Sexual experiments with a hot young latina – Part VI

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Elena – VI

I came home early from work Monday after my fun night with Elena and Chu. I was so excited to see them and when I walked in the door Elena greeted me with a big kiss. She was wearing sexy tight short denim shorts and a white string tank top that clung to her body like a glove. I loved how she always dressed sexy around the house. My cock was always hard just looking at her.

“Where is Chu?” I asked.

“She left.” Elena had a little pout on her face. “She’s leaving tomorrow morning for Los Angeles so she is staying at my mom’s house tonight.”

I’m not sure which one of us was more disappointed but my heart definitely sank a little. I had hoped that Chu could stay for a few days so the three of us could have a few more passionate nights. But I realized that I was probably being a little greedy and selfish to think that I could have both of these hot girls to myself for any length of time.

I led Elena to the bedroom and pulled off her shorts and got down to lick on her delicious pussy. My mind wandered to the previous night, remembering how I had cum so hard watching the two of them together and then got to cum again into Chu’s tight little ass just minutes later.

I continued to slurp and lap my tongue on Elena and when she was good and wet I took off my clothes and we moved to have sex standing up in front of the mirror. I positioned her facing the mirror and got behind her. I lifted her little tank top above her tits so I could admire her fantastic body while I plunged into her from behind.

She enjoyed looking at the reflection of her own body while I slapped my body against her ass and made her perfect round titties jiggle. I grabbed her arms and pulled them back so I could watch her chest stick out more toward the mirror. I leaned down to kiss, lick, and nibble on the back of her neck. She moaned and twisted her head sideways.

She wiggled her ass against me in a slow dance-like motion. We were grinding against each other in a perfect slow rhythm. Elena would toss her long hair around once in while whipping me in the face. She leaned down and pressed her ass firmly against me.

Finally, she could hear me on the verge of exploding so she pulled away, turned around, and squatted down in front of me. She looked up at me with those sexy eyes and I grabbed my wet cock and stroked just a few times until I blasted my load all over her face. She stuck out her tongue and I sent one stream of cum into her mouth and the rest all over her nose and cheeks. She swallowed her mouthful and I just stood there looking down at her beautiful cum covered face.

She smiled and I picked her up and plopped her down on the bed. I just stared at her until she fell asleep with my cum still dripping down her cheek and neck. While I was certainly going to miss Chu, I realized how lucky I was to have Elena. I was definitely in love with her now.

* * * *

The whole next week, we pretty much did the same thing every day. I looked forward to coming home from work each night to see what outfit she would be wearing and then we’d go off to the bedroom to attack each other’s bodies. Several times I would setup my video camera to record our performance. Elena loved putting on a show for the camera and a couple times I fantasized that she was a porn star. My porn star. She really knew how to move her body seductively and loved to play the submissive role. We could make a fortune with her hot perfect body, I smiled to myself.

After a couple of weeks, Elena was getting a bit bored sitting around the house all day and we talked about finding her some work. I suggested that she might want to apply at some of the local gyms to see about doing something like fitness training or maybe teaching aerobics classes. She loved the idea and went to work looking up the addresses of local gyms.

Over the next two days my roommate Clem offered to drive her around to apply for jobs. I was happy to see that Clem and her were getting along well since they had been at each other’s throats a few times in the past.

I wasn’t sure which one of them was more excited when I came back after work on Friday.

“Guess what? Elena applied at four gyms today. Guess how many offers she got? Clem asked excitedly.

Elena smiled but let Clem do the talking.

“She was offered a job at three of them!” He seemed quite proud as if he had something to do with her potential success.

Elena got up from the couch and jumped up on me , wrapping her legs around me and I almost fell over. She was so excited and I was happy for her.

We talked about the different clubs and the job offers and we decided on a particular gym that was going to provide her with training to become a certified personal fitness trainer. She called and accepted their offer and started her first day of work just three days later.

* * * *

I was invited to a wine release party on a Saturday night and invited Clem and his new girlfriend Pamela to join us. I thought it might be a little awkward since I had slept with Pam’s friend Jenna about a month or so earlier. But Pam and Elena seemed to be getting along pretty well. Elena did a makeover on Pam and let her borrow some of Elena’s sexy outfits a few times. Pam had transformed from a conservative looking farm girl into a very sexy looking young woman. I never thought she was all that attractive before but the change was remarkable and Clem loved it.

