Sexual Siblings Ch. 04

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The tires of the Faber’s beloved pickup truck rumbled over the asphalt as Elizabeth crested the slight hill that brought her to the arrivals deck of the airport. Traffic was thickening somewhat; within the stream of cars a flurry of blinkers signified that drivers had found their travelers. She scanned the faces of people milling about the stretch of concrete but she didn’t see anyone she recognized. She inched forward with the other cars, frowning at the crowd and running her hands excitedly over the wheel.

A year. It had been a year since she’d seen Oliver. A little longer than that, to be accurate. Some days she would look at the calendar and find that weeks had flown by, but there was no denying that the last year had been a long one for her. They’d kept in touch through phone calls and Skype sessions when they could, more often sending an innocuous text or funny email. Their respective schedules and social lives posed challenges, too. Oli would be home for a whole week and Bit could not have been more excited or relieved. Plus, he was going to help her move into her own apartment; she planned to stretch that process out a bit so she could keep him to herself. She would be a squirrel, storing moments with him to last for another long absence.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a hand shoot into the air. She spotted Oli’s light brown hair and waved. She couldn’t get a spot at the curb but she slowed down and he ran toward her. She felt her stomach twist itself into a knot as he stepped into the street and reached for the door.

And then he was there, hurling his bag into the back and sliding into the cab. She inhaled deeply, savoring that woodsy smell of his that she’d been yearning for.

“Hey, you,” he said coyly as Bit merged back into the flow of cars. She wanted to look him over but she couldn’t take her eyes off the road for more than a second.

“Hey yourself! How the hell are you?” she asked, feeling punchy. They moved away from the arrivals level and picked up speed as they queued to exit airport property. Oliver spent the next few minutes describing the flight and the bickering couple he’d been sitting between while Bit drove them in the direction of home. It wasn’t long before the other cars thinned out and they found themselves on more rural roads. The farm was still a few miles off and the bustle of the airport was well behind them. Bit pulled off onto a deserted, private road and put the car in park. She turned to face her brother, who was giving her a curious smirk.

“Sorry, I wanted to get out of there but I need to give you a proper hello,” she explained. Oli understood. Crowds of people- even those they’d probably never see again- were risky. They’d been incredibly lucky in the past. Eric hadn’t been home when they’d been together that morning in Oli’s apartment last year. Billy never asked about the particulars of their relationship after being caught red handed by an obviously outraged Oliver. They’d been sloppy before, like a pair of high schoolers. They had to be smart now and stick to the guidelines they’d established.

To avoid excessive nagging from their parents, the siblings agreed to date other people, if only superficially. They spoke candidly in person or over the phone, never over text or email where prying eyes might uncover their secret. When they were together in town they had no choice but to assume they could run into someone they knew. Better safe than sorry, they agreed. Still, they’d been waiting ages for this.

Now Oli reached out and pulled his sister across the seat of the pickup to embrace her. He gave an involuntary shiver of excitement when he felt her arms tighten around his torso.

“I missed you,” she muttered, nuzzling his chest. He pressed his face into her hair, only a few shades lighter than his, and breathed in the sweet and tropical aroma of her shampoo.

“I missed you too, Bit. Like crazy,” he added. He pulled back a little to admire her glimmering green eyes. “It was tough saying goodbye last time. I was in a funk for a while. I’ve been looking forward to this visit for a long time.” Bit smiled up at him.

“You sure that doesn’t have anything to do with eating a bunch of turkey and catching up with your high school buddies?” she asked, half joking. It was an informal tradition to meet up with other local alumni at Baker’s, a bar in town, on the eve of Thanksgiving. Bit wouldn’t be 21 for another 6 months but exceptions were often made for pretty women.

“There’s nobody I’m dying to see,” Oli replied vaguely. Bit squinted at her brother, evaluating.

“Please tell me you’ve forgiven Billy,” she chided. “You know that was a silly mistake on my part and that it meant nothing. Don’t you?” Oli rolled his eyes dramatically and sighed.

“Yeah, I know. I guess I’m over it.”

“Oli! Billy’s been your friend for ages. To throw that away over a few minutes of heavy petting is ridiculous, not to mention cause for suspicion,” Bit reasoned. Oli couldn’t hold back his grin. She was adorable when she tried marks head bobbers porno to scold him.

