Serafina Joins the Local WI…

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Feeling particularly bored one afternoon, Serafina wandered into the ancient village church where she happened to find the local Women’s Institute meeting in full sway. They were practising flower arranging. She was immediately recruited by the over-enthusiastic Chairwoman, Victoria Lovecock, who loved the idea of this exotic creature joining their merry throng. Victoria immediately took personal charge of her education into all things English.

Serafina later reciprocated by inviting Victoria to Moonstone for high tea in the conservatory. Victoria was surprised to find that Lady Havelock was serving Champagne instead of Earl Grey. She was even more surprised, a bottle and half of Veuve Clicqout later, when Serafina suddenly slid her hand up her skirt as they sat together on the half-moon sofa. Victoria’s third surprise was that she didn’t try to stop her. She very quickly became Serafina’s first ‘Submissive’. Serafina realised she had found rich pickings to fuel her desires with the sexually-repressed ladies of the local WI, if Victoria was anything to go by.

Serafina eyed the new potential recruit up and down. Brenda looked like she’d dressed for another Church WI meeting, resplendent in a tweed two-piece over a lemon cashmere polo-neck jumper.

‘Oh daahling you look wonderful. So… perfectly Eenglish’ Serafina said in her heavily accentuated Spanish accent. Without warning Serafina pulled opened Brenda’s jacket with both hands, surveying the curve of her breasts underneath the fine cashmere wool.

‘My my!’ she exclaimed, ‘They look delicious!’ Brenda shot a nervous look at Victoria.

‘Oh she’s just teasing you Brenda!’

‘Come along ladies.’ Serafina ordered, heading for the kitchen, her stilettoes resounding on the polished parquet flooring. Victoria briskly strode after her followed by Brenda, who realised her heart was going ten to the dozen. ‘Was it fright…or anticipation?’ Brenda couldn’t decide.

‘Come Victoria, we have lots to do. Have you brought your bag?’ Mrs Lovecock held up her Radley case in reply. ‘Oh you are a good girl! Lady Havelock led her guests through the oak-panelled hall, past several suits of armour and heraldic tapestries until they reached the kitchen. Once they had entered, Lady Havelock turned the large brass latch on the door into the ‘locked’ position, earning a quizzical look from Brenda.

‘Now have you brought what I requested?’ Lady Havelock demanded sternly of Victoria.

Victoria eagerly unzipped the expensive case and pulled out a huge black dildo, waving it teasingly at Lady Havelock. ‘Will this do? It looks awfully large. I had to hide it from Dennis!’ she chuckled naughtily.

‘Oh you are such a naughty girl! Whatever am I going to do with you?’

‘Well you could try using these.’ Victoria delved into her case and produced a pair of shiny handcuffs adorned with black velvet.

‘Oh daahling I have plenty of those downstairs.’

‘Downstairs?’ Brenda asked, mildly worried.

‘Oh yes dear.’ Victoria replied. ‘You’re in for a treat. Wait until you see it, it’s absolutely marvellous! Lady Havelock has her very own sex dungeon!’ She turned to Serafina, ‘Shall we have some shampoo to get us in the mood? Brenda, be a love and do the honours.’ Victoria gestured to the well-stocked bar next to a huge cream and chrome double antalya escort refrigerator. ‘It’s inside the door on the left.’

Brenda opened the heavy door and gasped at the 5-star stocked Scandinavian refrigerator. She selected a bottle. ‘Is this one alright?’

‘Splendid! The glasses are in the cupboard to your right.’ Brenda charged three crystal champagne flutes and handed them to Victoria and her exotic host.

‘What shall we drink to?’ Brenda asked naively, ‘The WI?’ Victoria theatrically raised her glass in response.

‘Ladies, I give you multiple orgasms!’ She downed the contents in one go and plonked the glass on the black marble work-top. Brenda nearly choked on her Bollinger.

‘Fill her up old girl!’ Victoria ordered, offering her glass to Brenda. The innuendo-laden small-talk continued as the girls saw off the first bottle, which was quickly replaced by another, with Victoria assuming bar duties. The bubbly alcohol began to work its magic as Serafina quizzed Brenda about her personal life.

‘Oh, Trevor’s in the navy. He’s at sea at the moment so I won’t see him for a couple of months.’