Pam offered to be our designated driver and we drove for an hour up to the winery.

We had a great meal and Elena, Clem, and I polished off a few bottles of wine during the evening. Elena was wearing a classy short flowery summer dress and sexy open-toed heels. She received compliments all night from both men and women.

We danced to the live music and they played a few latin songs so Elena was happy. When I came back from the bathroom, Elena was dancing with one of the waiters who was from Cuba. They were having fun together and I stood watching her move her sexy body.

While I watched, an older gentleman came up and introduced himself. His name was Stewart and he was the owner of the winery along with a number of other successful companies. I thought maybe he was going to give me a hard time about Elena dancing with the staff but he said he thought it was a nice gesture that Elena didn’t think it was below her to dance with one of the help. We talked for a bit and when the song ended Elena came over and I introduced them.

The three of us chatted for a while and Stewart went on to brag about his private jet, sailboat, and other acquired possessions. It seemed like he was trying too hard to impress Elena and I.
Finally, he handed me a business card and told me to contact him if I wanted to consider a change of jobs. I wondered if he really wanted to hire me or just get an opportunity to see ELena again but I was still excited about the possibility.

We were about the last people to leave the party and I noticed that wine had caught up to Clem since he had a little trouble staying on his feet. He leaned against Pamela as we walked outside to the car. We were not on the road for more than ten minutes before Clem passed out in the front passenger seat.

Elena snuggled next to me in the back seat and we kissed while Pam chauffered us down the highway listening to her country music.

Elena started rubbing my crotch and my cock went instantly hard. I was a bit surprised but probably shouldn’t have been when she leaned down and started nibbling on my swollen member through the outside of my pants. She quietly and gently unzipped my pants and my cock sprung out and straight up.

I kept watching Pam but she didn’t seem to notice what was going on behind her as she sang along with one of her favorite songs. Elena gently wrapped her mouth around my cock and slowly sucked me. I leaned back and closed my eyes while my head spun a little from all the wine. It felt so good. She continued to work her mouth deeper and pulled out occasionally to run her tongue all up and down my shaft.

I noticed that Pam had stopped singing and I opened my eyes and saw that she had adjusted her rear view mirror to watch what was going on. I could see her eyes looking right into mine and I smiled and raised a finger to my lips hoping she wouldn’t say something to interrupt Elena. She smiled back and shook her head a little as if to say “You’re such a dirty boy.”

Something about her watching got me even more excited and I stared back at her while Elena bobbed up and down faster on me. I could tell Pam was having a hard time focusing on the road as she hit the highway bumps a few times.

Finally, I exploded into Elena’s mouth and let out just a subtle moan with my mouth wide open while I continued to look into Pam eyes. Elena swallowed every drop and kept me deep in her warm mouth. I wondered what Pam was thinking about the two of us carrying on in her back seat but I was exhausted and I leaned back and I feel asleep with Elena’s head resting on my lap.

* * * *

About a week later Elena and I arrived home after a late dinner at a restaurant one weekend night. I noticed once again several cars in front of the house and I figured the roommates were having another party.

Once inside, we saw two couples that I didn’t know and several girls sitting around drinking cocktails. They were all laughing and having a great time. I was shocked when I noticed one of the girls was Pam’s friend Jenna who I had slept with during my brief break from Elena. Jenna was wearing her trademark short skirt and cowboy boots and had her blouse tied up to show off her nice flat tummy. She looked damn good and I couldn’t help but noticed the great smile she flashed at me.

Pam introduced Elena to everyone and Elena didn’t even flinch when she heard Jenna’s name. I did notice her looking Jenna up and down a couple of times after I sat down on the only avaiable chair. Elena sat on my lap and joined in on the conversations.

I didn’t notice it at first but strewn out all across the table were numerous sex toys and lingerie. I learned that this had been an engagement party for one of the couples, named Glen and Celeste. The theme was sexy nightwear and sexual gifts. There were several sizes and varieties of vibrators, cock rings, oils, lingerie, and a very large realistic looking black dildo complete with a pair of balls attached.

The girls giggled gaziemir escort as they held up the various devices and talked about which one was their favorite.