“Don’t worry. We’ve talked since then and we’ll probably get a drink later,” he reassured her. He gently tucked a lock of hair behind her left ear. “And I don’t think Billy would judge us too harshly.” Bit’s eyes widened.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She felt a flutter of panic. Had he found out?

“Relax, he doesn’t know. But he’s had the hots for you since eleventh grade. When I told him about the night I walked in on you…” They shared an impish grin as they recalled the shared memory that sparked their tryst. Bit blushed, which Oli found both sweet and arousing. “Well, Billy expressed his opinion, which was that I should’ve made a move.”

“He had to be joking. Right?” Bit couldn’t quite believe it. Then again, that accidental intrusion of Oli’s had ended up setting something wild in motion.

“It’s hard to know with Billy. Anyway, after your entrance in the towel post-shower, he told me again that I needed to fuck you. By the way, where did you find such a skimpy towel? It might as well have been two wash cloths.” Oli thought back to the beginning, the angst he felt and the relentless, throbbing hard ons she gave him.

“We had larger towels to choose from. That much I’ll admit.” Bit nibbled her lower lip, eyes alight with amusement. “I wonder if Billy was serious. Did you agree with him?”

“Not out loud. Not even really to myself until you were standing in my room, soaking wet. That was…pretty unbelievable.” Oli’s words trailed off. Bit recognized the shine in his eyes, the shift in focus. She slid her hand behind his neck, twisting the hair at the base of his skull in her fingers as she brought her face close to his.

“Fuck,” he groaned softly. “I’m hard as a rock.” She smirked.

“I know.” She exhaled shakily, every bit as turned on as he was, and pressed her mouth to his. Neither of them could remember a kiss as passionate. Their mouths moved together, wet and warm, in a song of pants and moans. Their tongues wrestled, retreated and came back for more. Oli grabbed Bit’s waist, crushing their torsos together. He broke the seal of their mouths and ventured to nibble her earlobe.

“Oh god,” she squealed. He grunted again, acutely aware of his cock straining against jeans not designed to comfortably accommodate an erection. Still, he didn’t want to quit. His lips and teeth found her neck and he began to taste the tender flesh there. She squirmed so delightfully against him. He’d missed that most of all, those moments when he could make her lose control of herself.

Oli’s mouth felt sublime on her neck. The way he kissed and sucked made her melt in his arms, but in the back of her mind Bit knew they needed to exercise restraint.

“Oli,” she stammered. His hand was suddenly under her shirt, pushing up her bra. He grabbed her breast insistently, hard enough to ache but not quite hurt. He pinched her nipple and she moaned. “Oli, we can’t. Not here. And if you don’t quit that I’m going to do something reckless.” It took all her resolve to ask him to stop but they had no choice.

“Like what?” he asked breathily. He planted tiny kisses on her neck again. “Like fuck me right here?”

Hearing him talk like that again, his breath against her ear, was almost enough to change her mind. This was a thousand times more powerful than any fantasy she’d come up with in the past year.

“Oh god. Yes, Oli, exactly like that. And as much as I want to, I can’t.”

“Don’t you want to feel me inside you?” he rumbled, rolling her nipple in his fingers. She whimpered, becoming fully aware of how wet she was. It would be easy for him to slide his thick cock inside her. It would feel so good…

“Yes. I want that so bad,” she whispered. She took his hand from her breast and locked her fingers in his. She kissed him hard, biting his bottom lip as she pulled away. “But it’s not safe here. If a cop sees us we’ll be in deep shit.”

She hated having to say it, to bring things to a halt, but it was true. Any cop who walked up on them would check their licenses, see their names…they’d made the rules for a reason.

“You’re right,” Oli sighed. He ran a hand over his face. “I’m sorry. I just can’t restrain myself. I don’t know how long I can wait.” Bit straightened her shirt and bra and stroked his thigh reassuringly.

“Trust me, I hate being the voice of reason. But your patience will be rewarded,” she promised, giving him a devilish smile. He kissed her again for a long moment and put his seat belt back on.

“What am I supposed to do with this thing?” he readjusted his sizeable erection as much as possible and gave a pained laugh. “You girls have it easy.”

Bit gripped the steering wheel firmly in both hands, easing the truck out from under the cover of trees. Just as she was merging back onto the road, she turned to her brother, still grinning.

“Just remember,” she said. “Good things come to those massage porno who wait.”


