. Don’t worry. I checked my period calendar and I’m safe tonight.”

“You’re never 100% safe princess. There’s always a small chance that you got the dates wrong, or that your body ovulated late, or early. Trust me, I know. Mom thought she was safe the night we made you. We have to get you on the pill so we know you’re safe.”

Shelly smiled, “Does that mean you’ll cum in me all the time daddy?”

“Well maybe not all the time but at least we’ll be safe if it does happen.”

“Can I sleep in your bed tonight daddy?”

“Of course you can princess.”

Shelly hugged her daddy lovingly and placed her head on his shoulder. She kissed his ear. “I love you daddy.”

“I love you too princess.”

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