‘Oh you poor thing!’ Serafina cooed. ‘What on earth do you do for pleasure while he’s away?’ Brenda blushed.

‘Well,’ she hesitated, ‘I have got a ‘thingy’.’

‘A thingy?’

‘Yes, you know. Well it’s a vibrator really. Every now and then I… ‘ she tailed off in embarrassment.

‘Daahling, you mustn’t feel embarrassed. It’s perfectly natural. We all do it.’ Serafina replied. Brenda looked at Victoria.

‘Oh I’ve got three! One spins round and lights up. It’s bloody marvellous!’ Brenda was seeing her usually stuffy Chairwoman in a whole new light.

‘Can I ask you something?’ Brenda addressed Serafina coyly.

‘Yes of course daahling.’

‘What exactly is a ‘Sub’?’

‘Do you know what a ‘Dominatrix’ is Brenda?’ Serafina asked with a wicked glint in her eye.

‘No, not really.’ Brenda sipped her Champagne nervously, her eyes transfixed on the exotic looking woman who was now walking towards her. Brenda’s eyes grew wide as Serafina began unbuttoning her blouse almost to the waist as she purred around the newcomer. Brenda thought Serafina’s coffee-coloured skin was much sexier than her own pasty complexion, highlighted even more by the sheer brilliant white blouse which was now displaying the shimmering jet-black bra Serafina’s ample breasts were almost spilling out of.

‘Well, consider this your first lesson. The relationship between a Dominatrix and her Submissive is a relationship like no other. In this relationship you will come to experience the greatest heights of sensuality, you will be told to perform sexual acts you never dreamed of in your sleepy little village and you will also experience pain…’

‘Pain! Oh I don’t like pain.’ Brenda interrupted.

‘But what if this pain leads to the most fantastic sexual pleasure? Does that not intrigue you Little Dove?’ Serafina accorded Brenda with one of her pet ‘sex names’.

‘Well I suppose.’

‘When you are enjoying passion with your strong handsome husband are you in charge in the bedroom, or him?

‘Oo, well, I suppose Trevor really. I’m not very adventurous in that way. He does like me to dress up for him. You know, in stockings and suspenders. Trevor sometimes antalya rus escort wears his Navy uniform and we role-play a little bit.’ She began to blush furiously.

‘See, Little Dove! You are a natural, you will make a perfect addition to our little group. Don’t you think so Victoria?’

‘I most certainly do. Brenda’s just lovely.’

‘Well if you really think so.’ Brenda responded, feeling quite flattered but not quite knowing what to expect next. Serafina approached Brenda, surveying her from top to bottom. Then she walked behind her. As she did so she lifted Brenda’s tweed jacket from her shoulders. Brenda shuddered nervously as Serafina stood in front of her, her large breasts began to heave underneath her cashmere jumper. A sight the other two women enjoyed immensely.

‘It’s really very simple daahling. I tell you what to do. And you do it. If you do not you will be punished.’


‘For example, if I were to say…’ she paused thinking for a moment, ‘Victoria, I want to see your knickers!’ The two women turned towards the sumptuous red velvet half-moon couch Victoria was lounging on. Victoria drained her glass slowly before placing it on the marble side-table. Then she grasped the hem of her floral Laura Ashley frock and pulled it slowly, teasingly, up her very shapely thighs until it exposed her stocking-tops. Then she paused, her expression full of mischief.

‘Higher!’ Came the command from Serafina. Victoria did as she was ordered, pulling the hem of her frock higher, exposing her cream lacy French Knickers. ‘There. That’s much better!’ Serafina commended. Brenda didn’t know where to look, but she was also experiencing a tingly feeling in what Trevor called her ‘naughty bits’. Serafina turned towards Brenda. ‘So.’ She said, matter of factly. ‘Victoria eventually did as she was ordered. She will be punished later. Do you like, Little Dove?’

‘Er, yes.’ Brenda’s response sounded like a question she hoped she had got right.

‘Good. So now. Your first task. I want you to stroke Victoria’s stockings.’


‘Yes now!’ Serafina administered a sharp slap on Brenda’s buttock. The slap surprised her. It was real. She approached Victoria nervously and sat down.

‘I hope you don’t mind if…’ Brenda stammered.