Jenna held up one of the vibrators and said, “This looks like one I would like,” and then added, “But I would rather have someone use it on me then use it alone.”

She seemed to look right at me when she said it but Elena didn’t show any kind of outward reaction.

Then Clem thought it was a funny idea to reach down and pick up the big black dildo and toss it over onto Elena’s lap. “This looks like your kind of Toy Elena,” he laughed, “At least that is what I have heard.”

Everyone just looked at him in stunned silence. I could tell he was drunk again and I almost got up and punched him. I had made the mistake of telling him about our night in the city with Chu and her ex-boyfriend Hendrik and I thought it was an insulting cheap shot. Elena and Clem had been getting along pretty well lately and I figured this was going to set things back.

Elena gave him an angry look.

Pam snapped. “Don’t be a jerk Clem.”

“What? I’m just saying that I know…”

“Shut the fuck up!” I interrupted him and he finally seemed to get the message.

Elena picked up the dildo off of her lap, studied it for a moment and then looked at Pam and said “Don’t you wish you had a man who had something like this?”

Everyone laughed except Clem who I could sense was fuming inside. It was the perfect comeback insult but I was hoping that things wouldn’t continue to accelerate.

Finally, Celeste broke the ice by saying “I certainly would.”

And there was more laughing with her fiance saying “What?” while he laughed good naturedly himself.

Elena then lifted the dildo up toward her mouth and said, “I would start by doing this.” And she started to seductively and gently lick the tip of the rubberized head.

“Elena! Knock it off” I said. I didn’t know where she was going with this and I started to get a little embarrassed.

“Show us girl!, teach me something” Celeste egged her on.

Then her finance Glen chuckled, “Yeah Celeste needs some lessons so she can learn to be a good wife.”

There was more laughing and that was all the encouragement Elena needed. She started to push the black dildo into her mouth and suck on the head on the head of it. I could see it up close now. It had realistic looking veins up and down the shaft and a perfect mushroom cap on the head. Even the firm balls hanging from the base of the shaft looked realistic.

I wanted to stop her but was also kind of turned on watching her perform for the group. I looked over at Jenna and she just smiled and shook her head like she couldn’t believe it. I wondered if she could ever to the same thing.

Everyone seemed to be having fun with it so I just watched as Elena stood up and propped up the base of dildo on the edge of the coffee table. Then she got down on her knees and started to suck on it up and down. She looked over at Clem who still wasn’t smiling and watched the expression on his face. I wasn’t sure if she was mocking him or teasing him. Probably a little of both.

Everyone was getting a bit carried away by now and they were encouraging Elena to go wild on the big black life-like dildo. Elena continued to suck, using the same technique she always used on me. I looked around the room and everyone seem to be into it.

Then Elena looked up at Celeste and reached out with her hand, “Come here, let’s share this together.”

Celeste just sat there with this look of shock on her face but I think all of us were even more shocked when she actually got off the couch and got down on her knees next to Elena. Glen watched with a nervous smile as Celeste took her turn sucking on the black cock. Elena moved down and licked on the ball sack and the two of them worked on it like a team of cock sluts.

Everyone was pretty quiet now watching the show and I’m sure the four of us guys were stiff as hell watching.

Elena looked over at Pam and said, “Come on, it’s your turn now.”

I had always thought that Pam was a little more conservative than the other girls so I was again surprised when she came and took over for Celeste. At this point, Clem had seen enough and he got up and went storming off to his room. That put a damper on the party and the girls stopped the show. The two couples started collecting their things and Celeste handed the black Dildo to Elena and told her to have some fun with it.

“Sure, I’ll break it in for you,” Elena laughed.

Elena and I got up and went off to our bedroom while the group cleaned up the remaining bottles and glasses and gathered up the gifts.

Elena and I were both very turned on and we got quickly undressed and into bed. I licked and kissed her body all over and then slid down to suck on her pussy. I handed her the dildo and looked up to watch her suckingon it. It was so hot seeing her take it in and out of her mouth while I tongued her pussy.

I moved up onto my knees and slid my cock into her like butter, all the time she was sucking and slurping on the dildo with passion. I pushed my cock in and out of her and and eventually had to pull out since I felt like I was going to blow my load any second.