The day felt full to Oli and Bit once they got home. As usual, Mr. and Mrs. Faber fussed over their son upon his return; it had been a long time apart for them, too. Bit had snuck upstairs while the rest of her family caught up. She needed a moment to think, to strategize. They would be under near constant surveillance by friends and family for the next two days at least. They might get a chance to be alone at night or in the car but even that was risky.

Elizabeth knew she’d have to watch her words and actions closely around her brother; she ought to remind him to do the same. Still, her pulse jumped a little at the thought of him back in their home and blissfully close at hand. It would be challenging but it would be a good visit, of that she was sure.

Not long after their return, Mrs. Faber recruited Bit to help her with preparations while the men took care of lawn maintenance and barn chores. Bit plunged her rag into hot water and wrung it out before going over the kitchen baseboards one last time. She inched from section to section on her knees, grunting a little with the effort of scrubbing but not minding it. Behind her, her mother was polishing up the silver serving utensils for the next day.

“I know it’s not much fun but I want this house to look its best. I’m sure you and your brother will have friends coming and going this week,” Mrs. Faber said. “Maybe Chris?”

Bit tried to conceal her sigh. Things with Chris, her sham of a sometimes boyfriend, had been less than stellar lately. It wasn’t that she didn’t like him. He was cute and they had fun together but they weren’t that serious. Bit liked it that way. She’d finally had sex with him back in the spring, but even that hadn’t changed how she felt about him. Her mother, on the other hand, seemed to have very high hopes for them. Even after Elizabeth told her that she would never be in love with Chris, she seemed hopeful that she might commit to him in a more meaningful way. They weren’t even dating exclusively at the moment but Mrs. Faber apparently didn’t care.

“It’s a vague possibility,” Bit conceded. “I haven’t invited him, if that’s what you’re suggesting I do.”

“Don’t you think it would be nice if you did? The more the merrier,” Mrs. Faber sing-songed. Bit sat back on her heels, brushing hair away from her face with the back of her hand. “I would’ve liked for that girl your brother has been seeing to come stay for a few days. Sasha’s her name, I think.”

Bit felt her muscles tense, her posture go rigid. She’d met Sasha last year at a party that Oli’s friends Matt and Luke had thrown. Sasha was beautiful and undoubtedly sexy. While Bit was aware of her shared history with Oli, he assured her that they hadn’t even been in a relationship.

“They haven’t dated in weeks,” Bit said, trying and failing to keep the edge out of her voice. She stood up and dumped her dirty water into the sink. She felt a tangle of irritation and envy pulsing inside of her and knew that she needed to cool off. She turned to her mother, just as she was gathering up the silver to put it away.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I shouldn’t let your matchmaker tendencies get to me. I know you can’t help it,” she joked, giving her mother a lopsided smile, which she returned. “I think I’m just stressed out. You know how the holidays are.” Mrs. Faber crossed the kitchen and planted a dry kiss between her daughter’s furrowed eyebrows.

“Believe me, I understand. Take a break. I’ll be fine in here for a while.”

Bit waited until she’d reached her bedroom to breathe a sigh of relief. She was going to have to work on her poker face. She changed into breeches and tall boots and pulled an old blue sweater of Oli’s from high school over her head.

The barn was quiet when she walked in. She heard the ride-on mower in the distance and assumed that her father and brother were tackling the landscaping together.

“Hey there, girl.” Tinka, the statuesque bay mare that Bit got in high school raised her head from her water bucket and ambled over to the door. She stuck her head over the stall guard to nuzzle Bit’s stomach and dribbled water from her chin onto Oli’s old sweater.

“Thanks, you filthy animal,” she laughed. She turned the dusty radio to the local classical station and got her grooming supplies. Tinka was one of Bit’s dearest friends, for good reason. She was quiet, reliable and emotionally intuitive. She was calming in a way that no human could be. Bit found it easy to let her mind go blank in the stall with Tinka, to lose herself as she brushed her horse from nose to tail. After she removed a few tangles from Tinka’s tail, she went about picking her hooves. The front two were easy but Bit had to cajole her horse into lifting her back hooves today. She was bent over and leaning against Tinka’s right side, hand gently squeezing the tendon that ran down the back of the mare’s leg. She had just lifted the hoof off the ground when meet-suck and fuck porno Bit heard a shuffling behind her. She stood and spun around. Oli was leaning against the doorframe, smirking.

“Oh, you scared me. I didn’t hear you come in over the music. And I’d just gotten her to pick that leg up.” Bit furrowed her brow at her brother before returning his smile.