‘Oh for God’s sake girl! Stroke my fanny!’ Victoria ordered. Brenda slipped her hand between Victoria’s thighs and began massaging her French Knickers. Serafina watched her, just as a school teacher would her pupil.

‘Put some welly in it girl!’ Victoria ordered. Brenda complied, increasing the pressure her fingers exerted on Victoria’s crotch. ‘Hmmm, that’s better!’ Her caresses were interrupted by Serafina grabbing her arm and pulling her up roughly from the sofa.

‘Now take off your jumper!’ Serafina left the demand hanging in the air.

‘Oh, well… Now?’

‘Yes now!’ Serafina replied sternly, administering another sharp slap, making Brenda flinch slightly. She then slowly pulled her jumper over her head, still fighting off her residual embarrassment.

But the Champagne had gone straight to her head and she was beginning to feel a growing sense of nervous excitement. She felt very conscious stood in front of the two women who were both admiring the red lace bra she was wearing.

‘Now antalya ucuz escort I want to see your breasts. Come, show them to me Little Dove!’ Came the next order. Brenda hesitated, then reached behind her back to undo her bra-strap.

‘Ah ah ah!’ Serafina chided. Brenda looked puzzled. ‘Like this…’ Serafina reached forward and pulled down the cup of her bra, un-fettering her right breast. Brenda quickly pulled her other bra cup down.

‘Aren’t they magnificent?’ Victoria gushed, lapping up the sight of Brenda’s stupendous 38 DD breasts. Brenda involuntarily placed her hands over them.

‘Ah ah! Serafina warned. Brenda removed her hands. Serafina moved behind Brenda and proceeded to cup her large breasts in her hands, lifting them, then letting go. Brenda’s breasts swayed enticingly.

‘You like, Little Dove?’

Brenda closed her eyes as Serafina repeated the action, strangely enjoying the feel of another woman’s touch. She was a lot gentler than Trevor, she had to admit. Serafina then began toying with Brenda’s nipples, tweaking them between her fingers, allowing her manicured nails to pinch just a little.

‘Oooh!’ Brenda responded to the mild fleeting pain, which Serafina expertly inflicted again and again until Brenda’s swollen nipples were fully erect. She was particularly sensitive about her very large nipples, having been teased at school by some of the girls in the changing room and later by her first boy-friend.

Brenda suddenly stiffened as Serafina walked in front of her, leaned forward and clamped her mouth over her right nipple began sucking. She uncoupled her mouth leaving Brenda breathless with excitement. Serafina stood back to inspect her work, and to enjoy the delicious sight of Brenda’s dark swollen nipple, which had grown to almost an inch long, surmounted enticingly by her enlarged areola which had become very pimply in response to Serafina’s greedy mouth. Victoria sat on the sofa and lifted one leg over the arm. She then began rubbing her fingers over her cream lace French Knickers as she enjoyed the show.

‘Can I play too?’ She asked.

‘Why of course daahling.’ Serafina offered.

Victoria took Brenda’s left breast in her mouth and sucked hard, whilst Serafina took care of her right breast. Brenda began moaning with delight. She shuddered again as Serafina’s fingers then began caressing her stockinged thighs, pushing her tweed skirt higher and higher to reveal matching red lace knickers, to which Serafina now gave her undivided attention.

Her hot tongue explored Brenda’s stockinged thigh, then found her stocking-tops, then drifting higher along her warm bare inner thigh. Her wet tongue then began exploring Brenda’s knickers, pushing the wet lace firmly against Brenda’s swollen labia. Serafina enjoyed teasing Brenda’s thick bush of pubic hair, exposing more as she slid her fingers inside Brenda’s now soaking wet knickers. She pulled the fabric tight between Brenda’s moist lips, lapping greedily at her lustrous thick black bush, allowing her tongue to drift inside Brenda’s lips, teasing her swollen clitoris.

Brenda, in return, was now vigorously massaging Victoria’s breasts, as her Laura Ashley frock had conveniently hit the parquet floor. As Brenda’s fingers roamed all over Victoria’s expensive lingerie Victoria reached behind Brenda to repeatedly smack her bottom. She then she cupped her own breast, offering it towards Brenda’s mouth. Quite soon her own nipple was also fully erect.

Serafina pulled her tongue from Brenda’s dripping vagina and stood. ‘Now I think it’s time for this!’ She announced. ‘Turn around!’

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