I took the dildo away from her mouth and gripped the base of it and slowly worked it into her pussy. It was definitely bigger than me but I was able to slide it in slowly while she moaned, “Gentle!”

I had my hand wrapped around the base and balls while I gently twisted it in and out of her. I loved watching it disappear into her and I leaned down and licked her clit while pushing it in and out slow. I felt kind of weird and gay feeling it rub against my face and lips but it was one of those heat of the moment things and it got me even more excited.

Elena squirmed and wiggled as I continued to play with her. She then let out a little squeal and came hard as I pushed it deep into her. I slowed down for a moment and then started on her again.

Then I pushed her over onto her stomach with the dildo deep inside her and started to run my tongue all over her sweet tight asshole. I darted my tongue in and out and got her wet and lubed and she kept saying “Yes” over and over.

I got next to her in the spoon position and pressed the head of my cock against her wet backdoor. As usual it took a while to get in but it was easier than the previous times. When I finally was fully into her, I pulled her over and onto me. I was lying on my back now and she was lying with her back on top of my chest facing up toward the ceiling. My cock was deep into her ass now and the dildo was firmly in her pussy.

She grabbed the base of it and pushed it in and out of her while I lifted her by the hips and gently wiggled my cock around in her tight ass giving Elena her first double penetration. Once again she let out a loud squeal and I could feel her juices leaking down and onto my balls and thighs.

I moved us around sideways so that her pussy and ass were facing the mirror so I could see my cock buried into her ass and to watch the black dildo disappear into her o-ring pussy. I reached around to take control of the dildo and and grabbed it by the base and worked in in and out of her fast. It was such an incredible sight and I wished I had set up the camera to record us. “Next time,” I thought to myself.

Finally, I let go of the dildo, lifted Elena’s legs up into the air and watched us as I exploded into her ass. The tight grip made it even more intense and I could feel my cock pumping hard as my balls drained completely.

Finally, I rolled Elena onto her side and felt her tight ass muscles slowly push me out of her. The dildo was still buried deep into her and she pulled it out nice and slow. She lifted it up to my face and said, “Taste me.”

“No thank you,” I protested.

It just seemed like way too gay of a thing to do. But she pressed it up against my lips and I decided curiously to open my mouth suck it and lick her juices off of it. I have to admit, it did turn me on a bit to taste her delicious wetness on the dildo and I took it deep into my mouth and cleaned it up.

I pulled it out of my mouth and said, “Okay that’s enough of that.”

She giggled and then put it into her mouth one last time before tossing it toward the foot of the bed.

“That was the most incredible orgasm I have ever had” She confessed.

“So fucking hot” I smiled.

I had a feeling we would be using it a lot in the future.

I needed to get a glass of water before we fell asleep so I slipped on my shorts and went to the kitchen. The house was dark now but on the way back I noticed that there was someone sleeping on the couch and covered by a small blanket. I quietly tiptoed over and looked down. The light in the room was dim but I could tell it was Jenna. She looked so good sleeping there on my couch. My cock was still wet and a little firm and I fantasized about fucking Jenna again right there. But then I snapped back to reality and quietly went back to the bedroom.

Elena looked up at me, somehow knowing and asked, “So is she still here?”

I hesitated and then answered, “Yes, sleeping on the couch.”

“Well? Do you want to fuck her or what?”

I shook my head, “Don’t be ridiculous. You are my only girl now.”

“Go ahead, I’ll let you fuck her one more time.” Elena looked at me with a straight face.

Of course the idea turned me on and I felt like I needed to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming or something. I couldn’t even believe that I was standing there even thinking about it. It was crazy. But it was just another typical confusing thing to come out of Elena’s mouth.

Elena went on, “I can tell she still wants you. Go have some fun with her. Give her some pleasure. You can even use the dildo on her.”

It was an absurd suggestion and I could only assume that it was some kind of test she was putting me through. She couldn’t really mean it. I just looked at her for a moment trying to figure her out. Was she really suggesting that I go fuck Jenna on my living room couch while Elena just stayed in my bed waiting?

There was just no way that I could do it. Or could I?

* * * * *

* If you liked this and want part 7, please give me a positive rating and leave a comment and I’ll continue to write about my first year with Elena.

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