“By all means, return to the task as hand. I was enjoying the view,” he admitted, raising his eyebrows. Bit’s cheeks went slightly pink. She turned around and bent to pick up Tinka’s hoof. Thankfully the mare cooperated and she was able to free a clod of dirt with her hoof pick. She could practically feel Oli’s eyes on her ass and wasn’t surprised when she heard him enter the stall a moment later.

She felt his hands on her hips as she stood before turning to face him. She was feeling flushed and giddy as her brother’s eyes roamed her face and traveled down her body.

“I like seeing you in my clothes,” he said breathily. He rubbed the hem on his old sweater between his fingers, his warm knuckles brushing Bit’s stomach just above her jeans. She shuddered and leaned into him, craving his touch. He kissed the top of her head, then her cheek. He wanted so badly to tilt his head down to brush his lips against hers, but Tinka bumped against them before he could.

“Oh yeah. Sorry, Tink,” Bit said. She took a step back, nibbling her lip as she looked up into her brother’s eyes. “I was going to work with her for a while. And you should get back to Dad before he comes looking for you.”

Oli reluctantly withdrew his hands. Again she found herself having to ask him to go, and hating it. She didn’t know when they would finally get to be alone, but the risk of being caught red handed was too high.

“Yeah, you’re right.” He ran his hands through his hair and sighed. Bit felt his frustration keenly. She wanted to be able to speak freely, to hold him, but she had to keep her inhibitions firmly in check.

“I think some of my friends want to go out tonight. Everybody’s going to be at Baker’s,” he said.

“Yeah, a few people texted me about meeting up,” Bit replied.

“So we’ll ride over together?” Oli asked. Their eyes locked and held for a tense moment. Bit felt her pulse quicken at the promise of alone time- even just a car ride- with Oli.

“Definitely,” she said.


The day seemed to go on forever but finally, night came. After preparations were finished and dinner was eaten, Oli and Bit bid their parents goodnight and made their escape. The air practically crackled between them as they slid into the cab, Bit scooting closer to Oli than she needed to. The air was brisk, just beginning to hint at the cold that the coming months would bring. As they pulled away from the house, Bit stuck a hand between her brother’s thighs, making his breath catch in this throat.

“What are you doing?” he asked as her fingers brushed the seam inside his right thigh, just below his cock.

“My hands are cold!” she reasoned. Oli groaned, a sound Bit was learning to love to provoke. As much as she wished they could be properly alone for a while, she could appreciate the effect her teasing had on him. She continued massaging his leg for a while, the deserted road whizzing beneath them as her hand ventured higher and Oli’s cock swelled.

“This really isn’t fair,” he grumbled. He jerked the wheel to the right and the car rumbled onto the dirt shoulder, bouncing. Before she could say anything, Oli killed the ignition and hastily maneuvered Bit onto her back. He pushed the clingy fabric of her dress up around her waist and yanked her panties down her legs. He tossed the ball of red lace onto the floor of the truck, feasting his eyes on his sister’s exposed pussy. He’d been waiting for this for ages. Even in what little light the moon provided, he could see the moisture that had gathered on the lips of her cunt.

“Look at how wet you are,” he observed, his voice deep and rough with desire. “Just from teasing me?”

“Here? What if somebody sees-” Her half-hearted protests were lost in a gasp when Oli abruptly buried his face between her legs. He’d missed this, the silkiness of her cunt against his tongue and the taste of her, the way she rolled her hips to press herself against his mouth. He sucked her clit into his mouth, caressing it with his tongue. Anything to make her moan like that. She put one heel on the dashboard and braced the other against the glass of the window. Her chest heaved as he slid two fingers inside of her.

“Holy fuck…” Oli wasted no time, fucking her fast and hard with his fingers brushing firmly against her g spot. Bit raised her head and found her brother’s eyes. “Please fuck me. Right now.” His fingers kept moving but he quit his licking to respond.

“Here?” he said mockingly. “I sure don’t want to get caught.”

“Shut up. I don’t care,” she said. Oli smirked. He liked her like this, on the edge and desperate. “Do you want me to get you hard?” He laughed.

“No need,” he told her. Difficult though it was in the cramped space, he managed to straighten up enough to undo his belt. Bit was biting her lip, watching him like a hawk in a way that turned him on so much he was fumbling with the button on his jeans. He wanted her so bad his whole body felt like it was vibrating.

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